Sunday 10th of May 2020


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This message of anger and despair from a senior doctor in South Wales.
The Prime Minister has set out his changes to the lockdown rules in England. I set out the position for Wales on Friday. Our message remains the same - Staying at home is the best way to protect yourself and others.

For the absence of doubt, the Govts in Scotland. Wales and Northern Ireland all believe we should stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives. We wanted a four nation consensus but is ploughing his own furrow. He does not speak for the other Governments in the UK.

Wales is still under lockdown. No travel for exercise. That should mean nobody travels across the border from England to Wales I guess. How can this be policed?
Following queries to the Control Room we have sought clarification and the Welsh Government guidelines do not allow people to leave their home for the purpose of going fishing. The restrictions remain in place and the public in Wales are still urged to .

Boris Johnsons latest initiative: -A confused slogan -Cabinet not consulted -Scotland, Wales, NI not consulted -A messed up media strategy -And a tightly controlled broadcast to nation - avoiding questions Shambles.

The stay-at-home rules in Wales have not changed, First Minister Mark Drakeford says after PMs speech.
Initial problems for govt this week huge debate over why it is safe for blue collar workers to return to work but not white collar workers blue collar workers told to go to work but not take public Scotland, Wales, NI publicly diverging from No10 messaging.

Yes, so interesting. Parts of the Abbey were incorporated into the house design. Heres a conjectural plan showing the presumed overlap. Theres a learning resource pack on our website with a lot of info about the house and paintings at.

Oh ok good.
From watching BBC and Channel 4: Devolved governments in Scotland and Wales not at all happy with the lockdown exit strategy and sending people back to work.
WALES ONLY If there were a SENEDD election tomorrow, who would you vote for?
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all refused to back Boris Johnson s new coronavirus slogan which replaced stay at home with stay alert . Also need to reject Tory pensions, worker rights, tax dodges, tax perks for the rich and other plans.

That s the new motto for England, but Scotland and Wales is still stay home , not serious are you.
Dont come here for your extra exercise, says all of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Be a use Wales and Scotland were faster then so he couldn t wait another 3 days or the govt would look slow to react!
1. You have to go to work, but your children can t go to school 2 Don t use public transport 3. You can do stuff in England that you can t do in Wales or Scotland.
Letting people make their own choices during a pandemic is lunacy. We need strong leadership and we haven t got that. Scotland, Wales and all agree with each other and are at complete odds with Johnson. Time will tell.

What is ethnically different between England, Scotland and Wales?
It s clear there s been a lack of consultation with our nations, with Scotland and Wales sticking with the less ambiguous Stay at Home messaging. It s insulting that they had to hear details of the roadmap the Sunday papers. (5).

To date Wales/Sco have made own decisions about lockdown and weve seen a degree of independence recently. BUT, Whitehall holds the purse strings. When Boris decides to change furlough scheme criteria and reduce other grants he will force decisions to take place elsewhere too.

Caroline, they shouldnt reach Carmarthen. and need to get their act together and stop them before they travel deep into Wales. There are plenty of cameras on the M4!
Agree Simon. Problem is 1) many people in Wales will watch that tonight and think it applies for them and 2) holiday homers and day trippers will flock even more from English cities, espec to our rural areas. Need to clarify WAL/ENG policy differences on a UK wide news report.

Glad to live in Wales.
Scotland - Stay home Northern Ireland - Stay home Wales - Stay home England - Have a picnic.
The Prime Ministers statement was pretty much only about changes in England. Ive done my best to work out whats different to the rules here in Wales and whats similar.
Well maybe Boris is relaxing things now! Pity Im stuck in Wales!
That s Northern Ireland, Scotland, *and* Wales asserting their statehood to defy the Johnson government s catastrophic coronavirus non-strategy. Boris Johnson is speaking only to England tonight. The devolved nations are done with his nonsense. They re protecting their people.

Stay at Home advice continues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, reports:.
Boris Johnson tried to speak for Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland tonight with his waffle of sending low pay workers out as kindling for another wave of COVID-19 but thankfully they told him to fuck off & everybody should stay at home, save lives & protect the NHS.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - Stay At Home England - Have a street party Oh dear, Cheers Boris.
The BBC is pointing out that in Wales you still cant go on day trips in a car but you can (from Wednesday) in England. It raises the prospect of English day trippers being fined by Welsh traffic cops for crossing the border on their way to Snowdon or the Brecon Beacons ...

Hello and . With travel by car allowed in England but not in Wales will there now be border checks to stop holiday makers from England travelling into Wales?
Just to emphasise this- what Boris Johnson just said does not apply to Wales . He didn t say it, but the Prime Minister s announcement was for England only.
Living for the Welsh correspondent on the news just now saying if people in England travel to Wales for exercise (as theyve been told they now can) Welsh police could maybe arrest them.
From schools to sunbathing, what from the prime ministers update applies in Wales?
That is my fear. I think its why Wales didnt lockdown as soon as WG would have liked, because we didnt have the borrowing powers to set up a big enough furlough scheme etc.
Welsh Government tell people in England not to travel to Wales for exercise.
Welsh Government tell people in England dont travel here for exercise.
the R is the same in Wales as the rest of the UK which is got it? But the Welsh Government (as has Scotland) have decided that it is too soon to relax the lockdown because of the risk to health. Please take note. The message now is that Wales is shut.

Except you should not use public transport to go to work but you can play socially distanced sport with a member of your household (but not golf) .. and only if you live in meanwhile in Scotland, Wales & N What a bloody mess.

I can drive 100s of miles to sunbathe alongside complete strangers on a beach, maintaining 2m distance - but not see my parents? This is ridiculous. . As long as the beach isn t in Wales, Scotland or N Ireland, Piers. They rule is still not .

First Scotland, N Ireland and Wales breaking from the UKs now the Cumbrian tourist board.
Sense prevails in , and Northern Ireland. Ever thankful that our parliaments protect us from the worst of Westminster incompetence.
For those of you in Wales, Boris advice was for England. The message in Wales, as announced on Friday by the Welsh Government is still STAY AT HOME.
Stay away from wales please. Don t come for your holiday homes and to climb the mountains. Some parts of Wales will struggle with the inevitable second wave.
Wales hasnt lifted the stay at home rules.
Reason theres so much constitutional illiteracy is due to nonsense like that. Boris Johnson acts like he sets COVID health rules & school return dates in England, Wales, Scotland, NI - when he only has power in England. Confusion comes when those in power dont tell the truth.

They do it on purpose Joe!
As long as you don t come to Wales.
Or Wales could take you in again! Cumbria/Rheged!
Im clear on this.
How do lockdown restrictions differ in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?
"I think what the country really wanted tonight was the basic message stay alert just isnt clear enough" Labour leader Keir Starmer says there are now "different messages" coming from England than Wales and Scotland.

Visit Mid Wales. Later. Please note Wales is still under lockdown conditions, All holiday accommodation and attractions in Wales are still closed. Please do not travel at this time. By following this advice, you are saving lives.

Thank you for staying at home. Visit Wales. Later. All holiday accommodations and attractions in Wales are closed. Please do not travel at this time. By following this advice, you are saving lives.
If I live in Wales can I travel to England to play a round of golf?
Except those in Wales and Scotland. Not clear what happens if you live in Wales but work in England.
Benefits of devolution clearly apparent to those of us in NI, Scotland and Wales. Johnson now trying to force people in England back to work with no mention of safe working, safe commuting, childcare. And this on top of him abandoning in England.

The message in Wales is still stay at home and people may not travel long distances for leisure purposes.
unless its for urgent work. The English are banned from Wales. This is the world I wanted.
Our campaign is growing slowly and with YOUR help, we can make change here in . Lets share this petition far and wide, with the aim to make Wales a more nation when it comes to blood donation . Link below for the petition.

this was when people weren t allowed to sit in parks and have unlimited imagine what it s going to be like when they are allowed boris Bach what have you done thank the lord I live in wales ey.
What Boris says doesn t include us? So does that mean converatives don t dictate anything wales does? Cause what was the point in that election? Or is it a pick and choose situation? HAHAHAHA heads gone what s the point make up ye minds we re either Tory or we ain t.

Seeing a lot of tweets from wales socially distancing them selves from us haha.
Tories in Westminster, Labour s sworn enemies. Yet the Welsh Labour Gov have been meekly subservient to them for years, why? For God s sake, now s the time to stand up to them and do what s right for Wales.

STAY HOME. STAY SAFE. DO NOT FOLLOW HIS DEADLY ADVICE. Johnson has just killed thousands more people. Wales, Scotland and Northern Island have already rejected it.
Johnson talking only abt England, nothing has changed in Wales and Scotland.
England as it is a devolved matter. However should English taxpayers should be funding Scotland, Wales & NI if they choose to extend the lockdown for significantly longer?
anyone from england who drives to PISSING WALES TO EXERCISE???? i will find you and kill you myself. headass. rules here remain the same, stay inside- so stay tf away from that bridge or its on SIGHT!
Just a reminder that if you live in Wales. Our slogan hasn t changed.
Irony is, all of the other areas of the minus England could have stayed at level 4 whilst accepting the governments plan. Already, Scotland/NI/Wales have now made this political by rejecting it and throwing fuel to the armchair critics.

Boris specifically said he was talking for Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales so why do you keep repeating that he was only talking for England, did you not watch the same speech as the rest of us.
PMs statement gives bad employers carte blanche to force workers to return to work without any risk assessment or safety guarantees. Also total lack of clarity about what restrictions remain; its no wonder Scotland/Wales dont support the meaningless stay alert slogan.

Sadly it now appears the RCT area not only has the highest number of cases per 100,000 of population in Wales but we now hold that title for the whole of the this should concern everyone.
People in England can sunbathe, play sports and are actively encouraged to go back to work But in Wales the message is still stay at home Follow the latest updates our live page.
Same goes for people in Wales. Fucking idiots.

What You Really Think

Look at Wales Labour then, mismanagement, hopeless, death rate per.

Whats the R rate in Wales Huw?

What is RCT?

Idiots. Dont they understand how serious this is?!

No source, LOL anyone could have written that guff wheres your source.

Not another Labour Acivist surely.

Tell them to find new vocations. Clearly theyre not cut out for their current ones.

Huw we are under attack this was not an accident.

Every job we did on Friday late shift involved an intoxicated patient. An important Memorial Day ruined by f*uckwits.

Selfish, Neanderthal numbskulls whose solitary brain cell was clearly isolating from their owner on Friday And they weren t just rampant in RCT either!! The pissed Brits abroad psyche was in plain sight everywhere else!

What is worse is those antics were displayed using VE Day as an excuse. That s not what those proud veterans fought six hard long years for. Some people can t even handle six weeks.

Thats powerful.

And meanwhile, because of lockdown, people can t accessother NHS services that they need and people are dying from other things.

Dreadful, irresponsible behaviour from people in my home patch. There s a limit to what the amazing NHS staff should be expected to deal with. What is wrong with them?

Hi , I know the person who posted this and she isnt a senior doctor, shes a nurse. Not that this makes the point any less valid but she could get into trouble by the description.

Thank you for continuing to report the news.

Oh dear lord! I don t think we are talking about the small minority here are we?

That s Wales for you methinks. Stroppy to the last bit in this case very dangerous and a National disgrace. I case you wonder my paternal family come from Risca.

The pubs are closed, so this must mean shops are selling alcohol. Maybe licenses to sell alcohol should be revoked from problem areas such as this area.

Thank you. Is there a source for this please? Some say it was an A&E Nurse.

SO are they leaking to test the public mood? If so, seems to be swinging right back at them while loosely hitting us all on the back of the head as it does so.

This is the type of Science Govts should be listening to!

This is absolutely shocking !!!

He s right, we should all obviously stay in forever! God forbid you require the NHS for any reason apart from covid right now!

It pains me to say that the newspapers, your Editorial team at and your colleagues such as have helped to fuel this. For weeks you have pressed politicians to end the lockdown, then you get a wiff of something and blow it up. This is the outcome.

I m so furious with that bag of hay in Downing Street - irresponsible fucker!


the mixed messages & deliberate delay in announcing continuation of lockdown caused this. That said they shouldve told every single one of them to fuck off home & sort themselves out. Nobody shouldve had to put themselves in harms way to help self inflicted injury.

But lets be clear. Yes, these people were idiots, but they were encouraged to be idiots, with the reporting positively from many street parties with poor social distancing and the government briefings conflating triumphalist WWII narratives with freedom from lockdown.

How many ppl need to die before the silly UK PM does something? Honestly he should be fired.

This is purely due to s Vague msg He is not the bumbling idiot This is designed to blame public for 2nd wave.

And this has been all over Facebook too purportedly from several different nurses at at least two different hospitals you ve not show the whole piece either here typical.

Well done is what I say it really pisses me and my husband of to hear of people not listening to the rules stay home stay safe and look after the NHS not course them even more stress than what they are already under.

Hope that prick in Wigan who threw a massive party by the lake is happy now.

I fail to understand the mentality of some - you only get one shot at life and this is it - the Carry on Regardless will be expecting the NHS to save them and put their lives at risk - and bet they clap on Thursday. I would like my daughter and all NHS staff to survive this.

At the end of of the day you are are just a BBC puppet and you know it.

Whilst I absolutely agree with the message I read this exact statement from someone claiming to be an ICU doctor in central.


The British Government have not done enough, they had the power to make people obey the rules, but they chose not to, then they told everyone to have a party on Fri (since I was up for work at 04:30 thanks for telling them to have a sing-a-long at 9PM!).

This does not surprise me .. I feel for all the folks on the front line,but when you add irresponsible media,then what do you expect.

If you were in the construction industry & had to deal with this kind of moronic intransigence youd say fuckem & go home. Lucky 4 them your moral code is way higher than ours.

Probably shouldnt have been promoting them street parties should you.

But bluntly some of the public are dicks. After 23 years of teaching (before I left) I can tell you can t teach common sense. These idiots did not need to bother the already exhausted NHS hero , absolute I have no other words.

Destroy all humans.