Thursday 30th of July 2020

My Grandma Warmin up The Tires on Her Walker.

The Emmy nominees for Lead Actress In A Limited Series Or Movie are: Cate Blanchett (MrsAm_FXonHulu) shirahaas (Unorthodox - Netflix) ReginaKing (Watchmen) OctaSpencer (SelfMade: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker) KerryWashington (LittleFiresHulu).

Google executives revealed their plans to the entire company a few days after Trump's election. "...We have to work so hard to ensure that it doesn't turn into a World War or something catastrophic, but instead is a blip, is a hiccup." - Google Global Affairs VP Kent Walker.

Those who support Medicare for All are throwing their vote away by voting for Joe Biden. A vote for Hawkins/Walker is a vote for Medicare for All. A vote for Biden means Medicare for All will get lost in the sauce." Read the full statement at.

Wait is the house suppose to be the first self made female black millionaire Madam CJ Walkers house?
11th June.
Watching Girlfriends at this age going to HIT differently.
It was a real privilege to share a platform on Tuesday evening with Norman Finkelstein, Tariq Ali, David Miller, Jackie Walker, Tony Greenstein and Marc Wadsworth to discuss the importance of free speech on Israel and Palestine. Watch it here.

Would you consider voting for Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker as reject the septic corporate duopoly statement?
Three consecutive seasons with a player on the Doak Walker Award Watch List. Kenneth_Walker9 - 2020 CadeCarney10 - 2019 2mjayc - 2018.
Roger Stone says "Scott Walker & the Reince Priebus machine rigged as many as five elections including the defeat of a Walker recall election.".
Alexa play im there by summer walker.
El homenaje a Paul Walker en Fast and Furious 7 me sigue calando oggggtt.
October 30th.
Bring back the breakfast wrapppppo.
That is interesting because I live in rural Wisconsin north of Green Bay and I haven't heard one good thing about Walker. Two of my neighbors still have their Evers signs, so...
BOX 15 - Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc.
The 'Avengers' star said he'll be sending him a special gift: an authentic Captain America shield.
Beautiful Ruin ]Summer Salt] - Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.
Absolutely impeccable vibes one of the best songs ever legit.
Jimin sobbed, trying his best to wrap his arms around his sister, but the walker she was strapped into was in the way, so as he tried to push towards her, he was just slowly wheeling her away from them. This made him even more frustrated, his chubby arms straining forward.

There are 3 All-NBA teams. Theres no way you leave Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal off all 3. Beals averaging 30-4-6. Westbrooks averaging 27-8-7. Before anyone mentions winning, Kemba Walker went 39-43 last year and made 3rd team. ***nulb.

Paul Walker one faithful morning.
New Jon Walker inspired layout.
Paul Walker - Overnight Music Flight.
Summer walker hits differently at 2am.
H.E.R., summer Walker, SZA, Ella(she talk too much though).
I dont want a team that praises the abhorrent treatment of Whales though WALKER! I WANT TO PRAISE THE MAJESTIC BEASTS OF THE SEA!
Laney College WR Dior Walker-Scott sleepinG in his car, workinG at WinG Stop n goinG to school full-time. Thats GRINDING!!! Wont even tell his Momma hes sleepinG in his car- he doesnt wanna worry her because she has 4 other kids. Now, hes moved over to QB ***nulb.

All of the investigation songs totally go off.
November 6.
Summer walker deeper was hitting different lastnight.
All right, original Gundam Go. Around episode two's end I'm wondering what happened to his Dad. I go back to the first episode ok, there he is. Ok. Oh! Ohhhhhh. Damn.
I had no music lord, its acapella. Summer Walker-Wasted.
White tee by summer walker mood.
Despair Searching - Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.
We all need to retweet this video. Every single American should see this. When I was at State Dept we would condemn these exact images in other countries.
I would put a gif on a strategically-placed monitor of the MediEvil menu skeleton pointing at my gravestone.
All the underwater communication cables - glowing, by.
15-year-old Tookie shares her memories of horrifying abuse when lost in the system that was supposed to protect her in this family drama, gender studies novella. Free to read on kindleunlimited.
These are the facts This was a disgraceful and grubby act carried out by 2 National Party members for political purposes, "They gave no thought to stress & harm they may have caused the individuals as they hatched their plan to gain political advantage." Walker & Boag.

Cavetts family traveled 800 miles from Walker County to south Florida, searching for answers.
Fuck u rite.
This is my friends cousin. His name is Caleb Walker and he is 11 years old. Please share so we can find this man and his whereabouts and hold him accountable, and help my friend find her cousin!!
Look, i grew up w zeph. Had sleepovers w her and her sister. She is the purest person and doesnt deserve any of this. Plz rt so her family can hug her again.
Its official. Johnny Walker (JohnnyWalker) will take on Ryan Spann in a Light Heavyweight bout at UFC 253 on September 19th.
Idk if its just me but Summer Walker b giving me pick me vibes sometimes n its lowkey annoying lol.
Summer Walker is really my girl.
A summer walker em playing games.
Press play on your radio and let's dance baby The Walker by Fitz And The Tantrums on.
If you did not stand proudly with Williamson, Walker and Wadsworth in the last few years . Then hang your head in shame And feel the guilt You have allowed bad things to happen on your watch And you did nothing.

Froot simp.
Our quote for today is from Elliot Walker, previously an Associate Partner at Pentagram, he now is a creative director and co-founder of Otherward. CLnulb ________.
Just In: Junior Walker & The All Stars Live (VG).
Trey Songz & Summer Walker - Back Home. yup thats the tweet.
23rd June.
Get ready - melanie martinez - harry styles - frank ocean - summer walker - daniel caesar listen to - what dreams are made - evann mclntosh popular song - mika ft. Ariana Grande - smile - lily allen.
Birthday mate I can already see you like to chill so how 23 December go be.
Left foot Ty Gooden Right foot...Nick Southall Pace...Matt Jarvis Awareness...Paul Shaw Strength...Guy Butters Intelligence...Peacock/Osborne/Shaw Attitude...Any Hessenthaler Heading...SuperBob/Alan Walker Dribblling...John Hodge Aggression...Ken Price Vision...Simon Osborne.

I thought u were bae t-turns out ur just fam.
Dior walker is a dawwg.
RIP Anthony Walker. He was tragically killed 15 years ago today Vnulb.
Moviebob as Mario Pro Jared as Luigi James Charles as Daisy Doug Walker as Bowser Ben Shapiro as goomba.
Summer Walker & PAYNEXTDOOR - My Affection (Dirty) is NowPlaying on.
Bittersweet day my friends! Positive - Went to visit gran and got to 'play' with some doggie friends (Alfies dad is a dog walker) Negative - dad told gran about my STRICT diet and I wasn't allowed extra treats! He's a.

I hope he doesn't end up like Johnny Walker or Sage... too much hype too soon.
Lizzy more like stfu.
1: wade 2: zeke 3: rose 4: AD 5: terry Cummings 6: antoine Walker 7: Tim Hardaway. everyone from the chi that went to the league were all great, but these guys had the greatest impact in the league from Chicago, most of these dudes will be in the hof.

CALLING ALL AISTS AND CONTENT CREATORS ! If you make Walker fanarts, edits, etc that you would like for us to retweet or repost don't hesitate to tag us ! We're eager to share your talent and help build this fandom. thanks to StabGigi for this amazing art.

My Cousin Ashton Part 3 Kyle Kyle Brandon Evans BrandonEvans Damien Kyle DamienKyle Ashton McKay AshtonMcKay Hoytt Walker HoyttWalker Full Video & Download here.
Congratulations to monashengineers Dana Kulic, Tim Scott, Ha Bui and Huacheng Zhang on their FutureFellowships leading EngineeringResearch to.
Min Min more like Trash Bin.
Ifw let it go by summer walker so heavy.
Roberto Saavedra Walker Art "Abst Band" color Abstract compositing artabstrait art kunst pittura artecontemporanea.
New research from CCoarfa & Cheryl Lyn Walker bcmhouston discovered that exposure to BPA during development can lead to early epigenetic aging and metabolic dysfunction in adulthood, but only when certain diets are followed. .

Hamish Walker proving yet again that being called racist is more offensive to some people than actually being racist.
'Club sport is in crisis' Patrick Walker, CEO AusSportsFdn shares findings from the IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON COMMUNITY SPO Survey. Full interview available over the weekend. Access the AusSportsFdn report.

Yikes: spoken like a true capitalist indulging in identity politics. Been schooled by Jackie Walker yet? You need it.
A sports writer finds the 'best teams in history' and discovers the one thing they all have in common - ABC News.
Im on drugs thats y Im upVnulb.
Heron Inquiry finds disgraced National MP Hamish Walker deliberately and politically motivated leaked covid 19 privacy details. Why has Judith Collins granted Walker full leave and pay?
Summer walker on her finsta showing areola. Wow.
I'm saying is Barr is former CIA and friends with Robert Mueller and no indictments no prosecution it's just a dog and pony show. Research Barrs history representing George Hubert Walker Bush who is also CIA and you'll see this goes into some dangerous times1960's to 911.

//Thank Christ you can still block fools if your account is locked. Panchy hasnt existed for an entire day yet and they already found her.
RIP Paul Walker one of the best of my race.
One bright light this summer has been to write with chris_j_walker on immigration and Chevron and to amplify the work of khickmanjd Aaron_L_Nielson and immigration scholars. Here is a draft that will appear in DukeLawJournal, comments welcome!

How often do you do that? And Im thrilled to walk an entire block with my walker.
Emperor Chamber Qualifier will be after that as TheGoldHunter22 and REAPERxBURNS look to seek a spot into the match at Dystopia: State of Emergency. Who will join SpecialistBrett and Walker_Punisher at the PPV?

What You Really Think

Shes a sweetie!

Tell her to stay away , as far as posible from 3, he is unpredictable ...

Looks exactly like the one I walk around with.


Bless her.

Hell on Wheels! Nothing can stop her now. Go Grandma!

Grams badass.

This is so cute!!

She's gonna beat all of you with that fancy walker.

Great smiles...THX.


Nar Mat tours funny.

Thats the best!!

Go Grams!!

Your grandma is adorable.

Thats a cool grandma!

Thats great! Get em grandma!

Gram got some skills!

Love this!

Restart queen!! Simple things like this bring me so much joy.

Love this!!!VnulbVnulb.

Love it! Shes gonna blow the competition away!

Get em ready for the Green Flag.

I bet shed beat you in a real race too. ***nulb.

Would wreck her ass in a second to get at that lime pretzel jello first.

Sweetest thing Ive seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing!

I see Grandma DiBenedetto still has it.

Omg I love it..

Grandma passed down the traits!!

Looks like she's ready to give ya a run for the $.

Love it! Grandma rocks! Vnulb.

Cleanem up real good here Gram.


That's awesome!

Love it!!!!!

I love it.

So cuteVnulb.

Go Matts Grandma!!! Shes a cutie!!

I love that!!

Thanks mattdracing I needed a good laugh today.

She taking the inside or the outside lane on the restart?

Way to go grandma.

Awesome, Go grandma just like Formula 1!!!!

Shes lookin fast ...

This is the best Made my day.

Does she complain about high downforce as much as you do? Lol.


Shes gonna have some SICK grip in the corners leading into the kitchen!


That made my day. I love it when a family laughs together.



Love it!

Love it!!!

Cutest ever. See where you get your personality Vnulb.


Made me smile. You are close to a win.

Heck ya Matt, enjoy family time!!

Get some heat in em grandma!!!

Fast wheels, runs in the family V.


How cute is she????? VVVV.

Grandma is awesome!!

Sheis Awesome!!

Time to line up behind the pace chair...

Love the Yankee memorabilia in the back!

Your grandma is cooler than 99% of the people out there.

Good job Grandma !

Lol that's adorable!! Vnulb.

She as good at restarts as you? ***nulb.

Awesome Matty D.

Only you!