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Saturday 11th of July 2020

GAME SIX KLAY Relive The 2018 Western Conference Finals Tonight at 8pm On.

The pictures of our 23 soldiers that were killed by Boko Haram in Borno state yesterday are horrific and depressing. I cannot even bear to share them. I weep for these young men. May God help us in this nation and may the souls of each of these young warriors rest in peace.

Indians live with a victorious spirit. HaqHaiHumara, our new Corporate Brand Anthem, brought to life by the inimitable iamsrk composed by VishalMMishra & lyrics by manojmuntashir. Its the rhythm of resilience of a billion hearts & a salute to the fearless frontline warriors.

Black singers matter...except to woke social justice warriors.
"We Saiyans are born to be warriors, but that doesn't mean we can't make peace. Here, just watch the sunglasses and cape." *She holds her arms out*.
VIKING MENTALITY TOWARDS DEATH (THREAD) The Vikings were known as some of the fiercest warriors throughout history. What set them apart? Their view of death, afterlife, and how that affected their lives. What could YOU accomplish embodying the same principles?

Lloyd Canamore's 'Warrior House' has been in his family for 50 years.
On this date in 2009, StephenCurry30 made his NBA Summer League debut.
Congratulations Matt! Always enjoy your broadcast of the Kell! Gets us off to a roaring start every year. 2020 should be no different.
Fairly reported. Accurate. Spells my name right. And doesnt include cartoon picture of me with no nose. Cant complain.
Keep spreading the truth about the corona hoax. You are doing Gods work drscottjensen the Patriots and Digital Warriors are behind you! Wear the Armor of God! You have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, a voice to speak the truth and a heart for discernment. Keep fighting!)Vnulb.

African hair swag. Amasunzu Its a traditionally Rwandan hairstyle (crescent-shaped) it indicated social status. Was worn by men i.e warriors and also worn by unmarried women after the age of 1820 years, indicating that they are of marriageable age.

I signed the cancel-culture letter. The unhinged response to it has proven our point perfectly. Social-justice warriors oppose free speech almost as a matter of faith. This needs to be opposed spiked columnist Wendy Kaminer on the Harpers controversy.

I surely been feeling it the past couple days. Stay safe weary light warriors, rest up for the next battle! [?].
"At this point, we have a lot warriors, who have come back after fighting and defeating the COVID19 virus, now, it's time for these warriors turn into saviours by coming forward and saving someone's life," said raghav_chadha while appealing to recovered patients to donate.

The toxic ideology has arrived at the level of the US military elite. This has the potential to be incredibly destabilizing. Do Congressional Republicans care?
Covid-19 survivor are warriors. What they feel no one can imagine, watch the video.
Serving humanity is priority of many people who regularly DonateBloodSaveLives. I'm not going to tell you anything about these warriors, I'm just Sharing glimpses of their deeds. Recognise and share with me whatever you know about them.

F7 warriors.
Good morning keyboard warriors nulb Its friyayyyyy what are yalls plans this weekend? Im feeling like dining in the street tmrw.
Meanwhile the warriors have 3 players dropping minimum of 30 every game & their 4th player with 10 rebounds.. stop bro.
Those final losses also have to be placed in context. he literally had NO help in 2015, yet took the warriors to 6. and then in 2017 and 18, he had to go up against arguably the greatest team in history not named the magic lakers or the jordan bulls.

This discrimination should be stop Covid-19 survivor are warriors . We need to understand this and treat them with all due respect hope you understand.
Sh. Alok Avasthy, DIG, Rapid Action Force shared his vast experience on "Impact on police warriors health" in a media confrence on COVID-19. The program was organised by the Global Youth Activity Network(GYAN) & Organ Donation India Foundation.

Patriot Warriors!! ShoutOutBlitzTrump2020 KAG2020TRUMPVICTORY MarchOfTheMorons AnnieGetHerGun.
. tiktok teens are "going to war" against Trump campaign TIME Magazine Congratulations to DuJaun Booker for making magazine headlines. GenZ are great. Fighting back like warriors. Watch his new video. Pass this on to congratulate DuJuan.

The warriors picked the perfect year to be ass.
L Famitsu is also holding its own survey for Dynasty Warriors' 20th anniversary: Games you played the most, Favorite character, and Your wanted new characters. Need to type in proper Japanese for your entry to count. Results will be published in magazine issue out 6 August.

OTOG OTIN COLLEGE OF ENG'G! Dili ta mapildi sa tanang trials sa kinabuhi kay WARRIORS ta! We might trip but we ALWAYS stand-up and carry ourselves with PRIDE! LABAN LANG PIRME! We will become the builders of tomorrow.

Me at 7:31am fighting Facebook warriors about the mask mandate.
Covid-19 survivor are warriors. It's our responsibility to treat them with all due respect.
While many people just lip-service or tweet & become RW warriors, the true act of dharma is real karma which agniveer sincerely executes. Its effect is a lot greater than mere words. u r truly following Sri Krishna's message mentioned in Geeta.

They made a film about husband slapping wife & that being unacceptable in marriage. Justice warriors hailed movie, said "it's time" Daily I share real incidents of woman beating up, attacking husband or in-laws, police turning a blind eye but they don't say "it's time".

Whats s taking so long, change the team name to Warriors and keep the same logo. the name Redskins is the problem not the logo.
IMPOANT: We are planning to create a database of all frontline warriors on Twitter (doctors, pharmacists, other healthcare workers, NGOs etc) who are ready to voluntarily help those in need. LetsFightTogether (1/4).

Covid-19 survivor are warriors . We need to understand this and treat them with all due respect.
Follow Twitter Warriors .. BharathReddyBJP NareshNanda24.
Covid-19 survivor are warriors . We need to understand this and treat them with all due respect. Respect our warriprs they are doing their best for us.
It is no longer acceptable to stand on the sidelines watching a world that is doomed for destruction. Share your faith. Share your testimony. Tell them now before they perish forever. Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! You are God's chosen warriors for such a time as this!

Proud of all Corona warriors.. Covid-19 survivor are warriors . We need to understand this and treat them with all due respect.
Mobile Warriors.
I again saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the warriors, and neither is bread to the wise nor wealth to the discerning nor favor to men of ability; for time and chance overtake them all. Ecclesiates 9:11.

Covid-19 warriors are real heroes and have undergone many illnesses during the pandemic. We must understand & treat them with respect.
JUH and Sheikhul Hind Trust hand over 1000 PPE Kits to LNJP Hospital, Delhi. The hospital administrator appreciated this grand gesture of these organizations saying it will boost the morale of the healthcare workers. On this occasion, mahmoodAmadani commended Health warriors.

West Point grads from 2018 and 2019 writing a letter about, among many other things, ableism and fatphobia at *USMA* was sadly predictable, after the Academy began hiring liberal arts profs from liberal academia. I explained how we got here in my book.

We have to rescue the positive idea of social justicewhich these days in the U.S.and Canada means things like healthcare, higher minimum wage, maybe UBI, tax reform so wealthy pay their fair share, etc.from the warriors. The idea of total destruction of the movement a) it.

Here come the Social Justice Warriors!
A lot of keyboard warriors out at the moment. Since the pandemic began Ive had almost daily contact with the Vic Government & DHHS about Ambulance matters. Days,nights & weekends. Not once contacted by the opposition.

Badass. Immortal. Warriors. Charlize Theron and KiKi Layne star in the new action film alongside Matthias Schoenaerts, Marwan Kenzari and Luca Marinelli in The Old Guard. Watch now on Netflix.
Prof. Phillips quoted on the review and name change.
Please some advise us of who are the Sponsors of Tucker Carlson. His disparaging remarks about Senator Tammy Duckworth cannot be ignored. He has disgraced our wounded warriors.
Exactly. I've never met people who spew as much hate, bullying and intolerance as people who are masquerading as warriors of justice. I don't agree with things that Greg has said and done, but *I have no right* to bully him, or anyone, into obeisance to MY personal belief system.

Hyrule warriors: lesbians.
WOOT! Beaming, my new scifi romance IVOKK has landed on several Hot New Releases lists today! THNX for the support!
Balanced reporting leads to death threats - and arrests - for AJ101East staff, thanks to a "xenophobia-fueled" online lynch mob.
We are!! I tuned in to the GetUpStandUp2020 dance party from work, so I missed the Twitter fun live. You best believe watching everyones videos today, that energy is just as inspiring as if I was there. I love yall KHive! KamalaHarris sets the tone for Joyful Warriors.

I wish this pandemic comes to an end soon Covid-19 survivor are warriors . We need to understand this and treat them with all due respect.
Draymond Green explaining why Stephen Curry, by his leadership, is the main reason of the Warriors dynasty. Everyone is playing free with Steph, thats why guys like Iguodala or KD wanted to play with him. (Via TheWarriorsTalk).

Things are getting heated in the warriors fandom I see.
I keep thinking that Cancel Culture warriors will one day show up to my house and take all of physical media copies of my favorite movies...but until then...I will certainly enjoy myself....
Jodie Warriors are so fucking annoying I hate white people.
I dont know why hes visiting wounded warriors he cant sympathize with what theyre dealing with cause he didnt serve his country. He was too busy crying about his feet hurt.
This is not good.. covid19 survivors are warriors. we all need to support them and treat them with due respect.
Lots of suggestions to lose the Warrior Secondary icon on the sleeves. Replaced it with the DC Stars and Stripes.
Social Justice Warriors! Get triggered!
98% of FB (and probably Twitter) income is from advertising. Call most of the mega-social media folks "thought leaders," "culture warriors," or "cultural worriers", much of "following" boils down to money flowing into pockets.

Warriors Nation, do you want to see Justise Winslow with us next season?
On the 9th of July 2000 13 Zim Warriors fans went to watch the team in action v SA and never went back home. Its now 20 yrs since that fateful day.Forever in our hearts. May your souls continue resting in peace.

Loyalty is the name of the game. My fellow patriots GAgirlXO , hoppinmama5 , pinkmommy5 , KAG1776MAGA are the epitome of strength, loyalty, and patriotism. If you are blocking any of these American warriors, please unblock and follow. No real MAGA should ever be blocked!

The core of the letter was about Things That Annoyed The Yascha Mounk Crowd, but it was structured in a way that could fool people who aren't terminally online/IDW-style Free Speech Warriors into thinking it applied more broadly. it purposefully hid specifics to do this.

Some are calling doctors warriors some are showering them with flowers, meanwhile Uttarakhand govt is trying their best that either we sink under debt or just simply drop out or die..
Justin Holbrook's Gold Coast Titans move to three wins from nine, having won 4/24 in 2019. Having been 0-12 down against the Warriors, definitely more steel about them this season.
Wolf warriors, a witness out of the blue a.
This type of logo would be good for either Warriors or Redtails.
If DFS_India is really serious about Bankers safety then implement order of honorable high court of Rajasthan duly received through our I and grant all reliefs including status of Corona Warriors to bankers other wise we may initiate contempt proceedings for implementing same.

Social Justice Warriors: The Series.
There is no doubt that Covid-19 survivor are warriors . We should give them respect.

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NuKlear Klay.

Jeez. Rockets fans are salty gd.

Naranjas thompson a su servicio.

Klay was gonna bring GS back but man he got injured.

Nem jantar eu consegui por causa desse jogo meu deus.

Klay and Kevin really bailed me out over the years.

Se pa ti comeback non game sa te ye,Houston te nenpot 15 point ap lead Epi Klay limen.

Don klayyy.

Still blew 3-1 lead.