Saturday 3rd of April 2021

Raptors With The 50-POINT LEAD Over The Warriors.

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Retweet for the MiamiHEAT's jersey Like for the warriors' jersey.
Warriors fans rn.
Steph seems unfazed by the Warriors loss.
How the hell did the warriors lose to the raptors by 53 and were down by 61 at one point I know they had no curry but still damn.
Everyone who told their group chat Warriors 5.5 was the move at the moment.
Mark Jackson sitting at home watching Steve Kerr's Golden State Warriors get blown out by the Raptors tonight.
Damn warriors was really down 60.
Imagine losing to the Raptors rn. Warriors down cataclysmic.
Today is not just another day, but another possible chance to achieve what you couldnt achieve yesterday. So get on your feet and chase after your success. Good morning dear SSR WARRIORS. Enquire PBS Trimukhe 4 SSR.

Remembering one of the Greatest Warriors in the history of Indian military, Field Marshal SamManekshaw on his jayanti. He was the man who made the biggest surrender of 93000 soldiers to India in the history of world.

Prayer warriors!!! PLEASE assemble!!!
Warriors still records.
I love our social justice warriors at Whitman-Hanson. Thanks MsB_History for inspiring.
ESPN not even uploading the box score for that Warriors/Raptors game into the app.
"Humiliating. For everybody involved." Steve Kerr on the Warriors trailing the Raptors by 61.
How the Raptors smacking the Warriors right now.
Steve Kerr coaching the Warriors without 3 All-Stars.
Warriors fans right now.
Steph after Lebron saves him from the warriors.
The Warriors had one of the greatest teams ever assembled. Was among the best in the NBA for five years. Did they ever lead by 60?
BIG win for the Raptors tonight The 53-point margin of victory was the largest in Raptors franchise history, and the largest in the NBA this season.
Congrats to MLB for snatching vital income from the thousands of black owned businesses in the Atlanta area. Such justice warriors. Question: do I still need to present an ID to pick up my tickets at Will Call?

No dubbing allowed.
Blazers record without Dame this season: 2-0 Nets record without Harden this season : 8-8 Suns record without CP3 this season : 1-0 Warriors record without Curry this season : 1-7 Something stands out when comparing teams without their top guards.

Toronto Raptors win 130-77 against Golden State Warriors.
"Warriors at Raptors".
The Raptors just took a 60-point lead on the Warriors...
Its more than scoring big dawg. Two sides of the ball as well and curry is a liability on defense. Lebron isnt.
What about okc?
Warriors coach Steve Kerr, an avid Dodgers fan, on Major League Baseball's decision to move All-Star game from Atlanta because of Georgia's recent voting laws.
So about my "Steph Curry will leave the Warriors when he realizes his team isn't going to win it all again" from a few weeks ago...
Kd carried the warriors but damn I didnt think it was this bad without him.
Thats why you aint fucking GM. Its a guard heavy league. Been saying to all these Warriors fans pre draft trust Dubs should draft Lamelo Ball the best player available. Tell me fucking who handles the ball more in the league. A guard or a center.

The Warriors without Steph or Draymond.
Hes not signing with the Warriors when his rookie contract is up up up.
Raptors rout Warriors by franchise-record 53 .
Give Steph ownership of the franchise.
Show me the draft picks and signings outside of KD since Jerry West left the Warriors. It's deeper than Klay's injury.
49* are you blind.
I'm proud of you.
Warriors are easily a G league team without curry, draymond and klay.
Warriors fans... Dont take these 3 for granted.
Damn the impact of steph being out is crazy.
Warriors on a 3-0 run.
He couldnt have he was injured.
LA has lost like 5 of their last 8. Its almost like they miss Lebron and AD out there. The Lakers remaining roster is also better than what the Warriors are putting on the floor.
Issue with the Raptors Warriors game; players stats not being tracked. Thanks.
We can't promise this one will arrive discreetly Pre-order Queen's Blade Rebel Warriors.
Warriors rn.
Raptors up 51 on the Warriors...Its not even the 4th.
Free Steph.
The Raptors DOMINATE the Warriors.
It's over in Tampa. The Warriors lose by 53. The most embarrassing loss for the organization in a long, long time.
Am i a joke to you?
In the fourth quarter, with little left to watch on the floor, Stephen Curry practiced karate moves on the sideline.
Really looking forward to watching the Warriors game after I get off work. I got a good feeling about it!
Dont free curry this is payback for the past 5 years of what his warriors did to the league.
The Raptors won one game in March, then came into April and beat the warriors by 53. I simply do not understand.
QUOTE-UNQUOTE IF SOMEONE THINKS CYBER = CYBER SECURITY,THEN EVEN GOD CANNOT SAVE THEM .Cyber-warriors are new breed who wage war & win without their adversary knowing about it. Firewalls stand No chance against never seen Cyber Weapon.

The bronze state warriors imo.
Warriors worst loss in franchise history: 126-70 vs Lakers (56 points) in 1973 Warriors loss tonight: 130-77 vs Raptors (53 points) So... guess it could be worse ***.
Warriors ..
Also, dc whether he played 12 minutes. Im not bashing Jimmy, since he was lights out in the bubble. Bam was too, but Bam couldve contributed more.
Just peeped that Raptors/Warriors score, Jesus.
When? They were killing Rockets until Curry got hurt In 2016. Then Portland beat them twice until Curry came back and won 4 in a row. What the games moron.
There are blowouts and there's LOSING BY 53 points. Read at one point the Warriors were down 60.
Warriors please go sign Jerry West again cos our squad is beyond awful.
The Warriors lost 130-77. Love seeing Kerr exposed as the most overrated coach in sports. Dude is and will always be a pretentious jerk. Glad Jordan punched his lights out.
Saw the Toronto Warriors score and immediately hopped on to see ENFJesse reaction.

What You Really Think

Steph is Lakers bound.

Bro for those of you that dont know curry aint playing.

So what team are you going to jump ship to next since the warriors are back to being in the lottery every year ??? Watch how you d*** ride the Clippers and Nets.

Just what in the missing Curry and Clay is going on HERE!!!!!!

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