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Tuesday 19th of January 2021

In July 2010, The Warriors Were Purchased For an NBA Record $450 Million. Today, Sportico Says The Team is Worth $5.2 Billion.

Thank you to the men and women who have kept me, my family and our team safe these past four years. At both CIA and State, the professionals that do the work, plan security, and execute the mission are true warriors and heroes.

Thank you, President ibusolih. Our scientists and health-warriors have risen to the occasion. The vaccines being developed and manufactured in India will help our people as well as humanity at large in escaping from the pandemic.

In July 2010, the Warriors were purchased for an NBA record $450 million. Today, Sportico says the team is worth $5.2 billion.
Feeling good tonight after the Warriors erase a 19-point deficit to beat the Lakers in LA. Golden State is 7-6 on the season.
It should be on KD if anyone. Until healthy no one should be trying to kick the warriors when they are down. There has been two different title holders since then.
STEPH. CLOSER. He finished with 26 PTS as the Warriors get the win!
When Steve Kerr said the Warriors are well prepared for the Lakers.
The Warriors trailed by as many as 19 points tonight. The Warriors have 29 comebacks of at least 15 points under Steve Kerr; since 2014-15, only the Raptors (31) have more. The Lakers' 19-point blown lead is their largest in any game which LeBron James played.

Lakers Warriors Lebron says watch this Cherry premieres in select theaters on February 26, 2021 and globally on Apple TV on Friday, March 12, 2021. Starring Tom Holland and Ciara Bravo!
The balance on this...insane.
"Everybody chipped in and we weathered the storm against a championship-caliber team. Big win for us." nulb.
The Clippers watching the Lakers blow a lead against the Warriors.
Stephen Curry 'nuff said.
STEPHEN CURRY ( warriors).
Please sit down.
Good morning warriors, The success we will achieve tomorrow depends much on the effort we put in to the things that we do today.. Stay united, stay positive, stay strong & RoarUntilSSRJustice is served..

One of the worst Warriors games of the season. And they beat the defending champ. Huh.
STEPH ( warriors).
Back-to-back Brad buckets to tighten the gap.
Steph's son is LeBitch LeShit LeCrybaby LeFlop LeFraud LeMickeyMouse LeAdamSilver LeSaved LeSuperteam LeCarriedbyAD Le3-6-1 LeBubble LeAss LeChoke LeCakewalk LeChina LeTrash LeRefs LePoop LeBald LeBum LeBallsack.

Hope you can whit the Kd warriors.
Dubs take the lead!!
19-point comeback. FEELS GREAT.
LeBron looking at Steph Curry after the Lakers and the Warriors game.
Stephen Curry speaks on the warriors' resilience after his 19-point 2nd half helps erase a 19-point deficit in Los Angeles.
This is the Kelly Oubre the Warriors thought they were getting.
Stephen Curry scores 19 of his 26 PTS in the 2nd half to lead the warriors back from 19 points down. Kelly Oubre Jr.: 23 PTS, 2 STL, 2 BLK Eric Paschall: 19 PTS (8-11 FGM) Dennis Schroder: 25 PTS.
WB Health Minister Mamata Banerjee continues to silently watch as TMC leaders unabashedly usurp Covid vaccines meant for frontline Corona warriors. Pishis silence to such blatant abuse of power is a gory testimony of her support for such unethical acts of her party workers.

Ball movement leading to buckets --nulb.
WARRIORS WIN! Warriors 115-113 Lakers Steph: 26p/7a Oubre: 23p/4r/2s/2b Paschall: 19p/4r/3a (72% FG) Wiggins: 18p/3r.
Warriors might not win a championship with this team but they can win games.
Nets vs warriors finals watch.
Lakers beating Warriors beating the Warriors the Lakers in 2016 in 2021.
Don't see a problem with this Cook played with Warriors before joining Lakers so he has friendships with warriors players.
Stay aggressive oubre.
Skip Bayless driving to the studio tomorrow to slander Lebron for missing the game winner against the Warriors.
Eric Paschall should be starting.
LAKERS LOSE TO THE WARRIORS? LakeShow 113 DubNation 115 D. Schroder: 25pts, 5rebs, 2stls L. James: 19pts, 5rebs, 5asts A. Davis: 17pts, 17rebs, 7asts, 2stls, 3blks M. Harrell: 17pts, 8rebs, 2blks K. Kuzma: 15pts, 10rebs Record: 11-4.

Warriors hold on to complete the 19-point comeback win vs. the Lakers after LeBron's game-winner attempt does not fall.
We give the game to the warriors shameful I hate games like this stop selling ya'll soul guy's no way WARRIORS supposed to win the game.
Pure hustle from.
Warriors went on a 14-5 run in the final 3:36 on the road against the defending champs. Stephen Curry outscored the Lakers 8-5 in that span.
Lebron watching his team lose a 19 point led to the Warriors.
Good Morning Lovely Warriors One of the greatest feelings in the World is knowing that we as individuals can make a difference ! So, Stay United, Have faith on God &.
Steph breaks down the Warriors huge comeback win.
Kevin Durant (72) and James Harden (66) have combined for 138 points in their first 2 games as Nets teammates. Per EliasSports , that's 2nd-most in a duo's first two games with a franchise. The most is 151 by Wilt Chamberlain (139) and York Larese (12) on the 1961 Warriors.

Warriors fans sleeping tonight.
Congratulations on a great win against the former champs!
DANCING through the lane.
Nice Game.
Clippers fans watching the Lakers blow a lead to the Warriors.

What You Really Think

Why are the Knicks worth anything.

MSG not the Knicks franchise is worth that much... Have you seen their teams over the past 6-7 years? Lol.

And we can accredit it all to StephenCurry30 and his amazing play. Should be paid every possible cent.

Warriors worth more than the lakers?

Beijing Bron.

Big Fat Bubble.

Lol... He really think they worth more than the Lakers... Oookay...

The gap between 3 and 4 seems too large.

Who hired James Dolan to write this list?

People thought 2bill was a rip off for the dodgers knew that was an amazing deal.

The fed sees no signs of inflation.


How the hell are the warriors ahead of lakers? Knicks? No way.

Its a damn shame how valuable the Knicks are but they have been bad for so long.

Who values the Knicks like this?

Yet, near half of the teams lose money every year before collecting revenue sharing. Itll be more soon and after this season.

Dolan watching yall trash him online.

This list is big BS.

Asinine. On no planet are the Ws worth more than the Lakers, on any valuation metric you choose. Winning isnt really even a factor except to show org stability. Just think about TV money or box sales.

It will go back to $450M in 4-5 years. Bay area has never been a big market like LA or NY.

I assume that includes the new arena? If not this is definitely a fantasy number.

Long LAL short GSW. Lakers fundamentally worth more.

Lol how TF are the Warriors worth that much? Only team in the top 5 that seems totally out of place.

The disrespect on the.

Steph curry effect.


Look at Curry man so inspirational.

Warriors have an IRR of 29% which is absolutely insane.

Crazy how much the knicks are worth not winning a ring since the 70's.

Ballmer alone worth more than the entire NBA combined.

Im calling bullshit on the.

Do you guys have data on where the Sonics ranked before they moved to OKC? I would have to think it's higher than 22nd where the Thunder currently rank.

Valuations are high...But it must be noted that some teams needed cash infusions to make payroll. I assume those same teams will need help this season also. When Fans come back the NBA will soar.

Whole list is lies..completely..someone smoking too much and putting out a wish list.

Bullshit Lakers are the crown jewel buy a lot they would sell for 7 billion easy.

That oppressive Communist Party of China got em ballin.

I wonder what portion of that is directly attributed to having Steph on the roster like when he leaves, how bad does that valuation drop??

New game-every ten years the team with the lowest value gets relocated.

Not all that shocking considering the Warriors proximity to Silicone Valley. What's shocking is the fact that the Heat, playing in the 7th largest metro area in the US, is not even in the top 10.

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