Tuesday 8th of December 2020

Make That 11-1. The Washington Football Team Shocks The Steelers And Spoils Their Perfect Season.

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Make that 11-1. The Washington Football Team shocks the Steelers and spoils their perfect season.
The Giants beat the Seahawks Washington beat the undefeated Steelers The NFC East this week.
The CMU Mask Compliance Tracker states that there is 97% mask compliance in San Francisco, New York, and Washington DC. Mask compliance is at 96% in Miami and Philadelphia. It is at 95% in Chicago. So, why is COVID-19 still rampant in those areas?

Chiefs lost to the Raiders at home we lost to Washington at home It happens. First loss. Mark it down. Move on. Next.
Washington Football Team Players Postgame Press Conference.
You don't say! As the Washington Post reported a few years ago, Unit 54777 has created cut-out organizations ostensibly dedicated to fostering Moscow's so-called "compatriots policy." One of these is Institute of the Russian Diaspora.

I bet anyone $100 that the football team will win tonight in the Washington vs Pittsburgh game.
The Giants: We beat the Seahawks, the NFC East is going to be ours. Washington: *beats Steelers* Giants.
I appreciate John David Washington on his own merits, but sometimes he leans into the Denzel, and I just...
Washington Football Team gets congratulated by Capitals after beating undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers.
Great goal line stand by Washington's defense. All capped off by Chase Young making a great play on 4th down.
Crushing We mask not to protect ourselves but to protect others.
Voi Tunuufi, 2021 Washington DL commit, is the latest Leopard set to evolve in to a Dawg when he signs next Wednesday.
And so Washington wins in Pittsburgh. WFT.
NFC East aint playin statement wins from both Washington and New York. As of this moment only one team in the NFC has a longer winning streak thats the Saints. Giants and Washington getting hot at the right time.

The Honorable President .realDonaldTrump A possible solution to exposing the Washington rot once and for all is to offer one time FINES.. Permanent Bans from Holding Office in exchange for going Public now about Voting Fraud that Politicians Witnessed or Participated in.

Following Washington's upset of the Steelers, "euphoria" reigned in the locker room, said a proud Ron Rivera.
Just weeks after Pearl Harbor was attacked, America was still in shock, struggling to find joy in the Christmas season. Spirits were lifted by a surprise visitor to Washington who delivered a Christmas message of joy and peace heard around the world.

You acting like Washington front 7 not legit lol our run game phoney.
Steelers up 14-0 but they still aren't any good because it's "only Washington" and neither TD was a bomb from Mahomes to Tyreek, right?
Big Ben gets picked Washington ball ( NFL).
Everyone is abiding by the PROTESTS FarmersProtestDelhi2020 general DAY STRIKE in STATES around DELHI a Indian Federal Government like WASHINGTON DC. I support the Farmers and I support all FARMERS WORLDWIDE. Hope it ends well. Corps or Farmers???

.tedcruz is the smartest man in Washington DC, having him argue this would be epic...let's pray our SCOTUS has the guts and integrity the lower courts clearly lack.
Ravens fans happier den Washington is what yall record is tho ??
I see Colorado is sending its best to Washington...lol.
Giants upset the Seahawks Washington takes down Pittsburgh WILD Week 13.
Alex smith Donald Trump Washington leaders w small hands Depserately Trying to stop the steel.
Gordon Chang: Di Dongshengs comments show the breathtaking arrogance of the Chinese elite, which now has no hesitation about expressing in public its belief that with a President Biden, China will once again control the highest levels in Washington.

Alex Smith made it back from what many considered a career-ending broken leg in 2018. brgridiron nulb 17 surgeries nulb Talk of amputation nulb Life-threatening infection nulb Missed two seasons Tonight, he led Washington to an upset over the undefeated Steelers.

Alex Smith is simply incredible: Suffers compound fracture in right leg in 2018 Needs 17 surgeries to help keep his leg Make's Washington's 53-man roster Takes role as No. 2 QB Regains job as starter in Week 10 Beats undefeated Pittsburgh in Week 13.

Theres a wonderful ambience of awe and romance with these Washington DC memorials. Ivanka and Kushners presence destroys all of it. What a wicked family. Thank God & Joe Biden it will be restored.
Washington Football Team in good hands with Chase Young and Montez Sweat.
Washington FootBall Team on our ass.
I cant believe an undefeated team lost to the washington football team omg lollolll.
Trump asks Pennsylvania House speaker for help overturning election results, personally intervening in a third state - The Washington Post.
As many as he has to Darnell Washington.
Im quite pleased that the Steelers first lost was to Washington.
This sell out skinny ass needs to chill. Steelers had 4 days to prepare Washington had 10.
Atleast we lost to Washington, Baltimore wasnt worthy enough of giving us an L.
Washington Football Team hands Steelers first loss in shocker.
Washington hadnt beaten the Steelers since Week 12, 1991. Nineteen. Ninety. One.
Washington has won as many games in a row as Dallas has won all season. New York has won more games in a row than Dallas has won all season. They all three have overhauled coaching staffs in a COVID season.

I told a yall.. Washington winning the NFC EAST.
Aww not the washington football team smoking on steeler runtz.
Washington Football Team vs. Steelers Week 13 Highlights NFL 2020 NFL.
How important is culture in the NFL? Look at what Brian Flores has done in Miami. Joe Judge with the GMen. Now Ron Rivera in Washington. Should be a strong signal to those in the market for coaches this offseason what the need to be looking for.

2020 NFL playoff races, standings: Washington ties Giants atop NFC East, Steelers, Chiefs tied for top seed CBS Sports.
I vote for Washington Coyotes for the new mascot! Theyre scary, theyre tough and rocked the Steelers world.
Its amazing, and I dont even care that its Washington.
If Washington wants reform in Riyadh, it should consider what worries Saudi Arabia mostabandonment by the U.S., John Spacapan writes.
Publishing houses need to be built in cities like atlanta, washington dc, and detroit, and publishing opportunities needs to move beyond nyc and la, where nobody can afford to live <3.
Barn Owl Washington state, US.
While even major world media organizations such as the BBC World, the Washington Post, the Guardian, etc. are doing so. standwithfarmerschallenge standwithindianfarmers - Sam Geo.
Washington earns first win over Pittsburgh at Heinz Field since Jan.1,2011.
Washington upset the Steelers ?
While Jen Psaki is a familiar face in Washington, she is a favorite target in Moscow, where the state propagandists are getting ready to go after her all over again.
Bro they are nice half the teams ppl talked shit on us abt were low key tough.. giants, Denver, Washington.. but also Giants n Wash are by far the best teams in the NFC east which is so funny to say.
DOWN GO THE STEELERS Washington hands Pittsburgh its first L of the season.
If you somehow completely destroy democracy and overturn the election, you will have the largest walk on Washington in the history of the United States.
Check out this painting on !
Goodbye Washington DC, hello prison! Its the most wonderful time of the year.
Steelers fans watching Washington ruin their perfect record.
Opinion Kelly Loeffler disqualified herself at Sunday nights debate - The Washington Post.
Pleased to host Foreign Minister AnzeLog in Washington today following my warm welcome in Slovenia last summer. Today we launched the first U.S.-Slovenian Strategic Dialogue, an important conversation that will strengthen our bilateral relationship.

Alex Smith appears to jog off with the game ball, leading to an "administrative issue" that forced the refs to stop the clock and let Washington kick a field goal. Seriously!
I think Washington should just stick with the Washington Football Team permanently. Really lean into it. Change the name of the stadium to The Football Stadium.
Longest active winning streaks in the NFC: 1. Saints: 9 2. Giants: 4 3. Washington: 3.
TJ Watt should be sacking Washington quarterbacks twice a year.
Florida police raid home of Rebekah Jones, fired covid data scientist - The Washington Post.
Hahah Hahahhaha Im from Washington state!! All I gotta say is good luck you absolute failure! This is the woman that hired a street lord for the country of CHOP/CHAZ and then paid a street czar $15k a month to rule the streets. LOSER! Not essential!

IMO the giants turned their season around was when McLaren from Washington scored on that long TD run. Judge took the defense aside and really went after them. From that point on, the defense has been playoff caliber.

Just posted a photo Forks, Washington.

What You Really Think

Fraud Steelers.


Cuz they been playing weak teams all season all cap.

Easy money!!follow us for more picks like this.

Of all teams!!!

This wasnt no shock.


Did football happen today?

Ive been saying it since the the Steelers were 4-0. Theyre the worst (previously) undefeated team in history.

They didn't shock shit pitt needs rest enjoy watching the play off from Washington.

We all saw this coming. It wasnt shocking. The Steelers have played like shit for weeks.

Not really shocking.

Take the BULLSHIT CALL by the refs away that gave Washington a timeout to kick a field goal and its a tie game.

Tell me about it.

I love it! Love them Skins!!!VnulbVnulbVnulb.

Hot burgundy and gold straight to the Superbowl... httr hokie nation.

Oh no how will we ever make playoffs with an 11-1 record.

The fuck.

I'm still all in my feelings about this one.

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