Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Looking at This Photo Makes me Happy Every Time. The Sleeping Vishnu. The World Shall be This Carefree Again.

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Looking this photo makes happy every time. sleeping Vishnu. world shall this carefree again.
The Poonawalla Foundation under mvadera will ensure: our fellow citizens in Mumbai will not have to struggle for food. Thank you AK_3009 for the amazing food from Bombay Sultani & our selfless volunteer team. Beena Pramar Rehbar Khan Kanika Mohan.

"Let us push for the number of (COVID) positive cases to rise rapidly," NarendraModi says here. Everyone slips up on occasion when speaking in public, but imagine how merciless the BJP (& some liberals) would have been if RahulGandhi had made this mistake!

Meditate increase your willpower boost self-confidence which will ultimately give success. Daily devotion fills your life with positivity will live happily have blessed life.

were coughing this morning, said Rabbit, shaking head. How know? asked indignantly. Oh, Roo, never told said Kanga reproachfully. It biscuit cough, said Roo, tell about. ~A.A.Milne.

Success towards right cause certain when it's followed with disciplined actions hard work.Meditation acts catalyst achieve goals makes eligible God's blessings increases willpower says Saint MSG.

Southern Hemisphere should easy today, share your travel recommendation. Wednesdayvibe Morning Paul, Morning Russ, Morning Chris, Morning Andy, Morning Sarah, Morning Clair, Morning Kim.

burns lamp light darkness without self-interest identified true Guru master.
Keep Helping the Needy in This Pendamic.
If bad thoughts are prevalent in your mind, then meditate so that bad thoughts get removed, good thoughts start coming and you become worthy of God's mercy. Saint Dr. Gurmeetramrahim Singh Ji Insan.
Stop complaining what don't have want change your life, change your mindset first.
Injustice with Innocent Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu definitely unacceptable. Stop delaying appeals Ayurvedic Treatment. Demand Justice Bapuji and.
After Prabhu Shriram returned Ayodhya from years exile, annihilation Ravana, first bright fortnight Hindu lunar month Chaitra, accorded warm welcome residents Ayodhya.

Heres entry KPKREMIX rexxiepondabeat iammohbad_ please like rexxiepondabeat till sees this WednesdayThought TheresaAt25 lyta Trending riri riri.
According principles spirituality, Gods words provide salvation, thus soul attains permanent freedom from vicious cycle births deaths. person visualize presence achieve perpetual happiness.

Meditation is the only way to eradicate all kinds of sorrows, worries and troubles .
Change your heart to change the worldIV.
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Nostradamus proving Century Quatrain that great saint would born island surrounded ocean from three sides north India where rivers flow Punjab 1951. Sant Rampal Maharaj.

respect person their aside say, made mistake, apologize correcting behavior.
Human beings are the supreme ones on this planet! Saint Dr. Gurmeetramrahim Singh Ji Insan says that they are considered better because only they can meditate on God's words and embrace divine ecstasy.

Devout fully pray unto Lord Shri Ram for the establishment of Ram Rajya that is Hindu Rashtra at the earliest.
Do good deeds for others.Keep alive the feeling of mercy within you,Saint Dr Gurmeetramrahim Singh Ji always says that with the feeling of humanity,you will definitely do humanely deeds and God gives happiness to those who do deeds of humanity.

Photographed WarrenFarmNR by Neil_HW_ (tw) 15degC. Rain daily presence over week. Scattered thundery showers again moving afternoon, heaviest this evening. Visit WarrenFarmNR more this Nature Reserve.

Millions are practising meditation regularly and are living peaceful life with the inspiration of saint Dr Gurmeetramrahim Singh ji insan.
Tension brings apprehensions! To become pleasant, Adopt Meditation as Medication!
given beautiful life. should waste rather make worth living practising Meditation, performing good deeds, being kind all. Those live life like this, attract more blessings. - Gurmeetramrahim Ji.

We can enhance our brain power through meditation & utilize it in inventions that will benefit the whole society. The development of brain power depends on the amount of hard work put in along with meditation.

Kabir Saheb is the supreme God and he is the one who meets pious souls to spread the message of God. He is mentioned as Kavir Dev in Vedas. watch Shadhna TV at 7.30pm daily. Visit satlok asram YouTube Channel.

Today's WednesdayThought meditation regularly morning evening even 15_15 minutes inspiration Saint Gurmeetramrahim healthy.Millions derasachasauda volunteers practicing method meditation regularly.

Always good others. Mentally remove everything free. This Divine Life. Do Noble Deeds tale despair, hope love. always help those need rewarded with God's blessings. -St gurmeetramrahim Ji.

Saint Dr. GurmeetRamRahim Ji Insan Says Tension is not the solution of any problem. The solution of all the tensions and worries is meditation. It not only end your all problems but also will remove all the sins done by you in past births.

Well said.
Chitrakoot Dham During the reunion of Bharat and Rama the stone on which They stood became soft and footprints of Bharat and Rama appeared on it . The footprints of Shriram at the Shriram temple. ___ "Jai Shree Ram" " ".

possible find within with meditation even this Kulyug! With regular practice method meditation, blessed with God's glimpses, divine grace ecstasy, inspiration source Saint Gurmeetramrahim Singh Insan.

There is nothing more beautiful than Nature. Spend more time in nature to boost Immunity and Happiness.
New color of our warm thick Extreme Trekking socks is just around the corner. Stay tuned. karomar.
It's coming true (though ain't view): OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO WIT...
columns below folder important details page 14. Lesson journalism bury story!
Always behave well with others good never think others said that sow, shall receive means have suffer with same thing, which have done with others.

must practice meditation daily bcoz without true worship attain inner peace. Saint GurmeetRamRahim motivated millions souls practice meditation regularly order live peaceful life .

Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much. - Like retweet and Follow 100DaysOfCode DEVCommunity DEVCommunityIN.
Mount Kenya Kingpin? Like Nyoro Retweet Moses Kuria Juja KenyaMilele Nyoro Uhuru Kenyatta KabogoVsKuria Zack Kinuthia IEBC WednesdayThought UhuruVsKuria William Ruto Gold Jubilee uda ODM's Pavel Oimeke Building Bridges Initiative.

Good Morning Friends Youth glow energy, experience when they blend together they look awesome Mother nature rocks!!!
Your academics first priority. DM WHATSAPP essaypay esssaydue Essay essayhelp Pyay.
Meditation is the only way to wipe out all the tensions by boosting up will power or confidence, which is present in each human being. Only those who meditate can experience positive changes in their lives.

Wanted? To attain HAPPIEST LIFE! To end up the vicious cycle of deaths & births! Adopt the one & only Medication THE METHOD OF MEDITATION!
devotion made even during doing regular chores, walking, eating, sleeping leads towards pleasures liberates from sorrows, pains from anxieties, says highness Saint Gurmeetramrahim Singh Insan.

righteous path life, that path humanity. Helping people need selflessly gives happiness life, WednesdayWisdom meditation vices, pray almighty well being have blissful life.

Humans are the only creations of God that can meditate on this mortal universe. So one should regularly meditate in order to stay away from fatal diseases and tensions. Meditation is the only way to stay happy and tension free on this earth.

Force helping Tribal reach hospital right time.
Lovely Wednesday dear friends WednesdayThought CoffeeLover
Meditation can be done at any time of day and at any place. The best results can be obtained when you meditate is 2 to 5 am, called Brahma muhurta as the mind is fresh and environmental air is oxygen-rich at this time.

Saint Dr Gurmeetramrahim Ji says that put the seed of Ram Naam in that infertile land, drench it with Sat sangs water, hear and act, then the flower-buds of his kindness-grace will appear there even and you will become prosperous overnight.

Get the Spiritual Bliss and Exhilaration with consistent practice of Meditation.
Hire me.
make excuses accepting mistakes because never happy shows double standards tries hide wrongdoings. Therefore, after accepting your mistake, take pledge repeat again.

"There strange moment person's life that does know interpret, never realizes secret, does everything next life.".
Meditation is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts.
With hard work & dedication,goals can definitely be achieved.Have patience, pray to god and do meditation regularly.Never feel disappointed if it takes time to have good results.
iHrithik tccandler nominate Hrithik Roshan
meditation every day, which will increase your self-confidence much that will find solutions problems from within. Over crore people have made their lives happier getting Gurmantra from Saint Gurmeetramrahim Ji.

Happy Wednesday Morning All Losliyafans Wear Mask ,Stay Safe And Take Care Of Your Family Guys [?].
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Send them Love!! quotes quote quoteoftheday GodMorningWednesday WednesdayThought WednesdayMotivation Wednesdayvibe India lifestyle life LifeGoesOn lifequotes loveit.
Meditation eliminates negativity from person's mind. Millions derasachasauda volunteers practice meditation taught Spiritual Master Saint Gurmeetramrahim Singh Insan achieved positive mindset live happy life...

Honesty Loyalty Key. people Honest with each other about everything, that's probably biggest Success. Taylor Lautner.
The real Ramrajya (HinduRashtra) : Absolute control over the five sense organs, five motor organs, mind, subconscious mind, intellect and ego by Ram (Atmaram The soul Principle) dwelling in the heart is the real Ramrajya. ___.

want succeed life, then always hard work makes sure that listen prayer will definitely reaches always thankful Gurmeetramrahim Singh Insan because lessons always motivate me.

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Very good box, plenty room depth, classic colour plenty hiding space. Licking lips this one. 9/10.
feeling low, trampled, unappreciated, forgotten...and reading this, realise illusion...the hope valued...and what lies truly awesome.
You are just gorgeous mattgoss Love this photo too.
this Boris

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Fab photo.

He is so blissfully unaware and sleeping with the flowers! A beautiful capture.

How lovely!

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