Friday 5th of March 2021

25': VAR Rules Out Timo Werner's Opener.

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Timo Werner talking about Frank Lampard.
Werner. Offside for showing intent in his body language. The game is gone.
Timo Werner & Antonio Rudiger have known each other a very long time. Rudiger was very influential in getting Timo Werner to Chelsea.
Mason [?].
I lied I didnt turn it off, wana say mount has been fucking wavy today. bar the goal, hes just been way more decisive. Konte has been great too, should've slipped Werner in earlier but hes getting hella space in the middle.

To be fair actually he was miles offside Werner, VAR room made the right decision.
Hahah. Werner is so close to becoming a prolific scorer, in my view. Its probably next season.
Timo Werner is the worst striker to ever play in the Premier league...
VAR definitely have a personal agenda against Timo Werner, this isnt the first time. Just let him score man ffs its not that deep.
!!! great shot.
Halftime thoughts; we are playing beautiful football Timo Werner has been so fuvking good Kante beast mode.
Timo Werner is the most unlucky player in this league man.
Ei, na Timo Werner, is he the footballer who was at Leipzig? Are you guys not sure Chelsea bought a shoemaker mmom?
Werner is active!
Im not mad that this goal doesnt count im mad because i would love to see Werner scoores because he needs more confident he could be so good.
I used to fancy us every time we got the ball in the final third. We never look like scoring at the minute. No creativity whatsoever. Hit a terrible run of form recently its hard to watch. Werner goal should of stood so lucky to not be 2-0 down mate. So frustrating.

Everything thats wrong with this garbage video system in a nutshell. Werner has both feet behind Robertson but because he is leaning forward on his way to score his sleeve is given offside. Such a load of crap. At worst hes level. Wrong in every respect. Penalised for momentum.

Death Taxes Timo Werner being offside.
Ah na that teryybillz niggar b)k)) de3.
My network man Never seen us create for Werner like today.. This is what I have been complaining about..
Werner Finally scores VAR .
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He was off. If any part of Werner is further downfield than the last Liverpool defender at the time that the player with the ball makes contact with the ball in an attempt to pass it to Werner specifically then it is offside.

Even VAR is denying Werner goals. This guy is cursed.
Ariel Qatar BTS WORLD DOMINATION Cristina La Jefa MILEY LEFT RCA Werner Doman Poder Judicial.
Laporte Tuesday night and Werner tonight - officials are moving lines down the arm of the attacker until they're offside to suit the defenders. They need to draw one line on the attacker where they are furthest forward until they are happy and not move it .

The man in the middle as you say is offside but ball isn't going to him. If it reached him he would be offside. Still doesn't make sense how Werner is. The whole offside rule needs to go back to the good old fashioned.. beyond the last defenders your offside. Simple as that.

Should be 2-0 Chelsea. Werner has been robbed.
Mason Mount has been directly involved in 8 PL goals this season, only Timo Werner ]10] has been involved in more for Chelsea. Chelseas most important player this season.
Werner liverpool DoriaGenocida BolsonaroCoveiroDoBrasil Rodrigo maia atividade selfish love music video selena.
Did Werner get a goal disallowed?
At least Werner didn't score!!
Werner keeps running through the Liverpool players but na Mount score.
If Bamford was offside for a finger nail, then werner is off for his arm But it's a load of bollocks tbh , legs or feet yes arm nah.
My sources are telling me Timo Werner will score today and Chelsea will beat Liverpool.
Timo Werner's goal is disallowed Correct decision?
Chelsea have a goal ruled out because Timo Werners fingernail was offside... These decisions are actually getting worse and worse every week now.
Imagine werner scores in the second half.
25': VAR rules out Timo Werner's opener.
HT THOUGHTS: Werner looks good as a nine with a high line. Mount out of nowhere oh my days looked lost and then pulled out a banger. Salah looks dangerous hes gonna step up can feel it.
Just left Werner to score Then my prediction will be right.
Werner playing vs kebab and people think he wont score.
Half Time Thoughts: What a half! VAR is rubbish, but we knew that beforehand So proud of the team for keeping their heads up despite it Timo Werner outstanding, perfect to play him at 9 Mason Mount is an outstanding footballer Close this out boys pls.

GOAL Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea (Werner 24').
Begging for Werner to add another one in the second half. Excellent goal wrongly disallowed. Completely bullying that backline, creating space for others. More of this please.
How Liverpool continue to play this high like is amazing goal upon goal coming from it. Kante clipping it over all day and Werner loving it. Any quick striker would. Brutal they are.
Final del primer tiempo Liverpool 0 ___________________ Chelsea 1 [?] GOL ANULADO,Werner 24' [?] Mount 42'.
Is Timo Werner onside or offside?
NO GOAL [?] Timo Werner is ruled offside by the smallest of margins... Watch on Sky Sports PL Follow LIVCHE here: Download the SkySports app!
It looks like they are using Werner fingernail and Roberstons arm pit by that photo.
Ht thoughts - Mount, Kante, Werner have been really good. Werner needs some help up top. - the laws around handball and offside need to be addressed in the era of the VAR - liverpool is making mistakes in the back that they didn't last year. Should have been punished.

What a first 45 minutes. Been the better team by a mile. Only frustration is that Werner's goal didn't count due to a dodgy VAR decision. Up the Chels.
Werner wasnt offside definitely.
Like VAR for have mercy small on Timo Werner ... Neqqar really taya.
Nevertheless that Werner goal should have counted!!
Werner is eating this high line.
Oboi we fit win this game if we naintain this vibe Mount and Werner doing the Lords work.
Werner's armpit hair is offside. 0-0.
Werner has a goal today. Best believe that.
Werner was robbed!!
Werner cooking.
Timo Werner has the ball in the net for Chelsea, but after consulting the VAR, referee Martin Atkinson has overturned the goal for offside Still Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea.
Hopefully Werner bags a goal in the second half.
Werner is so unlucky.
If Werner doesnt score today with how high the Liverpool line is, I predict he'll never score another goal in his football career. Even if he goes on loan to Fleetwood or some shite. The man's spirit will be crushed.

High line against Werner with Fabinho at the back???? does Klopp have a brain?????
VAR denied Timo Werner his second goal in the league in 2021 ..Not too bad for a 45M striker.
Not that one , im looking at epl more so . Lot of off form european players getting away with it , but when Salah and Mane were off form they were blasted by media, pundits and commentators. I dont hear them going at how poor Werner . Just my observation .

Mount saw just one of the tens of chances Werner saw and converted.
True. But those goals were supposed to come from Werner much more than him.
A good tempo to this one so far. Half a chance for Timo Werner, who volleys over the bar. Encouraging stuff from the visitors 0-0 ]10].
Chelsea are winning even with 9 men and Liverpool with 13 men (Werner and Ziyech) Tuchel is actually gargantuan.
Mount my god Werner unlucky.
Watching Liverpool - Chelsea and Werner's goal was canceled due to stupid interpretation of VAR.
One goal for Werner.
Werner could get so many more goals by cutting in how mount did.
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What You Really Think

Ffs bring on Jota for firmino. He cost us a goal.




VAR is seriously ruining football. How the fuck could they rule that out!!!

Farmers league.

Rigged league.

Its not VAR its English football.

But no champions league football for Liverpool next year.

We will just win even if they rule it out.


Var is ruining the sport , it needs to go.

That should've been allowed, such bogus rules.

Tell me teams favored by VAR more than Man utd and Liverpool.. I wait.

: Klopp vs Tuchel both EX Dortmond gaffers that faced BayernMunich in UCL Finals in Letter L Cities: London/Lisbon in 2013/2020 respectively. PL FCBBVB. PL Liverpool Chelsea PremierLeague Bundesliga .

LiVARpool at it again, not top 10 in my book with all this cheating.

I cant believe thats been called offside, its just so upsetting to see how VAR is being used.

Lol. Game is gone.

Livarpool is trash.

Fucking disgrace VAR needs to be removed its too much!FUMMMING.

Flop of the year but he wasn't off, Livarpool tax.

Clearly a goal I'm neutral.

Corrupt league.

LiVARpool getting saved again.

Fuck VAR.



Trash chelski.

This makes VAR look awful. It must be based on players feet.


How can you judge where Timos shoulder ends compared to Robertsons!!! These VAR refs are a JOKE!!

Brilliant decision. Imaginary offside trap.

Farmers league for a reason.

Dont care.

ECUMISSINGECU Name: Ziyech Missing: 1/07/20 (leaving Ajax) Characteristics: being ass passing the ball to the linesman being a fraud Possible location: stat padding against farmers ECUDANGER: may dive when you touch him ECU.

Not offside.

Absolute joke!!

Personally as a Liverpool fan definitely not off.

LiVARpool depending on VAR to not get beaten.

Shameful, even if you hate Chelsea that was horse cocks.

LiVARpool paying the refs as per.

Rivals cry more.


Awful decision.

The world just hates Timo dont they.

Chelshit in the mud.

LiVARpool back at it.

Wasnt offside.

Follow me and I'll literally follow you back in seconds.

Such a banter club.

This is why Ronaldo is the greatest player of all time.


Rivals keep crying.

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