Tuesday 5th of October 2021

Instagram Down. WhatsApp Down. Facebook Down. Twitter Right Now.

Social Media Says

Were aware that some people experiencing issues with WhatsApp moment. Were working things back normal will send update here soon possible. Thanks your patience!
wonder hard Twitter usage spikes when Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp down once.
Facebook Instagram WhatsApp platforms suffering outage. company said aware that some people having trouble accessing Facebook working restoring access.

after hours without Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp everyone coping?
00Facebook dead 00Instagram dead 00whatsapp dead.
Instagram down Facebook down WhatsApp down Dogecoin
Since Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp down coincidentally after whistleblower from Facebook spilled tea, reminder that Mark Zuckerberg secret meeting 2019 with Jared Kushner strike deal about fact checking political speech during 2020 election.

Twitter accommodating everyone after WhatsApp, Instagram Facebook crashed.
Signal > WhatsApp only better alternative, it's owned Facebook.
Facebook gone, whatsapp gone, instagram gone, twitter gone...but know gone DIA.
Please fast must send gudnyt maseg otherwise will single again.
Facebook Instagram Whatsapp down Meanwhile Twitter like mnln[?]ddraa aapedi Watch full speech here
school group chat only reason still WhatsApp.
WhatsApp functioning. ParmarthiDiwas MyUniverseNo1onHot100 Pujniye Bapu Maghar Singh Ji facebookdown InternetShutDown whatsappdown JIMIN JIMIN BTS PAVED WAY Snapchat Telegram.
Facebook whatsapp down vaccination rates
Because actually live future. We sent message internet instead still using were still 1995. The iMessage, don't that like WhatsApp?!
Someone beautifully explained what happened Whatsapp, Facebook Instagram.
Hai? cari premium atau sewa zoom? mampir pitaapps Testi Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, WeTV, Disney Hotstar, Bank, qris e-wallet pitaapps / WA.
People believe that todays Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram outage couldnt possibly coincidence after Sundays Minutes expose Facebook understand that internet held together with bubblegum string.

Mark Zuckerberg lost $6.6 billion since Facebook, WhatsApp Instagram outrage.
gonna take whole night ***.
Whatsapp down Kafayat wears
Instagram gone. Facebook gone. WhatsApp gone. freeze forever.
Twitter? down. instagram? down. whatsapp? down. ATEEZ? PRESENT.
instagram whatsapp facebook being down same time.
Lindsey announces tour Instagram, Facebook WhatsApp crash. power really knows bounds.
Facebook-owned Whatsapp being down reminder that your friends should probably using more private, non-profit alternative like Signalapp anyway another open-source your choice). It's just free, takes like seconds switch.

Facebook Whatsapp DOWN Media Judiciary DEAD Even after video evidence leaders murdering farmers available, arresting culprits media busy distracting Indians with Bollywood. India Banana Republic.

WhatsApp crash Facebook crash Instagram crash Marriages crash Friendships crash Only relationship with cannot crash. dont your trust human human institution creation. your trust alone.

Lucas Moura: "With WhatsApp Instagram down, able talk little with wife. nice person.".
Facebook Facebook, Instagram Whatsapp down hours Facebook shares down 4.9% Facebook apologizes Mark Zuckerberg loses over $5.9 billion worth Servers being reset manually Twitter records highest number users platform time.

This isn't just cyberattack US... something Facebook something that happened them that could affect them globally.. just them their partner companies well.. smell cover up.. Erasing corrupt files?

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram going down same time sure seems like easily-understandable publicly-popular example certain monopoly into least three pieces might idea. Somebody should tell Elizabeth Warren.

Please dont anything, need take break from girlfriend.
Retweet, your WhatsApp back!!
Current situation.
Dont whole Facebook, WhatsApp Instagram issue distract from fact that, Sarkodie remains Greatest rapper time Africa.
dependency WhatsApp Instagram scary
Facebook down. instagram down. whatsapp down. the moment twitter goes down.
Facebook down instagram down whatsapp down face down.
want world without Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.
DM/Text/WhatsApp (425) 386-4142 Chemistry Biology Physics essaypay Econometrics javascript WomenWhoCode English Assignment 100DaysOfCode Python NodeJS Exam papers Maths Essaydue Serverless Essayhelp Coding Statistics Assignment help Essay help Essay due Hw.

detailed article internetdown serverdown facebookdown Facebook,Instagram Whatsapp).
WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram once again made think it's WiFi.
Facebook, WhatsApp Instagram suffered devastating outage that shut many billion global users. apps started coming back online about 5:45 p.m. York time, more than hours after problems began.

Instagram down. WhatsApp down. Facebook down. Twitter right now.
People returning Facebook, WhatsApp Instagram from twitter.
Facebook,instagram twitter whatsapp users users.
Drainn drunnk whatsapp 42290904.
Apologies everyone hasnt been able WhatsApp today. Were starting slowly carefully WhatsApp working again. Thank much your patience. will continue keep updated when have more information share.

Imma whatsapp
WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram pada down.. emang twitter beda sendiri.
Facebooks monopolistic behavior checked back when shouldve been (perhaps around time started acquiring competitors like Instagram), continents people depend WhatsApp either communication commerce would fine right now. Break them up.

honest, wasn't Twitter wouldn't realize Whatsapp down. texting you?
life without Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp... Mark Zuckerberg fast.. NATION WITH NCB.
thank good night whatsapp forwads today. relatives
Instagram down. WhatsApp down. Facebook down. Reminds when held down before down. shouldve definitely went fourth down.
laudable, because they some downtime. Whatsapp would've been more than capable accident their own. much dislike it's hard blame them large populations taking their services alternate channels.

accidental tower down Facebook,Instagram WhatsApp been rumored preparation WW3 *** Grow
WhatsApp back.
Someone with anything cleaning garden anything Please hire me0824260225V WhatsApp Facebook DeleteFacebook Mark Zuckerberg /Mxit.
well sleep last night? Facebook services have recovered this morning. have refreshed story with updates from company. However, provide detailed explanation regarding massive, global-scale downtime. C.

There data charges using WhatsApp Messenger. much world, everyone uses WhatsApp, including businesses, conduct everyday business don't think many people outside know this.

much into religion, Facebook comes close being Antichrist anything else I've witnessed. everyone would stop feeding "beast" their data, would die. Won't happen, though. Dopamine.

This literally without Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram.
fine some bright brilliant student some professors from WhatsApp University Terribly shocked.
Whatsapp Instagram Facebook were down when youtube thing.
refundar Instagram, Whatsapp Facebook.
Facebook services (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus) have been affected internationally outage. Further details being collected: Spokesperson.
WhatsApp Influencers Twitter
Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp will offline days.
best thread covering what happened Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp today.
Setback Sanghis cell slaves... Their Whatsapp University shut server down.
Nah.. whatsapp even down yall have started bringing things like these here lmao.
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp...
Seriously Instagram, Facebook WhatsApp Down. Meanwhile Twitter.
"social media doesn't matter" *Has breakdown Whatsapp stops working*.
Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram face global outage; Facebook spokesperson says company working things back normal.
Facebook,Instagram,Whatsapp Thalapathy Fans.
records Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp were deleted somehow.
Since whatsapp-Facebook-Instagram down, please direct your memes here. ICYMI, accepting memes today too.
Instagram, WhatsApp... think.
Facebook, Instagram Whatsapp down hours Facebook shares down 4.9% Facebook apologizes Mark Zuckerberg loses over $5.9 billion worth Servers being reset manually Twitter records highest number users platform time. ~Spec Index.

When whatsapp stops working LMAOOO.
this global criminal enterprise trafficking children coordinated? THROUGH WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK SUBSIDIARY.
Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp services have started return.
hour Facebook WhatsApp Insta band rehne Facebook Billion loss.
Whatsapp, Facebook Instagram down globally. BJP really worried that they can't educate people today.
Meanwhile Mark Zuckerberg.

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King lionel.

Oh, my God. That's why the refresh couldn't work.

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