Wednesday 16th of June 2021

But by Now The Fake News by Fault News Has Gone Around The World Three Times Over WhatsApp, Facebook And News Portals.

Social Media Says

family whatsApp group suddenly filled with questions about loud sounds heard parts Gaza. confirmed. Israeli forces bombing Gaza. took Israeli hours take decision this. families have healed yet.

fake news Fault News gone around world three times over WhatsApp, Facebook news portals.
Post FakeNews Twitter jack Company make viral, ensure WhatsApp amplifies further. Toolkit tabeez spread hate create fear. Law India cannot allow this perversion. Uppolice files against offenders. publisher, TwitterIndia liable.

seems Boris Johnson called Matt Hancock totally f****** hopeless WhatsApp message. last there something agree with about.
Ooh, Cummings WhatsApp messages. Apparently Boris Johnson said Matt Hancock "fucking hopeless" First time he's told truth.
Hashtag Awks. Boris Johnson called health secretary hopeless WhatsApp message Dominic Cummings News.
Boris Johnson called Matt Hancock 'totally f****** hopeless' WhatsApp message, Cummings says.
Buka WhatsApp, tengok status orang, tutup balik. this Whatsapp.
Jharkhand Congress student body NSUI expels leaders posting Shri official WhatsApp group; says anti-Party Activity.
Philip Davies asks about SAGE member suggested that some COVID19 restrictions needed forever. Boris Johnson says nobody "least wants rules last forever, adding: "Nor think that they going to." PMQs.

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Dominic Cummings clearly grass watching tear apart Westminster medium whatsapp messages glorious see. *grabs popcorn awaits further developments*.
Again! WhatsApp needs react message feature. Some messages needs like then keep moving.

Instagram delete Adamu Garba account like WhatsApp next.
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will probably come surprise anyone learn Boris Johnson called Matt Hancock Totally F**king Hopeless WhatsApp message.
*You post something mistake your WhatsApp status delete immediately* WhatsApp user.
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Dear Boris Johnson, According Dominic Cummings called Matt Hancock 'totally f****** hopeless' WhatsApp message. This being case Hancock still job?
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Dominic Cummings leaks WhatsApp Boris Johnson calling Matt Hancock totally fucking hopeless.
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Dominic Cummings published what says WhatsApp conversations with BorisJohnson where they talking about Matt Hancock start pandemic.
Dominic Cummings (Dominic2306) posting WhatsApp screen grabs messages with Boris Johnson including this where describes Health Secretary totally fucking hopeless, then tries call Cummings three times bounce just after midnight.

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releasing WhatsApp messages media.
can't think anything except taking Hancock putting Gove on." Hmm, thats extent Boris Johnsons thinking skills then wonder facing third wave. Cummings WhatsApp messages only illuminating what already suspected.

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very long blog, which looking through, which Dominic2306 publishes WhatsApp messages btwn himself incl which apparently calls matthancock "totally f***ing hopeless" relation testing plans (March 2020).

SNP's Blackford asks "guts" UK-Australia trade deal vote MPs. says public voted government "get negotiate free trade deals around world. Follow PMQs live.

Government WhatsApp without risk.
What would really nice right some kind actual conversation about cabinet members their minions shouldn't using WhatsApp dodge public record keeping. that won't happen.
Whatsapp jhon.
Gosh. Dominic2306 only gone released PM's Whatsapp messages where BorisJohnson suggests axing MattHancock Health Secretary... "It's Hancock. been hopelesss" can't think anything except taking Hancock putting Gove on...".

trust someone uses whatsapp web.
taking piss everybody knows oath whatsapp group above petty meandering parliament.
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Starmer team missed open goal when Labour's leader didn't Johnson spot calling Hancock "totally fucking hopeless" after Cummings Tweeted mins before PMQs bombshell WhatsApp message from PM.

Congress student body NSUI expels leaders posting Shri official WhatsApp group, says anti-party activity.
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Boris Johnson described Hancock f**king hopeless, according Whatsapp leak.

What You Really Think

It has become a fashion to blame Hindus for any kind of incident involving Muslims in India.

Madamji ignore it !! Don't you small the fear in these tweets but, the thing they don't know is their so called game is over.

Haan isi ki wajah se India ka image kharab hogaya, warna hum log developed western nations ke barabar the kal tak.

Fake news.

Arrest the guy.

Yes. Damage is done. Hate has spread. Just deleting tweet has really no meaning. Not even an apology. What kind of people are these?

And for western organizations that own entire sectors of the internet like search, social media,, facebook, twitter, etc. .this fake news platform is used as the final word on whats fake news and whats not... these companies are the moden day EICs.

No manipulated media remark Twitter TwitterIndia Why???

And it never stops. WhatsApp pe link nahi screenshot chalta h. Apology and deleting tweet doesn't work. AltNews should do fact check on zoo_bear misleading propaganda and apologise on its platform for trying to create communal tensions.

Madam smitaprakash I hope you know ki only this was their intention they wanted this jab tak sachai bahar aane tab tak dunia bhar m is fake news ko failaa do ..uske baad chup chaap video delete karke nikal lo.

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