Monday 10th of May 2021


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Willian (32y 273d) oldest player score first league goal Arsenal since John Hollins (33y 75d) against Wolves September 1979.
Hazard: "Where's Willian?" Zouma: went Arsenal Champions League." Hazard.
IftaarMubark fam I have this beautiful caps going each Location Kano Delivery nationwide Retweet sake Enugu Baba Adeboye elongate Willian.
Deserved letting Willian score... Jesus.
And Willian...
Willian scored Arsenal. Yes. Willian scored Arsenal. This drill.
Willian... Scores! FIRST goal Arsenal, wonderful free-kick Lovely finish.
Willian just score.
Willian dropped MOTM performance??
Very pleased for Willian.
Willian what free kick man.
Willian scored premier league goal about matches played Arsenal. time Chelsea reject lmao.
It's taken matches, Willian FINALLY first goal Arsenal beautiful free-kick.
Great now we have no chance of getting rid of willian.
rating Arteta dies little with every minute gives Willian.
FULL-TIME Arsenal West Brom Goals from Smith Rowe, Pepe Willian confirm relegation West Brom.
Willian scored single greatest goal football history. Hands down. Three goals, three points. Hardly classic. Willian gets 10 - Saka best? - Gabi on? - Ceballos? Arsenal player ratings West Brom ARSWBA ( SwedishRoss).

Willian finally scored first goal Arsenal well.
Willian score season till today just confirm Sam's first ever relegation from ARSWBA what goal that was.
Willian scores goal!
Willian scored first goal Arsenal with third shot target Premier League this season. It's Matchday
actually happy willianborges88 difficult season that moment Fair play willian confirmed relegation which made even better.
Willian scoring today, heard here first.
Arsenal Admin after Willian scores winner today, remembering deleted Willian goal free storage space.
Just clocked Willian back form face Chelsea.
taken games, Willian FINALLY scored goal Arsenal. Beautiful free kick.
Willian gets first Arsenal goal... arswba 3-1.
return basics window towards long term vision this team; Currently running superlatives describe Saka-MOTM. - Willian capped display with wonderful free kick - Balance > names proven tried trusted success hope respected more.

Nothing felt more fitting than Willian scoring first goal first game after season ended.
Turned after martinelli subbed, only WILLIAN SCORED? MAD.
Whats not wrong with Willian? Hes ass.
Chambers genuinely couldn't believe that Willian finally scored.
Willian leading inshallah.
Go away enjoy Willians first goal for arsenal.
Trending subjects: 05/09/2021, 20:01:32 Mother's Day Celtics Willian deGrom Moms.
Always rated Willian.
Wanted willian season without scoring ffs.
Willian scores goal Arsenal (37th app) only goal they have scored from outside penalty area this season, which were direct free-kicks.
Willian Pepe cost million prime. other free twilight career. gets slandered other stans? Guess which which hmmm.

Willian scored. player. need renew that contract.
Willian Thiago score weekend.
West Brom relegated account letting Willian score.
I've seen willian ..and John Jensen score Arsenal..
Arsenal game getting inspirational speakers sudden.Full time whistle Emirates .Wonderful goals from Smith Rowe Pepe Willian sealed three points .Commiserations West Brom their relegation from premier league .

Honestly Willian willianborges88 amecheza vile inatakiwa,cudos him.
Sorry hear that but, that willian goal PS290 acca
Willian finally scores goal Arsenal. Great free-kick tbf.
Arsenal West Brom GOAL! Willian.
GOAL Arsenal West Brom mins) Willian scores first goal Arsenal with unstoppable free-kick.
feel like many others good game Willian might well shit game. been much disappointment. have good game though.
Willian turned into Prime Ronaldinho score fantastic free kick just give heart attack under Villarreal hell playing like Anthony Martial man.
Willian scores first goal Arsenal after games! Willian scored five direct free-kicks Premier League Chelsea Arsenal].
Willian their first goals with Arsenal this match
Willian deserves MOTM today Happy him.
Willian goal Allardyce relegated. Thats unique double.
[?]Willian, What Bloody Goal.
Willian finally scores assnal. big finally suffers relegation. strange times indeed.
feel like Willian needs apologize playing games before scoring first goal Arsenal since we're apology season.
WIllian scores with just third shot target season Premier League. Maybe should have tried more shots target?
Willian scored goal Arsenal shirt, Madrid losing, playing terrorist football Juventus losing making them doubt next season Football you...
Arsenal West Brom: talking points Willian nets first goal Baggies condemned.
Scenes above Emirates Willian scores goal.
first Four Horsemen Apocalypse Willian scoring appeared. FUCKING HILLS!!!!
Willian some distance MOTM.
name Stanley STAN PakiSTAN true KING.. Check thread complete video. these ladies using violence elongate Martial Manchester United Baba Adeboye Enugu ARSWBA Willian.

points, next. Emile Smith Rowe with league goal. Willian also bags 1st. Nicolas Pepe with outstanding finish. Commiserations hopefully back league soon.
Balogun Nelson Building next season Ceballos Willian trying save job.
Even if you no go drop vn abeg drop am in honor of Willian.
Cheers Willian, fuck yourself MLS. Goodnight.
Honestly willian played well, actually theres been some thing unique this game 75'<.
BONUS POINTS STANDS Willian 2 Pepe, Townsend.

What You Really Think

How long did it take the admin to find this GIF?

Get him out da fck! 1 goal in a season, on PS200k/pw. No thank you . Typical waste of money from arsenal. Bye bye.

Embarrassing .

Good Goal. Counts in my Book.

This man should be on the billboard everywhere in north London cause his the only.

Give him a new four years contract.

Well, better late than never.

What's with the creepy graphics?

Winning useless games loosing the important ones ..3 goals en yet the other day you only needed 1 goal .. things don't work lyk tht Arteta.

Willian wins a freekick and scores. What have I just seen.



So he finally scored I might just watch the re- run to see that willian goal . What perfect timing ,when it's all over.

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