Sunday 28th of February 2021

Willian Convincing Arteta Hed Get an Assist Before Coming on Tonight.

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Six changes from Thursday nulb Cedric and Pablo come in Mo partners Granit CLnulb Nico and Willian start Laca captains the side.
Willian on his move to Arsenal.
Mikel Arteta admits Arsenal "were expecting many more things" from Willian this season But the manager holds out hope things will change. nulb "You can see that he is starting to produce what we think he can.".

Martinelli cant start over Willian Borges, who has 2 shots on target all season and his last PL goal contribution was 4 months ago.
Ha ha. And willian does all tha jhaadu pocha after the sessions.
On god willian isnt in the starting line up ffs.
Ive just got up and Im seeing that Willian is playing, we have fucking lost already.
Prefer Pepe and Willian swap sides...
I have a feeling Willian will score today.
I know Arteta is focusing on Europa but... Willian, Pepe, Elneny, don't know.
Hoping we'll see a bit of rotation between Pepe and Willian.
Were all Willian FC today, arent we?
Conte: At Chelsea I used a 4-2-4, but had to change bcos Hazard, Willian and Pedro struggled to cope with defensive duties. I switched to a 3-man defence. The idea must be adapted to the players. I see football as a scholar: reshaping ideas makes the difference between coaches".

I fucking hate the sight of Willian.
Harapp lord willian.
My willian prediction came through lol.
I think so too but this stat is insane ... even Willian no worse like this.
? respect willian.
Pepe right, Willian left.
Lmao... Willian or Laca should not be starting ahead of a talented 19-year-old but like I said, I'm waiting till end of season.
Man Im so excited to see this esr willian partnership.
Willian finding his way onto the pitch for Arsenal on a regular basis.
Arteta when arsenal lose 4-0 but willian dribblepast soyuncu.
Must owe money to Willian. He keeps playing him like he deserves to be playing which is insane. Kroenke would not allow this to happen with the RamsNFL If I was Gabriel Martinelli I would be asking to be sent somewhere were I could actually play.

This dog has no chill Lautech Bobrisky Amad Willian Arteta Nengi Dangote Auba Elon Musk Drake Odegaard Eminem Carpediem.
You have to ask serious questions of Arteta. Playing Willian over Martinelli... risking Tierney after playing lots of mins after a long lay off & playing Elneny... 3-1 to Leicester incoming Im afraid with a brace from Vardy.

Goal for Leicester City - Willian own goal. LEIARS 1-0 (3).
***nulb might go walk the dog! Why are we giving playing time to the likes of eleny and willian we need them gone!!!!Martinelli needs to start this game!!!!
Willian didnt injure come back injure then come back and break his ankle during warmups. Or miss up to a year of football. Man is 19 years. He can grow.
Arsenals last seven results when Willian has started the match: 0-0 vs Leeds [?] 0-3 vs Villa [?] 1-2 vs Wolves [?] 0-2 vs Spurs [?] 0-1 vs Burnley [?] 1-2 vs Everton 0-0 (2-0 in ET after he was substituted off) vs Newcastle [?] 0-1 vs Southampton ]Mister_Numbers].

You do this under every tweet I see LOL but I also have a feeling Willian might score.
Arsenal v Leicester prediction 1. Early Leicester goal 2. Spirited fight back for Arsenal 3. Willian doesnt score or assist 4. Saka assist or goal despite not starting 5. Draw or narrow loss.
Is Willian with Artetas voodoo doll? Because I cant comprehend this.
I just cant see any logic at all in playing Willian on the left and Pepe on the right.
Willian & Elneny in the starting XI. Im not confident.
Why are Willian and Pepe on the left and right respectively?! Both have played best on the other wing. Some of Artetas decisions are infuriating.
Willian over Gabi? Arteta is what?
Saka rested (on the bench). Pepe and Willian start, Lacazette too. Auba and Partey on the bench.
Were playing Leicester City away and Arteta decided to start Willian and Elneny? LMAOO He want to focus on the Europa? Then he better wins it. if not Ill be here to slander him ankasa!
Arteta and Willian out.
Willian shouldn't be near that starting lineup. Arteta starting him over Martineli is a sackable offense. First it was Saliba and Now it's Martineli. Arteta has to go.
Willian on the left and Pepe on the right.
Willian over martinelli.
Nah its fine bro we have willian.
I assume that starting Willian is a statement from Arteta that he doesnt care about the PL or Martinelli.
Arsenal are going to get murdered with this starting eleven! Willian and Pepe on the wings Luiz at CB Elneny and Xhaka pairing Welp! As long as Barnes gets in on the act from a FPL perspective.
The fact that Willian is starting is sending me. Ohh God.
FINALLY OUT!! (DIVORCE THREE HOURS AFTER WEDDING)!! Watch and LEARN alot about relationship and marriage Ifeanyi Dangote Chioma SHUTDOWN Dr Frabz LEIARS Serena Apapa Willian MFC LINGERIE BY DORATHY Osaka CHEMUN dagrin.

Why does everyone keep making excuses for this fraud manger. If he rated him like we all do hell play him over Willian or ahead of laca. Wasnt auba shifted out wide because of laca, despite auba being a CF.

Ouf idk about this one. ESR usually struggles to combine with Willian and Pepe. Saka did need a rest tho.
Why no Martinelli over Willian.
Duh Willian, Pepe starting.
So 'IF' Willian doesn't perform today, can we please all agree, including Mikel, that it's a signing that just hasn't worked??
Willian hatrick.
Especially Pepe and Willian both starting. Lets see.
Willian and Pepe - OMG good luck everyone.
Gabi over Willian all day long..
When Arsenal are 5-0 up and Arteta puts Willian on for twenty minutes.
Willian starts, we lose.
Willian with 2 assists and a goal hopefully. All from set pieces too.
Need Willian and Pepe to take their chance today.
Pepe being pushed to the right for willian.
Willian first 11. Pelik2 ni.
Willian stinker so far , Martinelli would never.
Willian left then..

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Solid content this.

Lol I bet people from the UK cringing from how he pronounced Fulham.

Elite tweet.

Im creasing.

Whats the tittle of this movie please.

Why I wasn't already following you, I'll never know.

Man lyke santiago.

Happy friday my man!



What does Willian have? Is it pictures of Mikel? His youngest child held hostage? Maybe just his mothers phone number.

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