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Wednesday 8th of April 2020


TRUMP: Mail ballots are a very dangerous thing for this country because theyre cheaters. They go and collect them, theyre fraudulent in many cases, you gotta vote.Trump voted by mail in 2018 and again by mail in Florida three weeks ago..
Why Wisconsin Republicans insisted on holding todays election amid a pandemic: Its the culmination of a decade of GOP efforts to make voting harder, dilute power of black and urban Democrats and gerrymander themselves into a permanent majority..
Whats happening in Wisconsin is a disgrace.During a pandemic we need voters to stay safe, not be silencedand one simple way to do that is to allow all Americans to vote by mail, while also enhancing the safety of in-person voting.Join the fight:.
Wisconsin primary polls open, long lines form amid concerns about coronavirus exposure.
Wisconsin Republicans: PPE for me, COVID for you.
Today both the Wisconsin Supreme Ct and the US Supreme Ct put Wisconsin citizens to a Hobsons choice btw risking their lives & sacrificing their right to vote, the 1st by refusing to let the governor delay the election & the 2nd by refusing to let absentee voting be extended.
You are incredibly safe to go out." Wisconsin Republican says covered in full gown, gloves and mask, as they force people to risk their lives to participate in the democratic process..
Evening Briefing: Heres what you need to know at the end of the day.
Wisconsin Primary Voters Receive I Voted Gravestones.
Whats happening in Wisconsin today is an appalling miscarriage of representative government. We shouldnt force Americans to choose between contracting a deadly virus and exercising their constitutional right to vote. States must ensure safe, fair elections during this pandemic..
After sweeping into power in 2011, the Wisconsin GOP launched a full-fledged gerrymandering campaign, and their new maps worked exactly as intended.In the 2012 elections, Republicans won of the votes, but took 61% of the seats in the legislature..
Joe Biden be like go out and vote during a pandemic, but once you get sick be ready for the medical bill. I dont support Medicare for all. Thats what happened in Wisconsin today..
Next Coronavirus Bill Is the Last Chance to Save the Election -- and it MUST include nationwide vote by mail.
"You are incredibly safe to go out," says Wisconsins Republican while wearing full hospital-grade personal protective equipment as irony dies a slow and painful death..
Thank you to all the ppl of Wisconsin who have exercised their fundamental rights and put their lives at risk, by voting today. Also, I cant believe I just wrote that..
Wisconsin, get out and vote NOW for Justice Daniel Kelly. Protect your 2nd Amendment!.
I voted. In mask and gloves, putting myself, the poll workers, and my community at risk, I voted. Because I decided the only thing more dangerous than voting today was allowing the people who did this to Wisconsin to get away with it..
The voting push gained new urgency this week after Wisconsin proceeded with its primary election despite a last-minute order from Gov. Tony Evers (D) seeking a postponement of in-person voting until June..
Thousands in Wisconsin are voting at crowded polling places. During a pandemic.Donning facemasks and risking their health.It doesnt have to be this way.We need to be prepared for easy and secure vote by mail everywhere in November. Its not negotiable..
Wisconsin voters, NEVER FORGET, your legislature and your state Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court are ok with you getting coronavirus and dying in order to maintain GOP control. They are ok with you dying. When this ends, get out and vote for every Democrat that you can..
Polling place in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This public health hazard is brought to you by the Republican Party.This is sick & twisted. Never forget what the stands for. Godspeed, Wisconsin..
Hey Indiana, lets make sure this isnt us in June. Mail an absentee ballot to every registered Hoosier (dont force us to request one). It will save lives & protect our democracy..
This video of Wisconsin Speaker Republican Robin Vos defending holding the election while he is wearing full mandatory PPE and a face mask is remarkable. "It made no sense to cancel the are incredibly safe to go out.".
Reminder: The Governor is Wisconsin wanted to delay the election because of COVID-19. The and his partisans insisted on moving forward.Now he blames the governor for the resulting breaches of social distancing?!?.
Berners were still sending out Wisconsin phone banking messaging claiming "this race is a dead heat" until about two hours ago. That would be around four hours before the polls close..
I would like to thank each and every Wisconsin Democrat that risked his or her life to vote today. It really puts a whole new meaning to the phrase willing to die for your country..
WATCH: Sen. Booker slams Wisconsin for holding its election on Tuesday amid the coronavirus pandemic. "The result is voter suppression and in this case its having a disproportionate impact on African Americans.".
Wisconsin is proof that all States can Vote in PersonFight back against Vote by Mail.!!!! Keep our Elections from being corrupted by the Democrats.!!.
The Supreme Court threatened the life of every voter in the state of Shameful!!!!.
"I mean, people are trying. The poll workers are trying, the people voting are trying.".
Long lines formed outside Wisconsin polling stations as voters waited to cast their ballots amid the coronavirus pandemic.The Wisconsin Supreme Court blocked an order by the governor suspending in-person voting..
Breaking ... this just in ...George Soros has won the Wisconsin Democrat primary..
EASTER SUNDAY!!Any trucker need a meal? Im in SE WISCONSIN near I90. My boys & I are happy to bring you Easter dinner. Ham, mashed potatoes, cheese & vegetables, salad, roll, cupcake. Any exit for Janesville Beloit or Milton..
In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, THIS is the line for in person voting as the polls open for Election Day in Wisconsin..
The President is totally lying about the Wisconsin situation. he wants to keep control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court so he can suppress the black vote in the swing state. Its total bullshit that it had something to do with his endorsement. Party over peoples health.
The Chief Justice of SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act a few years ago. Yesterday he ruled, not only to suppress turnout in Wisconsin, but to unnecessarily endanger the lives of citizens who feel compelled to exercise their most fundamental right to vote. Hes a partisan hack..
Seeing how the Supreme ruled on the Wisconsin vote-I am truly terrified for the futureIn the middle of a deadly pandemic the Supreme Court wouldnt come down on the side of keeping the citizens of Wisconsin safe..
I wish everyone was as outraged about John Roberts condemning Wisconsin voters to death as they were about Schumers protest. Cmon media, pretend theyre almost the same..
Kudos to the Onion for the best summary of the breakdown of democracy in Wisconsin:.
Because of the Republican majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court & Supreme Court, ppl in WI are being forced to go to the polls to vote in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Ppl will get sick, & some will die. Others will simply stay away, & their votes will be suppressed..
Wisconsin Strong! Thank you for voting in spite of the suppression efforts by the shameless.
In Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, black people account for 26 percent of the population, nearly half of its coronavirus cases and 81 percent of its deaths..
All this to save a conservative state Supreme Court seat in WI and impede Democratic voters. Any more questions about what the GOP agenda is, or how they intend to keep control to survive? via.
Over the years Ive learned a number of meteorologists first became interested in after experiencing a notable storm in their childhood.In my case, it was a close encounter with a strange early Apr. Wisconsin 40 years ago today..
people in Wisconsin waiting to vote.
Since Wisconsins stay-at-home order went into effect on Mar 25, more than a million voters have requested absentee ballots.But this surge meant the state ran behind and hasnt been able to deliver the ballots.The GOP ploy to elect Kelly and secure the voter purge is working..
Absentee numbers are not good for Wisco DemsIn 2018, Waukesha accounted for 57% of the vote total from Milwaukee CountyWaukeshas absentee ballots returns for todays vote are 78% of the Mke totalsThats more than enough to swing a statewide race.
Ive tested positive for coronavirus and I am in line to vote in Wisconsin and am coughing on Joe Biden supporters.
The and went to court to try and protect voters, and Republicans fought us at every turn. What is happening in Wisconsin today is dangerous, and the GOP should be ashamed. If you have questions, call the Voter Protection Hotline: (608)-336-3232..
Why are Republicans such disgusting and revolting people?.
The Supreme Court has started issuing decisions remotely in order to protect their own safety. One of their first remote decisions was that Wisconsin voters will have to show up in person and risk their lives if they want their votes counted..
Today, Wisconsin voters had to choose between making their voice heard and keeping themselves and their family safe. No American should ever have to make that choice. We must do better to ensure voting is safe for all voters. The latest Wisconsin voting information is below..
Excellent work! Yay!!.
Wisconsin, please remember in November, it was the REPUBLICAN party, supported by a packed SCOTUS, who made you go out to vote instead of letting you mail in your votes. Remember it was in the middle of a.
Imagine if this is still going on in November. Imagine if what happened in Wisconsin is a preview of what voting will look like. All of this is perfectly possible, but people are so afraid they get angry if the possibility is even brought up..
There are two seriously possible disaster scenarios for November: an election obviously stolen by voter suppression, or a Trump refusal to accept defeat. The legitimacy of democracy is at risk.
Republicans dont care about our seniors.Not only are they secretly still trying to destroy Social Security & Medicare, but they are threatening the lives of seniors by forcing them cluster themselves in polling locations in Wisconsin.Its absurd! Why are they allowing this?.
Whats the matter, Schatz? Did your chance to steal the Wisconsin primary Broward-style get busted? Thats only the beginning. Now, youll have to do it the legal way - win it..
The Supreme Courts Republican majority, in a case that is literally titled Republican Natl Committee v. Democratic Natl Committee, handed down a decision that will disenfranchise tens of thousands of Wisconsin voters. It did so at the urging of the GOP..
Wisconsin out here making Florida moves today..
Poll workers are the backbone of American elections. They are too often overlooked. Today they risked their lives to protect and facilitate democracy in Wisconsin. We owe them our deepest respect. They deserve more support. They deserve better..
You can drop off your absentee ballot in Wisconsin anytime in the next two hours and 36 minutes..