Saturday 22nd of May 2021

Wolves Announce That Sunday's Game Vs. Man United Will be Nuno Espirito Santo's Final Match as Manager. The Fans Will be Back to Bid Nuno Farewell What an incredible Job he Has Done.

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Mexicos Raul Jimenez will make full return football next season Wolves confirm that their forward will wear protective headguard rest career.
After four seasons at the club, this Sunday will be Nuno Espirito Santos final game in charge of Wolves. Thank you, Nuno.
Nuno Espirito Santo will leave Wolverhampton by mutual agreement at the end of the season. Official and confirmed by Wolves. D.
Welcome pack. Wolves have agreed multi-year partnership with British premium sportswear brand Castore, what landmark deal both brands. Full story.
Correct wrong Mike. their plan...destroy..sellout..stuff their pockets their out..move another country..let wolves sheep..learn speak Chinese..USA/RIP while elitists live up.

Big news this.
genuine class act, from Blade [?].
Don't bother fellow red, while global club, "creators" irrelevant club, where "Pigeons" washed players come can't even compete with wolves saints foxes alone
Most will leave with Nuno other clubs guess, reason they were huddled Wolves because common agent Jorge Mendes.
Gutted angry ngl. best Nuno.
Raul Jimenez Injury blow Wolves this season. Happy Nuno agreed leave with mutual consent, it's better than sack regards what done wolves since taking over club.
Nuno Espirito Santo will leave Wolves season amid Tottenham links.
wondering Spurs could manager with Nuno leaving Wolves feels like thats that sorted.
TAKE BOW, NUNO Wolves first season - promotion with four games left - title with games spare - Finished first season - Highest finish Wolves history - Reached quarterfinals - Finished again next season.

Spiers just drops article next season looks bright Wolves Nuno then literally mins later announced he's leaving.
Wolves announce that Sunday's game United will Nuno Espirito Santo's final match manager. fans will back Nuno farewell What incredible done.
Nuno done amazing Wolves. This only mean he's better offer. slbenfica_en perhaps? Wolves: Nuno Espirito Santo leave after four years manager
Would wolves good Gerrard?
This guyV man's top class.
Hope he finds somewhere good to land.
Gerrard too Wolves.
Nuno always gonna sacked leave this season. Wolves have shocker season their standards that trend them scoring half games extremely worrying. They essentially giving teams minute headstart each match.

Wolves have contacted former Benfica manager Bruno Lage main option replace Nuno Espirito Santo whos leaving club. Talks ongoing. Wolves Sergio Conceicao also list with options Bruno Lage favourite today. Final decision soon.

Sunday will fans.
Rafa wolves. Nuno Spurs Eddie Howe palace. anywhere offered treble over that.
Thanks making dreams become reality, watching Wolves Europe something never thought would happen life, time right. Thanks memories Nuno.
Nooo wayyy.
Nuno Espirito Santo FAVOURITE Spurs after announcing will leave Wolves season.
Thank Nuno taking Wolves where they now.
Great manager. Shame, like Wolves, liked football too. He'll very soon this man.
Nuno Spurs? they sacked Real Jose Mourinho Jose Mourinho with beard.
Thanks for the memories Nuno x.
Thank everything Nuno you've helped transform club, given European adventure long overdue run. Good luck your next challenge!
BTEC Smith crying "never heard fuck off" triumphed again.
What that?
Wolves fans really thought they were prime Midlands after good season.
mean Bibb charge recruitment then probably have candidate, considering isnt shocking that hasnt picked successor.
think playing decent football first all. dropped Wolves lost Jota Liverpool, lost Doherty good them suffered injuries other players players like Moutinho 34.

OFFICIAL: Wolves have confirmed Nuno Espirito Santo will leave club following their final game season against Utd.
told mates Wolves games with that would love have him. will what
Wolves critical keystone species healthy ecosystem. altering prey movements, browsing patterns foraging behavior, wolves impact plant/tree regeneration. this regard, wolves have been noted have trickle-down effects trees, rivers, birds, beaver even fish.

remember tweet, absolutely battered still comes every again Wolves chat.
Nuno Espirito Santo will take charge Wolves 199th final time Sunday. Nuno club placed finish their first season back Premier League 2018-19, highest finish newly-promoted club since Ipswich 00-01 (5th). Emotional.

Stmt. Spokesperson Ministry Foreign Affairs,Amb. Bilgic Resp. Regarding Call Adding Grey Wolves Ter. List, their Assoc. Org. countries, Closely Mon. their Act. 2019-2020 Rep. Turkey.

I'm not going to watch wild horses be eradicated from their legally designated habitat because no one has the guts to challenge these overgrown cowboys. They're targeting wolves, prairie dogs, tule elk, and so many other wildlife species too. They're public lands bullies!

That's downgrading mate.
Wolves confirmed that Nuno Espirito Santo will leave club after their final game Sunday.
Weve been asked times what Bruno Lage (linked with Wolves) like manager into Proxima Jornada archives, this piece from season took over Benfica completely revitalised side, winning Liga process.

Shocked at that. Man has had his team ripped apart and injuries to key players. Unless hes off to Spurs.
know every person replaceable nuno leaving wolves, that's season ahead them next season, many similarities oneills last season villa, hasn't looked happy while. He's done great job.

Wow. Was he sacked or his decision? Mad if theyve sacked him.
Wolves, Leicester watford sure what expect watford great season fired dere manager.
sure about that Adrian? don't think wolves operate replicable anywhere else, don't know they were ever good enough actually Nuno does this specific thing that makes separate from Wolves project. bust than boom.

Ranieri leaving Sampdoria going Wolves maybe going back Palace. Managers musical chairs!
Solskjaer: "Dan ]James] will involved ]against Wolves]. Unfortunately, dont think Anthony ]Martial] will make this squad Harry ]Maguire] Anthony still working hard available final." mulive ]mu].

What manager Truly amazing achievements this super club. will sorely missed Nuno. Good luck whenever next.
Andre Villas Boas.
sure what without kanga kinda intrested trexs wolves.
Off to Spurs?
strange things with managers every season, Nuno leaving Wolves strange seen.
Doctor: *doing shadow puppets* operating table* wolves inside lol.
And out come the wolves.

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This man needs a top team. He's such an incredible manager.

I want man United to lose.

Job job building a Portuguese team on an English soil.

Thank God: what a boring coach.

Didn't see this one coming actually.

Man is going to spurs.

I'm surprised at this development from wolves. Nuno has been a good manager for the club, sad to see him go. Good luck to your new challenge.

Will he be taking over at SpursOfficial?

Lots of PL managers showing the exit door this season.

He's downgrading.

Wolves will be relegated.

Thanks for the ride Nuno .

Future arsenal manager.

Created clone of Portugal national team.

Better than Steve Bruce.


Stevie G to wolves?[?][?].

Would you take him at Barcelona??

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