Sunday 8th of January 2023

26'Liverpool 0-1 Wolves.

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Reds debut Cody Gakpo Here's line take Wolves EmiratesFACup tonight.
Meet Mexican gray wolf, Diego! nearly years old, Diego oldest Mexican gray wolves living WCC. He's proud grandfather grandpups, warm smile soulful howl. love you, Diego! Join Twitch.

26'Liverpool 0-1 Wolves.
Wolves hard done
struggling Wolves team still miles better than struggling Liverpool team Sign midfielder.
Liverpool Wolves reserves massive calls gone against wwfc Wolves robbed blind here holders count themselves VERY fortunate still Well again Molineux.

don't least midfielder January ain't getting have zero legs there. Matheus Nunes cameo Wolves showed exactly what were missing. That allowed Wolves free when clearly wanted Liverpool move absolutely criminal.

Wolves getting absolutely stitched officials these offside calls. Like something from Warnock documentary.
Mike Dean retired isnt whats doing giving decision? Made decision about good david elleray pgmol wolves wwfc robbed there.
Liverpool Wolves. WINNER! replay will have decide reaches next round Cup!
Post-game chat is here ..
Secretary Haaland, this should your Year's resolution killing wolves. reason. already know it's just blood lust, there's excuse that society. Also stop horse round-ups. Those barbaric. End both.

there angle show it's offside?????? looked that second wolves player touch he'd have back on...
Wolves beat, drawing with Liverpool Everton beat drawing with City they discredit saying they easy teams. Dont haters disrespect proud boys.
Teach people studio fucking rules look flag from assistant tells which player offside flag clearly showed player side pitch box.

Liverpool were forced into replay resilient Wolves side, secured draw Anfield despite being denied contentious offside decisions.
Literally game multiple fouls Wolves players were given, poor officiating.
This error back from Alisson gave Wolves early lead.
Liverpool Wolves: Which player will score last goal? Three correct winners cash prizes. TERMS Must follower Retweet friend Answer quoting this tweet Fail one, fail Prediction closes half-time.

Gakpo Wolves. goals assists wins hooked Better than Anthony Elanga????
strongest side held Wolves' team. 19th league. Anfield. Serious questions have asked.
Youre right, would Three Wolves players kicked ball before Toti did..
claim that with on-field decision offside Wolves disallowed goal, because none cameras Anfield could determine whether Matheus Nunes offside position. that's case, that's absolutely ridiculous.

Wolves will play rematch again qualify next round when they were clearly better side tonight Just their winning goal ruled offside.
Terrible again. Wolves deserved win, terrible call gives another chance shit again, this time away from home ***.
Lee, baffled confused well. Home advantage, liVARpool.
coverage poor. Having someone hasn't played remotely close this level supposed expert just tick vastly unpopular political agenda pathetic broadcasting.
Mike Dean baptising Liverpool LiVARpool. Wolves deserved win. That offside.
Salah apparently offside here, Liverpool goal stands. Toti apparently offisde here, Wolves goal disallowed. Make make sense!
Coming from none biased Everton Wolves were robbed tonight called officials deciding what rules suit.
Imagine Wolves will strong replay home. This Liverpool's strongest available Wolves have favourites replay. Utterly depressing. this season just already?
hearing that crew with on-field decision offside Wolves disallowed goal, because none camera angles could determine whether Matheus Nunes offside position. What's point.

someone explain that Wolves goal offside?
From Wolves point view, what change since Loppy come Aggression, press, clear tactics with increase fitness. Keep this surely cant concerned about relegation.
From: Furry Valley Wolves Chat: Description: He uses his property as he sees fit. Rawr~ \FurryValleyGroups.
played main team against wolves team could replay.
opposite Wolves 'winner' today.
Starting enjoy watching Wolves again!
Wolves were robbed, Liverpool away with Trust know. That never offside.
worst decisions history. Scandalous, officials well pick ball throw Wolves goal.
goal trents pass alot bout that nunez cameo wolves, gonna join well pretty interesting looks player.
Just horrible again, wasnt Same shit, different game. Wolves unlucky win. midfield absolute joke. Last thing needed replay. Trent back best. Great finish Nunez. Genuinely dont care whos next.

Wolves thought they winner check eventually confirmed offside[?] You've feel Toti here.
just explained that there camera angle available offside decision Wolves Matheus Nunes. Therefore stick with on-field decision What even point honestly? camera angle 2023 madness.

with on-field decision offside Wolves disallowed goal, because Matheus Nunes (corner taker) offside position. Sadly cant from single camera angle.
Wolves take Liverpool back Molineux.
manager despises replays takes Salah, Trent Gakpo last minutes game home, absolutely awful subs, also decision leave without borderline suicidal, Wolves through will.

Wolves robbed. Fuckk offf.
Please when Wolves' goal offside against Liverpool.
That's light robbery bro. Wolves very well that second half.
LIVERPOOL WOLVES PLAYER RATING YouTube. Come have your live 10mins.
strongest side available Anfield needed lucky decision defensive mistake draw with 19th league Wolves, were playing team. It's just now.
raging wolves awful refereeing.
Wolves goal disallowed though?
Liverpool Wolves, ends draw Anfield after hard fought match. little improvements still good enough, should winning these matches. positive didnt lose good Cody Gakpo make debut. again.

Can anybody prove the corner taker was offside?
having Wolves have been robbed. working LiVARpool again.
Naby Keita stats Wolves: Minutes Played Passing Accuracy Dribbles Final Third Passes 100% Long Ball Accuracy 100% Tackles Won 1 Interception Recoveries Ground Duels 0 Fouls Committed.

Clean goal,,wolves was robbed.
Liverpool Wolverhampton OLiverpool will play replay Wolves again.
Wolves were just robbed front eyes world.
Watched times Wolves hard done tonight with that disallowed goal ***.
corrupt Andy Madley lead match draw instead Liverpool winning after Liverpool were wronged counting first goal wolves despite mistake beating Alcantara subjected Fighting Liverpool physically arbitration the.

sorry, there absolutely nobody offside that Wolves goal wow.
Finished club. Paid linesman Wolves. Shameless club.
referee (Mike Dean) went with field decision Referee because couldnt right angle. That explanation Wolves goal that ruled out.
people crying about that offside decision? there should camera linesman clearly offside then thats section. seeing people saying wolves were robbed it.

After today's call Mike Dean &Wolves tie; think IFAB should using robots other than killing game with such human beings that prone mistakes time!
Should have been wolves Robbed Mike dean. Lopetegui making play some great football. Lopetegui trust.
dont care Wolves should have regardless!!
Good Evening Sherri. Just watched Liverpool Wolves, time more tunes [?]Vxx.
keep asking myself tbvha liverpool stand gaskiya wolves robed.
Think Wolves buzzing with that performance. Played team against Liverpools first team minutes should Mike Dean having cheeky corrupt rats. Said weeks running wwfc will relegated.

26'Alisson gifts Wolves opener 67'Wolves equalizer goes through Alisson's legs.
Because Mike Dean Lead
Wolves have been absolutely robbed there tbh.
Liverpool cant wolves.
Wolves terrible. Matheus Nunes baller though.
WOL. game, considering gifted Wolves that first one. Second Wolvesgoal quite unlucky same time were lucky with that offside. Times rough, move.
Wolves looked good there. They keep playing like that, theyll easily avoid relegation battle.
Saturday, 07012023 21:00CET Liverpool 2-2.

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Cristiano Ronaldo owns Klopp.

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