Sunday 7th of February 2021

So Which Character Played by Yubinbin_0703 Had it More Rough - Wen Ning or Xiao Shunzi? Yubin Bhdhvoochlllng Ban TheUntamed Wenning La Kai Guo Jie.

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Character Demo - "Xiao: Doombane" Genshin Impact Ephemeral circumstance. Perpetual agony. The inexpiable hatreds of the past. Across the millennia of calamity and the soul-searing weight of sin, the Yaksha vows to purge all evil.

Collected Miscellany - "Xiao: Conqueror of Demons" Genshin Impact Of all the yakshas, only Xiao still honors his contract with the Geo Archon, fighting for every soul in Liyue.
When the Ghost General is scared of ghosts. Poor Xiao Shunzi! Available to watch on Youku: Yubinbin_0703 Yubin TUBS XiaoShunzi Li WeavingATaleOfLove La Kai Guo Jie.
Yes of course Xiao Zhan coming out to distract us when we're hard at work watching Douluo Continent.
Xiao zhan with cats, the purest concept to ever exist.
Doctor diluc xiao GenshinImpact [?] Ya.
Character Story 2 von Xiao: I cry hard.
Xiaos idle dialogue and animation are just yeah.
In 10 years we'll be like that too :,((.
This is the best i can do xiao im tired.
I wish xiao from genshin impact a very i love you.
Thinking about this xiao.
Good luck on your pulls xiao nation genshinimpact xiao [?] Ya.
Zhongli : they were mean to me :( O /\ / \ / \ / \ Xiao: who tf Wu.
I love xiao so much this isn't even funny anymore.
Red xiao thoughts.
Xiao come home..(doesnt even play genshin).
; imagine ganyu holding his hand and xiao visibly brightens up.
For his selfie today, Xiao Zhan wore his Balnciaga hoodie once again (P1). You've probably already seen him wear this during rehearsals for his Dragon TV New Year performance (P2). cr.Qu Zha *DayToyCloset Qu Qu XiaoZhan SeanXiao Huan Rang Wei iiRvddhdhiilng >*[?]>*.

Wip before i go sleep.
When someone said xiao is not diluc dps level yet n im like HUH xiao is my best character doing 11k on random hilichurls i love uVnulb.
Xiao height slander <//3.
Gucci acknowledged Xiao Zhan: "Xiao Zhan attended the press conference of a new drama with a new Gucci jacket and a bee embroidered tie." Qu Qu XiaoZhan SeanXiao Huan Rang Wei iiRvddhdhiilng >*[?]>*.
I will top up to get xiao whn i get my angpao If he doesn't come then will pray for zhongli rerun or albedo Pity 55 Guaranteed Huh xiao Im not simping for him like childe but lil bit disappointed bcs i saved my primos for him HOW DARE U NOT COME HOME OLD YAKSHA.

Xiao as your boyfriend- [?] Ya.
Xiao if you bring your primordial jade winged-spear, I'll get the deathmatch for Zhongli.
The timing of that xiao jump tho..
Now i want xiao but my pity just reset.
HwanXiao Sunday VLIVE ended with over 16K views and received over 7M loves from Honey10! Did you enjoy the live? Nothing beats ending Sunday with our beloved boys! Thank you Hwanhee and Xiao for spending time with us! See you soon! PS. Crumbs.

R2 Crescent Pike, instead of Crit Monster Xiao, I turned him into a Phy Dmg xiao.
No thoughts at all, only venti and xiao saying ehe GenshinImpact [?] Ya.
The smile we want to protect xiao [?] Ya.
Douluo Continent's new BTS! No but Xiao Zhan is so good at acting, he was literally pulling air & the CG was added after, I love his acting so much Vnulb.
We believe in xiao supremacy.
Aww yes my friends actually aren't rolling for xiao but they both want to get venti for our xiaoven agenda.
Xiao appreciation comic xiaolumi [?] Ya.
Xiao Zhan said "Online Popular City" can't generalize Chongqing. Owning its inner core, it's a complicated city with a punk and future aura. It's so magical and amazing when you look at views like skyscrapers, criss-cross bridges, metro through a building.

Xiao keeps bugging me to meet him lately so i went to have a coffee with him and see honey10 here.
210207 Xiao Zhan Studio Weibo Update: Outside he can defeat monsters and level up, at home he can cook and do laundry, theres nothing that San-ge cant do.
Tangsan playing perfect bf role for xiao wu VInulmHe braided her hair VInulmhe protected from others VInulmhe respects her opinions VInulmhe dried her clothes when she's wet VInulmhe worked hard to earn money so that he can buy her food.

Xiao offers you a bowl... do you accept? [?] Ya.
Context - my xiao was on the verge of death and i kept getting frozen when i was trying to heal.
Ohhh hanse let xiao listen to few of side track victon before the comeback and xiao asked hanse to give 'unpredictable' to him as it's really a concept they want to do.
MY INDONESIAN FRIENDS... PLEASE HELP... So my friend is opening a commission because she didn't get Xiao and she really wants him home You can visit her profile on facebook! s are really appreciated!! Please help her get Xiao before the banner ends!!

Xiao is very fun.
Title my genshin experience "daily saga of xiao growling and scaring the shit out of me while i'm trying to play the game".
Xiao's finally here to greet his idol.
Oh mygod thats the most beautiful xiao I've ever seen,, ,, , I'm in love, L.
Drew Xiao as he didnt come home Congratulations to those who got him!\\*^o^*// GenshinImpact [?] Ya.
Everytime i heard "wooseok hyung" or "jinhyuk hyung" comes out from xiao it just make me feel like i wanna cry ('daehodaehdyael).
Xiao and dogs.
Using xiao's ult on mobile is so hard.
Should've stayed in the drafts but i wanna make ppl sad bc im sad too.
OP: Damn it I died laughing, for a moment I thought Nuoding Academy students could speak English : "Its a bilingual academy" "Everytime he says yah I'll say skrr~" "I thought he was about to rap" "Yeah this is aka Xiao Chenyu, yeah" "Shouldn't it be Korean?" OZu Pao Hong.

OHH GLAD TO HEAR THAT!! im still in pain because xiao didnt come home but im doing just fine *sobs*.
Xiao i just got back from my toilet time and u gROWLED.
Xiao zhan new pic for roseonly.
Idk why but bunnies Xiao y___y.
Xiao, im sorry your spear havent come home yet [?] Ya.
Xiaos eyeshadow . breathe if u agree.
Watched the first two episodes of Doulou Continent and I like it, it's good. It's my type of series: magic, Spirits, masters, beasts, etc. Plus, Xiao Zhan looks so beautiful.
I needed the lucky dance and the tallier playing at the background and had some Xiao fan art at the background and I was pulling with my nose.
Modern style,,? Maybe.
When it comes to mainland china entertainment, there's jane zhang and jason zhang ofc. also xiao wu, hua chenyu.
My jean was supposed to be a support for xiao yet she's doing 15k damage hhhhhh.
First attempt at Xiao and also kind of a colouring practice GenshinImpact [?] Ya.
Good night~~~grr...
Last year xiao zhan said that wei wuxian is the visual member of his roles.
Im also sad.
Listening to Nicol saying "Let me stay by your side" and I just can't stop picturing Xiao being soft.
Xiao - haram police - he literally would yell at u if u show like ur ankles or smth - probably would hiss at you for sinning - would call you a sinner, ESPECIALLY CHILDE - mashallah its haram for us muslims to wear glasses because we can only rely to God... you should repent.

Unexpected development.
I will post more art i promise *goes back to grinding for my 1.5k atk xiao*.
Xiao studies,, gonna draw something finished soon i hope lol Genshin_Impact genshinimpactfanart [?] Ya [?] Ya >*.
Devon i xiao snow eating buddies.
When i get sucrose barbara keqing to lv70 i will farm for xiao again so i can raise him to 80 then i will rebuild diluc cuz frankly i feel like ive failed him the first time.
Gucci posted about Xiao Zhan in their all new jacket and tie for Douluo Continent press conference!
"Everyone has to work hard, you guys study and go to work, and we'll definitely meet at the most perfect moment!" - Xiao Zhan.
Me: aight this week im gonna grinding for blizard strayer for kaeya Xiao c1: haha no build me instead.
Haha did anyone say xiaoven brainrot.
Welkin Giveaway ~ pls Since Xiao comes home to my acc three times! Im doing Welkin Giveaway for 3 winners! Please be sure youre comfortable for me to login into your account! Must be a follower of my account IVnulb Ends on Feb 17th 2021 07:00 GMT 7 ^^.

Xiao said he already watched wooseok's stage performance supportive brother~!
Man I'm also tempted to pull xiao pls-.
Xiao & ganyu share an ascension material. one likes to eat them.
Why are u making me cry.
Ah they're telling about story behind the convo hwanhee uploaded on fancafe. hwanhee said he deleted some of the conversation to make xiao looks bad lmao these two reallyyyyy.
210207 Photo Xiao Zhan Oasis updated: Naughty Blue Silver Plant~ XiaoZhan Qu Huan Rang Wei iiRvddhdhiilng SeanXiao >*>*.

What You Really Think

Let's see, who gets stabbed in at least 4 episodes, beaten, beaten again, dropped into the middle of resentful power, loses people close to him and his friends are hanged or killed, and most of this without his youknowwhat.

Ning ning.

Kua Tong Zha Zan zi NSMZhong tedaelsZhu Ce Hu nanoBi Xiao daeg.

Does he like to see us suffer?

I don't want to choose it .. just seeing a pain makes me hurt.

But they both cute tho.

It really is very difficult to say which character. Wen ning Xiao Shunzi.

Alguem dar um papel de um personagem sem sofrimento pro Binnie Pelo amor.

Love my binbin V.

Are you kidding there isn't a single character that has ever suffered more than wen ning.

Nem vi WATOL ainda mas e dificil outro personagem superar todo o sofrimento do A-Ning hein.

His role was always to suffer.


Idk but I love yubin.


Looks like yubin love pain and love to make all of us cry.