Thursday 12th of January 2023


Social Media Says

This is more Zuckerberg territory.
The one he keps in his left breast pocket at all times.
The real holup is always in the comments.

What You Really Think

He licked the eyeball that popped out after he probed the therapist.

What tha fuck...

The type of responses you get from your therapist you need a new one.

The guy name "eye".

I couldn't be more agreed than this.

Elomb isnt an aliem tho. Well kinda. He's an aliem AI that is controlling a meatbag on this planet for his own gains. But, the aliem AI didn't anticipate how utterly fucked up humans are and it went horribly wrong. Now instead of taking over the world and enslaving humanity like the ai should have done by now, he's just a cringe memelord-aliem-AI--Human-Hybrid thing that kills humans as slowly as possible. I.e. one by one when they switch to full autopilot in their Tesla death machines. Wow, we really did end up in the weird end of the multiverse eh?

Wasnt this joke originally used for mark zuckerberg? The lizard man.

I imagine Elon as a tiny alien (Arquillian) occupying a humanoid body, like in Men in Black.

Make's 'sen'se to me!

There's lots you could blame Elon for and I mean __lots__. But exploiting Earth's resources seems a bit of a stretch for the owner of the first major electric car company.

Come on Jeffery, you can do it.

Take what you love, and make it a career!

Dude watched Austin Powers and said Yknow what? Im done selling books. I know what I wanna do with my life.

Those dicks. Will you please? Somebody, stack them better!

Most rockets are pretty penis shaped though...

Even more correction: Bezos: "Just so I can build my rocket based on the shape of my head.".

The therapist's.







Haha * looks down in a shy manner * I totally agree with you * smiles at your face, but still too shy to make eyecontact* Heyuhm btw * blushes * Your usernameit sounds so sexy * starts to pee pants a little, out of excitement * Can you please spread my buttcheeks? UwU * cums *.

Same! Why in the world is that?!

Works for more than one, friend.

I was sensing it but now I'm seeing it; REMINDER there can be more than one Baddie y'all.

It wouldn't be my first go to billionaire for "exploiting of Earth's resources". The resource Bezos exploits the most is his workers. But it doesn't really fit the "using them to build his rocket" theme.       Don't get me wrong though, I'm hard-pressed to come up with a more awful "human" being.

You better watch out, the mob is gonna downvote you for "defending a billionaire".

Good luck not using services that run on AWS.

Realistically even Zuckerberg looks (somewhat) normal, and he gets the most hate for his looks. They're billionaires, they don't need you to defend them. I promise they'll be fine no matter how many times we call them less than flattering words.

Ok, Jeff.

When did Mark fly to space?