Tuesday 4th of April 2023


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Agreed, no way in hell im paying for both. And I'd feel more comfortable if the friend is strapped, lol.
If it was me and she brought a friend at that point its no longer a date and Im calling my boy to come thru and we are just hanging out.
Came here to say this, I honestly didn't even pay for my dates food I always split the bill.

What You Really Think

If she wants friends there for safety, it is not a date.

I feel like if she's worried, then invite a couple she knows and make it a double date. Don't make someone be a 3rd wheel.

Guys should bring all their friends because they are afraid of their safety...hmmm only if I had any friends. Shit I'm scared now. I don't wanna dieeeeee :(((.

Yeah I completely agree.

If I dont hear the clanking of plate armour I just dont feel safe being around anyone.

KFC Chicken Trebuchet? ;-).

Idk if its your first date with a complete stranger you met on a dating app, I would say early in the relationship is the exact right time to me.

Bro turn down the speed im microing my troops.

Sure you can bring a friend. Let me know how it was because Im sure as fuck not going.

Muster the Rohirrim!

Sounds like a party!

Now our date is in an amphitheatre with 48 people on both sides asking questions about each other that only the friends can answer. And honestly that sounds like a hilarious night.

Tf did I just read.

Just plan an orgy for safety reasons.

Nuclear proliferation in a nutshell.

Yeah I think your username definitely checks out.


You should be ashamed we are not trying to kill all of the store so you should copy me and have 1 platoon of marines with you and an extraction helicopter.

My question is, who paid for your drinks.

Agree. Dating apps, meeting randos requires a degree of trust (public setting isn't asking much). If someone can't meet that low bar then just stick to arranged set ups by friends because these apps aren't for u.

I'm surprised this isn't the norm but maybe it's different in other countries. Here everyone is expect to cover their own tab and assuming otherwise could even be considered a bit sexist.

I think youre underestimating that amount of danger a woman can be exposed to even in a public place. I once had a date spike my drink in the middle of a packed restaurant and no one saw him do it. He followed me out to my car to do God knows what to me. Thank goodness a customer in the parking lot had a well tuned Spidey sense and realized something was wrong.

Yup Yusef needs to do some growing up first.

Yeah context matters. This is "make sure you don't get kidnapped by a psycho" and that was "Make sure you stay pure for your future husband because your own desires don't matter".

And so the wheels of history continue to turn.

A girl brought her friend to a pseudo-hangout date and I legit couldn't tell if she was like.. trying to pawn her off to me so to speak? Maybe her friend wants a bf more or something idk- but it seemed like she was trying to offer the option to set us up together. Really fucking weird.

>Does brining a friend mean that a menage a trois is on the cards? No, that just means the friend will be incredibly salty.

Dry brine or wet brine?

Dismissive of what.

That's the right question.

Because despite "notallmen" women cannot trust any male they don't know Very well. Wait. They cannot trust any male.

A straight woman has to sleep with her greatest threat. To put it into perspective, it would be like if straight men were solely into shagging bears.

What's your location?