Saturday 16th of January 2021


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I love my park. I love the big London plane trees. I love that the lights are LED but they got ones that are still a soft...
In case anyone forgot: Black people dont need to be affluent for their lives to matter.
Let go.
Yesterday (6).
I am ashes where once I was fire.
What is the opposite of yesterday? Noterday. ...or noternight?
Snow in central texas? more likely than you think.
''Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it's called THE PRESENT''.
A comic based on true events.
Took the picture before the toppings this time >nulb.
I may not be able to bake, or run, or write, or cook, but i can lie in bed for 17 hours so ive got that going for me.
Yesterday (4).
Meibom, my love Thanks for another lovely evening at the hotel together yesterday. I love the way you make me laugh like crazy...
]A man wearing glasses. Caption: You've been acting strange, since yesterday. Did the main office order this?].
Yesterday (3) 08.16.14 Orientation started yesterday. I hate it. That sounds harsh, but its the truth. Its going to last the...
UKs R-rate plunges below 1 & Covid daily infections fall in a week as data shows tier four lockdown could be working.
North East and Yorkshire surge ahead in Covid vaccination race as jabbing divide exposed.
E tutto qui. Dentro questo poster. "Today is a gift". Ieri e storia. Il domani e un mistero. Oggi e un regalo. today mistery...

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Thank you for everything you do and everything that you areVnulb.

Thank you for your Vnulb my dear Ani.

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