Wednesday 14th of September 2022

The Princess of Wales, Princess Beatrice, Lady Louise Windsor And Zara And Mike Tindall at Westminster Hall.

Social Media Says

Shehnaaz Gill make heads turns stylish corset top!
Princess Wales, Princess Beatrice, Lady Louise Windsor Zara Mike Tindall Westminster Hall.
Zara founder Amancio Ortega spent over $700 million recent weeks series logistics deals, whats shaping biggest bets Spanish textile tycoon.
Heres ladies 170cm above, cari long drappy pants Zara Marks Spencer. personally suka Zara their flare draped pants. Labuh sesuai body type height. Both from Zara.

Unhing people like HarryandMeghan Royal protocol. 1minutes later here Zara Mike Tindall. Royal protocol. nothing from toxicity, unhinged Derangers. WeloveyouHarryandMeghan
What your thoughts Mike Zara Tindall doing exactly same thing? Eagerly awaiting your response.
*New Drop. 37-42. Zara. Price: 14,500.
Mike Zara Tindall were also holding hands apparently thats
Zaras owner reports surging sales despite cost living pressures.
We've reached peak stupidity today with Harry Meghan haters, they're outraged because were holding hands. their rush condemn Harry Meghan they missed this. Unbelievably response this because Zara doesn't have title. Brexiter level contortions.

Zara Mike Sophie Edward they arent black called love comforting time grief Those that loved love guessing dont have that your life hence make vile comments.

press obsessed with Harry Meghan holding hands calling "inappropriate" because they only ones doing Zara Tindall (daughter Princess Anne) husband also displaying affection. Keep calling double standard out.

Damn Zara, have embarrass Lainey like this.
Record Bankruptcy Victoria's Secret declared bankruptcy. 2. Zara closed 1,200 stores. 3. Chapelle withdrew 4391 stores. 4. Chanel discontinued. 5. Hermes discontinued. 6. Patek Philippe discontinued production. 7. Rolex discontinued production. 8. world's.

Zara Mike Charles side piece holding hands right? Yall Gutter Island biggest hypocrites world. Just youre racist jealous twat call day.
Zara white.
Mike Zara too. Presumably it's okay white people
isn't appropriate support your spouse family funeral, then when it? Zara too, does that make
Kings Family today Westminster Hall. row: Mike Tindall, Zara Tindall, Princess Eugenie, Jack Brooksbank, Mapelli Mozzi, Princess Beatrice, James Viscount Severn Lady Louise Windsor. row: Miss Zenouska Mowatt, Alexander Ogilvy.

Everyone criticizing Duke Duchess Sussex holding hands isnt anyone criticizing Zara Tindall Mike Tindall, also Princess Beatrice Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. This Shows British People Being RACISTS.

Zara still queens granddaughter.
Yup, Zara Mike...problem?
same reason Zara Mike Tindall did...but course they're white that's right?
Going criticise Mike Zara too?
Sandy, know Zara Mike Tindall too? Just vent your fury them too.
going hold Zara same rules? Because husband also held hands.
Sita Ramam going among classics like Veer Zara..Watched well made romantic movie after loooooong time.
They ignoring zara because they just want some excuse hateful things about Megan. It's pretty
Poor Sophie ride with that creature whilst children traveled with Zara others! Lady Louise viscount James, their tender ages, stood there their grannie without their parents list actress ginger hold hands.

Zara Mike Tindall also holding hands, that seems acceptable.
With logic, King Queen Tampons Zara Mike Tindall graceless undignified! They like sick teenagers disrespectful late Queen!
feel about Zara Tindall Hubby same place, same time!!!!? Doesn't need uptight stiff upper crap ..Thank goodness.
looks like, them. Zara like later Mike.
Mike Tindall Zara held hands too..
Ouch! jumped with this tweet, didnt you? Were waiting castigate Zara Mike doing exactly same thing exactly same time. moment both your prejudice your hypocrisy evident. heyperhaps that what wanted.

Zara hasnt gone Oprah Prince Philip dying stressed both Prince Philip Queen denied Queen Prince Philip getting 2know their grandchildren turned down offers visit Queen stressed Queen with ridiculous comments podcast.

Zara Mike choose hold hands. Maybe because theres some love affection lives these couples. Something could with. Feel free rant about Zara Mike now.
So...what think Zara then??...
reason they only Harry Meghan holding hands Zara Eugenie holding their husband's hands, because Meghan only person that exists them. They don't else. Their sole reason being Meghan. Even dead Queen won't distract them.

When can't into groove howl, some nights just scream.
referring your opinion. Just dismiss Harry Zaras lifelong experience know whats acceptable what isnt their lives because youre right about everything. sure your husband happy.

Zara Mike.
Zara Tindall supported husband Mike joins cousin Queen's service Westminster Hall.
wife says Zaras husband squeezed hand then They werent holding hands out. Very different.
switch before could Zara Mike Tindall doing EXACT same thing just hater?
cannot qwhite finger maybe someone would qwhite like tell outrage Meghan Harry holding hands Zara Mike.
hold hands someone grieving? why? ...oh, Zara hold Mike's hand too? Meghan make them Sorry have hold your hand your time grief!
usual Harry Meghan haters done their homework!! only couple, held hands. Zara husband too, usual only H&M, being abused
Zara Tindell holding Mike's hand Beatrice holding husband?
really beautiful.. Zara Tindall looks effortlessly beautiful statement moving occasion.
F*** Zara holding husbands hands!!! shame brought family!!!!
fair Zara Mike were also handholding.
dont know Zara Tyndall well just your racist side coming out.
bwturney OJWiseman Wow. Another terrific paper from Newcastle. Thanks sharing.
stop saying Harry only notable absence grandson there other grandchildren even mentioned Zara Peter Beatrice Eugenie Louise James
Beatrice does. I'd've needed hand held wearing heels like theirs!
were Zara Mike Tindell !!!! called supporting your other half
bwturney OJWiseman Great work!!
What makes laugh Harry Meghan slated nobody bats eyelid Zara Mike Eugine husband holding hands.
Mike Zara held hands.
Sitaraman Rait Zara si ( They wholesome scene their love story) dulQuer mrunal0801 _____.

What You Really Think

If it wasn't pretty much confirmed that Sarah Ferguson isn't there, I'd think this photo was her and not 2 pictures of her daughter, Eugenie, on the right.

There are crown diamonds and then there is Harkles bottled glass.

Prayers for the family. They now must face a new normal, where their rock is no longer physically present. It has been 23 years, I miss my daddy, my rock, every day. Theyas do I, have family, partners in life,but we always remember someone who always loved you, no matter what.

Aww, such a rough day anyway, and we are all watching!

While Meghan smirks.

Such a beautiful family xxx.

Louise V.

From these past few days Lady Louise Windsor has shown poise, strength and great comfort to her Mother...

Faces of grief.

Their beloved Nana.

Louise is adorable, isn't she? V.

All so sad. Thank you Mark for taking such great pictures.

You forgot one.

Bless young Lady Louise.