Tuesday 24th of January 2023

Wasnt The Cougar Cougaring For Eyebrows? Lets be Honest This isnt About Tom This is More About Her Ego Being Bruised Because She Took Another L From Zara.

Social Media Says

Sorry Oli is SO intimated by Zara, its getting weird.
Everyones seen real tonight been dying paint Zara angry, aggressive black girl ever since walked
sorry does have tell Zara what spoke about with Tom. your what talked about!
Wheres Zara?
Bout make missing poster Zara where attt.
Lets Zara flourish peace without provocation.
Half need vote zara other half tanya.
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Where Zara pls? hope didnt purpose thats doing ntd.
producers holding Zara back.
Funny zara accused what doing playing actual game here wanting know three woman crazy
know black twitter Tanya, need vote girl Zara!! shes drama.
Zaras so bitter shes not even sat with the girls lmao.
cant believe these people think zara crossed line respect coupling with show called love island.
Looool white tears hold currency thats issue. Zara roll around floor shes really tryna compete.
producers Love Island want drama friction where Zara while girls chatting about their dates.
Where Zara during debrief??
Where Zara when girls were talking? Hope having lessons manners.
Zara could playing biggest game villas ever seen still ride over like.
Zara need real tell actual beef cause this deeper than youve only known week.
Fiat gonna vote Zara quickly damn.
Where's Zara this lol??
LOOOOOOOOOL Zara this south london. Take easy.
Zara: *enters villa, calls faced, makes constant snide comments, couples with she's with* . Zara: "I'm done being nice Oli" ??????
Hello Zara?? Where are ya.
people followed person unfollowed automatically checked
they Zara time summin? Where
voting Zara dont care what palm community thinks! will have back.
Zara uninterested those dates makes giggle.
Zara missing from girls chat?
bumped zara because where fuck she?
Zara pooping something, girls chat????
like BEWARE. Never know give hard girls. Always does enough make girl think chance. likes Zara. doesnt want upset Oli. girls beefing cause wont tell interested.

Wheres zara this girls chat.
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Damn wheres Zara this group debrief.
fucking hell first public eviction vote time.. vote zara
zara just been completely excluded because seeing her.
zara with girls??
sorry team Zara such bitch whys everyone shitting Zara thinks shes MAFS relax.
Dont think didnt notice Zara being girls debrief LOVE ISLAND.
they just leave Zara
These dates dull think just proving much Lana being carried there current love interests Zara Ron.
Sorry NEED know Zara knew each other before being villa because this beef making sense.
Wait Usain Bolt married zara lying just came mind.
Zara being excluded again, surprised????
Where Zara
thinking about haris? bashing Zara over Tom.
Wheres Zara
they pull Sherif Zara done.
Keeping Zara. Because every other girl are bland.
Where Zara???!!!! hope drowned that pool.
seeing zara part this girls chat. fan.
Have they sent zara home?
Wheres Zara? Cant handle the dating talk regarding Tom.
Bless Zara clearly thinks applied married first sight.
Where is my girl Zara.
sorry Zara favourite girl hope enough people voting Tanya.
Picking zara will.
Have they kicked zara bullying
Zara said fam? wants smash something over girls head.
Where Zara this girls chat???
Zara dated same Athlete. Make sense.
Girls chat without Zara??? SIDE EYE.
where zara disappear too.
Youre absolute FOOL have bird uses word bruv proper cringe. Zara definitely shops Oxford Street.
Wheres Zara, guess doesnt want debriefed.
need some real right didnt Zara first Maybe because came straight over after speaking smiling laughing face trying provoke expect Zara react ???

Wheres is our girl Zara.
Wait, where's Zara at...
Zara tryna keep this close.
Where Zara. hope just because didnt that mental health isnt being ignored.
Zara being debrief??
Love Island latest: Stars Zara clash viewers sceptical.
Where Zara this date debrief.
Where Zara group chat?
zara slander false defamation, don't even care context.

What You Really Think

Gloves in South Africa in January it's hot.

This I cant believe people think Zara is simply upset because she talked to Tom.

I feel like she snaked Zara somehow its so obvious in the way she speaks to her and about her its just nasty.

Fr zara>.

And where is Harris? Harris should feel like a fool. Liv out here telling him and everyone she is happy to have picked him yet she is still on a tantrum over a guy she was coupled up with for two seconds.

She is angry about her whole experience. She thought she would be the master player. Tried to play two guys at the same time (its allowed) but is angry because the second guy isnt invested enough for her to actually make a choice. She isnt feeling as wanted as she planned.

Eyebrows I'm howling.

Yep and Tom will bin them both for something better in a heartbeat.

Zara go put her in her place tomorrow.


She is overestimating her desirability.

Completely agree.

I agree.