Thursday 12th of August 2021

Ziyech is Going to Have to Make Way Through injury Here, He'll be Replaced by Christian Pulisic. 1-0.

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Lovely move from Blues! Havertz played Alonso midfielder cuts back Ziyech fire home! 1-0.
Ziyech going have make through injury here, he'll replaced Christian Pulisic. 1-0.
Chelsea goalscorer Hakim Ziyech forced UEFA Super with shoulder injury.
Ziyech injured shoulder after near perfect pre-season. Looks like dislocation given pain.
like Ziyech gets injured. ***.
Besides Havertz Ziyech, think Alonso needs credit ball down side Kai, also Werner movement drag defender away from Hakim. Lovely stuff.
Hakim Ziyech puts Chelsea ahead SuperCup! Havertz assist.
feel sorry Ziyech. Second time he's getting injured before start season. He's even looking like sure starter against Palace. luck shit honest.
Second preseason curtailed injury Ziyech. Hopefully wont long time ready play again, Lukaku will taking minutes that front three. Massively unlucky.

Minutes after giving Chelsea lead, Hakim Ziyech forced injured well soon.
Ziyech down injured. what want this point season. Doesnt look good.
Think it'll Azpilicueta Hudson-Odoi latter Victor Moses defensively, that's sure. Probably would have gone Azpi injured Ziyech myself.
Hakim Ziyech's Super Cup ends early after opening the scoring.
HALF-TIME Chelsea lead through Ziyech opener Alberto Moreno hits woodwork just before break Who's scoring next?
Didnt look great Hakim Ziyech holding shoulder, looked pain. playing well starting find some great form.
Let's hope isn't bad, Ziyech excellent pre-season.
disappointed Ziyech looks like shoulder issue which isn't deal terms long-term. starts working shoulder, maybe he'll fortify upper body more fortified future knocks.

Ziyech scored tonight minutes later gets injured.
Ziyech literally been best player preseason gets injured this unfair.
Wishing Hakim Ziyech speedy recovering after coming injured ChelseaFC.
well scoring opening goal, Hakim Ziyech created more chances than entire Villarreal side combined during minutes pitch. Let's hope injury isn't serious.
really doubt should just cash this out? befire shot frame... Chels trophy Ziyech score anytime.
Calling that foul Villarreal instead freekick Chelsea that Ziyech's injury. give that freekick? Rudiger also doesn't deserve yellow. clearly ball.
really hope isnt gone long, finally finding form, Ziyech unlucky.
Hakim Ziyech becomes first Moroccan player score UEFA Super Cup.
Lets hope whatever injury Ziyech overcomes quickly. been unplayable form this season..
only Ziyech Werners type fitness.
Mannnn Ziyech cant catch break. stellar preseason looking like dislocated shoulder. Hoping speedy recovery.
Hakim Ziyech created more chances than entire Villarreal side combined during minutes pitch. ]Squawka].
Havertz Ziyech gonna good this season. league aint ready.
Hopefully Chelsea's Wizard isn't kept out for too long.
Ziyech awesome form. Such slick move with Havertz.
Ziyech Ziyech Pulisic happen short space time Stream live.
Hopefully, Hakim Ziyech pick where left whenever returns. Been flying summer.
Tuchel adding Lukaku attack Havertz, Werner, Ziyech, Mount, Callum Pulisic.
Ziyech wont ever good chelsea, will Every time starting gain form, gets injured. Sigh.
Ziyech scores good goal pretty meaningless game Milan fans acting like we've gone from chance signing Realistically probably always below ***.
Chelsea Villarreal Thomas Tuchel's lead break, thanks Hakim Ziyech.
Fuck this Super man. Ziyech injury. devastated. Can't have Lukaku feeding poverty creators.
Ziyech. now. He's looked good good preseason. this injury. Dammit.
Talking points Ziyech phenomenal until tragic injury playing very well wing back - Zouma better! Kante/Kova pairing looks good shaky times - Alonso been fantastic left What think first half!

hope Ziyech's injury doesn't exceed month sha.
What game Ziyech having man. Lukaku going feast playing with him.
Referee fucking over Ziyech there. Blatant foul Kovacic. Lets hope bad.
only wish Ziyech speedy comeback.
runs will make space Lukaku tonight Ziyech Haverz final.
really have idea Timo Werner didnt square Ziyech couple moments ago. Golden chance.
Feel Ziyech, look transformed during season again, unlucky with injury. looked random too, seemed pain. Lets hope recovers quickly recovers form even quicker when back.

What punch Ziyech. Honestly. Football cruel. Hope gets ASAP.
That wicked free kick Ziyech. Zouma can't control finish though.
King Ziyech Wizard London.
Brilliant lads back there! good first half performance with goal coming from moment magic from Havertz Ziyech. Gutted Hakim injured, hopefully nothing serious need create more chances with possession have. Thoughts?

Ziyech best games gets injured. Just luck.
Ziyech looking Zouma like Yeah know youll ruin next goal ***.
Hakim Ziyech puts Chelsea front CBSSportsGolazo).
That is Sods law at his absolute highest order. Gutted for Hakim Ziyech. Phenomenal pre season and 38 minutes here. Lets hope it isnt too serious and we get the back as soon as possible! Get well soon Hakim!

nothing should happen Ziyech ooo, just fpl.
Chelsea fans will start comparing Ziyech Havertz every player this planet, Even Messi Jonfoc.
Well Mount most creative players around solid spot team there's even space another attacking player. Ziyech wasn't going start time still.
Hopefully, mwamba, Hakim Ziyech pick where left whenever returns. Amekuwa bora sana this summer.
Hakim Ziyech scores Chelsea nil!!! Brilliant goal assist from Havertz.
Ziyech looked like popped shoulder there from corner, have inhaler must horrific pain, feel really because been unreal season this game.. well soon Hakim.

Hakim ziyech scoring goals important matches Chelsea better love story than Brunos Career.
theyre giving Ziyech portable shisha inhale
can't over confident after last minutes (Ziyech injury villareal chance).
Ziyech left, started playing rubbish.
sell Ziyech from team pray recovers soon. Cant wait have back fantasy team.
Charley Ziyech suffer small form shoulder injury Hope serious laidat.
Ziyech could Bruno numbers didn't many injuries. unlucky.
this ziyech pitch pls.
Half time Chelsea lead 1-0, played well last minutes things didnt way. Lost Ziyech shoulder injury Villarreal came close hitting bar. Need concentrate better.

What You Really Think

Always wanted to play For Chelsea.

Get well soon Hakim.

Speed recovery ziyech.

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