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Tuesday 7th of April 2020


I promise to always stay with you, i promise to always love you with my heart. i promise to die with you in my heart and always thank you for loving us. ____.
Waiting for the momont we can meet EXO again as OT9 ____.
"what does exo means to you?"ksoo: they are my lifelong friends. I really love each and every of the members. they are loyal and kind,they are like a home to me.____.
Awards that EXO has Won as a Group ever since 2012~ These are the History that was created by EXO with EXO-Ls cr. ChisaeEXOL ____.
Worldwide Trends 1. ____2. 3. 4. 5. 11..
Im really so happy.Thats best day in my life im really love exo and exo-l.I dont know what i say just i can say we are one , exoeries lets love.____.
Thank you for the colorful 8 years. OUR LOVE, OUR BOND, OUR FAMILY WILL NEVER BE BROKEN.LETS LOVE FOREVER! ____.
"i miss you always~~" and we will forever be proud of the man youve become. here i stand as a fan with you, kim jongin. always. ______8_.
D-DAY From beginning until now and forever, !! Lets Love!! ______8_.
8 years flies so fast. happy sad proud hurt joy fun, those weve been experienced tgt for the past 8 years. we gained more power&stronger than ever. lets spend 80years more ____.
Even in my next life, I will still choose you. ____.
Happy 8th debut anniversary to EXO! You guys have faced many challenges during those 8 years, but also created many beautiful, precious memories. Thank you for being EXO, thank you for staying strong ____.
Happy 8th Debut Anniversary ____.
Literally aged like a fine exquisite wine____.
"We are one. EXO, saranghaja" getting stronger day by day Its all thanks to EXO and EXO-L ____.
Happy 8th Anniversary ____.
so thankful for being with him throughout these 8 years. until forever with our bestest and most precious idol kim jongin ____.
I wont cry. I wont cry. I am crying. 8 years w/ EXO is so priceless. Thank u for existing. Happ anniv. ____.
We miss you ____.
i think exos muse is exol. if to exols we are the best artist, then to us you are the best fans. i will always love you exols. thank you.i will always love you exo. thank you. ____.
RT If You Remember That You Want A Shirt Printed As "WOLF 88" Share Your Thoughts.____.
they were BABIES. look at how nervous kyungsoo was, his hand was trembling so much. ____.
Looking I really hit the jackpot for loving EXO. Yes it wasnt the smoothest ride, but the boys continues to show how their bond is unbreakable. Years into their career and they still strive to work hard while remaining being humble ____.
I wont ever forgetI will make you happyJust like the saying, we are one - Promise ()Thank you Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, , Kai, Sehun, Kris, Tao and Luhan for all the memories you gave us for the past 8 years!____.
Chanyeols video that he made for EXO Theyre so sincere with one another Lets be with each other for a very long time more EXO We are one, EXO (lets love)____.
EXO Anniversary Giveaway: 1x Prive Measure Hoodie (New, size L) How to enter :1. RT2. Follow 3. Reply with your msg+ ____If u win this but not your size, pls give to others. Strictly no resell ya. End : 10/4/2020, KST.
these got to be my favorite photos of exo together, they might not be complete in each pic but EXO is always 9. They are brothers, they are family. ____.
EXO 8th Anniversary When did you become an EXO-L?____.
happy 8th anniversary to EXO, and i wanted to take a moment to mention our Xiumin and Kyungsoo because were still waiting for them ~515 ____.
when all the members are together, EXO shines the brightest - Kim Junmyeon"EXOs songs shine the brightest when we work as a team & perform together on stage - Park Chanyeol____.
Who saw the ad and is now ugly crying? ____ __8_.
One and Only ______8_.
I really do love the exos, I never thought I would be in this fandom for 5 years but everyday they never fail to make me laugh or smile and I am so thankful for them ____.
imagine being the bad bitches that created a cultural reset in kpops 2nd generation and birthed to kpops 3rd generation? exo really is the goat of kpop ____.
Its crazy how it has been 8 years my life wouldnt be the same without you boys thank you for being Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, , Kai & Sehun ____.
I dont like waiting but for you I can wait. Youll always be worth the wait. I love EXO so much. ____.
What is your favorite EXO song that starts with the letter E?____.
KIM JONGDAE! How are you? Are you doing fine? Happy 8th Anniversary! We, real EXO-Ls are Always here for you through thick and thin. We are all excited to see our baby dae! Please Be healthy! I love you! ____.
always and forever. for life.____.
party time! win the game for a birthday message! ____.
8 years in the industry and it goes without saying that the crown of kpop is undoubtedly still safe in exos hands ____.
Happy 8th Anniversary EXOEXO thank you for all of your hard works, for holding us and for being with us. For the past years, you made us all happy____.
Just Only One Because WE ARE ONE ____.
Lets follow each other EXO-L and become a mutual. Follow me and I will follow you back all. Happy 8th Anniversary everyone. ____.
lets make it forever! ______8_.
its been eight beautiful and fun years with the nine of you. all i can think abt now is that i owe you guys so much and im forever grateful that ive found you. lets be together for a long, long time. i love you ____.
200408 [TREND] Worldwide Trends:1. ____ - (Our Youth is called EXO)2. 3. 4. 5. 7. "Happy 8th Anniversary"9. 515 - (Baekhyun tweet: I miss you)10..
exo ls right now: ____.
in behalf of EXOs succession, lets gave a round of applause to EXO-Ls who never gave up on EXO. Who made EXO as their inspirations of ____.
happy 8th anniversaryto my 9 beloved boys, EXO! though i havent been an exo-l since debut im still happy to have known and loved exo since summer 2017. exo means everything to me. -- ____.
Thank uu for making my life Thank uu for supporting Thank uu for making my Thank uu 2 the moon and back We love uu gyujs and we will alwyes do ____.
We are gathered here, made friends and created beautiful memories all because of Lets hold hands and love for a long long time!!! ____.
It was 5th anniversary,they did vlive broadcasting to celebrate it.I think time passed quickly and now we celebrate I hope we can celebrate it for very long time together____.
I just realized life would be so dull and meaningless without these precious boys ____.
Will always be a fan of legendary group named EXO foreverHappy 8th anniversary agaain EXO i love you to together ____.
so lucky to have you, so lucky to be your love, I am ______8_.
My head is so fired up to what just happened today:- EXOs 8th Anniversary- EXOs songs on MelOn- Baekhyuns Twitter Update- Jongins IG Update- Unconfirmed Yixings flight schedtoday is crazy! But im happy! ____.
Without a doubt, EXO is 98 years with Minseok8 years with Junmyeon8 years with Yixing8 years with Baekhyun8 years with Chen8 years with Chanyeol8 years with Kyungsoo8 years with Kai8 years with Sehun ____.
still not sure wether yixings korea flight sched (due to covid) is true or not but ones thing for said that hell have a meal with the members on April 8 ____.
Happy anniversary to you three as well, because we might not here from you.God I miss you! Stay safe and healthy always ____.