A Few Weeks Ago I Woke up From Emergency Surgery And Found I Could Not Walk Anymore.. a Few Days Ago I Managed to Stand up And Walk a Bit With a Walki

Thursday 19th of November 2020

A Few Weeks Ago I Woke up From Emergency Surgery And Found I Could Not Walk Anymore.. a Few Days Ago I Managed to Stand up And Walk a Bit With a Walking Stick. So Many Smiles :-).

Thanks. The whole vomiting for months and nearly dying thing, then surgery I have no idea how I did. But would lie if I did not cry I realised my foot no longer listened. I am still in the rehab hospital. I have had to move house to a safer one cause old one was up a staircase. And was making me sick. My friends are moving me so I can be discharged next week..its going be weird going to a strabge place to live.

Indeed. That smile also made me smile, big. :-).
I like your skirt. It reminds me of strawberry shortcake.

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> I look a bit weird That wasn't even a thought that entered my mind. My thoughts were "how scary is that to lose something like that!" and "I hope you recover quickly".

Whoever says you look weird is a straight up asshole. Congrats on being a fighter and meeting goals. You're awesome.

Heyo! Autism squad over here sending you love! Youve got lovely eyes and amazing shoes! (P.s. I love your name on here!) also, I read what you said about your skirt. Those nice flowing skirts feel amazing! Pink is SO your color too [?]nulb.

Youre beautiful and you are radiating joy. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

Never stop fighting. Unless youre laughing.

I didnt think you looked weird. You have beautiful eyes and great shoes! Good luck with rehab.

Honestly I didn't even notice. So happy that you're making progress :).

You dont look weird, at least not to me. And if someone makes a point of it to you, remind them that you almost freaking died and survived the whole thing. Bet theyll be speechless :) speedy recovery!!

I think you're a doll and I'm rooting for you.

You have beautiful long hair.

I think youre brave and wonderful! And Im going to impart a small bit of advice I gave to another friend: You have to be youre own best cheerleader. No one is going to stand up for you if you do not. So when you make negative comments about yourself, youre only giving others permission to do it. So, starting today promise to try to stop making negative comments about yourself. I believe in you!

I think you look great!!

You don't look weird at all! Good luck with recovery!

You dont look weird you look pretty good for first stand after surgery. I had an emergency surgery on my knee after a car accident and I looked no where good as you do right there when I made my first stand. Keep up the smile you got this!

I came down just to say I love the PJs. You'd fit in at my house! Congrats on walking!

Its ok to look a bit weird. I admire your toughness.

Actually, I do need to tell you. Just not what you think I am going to say so give me a second. I came here to tell you congrats. I am so happy for you to be able to be standing there, I love the smug look on your face too. It says yes I am doing this and yes this is hard and yes I will get thru this. It is the image of strength. To say the least. I also wanted to say you look beautiful. You do, the strength you show in this pic and the sensible grin is striking. You also look determined and there is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows what she wants, needs, and will do. Keep up the struggle and best of luck! I for 1 look forward to further updates!

Me too! Instead of laces, satin ribbon. My feet are presents hehe.

Same, I'm so envious! Absolutely beautiful.

Snorting coke somewhere, obviously.

Brooo chilllll.



No thanks. I have had enough mean things said to me for two lifetimes.

Yo youre a piece of shit for that. Be better than that.