A Great Uncle Of Mine Who Disappeared Around 1915.

Wednesday 13th of October 2021

A Great Uncle Of Mine Who Disappeared Around 1915.

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Ghost? My money's on stalker.
Seriously class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/what">what is going on there?

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1915 photobomb.

Came here to say this.

If you were living in a large city like NYC, Boston, or Chicago it could just mean moving more than a few blocks away.

Shit you could do that until like 1980.

Or enlisted, there was a war on.

Or running off with someone a different ethnicity or religion than you. Or running away from someone in a delicate condition before they start to show.

Or another country. My great grandfather had a family in Norway. Then one day decided to travel half way around the world to Los Angeles and start a new one.

If you ask my dad, buying a pack of cigarettes.

Or Missing In Action during a war which probably mentions dead.

Most likely it was getting blown to tiny little pieces in a trench in Europe.

Not for the -1mm Armenians :(.

Depending on where op is from it could just be dying in the war.

It is subtly imbued with an indescribable horror.

Just read OP's post giving a little backstory and it does sound like the person in the picture might have been involved in something Lovecraftian.

Or an Edward Gorey illustration.

Was thinking that exact thing!

I was thinking more RDR2, the englishmen named gavin.

Aw man someone DID already say this.

Yes vincent adultman.

Yes, fellow grown up. I would like 2 childrens... I mean, 1 adult ticket to the moving picture show please. Cause I am definitely 1 adult.

Avenge Seven-Olds.

I don't trust like that.

Came here to say this but I knew there was no chance nobody had beat me to the punch.

No way, not with that love gaze.

No way, I swear I saw him yesterday in front of 7 eleven with a shopping cart full of pork rinds.


Yeah, clearly nobody checked for him in her root cellar.

Its like Oscar Wilde, as played by the combination of Jim Carey and Tommy Lee-Jones.

Lots of people went missing in the US around that time as well thanks to the Spanish Flu. Die without an ID on you and you stood a good chance of ending up in a mass grave with all the other John Doe's.

A bit of an incident.

A kerfuffle if you will.

She seems mysterious but her name is probably like Mildred or Bessie.

He really is r/oldschoolladyboners.

Agreed! I thought maybe he got lost in my dreams.

Yeah, he disappeared into my bed.

RIP Green Man.

This just reminded me that I've been neglecting to listen to my Type O Negative October playlist. I almost ruined the whole month. Good looking out.

He didnt want to be him.

I dont wanna be dont wanna be here.

Now I've got that Kate Bush song stuck in my head!

I had to scroll much further than I expected to see this.

Yes don't leave us hanging like this. What's the rest of the story???

Im very curious to hear more as well OP.

It is the depth of the eyes, they are actually soft but from afar you can only see darkness.

Totally!! Zoomed in and was like, oh. He is literally just standing there.

Fuck Yes!! Thank You!!

Isnt he holding gloves though?

I was wondering the same thing. If OP was a genealogist, hed get to the bottom of this. I finally tracked down my mothers missing great uncle through DNA tests, which turned up unknown 3rd cousins. Those 3rd cousins couldnt trace the origins of their great grandfather, whose name was just a couple crucial letters different from my great great uncles. Thus, they found out who ggrandfather was, and I found the descendants of all three families my no good gg-uncle had abandoned. Id love to work on OPs mystery.

Based on the lack of information and societal inclinations of the time I think this is a possible explanation.

I'm picking up on that vibe too.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.

Yes we will investigate for you!

I was thinking I wish I had that coat.100% pure wool and stylish AF.

I dont know why my family keeps saying I disappeared. I only moved a county over!

He was married to the sea, now hes sleeping with the fishes.

Had a cousin marry an Italian girl from New York. Her dad told my cousin on their wedding day; If you take care of my daughter, I take care of you. If you dont take care of my daughter, I take care of you.

He has a glove on one and is holding the other glove in the same hand.

Thats funny because my dad, brother and I have all been shot but did ok with basic first aid (brother did have to get a slug removed at ER but walked out ok)!

Its been said quite a few timeseveryone has prequalified their statements so respectfully! Its all good and I appreciate yall!! Thanks!!

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