Monday 5th of April 2021

A Leap of Faith.

Social Media Says

He was like- I need to go upstairs. So, I have to kick you.
He's got his ass whipped when he comes down the ground again.

What You Really Think

He is the chosen one ]]() Edit: Full scene, for the un-initiated - ]]().

AoE kicks.

I feel like hes shielding his eyes. Dude, your asshole is RIGHT in my face!

You can tell my the scrunched up face that he was victim before hand.

Yeah, there's so much going on. And it's like someone painted a picture with cat essence for paint, it's so full of cat.. uhhh... stuff.

"What the hell, Larry?!".

Huh... you don't see that everyday? Cats, probably.

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky.

Ones on the left: "Good form, practical use of bystanders as springboards; 9.6/10.".

Damn.. you beat me to it.

You remembered! \*fist bump\*.

Dude it is so hard to be your friend.

More like... Meow!

Weekly council meeting.

I think it's one of Japan's "cat islands." They used to be fishing villages, but were abandoned and overrun with cats. Now they're mostly tourist spots.

Now he just has to master the Trickle-Down Theory.

Those cats *weren't* fast as lightning.

Ha ha! I was lookin for this!