A Very Talented Graphic Designer Meets a Couple on Twitter.

Saturday 8th of May 2021

A Very Talented Graphic Designer Meets a Couple on Twitter.

Social Media Says

Fr this is so rare too much of the app is just a cesspool.
99% of the time they would have been photoshopped in the literal Sun.
The whole internet is corrupt.

What You Really Think

You say that like 90% of content on reddit isn't just pictures of tweets.

People love to rip on Twitter, but to be fair, the users are the ones who decide what's on their feed. Back when I used it, I only saw song lyrics and pet photos. Glad I got off it before it became a battleground.

Isn't twitter just synonymous with the world?

More like .01 %.


Damn 1%ers.

Kinda depends on your bubble though, but granted: have to guard your bubble like a hungry aggressive wolfhound.

More like 0.01%.

I'm escaping to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism.

I was scrolling through my old likes on Twitter and everyone in the comment section had such genuine and funny responses. Now its just full of obnoxious 10 year olds and advertisements.

No it has been, this is like 1 or 2 years old.

I dunnoCrypto Twitter isnt so bad.. *puts the shotgun in my mouth*.

I do not usually engage on Twitter..so I guess I am one of the 1% (first time in my life in the 1%).

Like Sniper.

Question from someone who doesn't have a twitter. Was Twitter always toxic or did it turn toxic once tumblr removed all their explicit content and the users migrated.

Probably already banned.

The half percent of douche responding to a twitter. You think you are cool for not being on social media, but you are exactly the same.

Twitter is a virus that needs to be contained, dont tell anyone you know that uses it about Reddit.

What a wholesome motherfucker.

Yea this is sweet.

Or extra corrupt, but trying to come back to humanity through kindness. Like a living redemption song.

I am an old white guy without glasses and you seem very magical welcome to America!!!

Yeah, this is why I clicked on comments.

Very less appreciatuon for person who edited though. Here his retweet.

Of course the first few comments to come up are FoLlOw Me On SpOtIfY!1!

The extra arm skin is a nice touch.

I had a feeling Id find this. Updoot.

Now i want to see one with the sun included in the picture too.

Self-important alternative to retweeting.

Fucked up people trade eye damage for photos.

As someone who professionally manipulates product photography every day, I have to say this is extremely well executed. This kind of thing can be very tedious work and she did a phenomenal job covering up the traces of her photoshop work. The only place you can _kind of_ tell that this was digitally manipulated is the guys right elbow (near the woman) has a strange wave above the joint probably because in the original her jacket was overlapping his arm or something. Clone stamp is a hell of a drug but cant solve everything ***nulb.

I do this kinda thing regularly for family on social media for practice. colorizing, fixing, editing heavily, making a big dong on some dudes lifted pick-up The usual.

Yeah this would take about 5 minutes. 10 if I really wanted it to be perfect.

And to call it *design*.

It would take about 30 seconds. Youd overlay the left image onto the right, reduce transparency to 50% to line them up. Once aligned bring the transparency of the top layer back to 100% and erase the left side of the girl revealing the desired pose underneath using the eraser tool.

No no no, you dont understand, this is r/nextfuckinglevel so what you do is post a vaguely simple thing with a super soppy backstory to it and get 20k Karma because people dont understand what next level means.

It's a bot. Stop arguing. I have a hard time realizing bots sometimes, but I just like rewatching this cute shit sometimes.

Every popular subreddit eventually dilutes down to /mildlyinteresting at some point. /nextfuckinglevel achieved it about three months ago and never looked back.

Any general kindness on Twitter is next fucking level at this point lol.

It's a joke isn't it? I might aswell post a video of me taking a shit and it will be top of /nextfuckinglevel.

Probably the photoshop skill.

The part that's next fucking level is someone using Twitter to make someone else happy, instead of to tell them how their opinion is invalid and they should off themselves.

Finding kindness in Twitter.

Wholesome use of Twitter.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

OP did post ]this]() in a comment.

Someone actually made that.

The difference is that many people do nothing to make things better. This person did.

*Unzips Pants And Proceeds To Piss All Over My Own Shoes In Front Of You* Yeah, You Fucking Like That?

Deleting Twitter improved my mental health.

Who the fuck thinks twitter is an app?

It's splicing two photos together! Anyone with photoshop can do this! I feel like I'm taking craaazy pills.

Was looking for somebody who also noticed!

Fuck off.

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