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Sunday 25th of October 2020


Fuck, I'm a dad. I do this all the time.
Waking up at 5 am. Napping in the recliner by 1 pm.
My dad has been doing this for my entire life. Eventually he likes to start waking up all of the family members one by one using his most annoyingly cheerful sing-song voice. There has been a lot of groggy, half-awake early morn yelling in my home over the years.

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And then they don't elaborate on why this matters at all.

Look who just woke up! Ive been up for a while! Bam, spike a volley ball in their face.

Oh yeah? Well MY Dad gets up for work at 3 in the MORNING.

Just to take a nap at 11am lol. Source: imma dad.

4.45 this morning thankyou very much. Kids didnt care =].

Can't wait to become a dad and get a few extra hours every morning.

Id rather wake up at 5 than wake up at 11. However, due to ingraining the internet into my head, I also dont want to miss playing with the boys at 11pm.

I can confirm.

I just pop open the ring cameras and reconnoiter the situation from the comfort of my recliner. I still use my disdain face though.

Im in my mid 20s and do this shit. Maybe I need to stop smoking.

Ive actually shit a warning shot in the air, like come get some bitch!

Who the hell is this? I'm not expecting anyone.

I feel attacked.

Can confirm.

Ay Sharon! GET IN 'ERE!

Needs exclamation marks because this is yelled across the house.

Fuck I have a Jetta goddammit.

One of the first actual houses I rented turned out to be THE turn around spot for people who missed their turn. It drove me so crazy having 15 people use my driveway every night I broke the rental contract early once I found a different house I liked.

I cant imagine how boring his life is.

I used to deliver for Amazon and had a delivery on a narrow road. The only way for me to exit was to drive a little further up to do a u-turn on a driveway because one, my car would've gotten stuck and two, there was a car behind me. Turns out that that car behind me was the homeowner and boy was he angry, he got out of his car screaming about me trespassing onto his property. As he was wasting his breath, I told him that it was necessary for me to very quickly use his driveway and that he was also blocking me. I can't imagine being that bored, angry and non observant with my life where I'm screaming at delivery people.

I once pulled over in a residential neighborhood to check my phone for directions on how to get somewhere, and the dude whose house I was somewhat in front of came to my door and just stared at me. He was a meter away from my car, just looking at me search for directions. I waved, he didn't respond. I cracked my window and asked; "Can I help you?" "I don't know you," he said. "I don't know you either. I'm just looking up directions." He walked back up his driveway, staring at me the whole time. So creepy.

Would you do it a 2nd time?

My GPS took me to a wrong location once and I stopped on the side of a road leading out of a cul de sac trying to figure out where I was supposed to go and an older lady came out and started taking pictures of my car and wanting to know what I was doing within 60 seconds of me stopping.

I work HVAC, I've been to a customer house, and the neighbor across the street ran down the drive way and put his own personal cones at the end of his driveway. I didn't say anything to him, but my customer says he does it all the times and if he sees an unfamiliar car coming down street he will do it also. And he places them up whenever he leaves home. People are friggin weird man.

Same, I know I'm my fathers son for certain lol.

Glad you were able to marry them all off.

You're such a faux pas.

I've been this way since I was like 7. I got real mad whenever my parents would show a house and I learned that the kids of the people they were showing it to were playing with my toys.

Guess I've been a dad since I was 7.

That was me with my younger brothers friends; run into them in the hall and briefly think who are you?

Do suspicious shit. Hang around too long, stick your arm way into your mailbox and act like you're pulling on something, fidget with one of the locks, take pictures of stuff, etc. Give him something really worth it.

Next time point at him and say ]"I'm Putting you on the News".]().

Gotta pay the troll toll.

We get it... mother ducking autocorrect.

Your dog gets it.

This is from weight loss I think part 2? Dwight and Angela keep retreating to the warehouse to bang and then the very last time Andy says something sweet to Angela about how he would marry her anywhere, even on top of a monsoon in a hurricane or something ridiculous . He just cares that they will spend the rest of their lives together. Angela realizing Andy is actually sweet decided to stop sleeping with Dwight at this point and leaves him hanging. Here he comes out looking disappointed and wonders why she is not there even though she messaged his beeper. You could also say this is in the time line when angela decided to actually be with Andy and sleeps with him twice.

Probably when Dwight was tearing apart the Halperts' kitchen in Delivery pt 2.

I was standing in the yard talking to a neighbor. Young African American kid pulls up, out of state tags, nice rims, music hopping. He rolls his window down "Excuse me sir, can I use your driveway to turn around?" I was shocked. Never had anybody actually ask before. Of course, I said yes, and thanked him for asking.

Yes. Yes it does. I don't mind a quick turnaround, but don't pull in and hang out for over a minute or ill be heading up to see what you're doing.

If you have dogs and an invisible fence, yes.

I cant say that it really *bothers* me, but as an introvert, with a crackhead neighbor, and a house across the street that was broken into, Im just *cautious* of anyone that pulls up in my driveway that I wasnt expecting.

It bothers me because a) my street is a very short loop so there's no need to turn around, and b) I live at a T intersection, where the street across from my house leads only to a cul-de-sac with an empty lot, so they could have turned in the massive unused street instead of my tiny driveway. It bothers to the point that I furiously smile and wave at everyone who turns around in my drive.

Hahaha thats a felony in certain countries/states. Your dad is wild. Lol.

Your father's a scoundrel and so, it seems, are you.

My parents neighbor used to place very heave stones in the middle of his driveway when he went out, eventually he got tired of it, so now he will just chase you down the road if you use his driveway to make a turn.

Nice, lol.

Nope. My husband does that Every. Single. Day. Hes like ugh I only slept for like three hours even though I heard him snoring for like 9.

I use them when the road is too narrow to do it safely. Imagine people constantly driving up your driveway.

Facet not dripping... but a full out light steady stream of water.

Same here! Excuse me, I think I need to contact all of my former lovers.

I'm sorry :( my biggest fear is killing my neighbor's cat that hides in my bushes, on my tires, in my driveway, and under my car.

I am sorry that must have sucked.

No but it makes for a very unsettling 30 seconds.

For me, it is the speed some people do it. Others also cut corners and ruin the lawn/break up the side of the pavement on the driveway. Headlights flashing into your room at night, etc. I solved it by parking right at the street line. That way we can do chalk art in the driveway and not worry about being run over. Pre-edit: Also, I should note, I live on a dead end street beside a huge public venue so I would get up to 1-200 cars on a Saturday doing this in my driveway.

Because it's my m effin driveway.

Better not have been mine. Were you also the one I saw walking on my grass?!

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