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Saturday 11th of July 2020

Ahhh, Think He's Pointing at You.

Ahhh, think he's pointing at you.
Brilliant day for footy!
Not really happy with Rory Laird, doesn't seem to wanna take responsibility for doing something with the ball, he gets its and just disposes of it. Even if he's in the clear and the player hes giving it to is under the hammer.

We need another to swing forward because Doedee is the only one capable clunking a big mark inside 50. We'd be better off kicking it along the ground into the forward 50 and hoping McAdam, Stengle or Mchenry can get involved.

Reilly O'Brien's got to stop accidentally posting his Notes app.
Lazy, unfit and really really good.
Ugh, these 7AFL commentators are crap. "Barrass, new star!" Seriously, he's been a key defender for the Eagles for years, he's been taking intercept marks like that since debut.
I fux with Hamill.
At this rate there will be more 50m penalties than goals kicked.
All any real AFL team fan wants is some fight and passion from their team, that doesnt always equate to wins, but its a good start, Adelaide_FC have some kids who have the heart and skill and will grow the bodies to match.

Read the comments for christ sake. Enjoyment from watching neutral games of footy is gone. All because the AFL shit themselves when Clarkson opened his mouth. Most ineptly run sporting organisation in the world and that includes FIFA.

Final do segundo quarto! West Coast Eagles 4.4 (28) lidera Adelaide Crows 2.1 (13).
So OBrien to take a screamer over Nic Nat and kicking the winner after the siren would prob be the only way to save face.
Why is there a disclaimer on the allstate auto insurance commercials that says "not available in all states"?
Dear AFL and afl umpires, in future please ignore Alastair Clarkson. Thanks, everyone.
Seriously underwhelming from.
If I hear one more second about that tweet Im going to go postal.
West Coast leads the Crows by 15 points at half-time at the Gabba. LIVE ODDS: WCE 1-39 $1.48 WCE 40 $2.40 Adel H2H $11 LINE: WCE (-30.5) $1.90 Adel ( 30.5) $1.90 LIVE MARKET.
We lead Adelaide at the half. Thanks to.
MaCasey is going to learn one thing today... To ask to never again play in the Crows fwd line poor kid has zero chance with this delivery!
Opposition defenders taking hangers off the Crows' blind bombs is real Gray Ayres era areas.
Eleni having a mare...
I am not hating this. Hamill is fucking wild!!!!!!!!
You know McGovern and barrass are down there but your chosen method of forward entry is to continue bombing it in? ***nulb.
Two very low teams.
Go home worm...youre drunk!
HT WestCoastEagles 4.4 (28) lead Adelaide_FC 2.1 (13). Eagles holding a handy lead, but neither side has looked particularly impressive. Stream AFLEaglesCrows: Live blog: Match Centre.
Ohhhh so thats the "tearing up the track" "more mid time" Chayce Jones.
Slow ball movement and Kicking straight down mcgavin barrass's throat.
Dermy must have some $$ on the Crows. Not sure what game hes watching but this is not a close contest. Eagles doubling i50s and tackles. Triple the clearances. Crows overusing posession again & not looking dangerous in front half.

Word record pace for most 50m penalties in a half.
Bad umpiring. Bad commentating. No event of a game.
Seriously that shouldn't of been 50 our way either. Media and commentators aside. The umpires are the biggest problem in the game.
Great grab, Gov! One minute until the main break. 28 nulb 13.
Well done Barrass!!!
This holding the ball interpretation is absolute awful. Constant tinkering of the rules is so tiresome.
For the record, I referenced Leo Barry before Dermie.
I agreed that holding the ball wasn't being paid enough, but now the umpires have gone too far the other way. I don't understand why they're incapable of finding a middle ground in adjudicating. It's all or nothing. Bizarre.

Umpires are very trigger happy in this game.
Josh Kennedy wins a holding free and puts the Sherrin straight through. 27 nulb 7.
Pleasejust stop just stop blowing the whistle.
Goal for JD! Awarded a 50m penalty, he makes no mistake! 21 nulb 7.
This umpiring is ruining the joy of watching afl and actually disgraceful AFL fix it!
Love to know how much the crows paid the umpires to keep them in this.
Umps are losing control of this game. Making silly calls.
AFL umpires are making the game unwatchable its not about them.
Seriously - this holding the ball is rule is a joke!
Josh Kennedy's radar is off? 1.3 now.
Jamie Cripps loses his feet wayyy too often. Nearly every contest he ends up on the floor.
This is a game where I think texwalker13 Could be rich big target forward might be the difference against McGovern This is been a good performance its just where they going to get the goals from?
Is there anything worse than Dwayne Russells commentary !??
Barrass trying to get Platinum Frequent Flyer status.
Paying the stupid holding the balls but not the obvious in the backs.
Genuine attempt my ass, blow your whistle umpire!
Excuse me but what the fuck is this umpiring?
This new holding the ball rule is ruining the game.
How to destroy a football club, the markricciuto story.
Josh Kennedys thumbs up before he kicks his set shot absolutely irritates me.
Decent few minutes for the crows, if they can only be a few goals down at 1/2 time thats a huge win.
I've seen better unpired games at Auskick.
Holding the ball rule is fully cooked. This is ridiculous now. Why even bother taking possession of the ball? Just punch the ball down field and kick the ball off the ground.
This is the worst AFL umpiring I have ever seen.
Holding the ball being paid without prior is ruining the game.
Bit of niggle in this game. Not bad to watch so far.
Looks like the AFLEaglesCrows game went back in time.
Can someone please teach matt crouch how to kick the ball to our advantage.
How is that not holding? Crazy.
M. Crouch way to slow with the ball. Move you're ass!
They need to revert back to the old prior opportunity. You might as well give up when you get tackled...
Youd have to assume Brereton knows a fair bit about getting a sniff.
Dermis,while I agree there is the perfect take and no prior. What I dont believe in the making the attempt.
Today's umpires.
He had a choice to take possession or to not take possession. If you choose to grab it then you must kick it hand pass, otherwise you are gone. Good call umpire. Get rid of the noprior rule- it is the source of all the problems with congestion in todays footy.

The worst umpired game so far this round by a mile.
Are the umpires auditioning?
Did Nic Nat take those game notes personally?
Clarko ruined the game.
Pure gold here, must be the hair!
How can it be holding the ball then 2 minutes later the exact thing gets called for ball up.
Oh boy, thats THE worst holding the ball decision I have ever seen in my life. Players will stop going for the footy soon.
Am I the only 1 who thinks the whole OBrien thing was staged? He got an ATAR of 99 & got into medicine. He cant be that dumb.
Everyone watching that holding the ball interpretation.
Umpires are ruining todays game.
This is a shotgun rule change.

What You Really Think

It was a lucky bounce and he threw it on the boot and hope for the best***nulb.

I mean lucky bounce lets be real.

Ahh it was the phone that did it.

Commentary around 'the' text...can we move on. A million mentions in 1stQ enough already.


Hahaha, well he asked for it.