Thursday 26th of November 2020


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For real, just ask for the picture. Nine times outta ten if someone is wearing a topical shirt they're down to clown with permission.
It really helps the message, though. He's like an involuntary art piece. Just like you. :).
Thats just how us bald guys look, on account of all the sun getting in our eyes.

What You Really Think

Or he act his part on how he feels about this situation?

The Bald Guy.

Seth Neverman r/WalmartCelebrities.

I read this then thought he looked more like Johnny Sins.

I thought this was that zombieland guy from cries with dollar bills meme.

My first thought, too. Not just the face; something about the posture and glare.

Isn't he a Trumpist? does he wear a mask?

But at least they're not boring.

Agreed 100% til the last line. I think being on a car made of speakers with a guitar flamethrower would be pretty awesome. "Witness me!" "What?" "I SAID WITNESS ME!" "What? Sorry, I went deaf long ago because I'm ON A CAR MADE ENTIRELY OF SPEAKERS.".

Are there films about viruses that straight up quickly kill people and not turn them into monsters/zombies/crazies? Because I don't want that. For the moment, we are not suffering through someone's playthrough of Pandemic.

Zombies would rot and doubtfully be as contagious. Though if this pandemic has taught us anything it's that we'd probably get a substantial portion of the population that doesn't believe in zombies even as they get munched on.

Except this one actually happened...

The Road.

You should watch The Girl With All the Gifts.

I have watched all of the score mentioned movies, and think I could survive them. However I would not want to touch the zombies from world war z at all. Like nope gimme them slow fuckers and keep these fast bastards to yourself.

I giggled thx u.

Last of Us doesn't seem so bad as long as you just be one of those guys minding their own fuckin' business in Jackson or whatever and not fucking off across the country on vendettas and shit.

Yes please mad max. I would choose driving monster trucks and spraying paint in my mouth over sitting on my couch any day.

Best one I've ever lived through!


If we were in Birdbox, there would be people refusing to wear blindfolds because they bumped into something once.

He's wearing a mask to show that he's not going to eat you, I suppose. In the worst apocalypse scenario, he wouldn't be so considerate.

A Madmax style of apocalypse wouldn't be that bad...

At least with MadMax we'd have Cool trucks and Tina Turner still.

> What about Waterworld? Better not leave the tap running too long!

You got one thing incredibly right. Waterworld did suck.

Not sure how you got a downvote for this. I think the t-shirt should have a picture of the comic book guy with this quote.

I actually thought of Buffy.

Tac702 dot com sells them from what I could see when I quickly searched online.

Hff f ssviivkioocfesj.

This man doesnt strike me as the type to want WAP on his shirt.

First thing I thought of.

Im also becoming pretty well adjusted to it.

Same. Stock market is up, got promoted. Honestly can't complain.

Please, I never want to have to wear pants besides leggings again.

Working from home, more money then I've ever had, a gaming pc, a new apartment. Please don't stop.

His face was like that the whole time I swear to god.

You can take photos of people in public without permission.

**Are your ypses showing wear, and lacking poc? Bring 'em on down to Big Al's Apocal Ypse Refurbishers. He'll furbish and burnish your ypse 'til its pocs shine like new. He'll even rearm your geddons if they need a-tendon to.** Thanks for noting the kerning. Made my graphic artist's eye twitch. Is there r/KerningGore, or somesuch for a crosspost?


It's like that for a reason.

It can be displayed backwards, as this represents it flying in the wind as one advances forward, basically its the back of the flag. On the left shoulder it should be displayed forward however. IIRC, only patriotic uniforms are supposed to have American flags though. Technically its not allowed to be in any colors except the original red, white, and bluethat includes the thin blue line flag and any other derivative designs. Its also not supposed to be displayed on packaging to help sell products (think made in America label), this includes using the colors of the flag for the same purpose. One is also not permitted to drape oneself in the flag to celebrate athletic victories. The First Amendment supersedes the Flag Code meaning free speech trumps these regulations, making them merely guidelines. One can do whatever they want with the flag, including burning it, which can be incredibly respectful, or an act of protest. Basically the flag loving Americans are okay with what you do with it unless they dont like it, the hard and fast rules are not the criteria most people use.

The flag represented on his sleeve isnt backwards. The flag is symbolizing the countries progress forward, when the flag was carried into battle it would fly in this direction due to wind.

The flag is backwards to show that it is being carried into battle. If I had to guess the shirt was made by someone like grunt style, 11 Bravo, or nine line. All are veteran companies that make shirts like this. As for the colors its called a subdued flag it's for military service members who are unable to wear the one with full color. If you look at US deployment pictures their flags will be something close to this color.

The Stars and Stripes lead us into battle.

People are mentioning the wind, but the explanation I have heard from a military police guy is that you want the stars closer to your heart. Not sure where he got his info from.

Thanks_obama, 2020.

It's backwards because, ]in 2005, General Peter J. Schoomaker, then chief of staff of the U.S. Army, confused the iconography of a patch with literal battle flags and modified military code so that his name would go down in the books](). Personally, I find it silly on active military and a perversion of the flag (just like thin blue line flags) on anyone who isn't active military. Vet or not, you have no business strutting around in what is quite directly a battle flag. It's just another part of our continuing march down Nationalism avenue toward the cross-street of Military Worship Way, where we'll eventually reach Fascism.

I find it funny that for most of my childhood and teen years, wearing a flag was illegal.. I remember my conservatives uncle would say things like, "if I ever catch anyone wearing my flag, I'll kill them". Actually, I remember hearing things like that a lot from the Conservatives around me. Liberals use to get arrested for wearing the flag. But Liberals fought for the 1st Amendment right to wear the flag, and won. (Abbie Hoffman v USA) but now you see Conservatives wearing the flag everyday. I wonder if we should remind them that Liberals fought for their right to do so.

Thats how its supposed to be worn on the sleeve. Youll see flag patches on sleeves of military uniforms the same way. The stars lead the way.

Its so that it looks correct when looking back at it from an ambulance rear view mirror.


Wait'll they're hung-over and ornery.

Hahaha. Fuck...

Shortly after the vaccinations.

Do you want a logical answer (to be fair the most logical answer I can give when talking about zombies) or a stupid answer.

It took me way too long to get that that was a marvel reference.

You mean 1918 N1H1 flu (Spanish flu)? That was an avian flu from what I understand.

Arnold Vosloo and ya, a lil bit.

Theres no expectancy of privacy in public. Please act accordingly or stay home behind your curtains.

I dont want to sound like a jerk but half of the posts on Reddit are pictures of random strangers.

What if the answer is no?