Sunday 5th of December 2021

A Legend at Featherweight Now Surging at 135lbs! Jose Aldo's Legacy in This Sport Should Not be Underestimated! UFCVegas44 1am BT Sport 1 HD.

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Legend Jose Aldo continues grow. What master class, man. Incredible.
legend featherweight surging 135lbs! Jose Aldo's legacy this sport should underestimated! UFCVegas44 Sport
Aldo wobbles Font.
Looks like Aldo been sipping from same fountain youth Pacquiao been. Special man.
Jose Aldo defeats Font round UFCVegas44 King Rio.
Aldo would fight king Kong. Trust wants that fight.
Loooool youre Aldo deserve better then fighting bum.
Jose aldo absolute fucking legend.
Jose Aldo fucking savage ATG. Dominated long going fight streak Amazing performance.
Jose Aldo clearly past physical prime, reactions nowhere near what they used cardio barely hanging just beat competitive clear win. Nobody else done this. He's best ever.

Absolutely not. Aldo Dillashaw fight make.
Jose Aldo said would like fight Dillashaw next.
respect Aldo. over years still english lol.
believe font thinks beat Aldo because adjusted dick said
kind want Petr injured Jose Aldo fight Aljo another belt.
Aldo will banger tbh.
year ago, Aldo looked washed having resort wrestling while getting outstruck Chito Vera. Tonight just pieced dude UFC. What legend!
Jose Aldo embarrassing Neymar charity football match back 2014!
that's Aldo legend..
Shiiiiit, what fight what night Aldo really timeless here.
Body shots. kicks. Beating competition like Font 2021. Even stopped doing this while Aldo would already have cemented amazing legacy, still continues build. Legend. Team Aldo life.

Aldo takes after great rounder. Thank everyone played first ever fantasy game Solana. Congrats NFTDuwdz mattydigital CoolShapes. Please claim your prizes.
GOAT (IMO). Aldo great fighter.
"This Aldo you're seeing." Jose Aldo.
Aldo: Dillashaw right there. fight Dillashaw.
Font fucken warrior, fell short against legend Jose Aldo awesome main event.
yesss! Aldo would absolutely fuck Dillashaw! Let's
Jose Aldo such legend. still only thats crazy part.
Aldo punches power.
Fucking love Jose Aldo Clay Guida both getting future hall famers! THESE DOGS LEFT TANK NOTHING NUMBER! appreciate these dudes while they still here fighting!

What happens next? Aldo Font Sandhagen?
Aldo would bully again mate.
have 50-45 Aldo. Jose Aldo still absolute killer when Unbelievable.
Aldo. BANGER. Cant wait. Font Sandhagen. BANGER. Cant wait. Book
This vintage Aldo love
Jose Aldo throwing kicks.
Jose Aldo anywhere near prime this fight wouldn't have made first round.
great hear Martinez announce Jose Aldo winner. feels right.
Please give Aldo dillisnake.
Aldo higher GOAT list than Khabib.
Aldo legend still dawg.
What that little retired from Russia say? That Aldo fights money he's never going champion again? Well hate break Aldo's legacy greater than yours it's close.

Jose Aldo Dillashaw would amazing fight.
Aldo title shot chicken (Sterling) Aldo will belt! (Yay) then will most likely take some more years life (bad Herb!).
Jose Aldo, man. What Legend. absolute treat performance like that.
Aldo Fights Like Late Rent.
never count Jose Aldo. better with every round Global Scorecard indicates.
Aldo would absolute fireworks.
Jose Aldo possibly most inspiring fighter there many times been written off? Every time comes back better. Incredible performance.
OnLy FaVorItEs played dogs with tonight made money. ALDO 155 RIDDELL 105[?] HILL 155 GUIDA 180 CUIS 290 GALL 200[?] PITOLO 150[?] ZHUMA 250[?] WEEKS 120[?] MAIN 170[?] KNIGHT 150 GRUETZEM 115[?] MORALES 135.

ESPN results: Resurgent Jose Aldo outworks Font back title conversation.
glad Jose Aldo those NASTY kicks tonight, told guys some respect king rio. Font moments just Aldo much tonight.
idea Jose Aldo Dillishaw gives instant erection.
redemption tour Aldo gone since McGregor loss simply incredible. now, classic Aldo back.
Wins. Aldo winning, guys. still there.
year would have wanted grapple Aldo more than anything. This circa 2012.
*One eyed Jose Aldo drops someone 2021 with kick*
gotta start calling Aldo always.
When shit talk Aldo? Font added nothing Aldo's legacy kinda awful.
Results: Jose Aldo def. Font unanimous decision (50-45 49-46).
What main event. both fighters here glad Aldo starting string together wins again. Always watch legend fight. Font will back doubt better from that experience.

wouldn't have hated mean deserved title shot those would killer fights especially with Aldo looked recently. Think Aldo/TJ fight make meantime Aljo/Yan. Sandy kinda limbo now.

Aldo would whoop your ass.
king man! josealdojunior what fight. Hard fight much heart from.
Awesome fight!! Aldo translator looks like this dude.
Book Aldo immediately.
Give Aldo Sandhagen.
doesnt want Aldo Dillashaw?!?!
Jose Aldo proves experience always end. Still legend game. Props Font. What fight!
Result: Former Champion Jose Aldo stellar five-round performance against Font, hurting tough bantamweight numerous times route near shutout decision win. Full Report.
This nigga aldo gonna time end.
Aldo dominated.
Aldo still
Aldo Font best fights seen.
real Jose Aldo.
Aldo's post title career almost amazing reign champion. Jose been through fucking ringer terms opponents. he's still hungry. Still working off. Still insanely high level. It's incredible.

Heart says Aldo, head says Font. Anyone else with
Tough solid fight. Tank Aldo finds station mat. smart.
Jose Aldo fucking goat.
Aldo inspirational, perseverance just incredible.
Going tonight with smile face.
Once beats Aljo, they should book against Aldo against Aljo.
first thank Jose Aldo.
"Dillashaw's right there. want fight Dillashaw." Jose Aldo with callout.
Aldo Font First Look 1.46u Punching Parlay[?] Hot Prospect[?] The Perfect Prop Bets(1push) 1.16u Co-Main Event First Look

What You Really Think

Surging?! Hes 2-2.


The true ufc featherweight GOAT, with the championship record for the most consecutive title defenses and wins in that division.

What time do the prelims start tonight uk time and will you start coverage at the first fight tonight unlike last time when you started a few fights in thanks.

The king of rio!