Tuesday 16th of November 2021

Rittenhouse Prosecution DA Points a Gun at The Jury, Finger on The Trigger, to Give an Example of What it Looks Like Working With Alec Baldwin on a Movie Set.

Social Media Says

case year sober, criminal record accounts wonderful kid. didnt matter because someone wound dead. tell that Alec Baldwin getting arrested function wealth privilege. unacceptable.

Remember heart case Grandfather cruise ship accidentally dropped granddaughter below when didnt realize window open? arrested charged. Alec Baldwin still arrested accident.

Rittenhouse prosecution points jury, finger trigger, give example what looks like working with Alec Baldwin movie set.
Alec Baldwin play movie apparently.
It's like Alec Baldwin never happened.
Alec Baldwin there?
Hopefully doesnt pull Alec Baldwin.
Binger Alec Baldwin need attend firearms safety class taught Kyle Rittenhouse.
Candace Owens calls Alec Baldwin's arrest.
Meanwhile... Alec Baldwin.
Took lessons from Alec Baldwin.
Alec Baldwin school safety!
Holy fuck This Alec Baldwin people.
mean, hasn't Alec Baldwin taught anything
doing Alec Baldwin impressions courtroom. SMH.
Alec Baldwin trainee.
Alec Baldwin school training.
Detectives Rittenhouse case said uncommon someone indicted homicide before they investigate That being said Arrest Alec Baldwin.
Guns don't kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.
With respect, doesn't fukking matter. Alec Baldwin told unloaded too.
When instruction from Alec Baldwin.
Never should have hired Alec Baldwin prosecutor.
wonder lawyer training from Alec Baldwin?
Alec Baldwin about pointing weapons think safe people. Educate yourself safety.
Alec Baldwin advising him?
Less than three weeks after Alec Baldwin shot people with assistant told unloaded, Kenosha says same thing then clearing breaks every single rule firearm safety pointing jury while pulling trigger dramatic effect. ***.

only Rittenhouse prosecutor Alec Baldwin dumb enough point weapon people jury think it's okay? Idiots give name.
Could imagine this fool pulled Alec Baldwin
think would have leaned something from Alec Baldwin.
Alec Baldwin's stunt double.
Candace Owens Compares Alec Baldwin Amber Guyger, Calls Arrest.
Apparently Binger auditioning next Alec Baldwin movie.
Alec Baldwin might agree.
Even Alec Baldwin knows betterwell does.
Clearly graduate Alec Baldwin school safety.
Binger seems graduate Alec Baldwin school safety..
Remember when Quartering called Alec Baldwin murderer days ago? Seriously. accomplish NOTHING else with tiny amount internet audience ask, please STOP watching Quartering.

Didnt learn anything from that other idiot Alec Baldwin?
Alec Baldwin wannabe.
Alec Baldwin
Shut said nothing when Alec Baldwin shot people. This mentally insane person this, gun.
Alec Baldwin said what?
Alec Baldwin excuse?
this mentality that will turn into Alec Baldwin. Please never firearm.
This attorney learned nothing from murderer Alec Baldwin.
Alec Baldwin unprovokedly killed Halyna Hutchins. Meanwhile, Rosenbaum chased Rittenhouse tried take threatened kill him. apparent self-defense, Kyle Rittenhouse killed Rosenbaum. Looney tunes would think Rittenhouse guilty, Baldwin.

Rittenhouse prosecutor Binger just showed some Alec Baldwin-style safety practices courtroom.
Alec Baldwin approve this message.
mean like Alec Baldwin?
Five kids were shot today Aurora while conservatives still cracking jokes about Alec Baldwin. This they are.
Weve brought Alec Baldwin closing remarks demonstr.
Perfectly safe. tell holds rifle that clearly firearms training from Alec Baldwin.
This idiot evidently took weapon training from Alec Baldwin...

What You Really Think

I think he wanted to remind people on the jury that Kyle was perceived by the crowd as an active shooter.

According to news reports, the DA was pointing the gun at the corner of the courtroom NOT the Jury. But, yes, he should NOT have had his finger anywhere near the trigger.

Did he check to see if it was loaded???

Did we learn NOTHING from Alec Baldwin's film set tragedy?

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