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Friday 19th of June 2020

Absolutely Damning Piece From Former SNP Advisor Alex Bell on The Lack of Leadership in Getting Children Back to School.

Absolutely damning piece from former SNP advisor Alex Bell on the lack of leadership in getting children back to school.
Alex Zanardi will inspire you Listen to him talk about his extraordinary life in this week's podcast >>.
2??1?? sixes ? 4??1?? fours ? 2?? centuries ? 4??8??1?? runs ? OnThisDay in 2018, England blazed their way to a record ODI total of 481/6 against Australia. Alex Hales (147 off 92) and Jonny Bairstow (139 off 92) were the chief architects of the feat in Nottingham!

Should be common knowledge that CR7 is the best player in the world and Sir Alex Ferguson was the best manager ever in the prem.
My skin is TIRED I am TIRED.
Good to get ahead of them in the record books. Dogs lead 7-6.
Alex Ross !!
In this new video, BruceBeckhamXXX feeds alex_mecum with some warm milk!
No benefit, no doubt, eh Alex? Give credit where due. Who else we got showing any poise? Kamala = neolib. Good enough, I guess.
? Martin Shkreli raised price of Daraprim by 5000% ? Heather Bresch raised price of EpiPens 600% ? Alex Azar, head of HHSGov, raised price of insulin 400% Only one BigPharma crook went to jail, and it wasn't for ripping us off. ? SinglePayer lowers the cost of Rx drugs.

Ah, yes. This meme again. (more todobaku is never bad tho, so ??) todobaku ???? ??
I really hope that people - local and from out of town - respect this decision like all of us are. Believe me. I live for being at the beach. I just hope yesterday's gong show displayed by many doesn't happen on the weekend.

Honestly what a idiot, the uk should be in a strict lockdown like we had in Spain where I live, when you have 40k plus deaths and rising and a high infection rate which unless the government / pm takes it seriously it will only get worse. So much for herd immunity.

New episode of the CoSM Podcast with Alex Grey, Allyson Grey and duncantrussell !!
Flight at least let the kid shoot.
Scottish stars of stage and screen, including John Barrowman, Elaine C Smith and Alex Norton and West End performers release their moving tribute to NHS and key workers.
The way Michael looks in awe at Alex, as if he were on his way to heaven, as if at the moment there were only the two of them, as if nothing else mattered, as if all the chaos and pain that he felt his whole life disappeared, never changed, even after 10 years, this is cosmic.

Name me one other person that has gotten a meme flagged as manipulated material...
Driver: Alex Zanardi Races: 44 (41 starts) Championships: 0 Wins: 0 Podiums: 0 Career points: 1 Pole positions: 0.
As soon as I receive it, I'll play the hell out of it. Still waiting for it to arrive through my door. Didn't come in post today. So fingers crossed for tomorrow.
Good smile Sir....??
Afternoon Alex.
HOw many times did Sir Alex Ferguson win the Premier League Manager of The Month Award? . . maxsports quiz with MarkOtabor . .
????Raise your hand if you think the news of 5 black men found hanging in trees in 1 week should be getting much bigger headlines.
? Watch alex_mecum and aidenXXXward double fuck kris_fabio... Very sexy clip. ??STA FOLLOWING ME NOW?? to get my naughty XxX gay posts in your twitter feed! ????
Thats if a best deal is reached, anything else could cost us.
This series was a huge amount of fun to do. So many fascinating chats with really interesting people. If you're vaguely interested in comedy and/or AI then I'd highly recommend checking it out.
I can confirm the statement based on experience... "Banks are VERY crypto-UNfriendly".
Great fun having a go on the VR surgical trainer. Glad that my first hip replacement was on a virtual patient... considerably less stressful! ? Thanks.
In alex_cruz was the verdict yesterday, with a resounding result of 99.2% no confidence in his handling of COVID19 crisis and 99.1% no confidence on the proposals he's tabled. His leadership is in question.

This is the 22nd day of protests in the country.
August Alsina really gave us this work of art. He doesn't have to do anything else to me. He's a legend.
Alex you are better than that. Mikey B 1 Alex 0.
?alter_sin is undoubtedly an expert at creating parodies of the best blockbusters in the cinema. Choose from these four options which one has been your favorite. Captain America : A Gay XXX Parody alex_mecum &.

Congratulations Alex, Anna and Team Lola! All that dedication, love, passion and hard work is getting the recognition it deserves!
No lol.
Would you get in my car with me?....
Michigan jobs go unfilled when workers make more from unemployment.
Scott and Alex.
Alex Sandro expected to be out for a month. Khedira will be out for 45 days. [GdS].
How many dead end trade deals does Britain need in order to make up for their loss of the EU market?
I just don't see it as bad as you. If they tried to justify the abuse then I'd have a problem.
Beautiful ?
Yesterday I was informed that my final work is now online in the DFI database ? If you have been involved in any kind of youth exchange programme yourself then you might be interested in giving it a read, I'm happy to send a link!

You nailed it. Reese.
How me and my college senior trynna be ?
Something odd, because that should be ready NOW, 2020 for ID.3 ????
Happy Birthday Alex ?
Thank you Alex, big hug ? buddy.
RETRO REWIND Who remembers when the Spurs hammered Alex Ferguson's red devils at White Hart Lane back in 1987. A brace from Mitchell Thomas and one a piece from Clive and Paul Allen gave Tottenham all three points. What is your favourite TOTMUN memory?

Good girl.
Can you really have someone with such a poor rep fronting British_Airways. 99.2% of the BA workforce want him gone. He is damaging the brand, your investment and ruining lives. alex_cruz its time to exit the bunker.

On repeat.
You okay hun?
Register for the coming live event on law enforcement and wildlife crime in Asia. Our experts will talk about key priorities: - Alex, cybercrime - Fabrizio, money laundering - Vale, border control - Tao, int'l cooperation - Steve WJC, capacity building.

Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities.
Relicta - Portal-like polished first-person puzzling using magnetised cubes, with a slickly voice-acted light adventure set on a scientific lunar-base. Near triple-A production values...
Rip goat.
My ass got a paddling !! Bad girl ?
Forget it, this guy gkingii is good. I bet y'all, this is best EP you'll prolly hear this year, don't sleep on it?? Click on the link and thank me later.
Something looks like alex tho.
Alex and Ruby ??
I knew it!!! How you know,Alex?
The Liberal Party used branchstacking last year, Students at a private Sydney Catholic college are being used to stack LiberalAus branches in a plan to oust Federal MP Alex Hawke and ScottMorrisonMP attacks Albo over branch stacking.

Moon alex.
The only defence expert is Jharpada returnee Abhijit Iyer Mitra..
Since we all miss Alex ?.... Let me try this PUN . . Why did the Banana go to the Doctor? . Yoruba Man - It wasn't fine . Igbo Man - It wasn't okay . Hausa Man - ?
For most footballers, growing up can be fun, touching OR has never come the easier way. We present you Alex Iwobi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts.
? no sir! No footage from me today. You the one with the vibes.
Same with the gay stuff.
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As per your preference I have sent you an email. I look forward to a response. I have not received an automatic response............
0nIyThursday archy_alex UKing0 TyroneGirl76 GanglSepp DavidJo28022521 News_Letter Jesus wept Dr Pissy... Can you tell without lying, how many members of the AOH come from those backgrounds or live in those same countries?

What You Really Think

If they don't go back how are working parents supposed to be able to work?

Tories can say nothing while Cummings is still in post.

Wow really Ruth you would send your son to school !! Risk infection wow thought you loved him ?

Would you be arguing for schools to go back Ruth if your child was at school?

Its insane to open schools during a pandemic. I'd have thought that the mess that Boris engaged in down in England would have alerted you. Add to that the closures in and re-closures (China, Korea) in other countries that have done better at containment.

Wouldn't mind so much if you and the Tory mob came with an alternative plan, for anything, rather than trying to derail sensible plans. Carping from sidelines is not a good look.

Alex Bell? All the authority and credibility of a dumped ex!

She really has nothing to offer, has she.?

No one believes you have any childs interest at the heart of anything you say..or in fact, by anything you have done..The leader is a compulsive liar...and you!!! Stand by that..

If only we could be as good at dealing with this virus as the tories are .

Hopefully salmoneskis book will destroy the murrel dynasty !! Hopefully their inparty splits will divide them into impotence because the majority of us Unionists are doing naff all to get them out apart from whinge like snowflakes on FB !!

Lack of leadership? You lot have a cheek! Perhaps you should look closer to home...

Plus no one listens to you ????

Didn't realise the virus had gone ??????

Nothing you ever say could make Scotland vote Tory.