Monday 5th of July 2021

Always be Nice to Others!

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'These days' ehhh... Always? And it's unlikely they forget, they feel entitled and enjoy it.
Like is it really so hard to treat waiters/ people in general the way you would like to be treated?
Ngl Id pay someone to abuse me rn, but thats just me...

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I read this totally wrong the first time and almost downvoted lol.

Yeah the description should just be "becauee i am a decent person"; always treat people with dignity and respect, really not that hard.

This. I mean, even the homeless or unemployed people deserve you being polite to them. Basic respect shouldnt be define by social status or contribution to society, thats a human thing.

Right? Why would you treat a servant badly either?

I agree with you but Ill add they are your servants for you needs at the organization you are at! Thats what they get paid for and you are supposed to tip for!

Always treat people with dignity and respect, really not that hard.

Im polite to everyone - its just easier than being an asshole or otherwise being rude. Even if a waiter is rude to you, you have no way to know why - maybe they are having a bad day, maybe their cat died last night, maybe their last table was filled with assholes. Sure, maybe they are just not a nice person, but theres nothing to gain by dropping to their level. It never hurts to give someone the benefit of the doubt and being nice to someone being an asshole very often defuses them. You have nothing to lose by being polite and it costs nothing.

Please tell me you worked in a pun like Thanks for the support!

My mom (who works retail) always says that when someone gives you great service you should make a point of ensuring that both they and their manager knows. Ideally, by filling in a comment card or writing a note for the manager (because then its in writing and can be saved.) Barring that, by talking to the manager. And talking to the employee, of course. Feedback like that can mean things like getting named employee of the month, getting a small bonus of some sort, getting a slightly larger raise next time raises are done, or similar - your five minutes spent on feedback could actually make a financial difference to that person. And even if they get nothing tangible, positive feedback can absolutely make someones whole day or week.

Imagine thinking that being a decent human being makes you special lol.

Add to this; they should receive a pass or fail grade that follows them for life on this. none of this i worked customer service and i know how. no. you worked for a family friend for one week and got fired for being useless.

Tbh, I hear this a lot but as someone that never worked in the service industry because Im an introvert, I TOTALLY understand how shitty it is and do everything I can to make my involvement the non-shitty part.

I've seen the movie "waiting". I'm always nice to the staff are restaurants.

Is there a point here?

Why not call out restaurant owners or the government? It's not up to the customer to subsidize your shit wage.

The irony being that if absolutely no one tipped, like over here in the civilized world, then your country would be forced to pass real minimum wage laws for wait staff.

Exactly. If the meal is worth the price, it's also worth the tip. 20% or you're an ass.

That chance is way way WAY higher, especially if you ear fast food.

Youre absolutely right and its pathetic people are downvoting you. They are literally paid to serve. They are servants lmao.

This poster didn't insinuate he was going to be a prick just because they're servants.. just pointed out that the OP is incorrect when they stated "they are not our servants". One can acknowledge someone's career as being one of servitude without feeling the need to treat them poorly because of it.

Yeah, and they can do their job just fine without you being a prick to them.

How is it fitting to treat anyone who does any helpful task for you, to treat them subhuman? They aren't your slaves, just your helpers so you don't have to cook or do dishes.

They hated him because he spoke the truth.

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