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Bloody hell, yes!
Sadly, having to lie to class="u-nolinkc" href="">a class="u-nolinkc" href="">doctor means worse care. Fucking hate class="u-nolinkc" href="">this country right now.
Except then you're 100% getting class="u-nolinkc" href="">a class="u-nolinkc" href="">pregnancy test before they'll give you any necessary procedures.

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More like "I don't keep track, I just always wear black".

Ive taken birth control since 19 for endometriosis, and only have my periods a few times a year. I never keep track. I always make an educated guess when they ask, its almost never exact, haha.

That's actually a really good comeback to that question.

I work in medical Imaging. We can not do a CT scan on a pregnant woman without doctor's approval. For women who are not pregnant, we have to ask the date of their last period, and make women sign a waiver that if they are lying, we are absolved of any harm to the fetus. For MRIs, we recently no longer have to have pregnant women sign a waiver to have the exam. MRIs have been found safe for pregnant women and fetuses. However, the science is still out on IV contrast, gadolinium, for MRIs and we can not administer it to a pregnant woman unless the doctor deems it absolutely necessary.

Just awful to read in 2022.

The police become Pinkerton men more and more every day...

Yeah, the absolutely will get their hands on that data. expect GOP controlled states to spy on young women.

ER doc here. I deal with law enforcement frequently. Unless served a warrant, I do not compromise my patients' privacy or autonomy. My fears are in line with the comments here, but most of us, as individuals, are staunchly opposed to criminalized abortion and anything less than appropriate privacy.

Murica 2022.

Even then, they can request your medical information with a subpoena. Departments like Social Security can also request your medical information.

And now that "others" can include nonsentient clumps of cells, anything goes. I hate this timeline.

Your country is fucking sick.

Also, HIPAA was originally established based on Roe v Wade. It is a *very* real possibility that the end goal for the pro birth crowd is ultimately to repeal HIPAA so that certain vulnerable populations can be targeted for other things down the line. This gal has the right idea; we will have to start considering who we tell what and what we allow to get recorded. I highly recommend that folks request their medical records from their long term docs so you can see what is on record.

Consider reaching out to Planned Parenthood. They may be able to help.

We need speration of church and medicine/science.

Can you consider medical tourism to a place with good healthcare in Europe? I know people come to Spain to have procedures done privately. Even with the travel / accommodation expenses for some procedures it is still cheaper than out of pocket in the US.

My gf is in the exact same boat. One of her doctors literally said "but having kids is the most beautiful thing a woman can do." Never mind the debilitating frequent pain. I was pretty livid when I heard a doctor say that.

The official stance of the Catholic Church is that pain brings you closer to Jesus so as long as it is not caused by a life-threatening injury, they think pain is good. Get away from that shitty doctor and hospital if you can and look for ones more grounded in science and less in wizardry...

Fuck Catholics. I don't even care if I'm being "bigoted", those people are actively working to expand their influence in healthcare so they can block services for AFAB people.

Is this in America ? Bc if so insurance networks arent Catholic. So while your medical provider is Catholic you can see what other doctors in your area take your insurance for this one procedure. You can opt to have one procedure at a county hospital ( or any really) without disrupting your current care. Ive worked in the accounting and billing department of a Catholic hospital.

Gosh, I'm so sorry. At 26 I had to have a hysterectomy due to a fibroid growing on my uterus. I was pregnant with my second child at the time, the fibroid weighed just as much as my child when they removed it 6 weeks after giving birth. The pain is real. Thank goodness for doctors who get it. Wishing you the best friend. I wish I had more than that to offer.

I am so sorry that you have to live out their mythological beliefs.

This is fake. Youve been called out before. Why would you say this? You posted on a subreddit before asking about a small dermatology problem, yet you didnt asking about this? R/cashappblessings you were literally called out and you responded with Im sorry I have mental problems and I dont remember to post right before being removed. Nobody send this account money. This is BS.

Good god why is this a thing that really sucks Edit: I wasnt disparaging the commenter, I really mean why the fuck are hospitals able to deny medical procedures based on religion.

I went through the same emotional journey that you did.


I find it impressive that modern teens are so aware about the ramifications of data being out there. And if that is so, I'd keep an eye out on tech megacorps maneuvering in ways that they'll get your data regardless if you put it out there. Facebook has been pushing the default installation of their app on phones for a while now, for that very reason. Giving you (I mean the general user, the rest of us revert to cooked firmwares) no choice in the matter.

Yeah I thought this was a weird like conspiracy theory thing and then remembered we are just in an actual nightmare and got very sad.

Talk about a shithole country.

We actually practiced eugenics and forced sterilization in this country. And not that long ago.

For being a first world country, the US sure has a lot of 3rd world problems.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't you realize it's the fragile MAGA cult's turn to try to "restore" their rights? They're obviously being trampled if the FBI can serve a warrant, issued by a federal judge, on their orange daddy. You'll have to wait.

Vote blue, vote for anti-filibuster politicians, and then push for abortion codification.


Yes. All hell jesus is probably much less happy than heaven jesus.

I started investing in physical planners and wall calendars years ago (for multiple reasons), and its such a perk in super dark times situations.

To my knowledge, Clue is safe! Some folks also just download all of them so the government can't possibly know which is real.

The overturning of Roe v Wade.

Sadness. Pain. Despair. Its been a rough few years.

At least two states are now considering bills that could use hate-crime laws to stiffen the penalties for black women that get abortions. While any woman that gets an abortion in those states would face felony charges, women that abort a black fetus would get an additional 25 years in prison.

Well in short the US are becoming a fascist theocracy.

American doctors are still amongst the most trusted professions, rather it's a case of covering your own ass and protecting yourself from charges.

I wish I were in the pocket of bug pharma :/.

It's getting concerning when people refer to the United States like they'd refer to Nazi Germany.

Thank you for stating this in such a clear way, I was having trouble thinking of the best way to phrase it.

Very difficult in the south, I am trying to find a sane OBGYN who wont tell me to pray my health issues away and disapproves i have sex outside marriage.

While your doc might reasonably understand if you dont keep track of your exact period dates, if your period tends to skip 1-2 months that raises red flags to check for various hormonal conditions and is considered a risk factor for cancer. Your doc doesnt always need to know details, but should ideally know enough that they can make informed medical decisions with you. Or if this is really the case with your period it might be something you should check in on with your doc. Food for thought.

I'm an ER Nurse and I have to ask this question of every biologic woman between the ages of 10-50 because there are so many medications and so many tests that can be harmful to a fetus. I'm more than happy to take a patient at their word but the doctor, the radiology tech, the hospital legal department, all those folks aren't always as understanding and if even one person cries foul we can't move forward. Unless it directly relates to the reason of your visit, I just don't care. All I want is to take as good a care of you as the shitty system I'm stuck with will allow me to and that means following stupid rules that I often don't like or agree with.

Get it checked by a gyno. I was irregular my whole life and considered it a blessing. Now I might have cancer.

That irregularity is actually a really good reason to go to a doctor. Its so depressing that women cannot be honest with their docs because those records could be used against both patients and docs.

Do you Drink a lot Of coffee.

That's pretty much the entire plan.

Some remain to ensure that the poor people that are unable to leave still have adequate and factually accurate healthcare.

To help women when they need it the most instead of abandoning them.

It's an oversimplification to reduce states to "red vs blue". There are cities in every "red state" that have groups of progressives fighting like hell to take care of their community and make positive change, while there are cities/groups in "blue states" that are causing harm. California had the highest number of Trump voters in 2020, and Texas had the 3rd-highest number of Biden voters. But even ignoring that, not everyone can afford to move or live in "blue" states. And moving out of "red" states makes the "red" states even worse for the people being harmed by conservative/fascist ideologies.

Some of these doctors also believe the bullshit the GOP spout and/or are more than willing to force their religious beliefs on others.

Because people in red states still need medical care. ? Tf.

Because the residents who can't leave deserve healthcare. It's worth pointing out the the largest medical center in the world is in Texas. If the doctors leave, the effects will reverberate worldwide.

Because not all doctors have the same views as you.

There arent a lot of people who work with the patient populations I work with and I care about my community and city. I work in a niche area in rehab and always have a waiting list. There are a lot of things that would be better in other states for me, but people here need help as well.

If we make the argument that healthcare is a human right, how can we also encourage providers to leave red states? Especially the progressive ones. There are progressive liberal women who live in red states. What about them? The idea that those women can just move is a very privileged view.

Not like everyone is able to move to a different state... besides there are stil people in red states that need, or are going to need medical, they cant just be abandoned.

People just can't up and leave because they don't like something. Plus there's often many other factors for them staying like proximity to family.

The medical director/doctor of my hospital is anti abortion. And hes a former OBGYN, now ER doctor. Just because theyre medical professionals doesnt mean theyre not people.

I live in a solidly red part of Washington state. More doctors are republican and against abortion here than those who are pro. Even getting your tubes tied as a 30 year old woman is generally not allowed without permission from a husband. So good luck if you are a single gal trying to getting that done around here. Your future husband's rights outweigh yours.

Because all states need medical professionals regardless of party politics. And those with adverse conditions to its citizens need medical professionals with good ethics the most.

Because people need doctors?

Why don't the poors just move so I can raise rent prices?

Its about the money. Coming from the most Christian state in the country (Alabama) but having had military medical care for my whole life, I love contrasting doctor stories with my civilian friends. The disgustingly sexist, racist, or straight up political interactions theyve had with doctors is ridiculous. My only, but fav, experience was w my orthodontist (obvi local small town Bama guy) - told him I was moving to California for grad school and he said to me hopefully you dont come back one of those woke people sir bold of you to assume Im coming back.

Your parents grew up in a world where that was strange too, so I don't get it. Cops protect their own, and always have, and have developed powerful networks and unions from very early on. Your parents should not be shocked what so ever. It's never been different.

Why are they shocked? Cops didnt get in trouble back then, either.

More like Atwood looked at the American Right and thought "what if they got their way?", with some help from actual history. >The deep foundation of the United Statesso went my thinkingwas not the comparatively recent 18th-century Enlightenment structures of the Republic, with their talk of equality and their separation of Church and State, but the heavy-handed theocracy of 17th-century Puritan New Englandwith its marked bias against womenwhich would need only the opportunity of a period of social chaos to reassert itself. > > > >I made a rule for myself: I would not include anything that human beings had not already done in some other place or time, or for which the technology did not already exist. ]Margaret Atwood on writing The Handmaid's Tale]().

Before Gilliad took over, abortions were still allowed. We don't even have that.

And don't use those period tracking apps fgs.

Id go with signal over wickr wickr is amazon owner and I wouldnt be surprised to see them follow in the footsteps of FB/Meta.

Never write if you can speak; never speak if you can nod; never nod if you can wink. Always has been true, always will be true.

No I smell gunpowder and sadness.

I say this every time & they still make me take a pregnancy test. they even had me take one while my gf was at an appointment with me. smh.

I just said this to my OBGYN. He said- no contraceptives at all? And I said- Nope, my wife would be pretty pissed if I was pregnant. Their immediate response- Oh ok.

Its because they want more wage slaves for their corporations and tax payers and consumers. They dont give a flying fuck about minorities. They want more babies born into poverty so they can eventually profit off them.

I grew up in a conservative household, and though I was never very fond of the Republican politicians, I would have been a right leaning independent. Trump getting nominated and fanatical support was my wake up call to how terrible the conservatives and the Republicans in particular are. It Made me rethink my limited political outlook, and I will never vote for another Republican. When you have 40% of the nation rallying around a hate-filled bigoted fraudster, it kind of tells you who the real bad guys are. And when you dig deeper you realize how much of their policies are mostly subtle ways to fuck over minorities and poor people.

But her emails.

Don't buy period products monthly with a frequent shipper card with debit or credit, either. Buy several months' and/or in cash.

There are tons of medications and diagnostic procedures that can harm pregnant women or fetuses. So asking the question is box checking several things at once. My understanding of it anyways -nulb.

From a doctor's perspective, a patient being pregnant/likely to become pregnant can drastically effect the safety of several potentially useful medications and procedures in addition to being associated with several problems that could affect whatever reason they're presenting. Separately, pregnancy itself can benefit from counseling to navigate safely.

I understand that but I think youll find many people thinking its not worth the risk anymore. And women arent at fault for that, its the people trying to criminalize their bodies.

I'm sure they did. It's only now that the consequences of answering might be jail time that people refuse to answer it.

The problem is not the question itself. The problem is that documentation of things like this can now be used against you in new ways.

We ask it because it's medically important. Where you are in your cycle materially affects the likelihood of various possible diagnoses.

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