Thursday 7th of January 2021

One America. Two Completely Different Experiences.

I will be speaking at the SAVE AMERICA RALLY tomorrow on the Ellipse at 11AM Eastern. Arrive early doors open at 7AM Eastern. BIG CROWDS!
The difference in the treatment between races in America is on full display.
Washington is being inundated with people who dont want to see an election victory stolen by emboldened Radical Left Democrats. Our Country has had enough, they wont take it anymore! We hear you (and love you) from the Oval Office. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

America . HawleyMO LIED!!! He thinks his Trump loyalty will cause his base to support him for future career. Hawley put himself above America...and LIED.
America is as you see. it will continue on its path unless it is changed for the better. & it won't be changed for the better by people who believe it already is.
On behalf of America jack and twitter you need to pull the chord on him now. He can't have this platform anymore. Don't be complicit in the violence he is instigating. Anyone out there want to co-sign?

NEW VIDEO: The United States of America was today the victim of a terrorist attack, orchestrated by the President of the United States of America. Today was Donald Trumps 9/11 Attack On America.
How exactly has that worked for other counties when politicians are all corrupt, voting is rigged, police are dirty, military is controlled by establishment, most things are owned by Left, and the entire federal system, many States? Wall comes down, we die, America is solid Blue.

One thing we can learn from all is that politicians dont give a rats ass about America. They only care about themselves and special interests. Elect them all out! Democrat and Republican.
Theres way more crazy people in America than we wanna admit to.
Justice for Black vs. Justice for White Is this the Justice of 'civilized' America? CapitolHill I cannot breathe! I cannot breathe!
If you have to say "america is so much better than this" every two weeks, maybe were not?
Why do you keep pretending to be a Gov't official? You're a President's daughter, and nothing more. Please leave America alone. You did enough damage.
.LindseyGrahamSC You are a disgrace of epic dimensions. You are a supernova of demagoguery. You are a fraud and a man of no principle. McCain would be appalled by you. You have caused this. You are a villain in the story of America. Forever.

The America I Vs The America Saw as a kid I see now.
America is musty.
Watching from northern ireland, and this is all looking too familiar, you do not want "troubles" in America, look what happened over last 100 years in Ireland and that was without the generall public being armed to the teeth.

This has never been the United States of America! Black vs White Democrats vs Republicans Rich vs Poor Small business vs Big Business Old vs Young I could go on. The United states has always been divided. Love & Respect one another.

They broke into the UNITED STATES CAPITAL. Mind you we have been shot at, pepper sprayed, littered with rubber bullets, beaten and much more for PEACEFULLY protesting. This is America.
Black Twitter while America embarrasses itself bc we did our voting portion. The rest aint our business.
This is NOT what America is about. America is about *opens history book* uh oh *Frantically starts flipping though pages* uh oh. oh no. no no no. uh oh.
Biden: "This is not America." Narrator: "It was America.".
There is no doubt the election was fraudulent. That is the same today as yesterday. There is no doubt Antifa infiltrated the protesters today and planned this. This is political theater and anyone who buys it is a sucker. Fight for justice and Pray for justice. God bless America!

As we watch Trumpers storm the capital with guns. Just a reminder, this is what America did to Native protesting for clean water.
What's happening in america and syria - a thread.
How the police handled the issue is what astonished me the most. We know how they react to peaceful BLM protesters. America is a disgrace!
Hawley might have just replaced Kushner as the most punchable face in America.
Hope BJP learns lesson from this. Polarization in politices is a double edge sword. Trump only polarized America over economics. But BJP and Owaisi are polarizing India based on nationalism & Religion. Hope amith shah has a exist plan.

America what and how? lilyachty how and thanks god? this shit too confusing night lads.
Theres no reckoning with what happened today without reckoning with the fact that a lot of these same Republicans and their media platforms never accepted the legitimacy of a Black president, and were happy to surf Americas darkest currents despite the danger to our democracy.

My family came to America after fleeing a coup, so I know that freedom is fragile. But I never thought I would see such an assault on democracy be cheered on from the Oval Office. I believe in the resilience of democracy and eagerly await the arrival of new national leadership.

To anyone saying, "This is not who we are." Yes. It is. Slavery, genocide, internment, segregation all happened in America. This is the America we don't want to see. But pretending it isn't there gives it power because it goes unseen. This is who we are. And we have to change.

If your in podunk America you will be told to isolate and quarantine without treatment. Treatment involves medications and antivirals, main mechanism behind it is to prevent immune system from over reacting. Cough is worriesome, he should get treated.

Washington Post has Id Antifa members by facial recognition were those who breached the Capital Building not Trump supporters! God heal America !
America is so much better than what were seeing today.
One America. Two completely different experiences.
You were once a respected news man. What a disgrace you have become or perhaps always were. You were the serious face of the most cancerous organization in America. Shame on you.
Non american oomfs and non oomfs dont make jokes about whats going on in america rn /gen /srs.
America, PLEASE put some respect on Americas name.
You disgust Americans. God bless America.
Tf did I wake up to??? America chile, yall need a timeout.
While todays terrible display of terror and meanness shakes us, lets remember: ossoff, Jewish son of an immigrant & ReverendWarnock, first Black Senator from Georgia, will join a Catholic POTUS & the first woman, Black Indian VP in our nations capital. God bless America.

Black America is not surprised. They shoot first and ask questions later when it comes to us.
That makes him worse He has always known better but chose evil and power over America.
Okay but instead of Americas Next Top Model its Twitch Next Pogchamp... but this time someone whose not a bigot.
America's standing in the world was destroyed when Donald Trump was elected. His mantra was 'Make America Great Again' He repeated that as he took a hammer to everything that made us great. If we don't punish this man and his enablers we have no future. We will just be lost.

Gonna spend a lot of time thinking about this election cycle, but two things are clear already: 1. The GOP went all-in on Trumpism and got destroyed. Lindsey Graham should have listened to Lindsey Graham. 2. Black people especially Black women saved America again.

Me sneaking into area 51 to steal a UFO while america is in the middle of a civil war.
This probably isnt the time or place but ... George W Bushs statement that this isnt what happens in America, its how its done in banana republics is ... a choice given how many of those coups had CIA involvement.

Fuck you, you no good cocksucker sellout... AMERICA FIRST.
- 1 person shot - At least 1 bomb found on Capitol grounds - Congressional chambers & offices breached by Trump supporters - Tear gas deployed - Capitol on lockdown This is America Today.
Trumps america. Gone to ship.
America already withdrew from her -nulb.
Sadly. Right now. It's America.
Did this mob spring spontaneously from America? No. This mob was invited to Washington on this day by this president for one reason, because he knew the electoral college votes were going to be counted this day, he wanted this mob to disrupt the constitutional process that we..

This is not America. Then why the fuck is it happening?
Carats! i know seventeen being on the late late show is something huge but please dont overtrend it with whats been happening in syria and america kindly spread!
Im all for America, fuck the government.
Inbox: "The NAACP is calling for the immediate Impeachment of President Donald Trump for his attempted coup on the United States of America.".
If only the United States of America had Strong Western Institutions.
I mean so is America.
So you agree there are two Americas...
I spent my high school years in South America just as countries there were rejecting exactly the sort of thing we saw today. My friends from Peru are aghast at what they are seeing, including one who has worked extensively in Venezuela. So theres that.

Omg did we just witness Lindsay G say that?! 4 years late you absolute clown. But I do applaud the Reps who are finally u-turning and denouncing the insanity that occurred today, supporting Pences stance today and Joes win. A terribly sad day for America. 14 days. 14 days.

"America is so much better than this" tweets annoy me.
Syria are being bombed due to distractions from america and arent getting the attention they too need! i will be retweeting information about it and linking it to this thread too.
We must SAVE AMERICA! Pass it on.
Literarily the difference in America and now no one can deny it.
America is not better than this This is the true foundation of this country.
Welcome to America, where domestic terrorists think they are the patriots.
Biden: This is not America Childish Gambino.
Sure, it dragged in the middle, but the United States of America seems to be having a compelling season finale.
Memba when the biggest disagreement in America was over a dress being black and blue or white and gold? I memba.
America, summed up in a 45 second video.
Thugs Breach CapitolBuilding , But What If They Were Black or Brown? You Already Know... MichaelBaisden was live.
Why did I watch this movie about America falling on the day America fell the hardest during tr*mp administration.
Some Americans will never appreciate America, until after they have helped destroy it, and have then begun to suffer the consequences.

What You Really Think

Racist America at its finest.



I am disgusted!

I hope they fire that police officer taking a picture during the riot! That is completely unacceptable!

THIS is how don trump projects Law & order MAGA.

This makes me sick.

In Trumps words, when the looting starts, the shooting starts versus these things are going to happen... we love you. Its just shocking. So sad to see.

Oh wow hes holding that protesters hand down the steps in one picture and in the next just sheer police brutality.

.MeidasTouch can you or ProjectLincoln or donwinslow do more split screen videos to show how the police treated BLM protestors vs how they treated DomesticTerrorists today?

Its bullshit.

They wanted them to storm the building. Antifa mixed in the crowd. They are using this tonight as fuel for when they vote. Pre planned!

Yep. Wth?!?!?!

So damn true, so damn wrong...

Disgusting... Im so ashamed.

Im so embarrassed for this country.

This makes me sick to my stomach.

Sad but TRUE!!!

Oh, sorry, fighting for human rights are you? Can't have that around here. Oh dear, it appears you want to overthrow our democracy, come right in!

Reparations over everything.

I wonder how these "protestors" would've been framed and treated if they were Muslim/Middle-Eastern.

Absolutely disgusting.

Its disgusting.


BLM wouldve been shot if they did even half of what these disgusting people did today. There r 2 different rules for black & white Americans and it was no better seen then today. White people this is on us! We need to step up and speak up.