Wednesday 28th of April 2021

Happy Birthday to Our Former First Lady MelaniaTrump. She is One Class Act! We Appreciate You Helping to Lift up America And All That You Stood For. God Bless You And Your Family!

Social Media Says

Get vaccinated, America.
Today, were launching program funded American Rescue Plan provide nutrition assistance more than million children over summer. Help here ensure goes hungry America.

Today, spoke with Prime Minister narendramodi pledged Americas full support provide emergency assistance resources fight against COVID-19. India there will there them.

Never understood elonmusk hate: -Came with nothing -Worked through school -Started successfull businesses Tesla: -Made America -Veterans program -LGBT support SpaceX: -Reusable rockets -Astronauts/satellites space fraction cost -High speed internet all.

dare anyone take away dignity respect others because their race. Republicans will dearly hate theyve helped spread across America world. Black brothers sisters. proud are. love you.

Last Thursday: Ontario government will provide best paid sick days program North America! Yesterday: vote paid sick days! Today: We'll offer program. feds Ontario Government (FoR PeOpLe).

uneducated think socialism great, look further than Venezuela.
NEW: Today America First Legal filed lawsuit against Biden Administration illegally barring American farmers from receiving financial based upon race. Discrimination form wrong. will fight back.

Hahaha were born America (assuming) white, which privilege too. Your argument doesn't make sense, long have your whatever want right?

murder rape Yadhira Romero Martinez year girl. picked uber. then raped killed driver. providing family Mexico. came America better future. Bring family justice.

Keywords: eating popcorn, watching cartoons, manga collection (one piece), black suit, essential oils, silver candles, amazonite green fluorite, tarot readings, 222, 121, captain america.

eji_org. Equal Justice Initiative committed ending mass incarceration excessive punishment challenging racial economic injustice, protecting basic human rights most vulnerable people America.

fundamentalists don't just think America racist. They *know* America racist. information contrary immediately rejected.
believe could have stopped "...& don't even have president VP"! have imbeciles couldn't care less about America America hating muslim pulling puppet strings.
Rick Santorum just dismissed Native Americans part Americas culture. else thinks should dismiss employee?
never been guarantee that America's highest ideals will always prevail. shameful internment Japanese Americans during WWII proves that. preserving Amache, we'll learn from this dark period history ensure never happens again.

Sierra Army Depot Herlong, America's money hole.
That's what said! guess needs thinks help them learn English gave Spanish children book English! Maybe make them feel better about being trafficked, abused, used child slave labor! they America ain't just wonderful!

Even left knows America being destroyed Democrats!
Super-excited that emilythejourno and iankarbal are joining the mtnstspotlight team.
Two traders to America.
that removed. America never truly heal until rights wrongs.
Notre Dame probably most conservative catholic college university America that weird unserious.
course JoeBiden Covid planning calls with worst track record Covid state America, governor with four huge investigations into conduct.
After years Obama, Donald Trump President saved America just years. Biden this nation path destruction less than days office.
Many Happy Returns Melania Trump, Americas Favorite First Lady!
those complained...about another white taking reins, whined needed someone younger fresher, worried last take country into future, Biden proffered compelling calm) counterpunch.

Yoon Yeo-Jung said Korean interview after Oscars that Plan didn't give Minari enough funds work with money upgrade flights back forth between America Korea.

Whiteness America death. tired walking edge humiliating death. want free White Americas hoarding, hierarchies, surveillance. want know that freedom. society where integrated with land environment.

Good morning conservatives America Democrats like call these days, domestic extremists.
This last week vote final round America's Coach. VOTE district tennis facilitator Coach Leslie Crook!!! vote daily this final round through female male winners will announced week 10.

built forward thinking. This idea that America must back great absurd direct conflict with colonists were willing line hopes building better government. America, albeit slowly, always been waking..

John Kerry traitor America.
Douglas MacKinnon: America, thank your lucky stars Elon Musk care about preeminence space Follow more! alien.
"Tomato sauce is more common in English-speaking countries outside North America. Red sauce is the term used in Welsh English, Scottish English, Ulster English and some parts of England, such as the Black Country, and in South London, contrasting with brown sauce." wikipedia sez.

Open border - Police defunded - prices skyrocketing - hikes coming - Keystone canceled - American energy jobs killed - Stimulus checks illegal immigrants prisoners - Schools still shut downdespite saying reopen This America under Democrat control.

Then isn't Marco doing what good America?!? danholler seriously, your messaging sucks American people.
(D-MA): ]Biden] progressive agenda president meeting what America needs now.
Hurry!! part important conversation Police America tweeting your brief thought question using hashtag thefaulknerfocus. Watch bottom screen your tweet! Starts 11am ET.

more progressive America becomes worse gets.
These remarkable stories. mark AAPI Heritage Month May, conducting interviews with Asian Americans from walks life showcase what they have done build America. part what doing AsiaSociety to.

In PennEast Case, SCOTUS Will Decide The Future Of Americas Pipeline Development.
We're thrilled to be recognized by CIOBulletin as one of the Top 30 Companies to Watch in 2021! Our growth mindset drives Hut 8's revenue diversification, ESG and carbon footprint reduction strategy: $HUT $BTC.

Death to America.
cannot ignore violence epidemic America longer. We're only days into 2021, we've already seen more than mass shootings. children, must act. time abolish filibuster.

many people profiting racial divisions America. leaders rich, media gets ratings, politicians votes. sick.
Watched "the falcon winter soldier" main villain band radical egalitarians (clearly stand-in radical segments blm) while savior black captain america solved systemic racism talking senators. peak liberal brainrot.

gave mental capacity America when started seeing VEGAN everything- even sugar Fckin morons.
Siding with worlds foremost sponsor terror against Americas closest most important ally Israel exposes John Kerry both agent ugly face anti Semitism. also disgusting traitor.

Love it!!!! Lets go America! Lets fight back!
"Dad, you're Captain America!".
really tell SEGA America SEGA Japan communicate slightest.
People need accept that wilson anthony mackie captain america.
Americas crisis isnt only border highest offices national security. Iran ally Israel Hanoi/ Iran Kerry explaining under oath Calls John Kerry investigated what told Iran.

Hunter Bidens book brutally honest account loss, darkest depths addiction, cruelty politics recovery. Grateful this conversation because struggles will familiar millions families.

Kelvin McCarthy complete disgrace America! Thats tweet..
Greek Metropolitan Chicago discharged from hospital Metropolitan Nathanael Greek Orthodox Archdiocese America been discharged after week hospital.
Wrong!! 30 millions of small business in the US are the ones who contribute the most and create the most jobs, and they ALL pay taxes. 55 of America's largest corporations paid $0. So turn off Fox and start paying attention to reality, cult follower.

havent seen anthony talking about finding captain america today? here love.
America going announce today that vaccinated people dont have wear masks outside anymore.
You're American, what's your concern Nigerian politics. Oh wait? Jide lives America lmao.
White Supremacists Nazis America influencing Canadians hateful propaganda having serious impact peaceful Home Native Land.
America needs conservative political party that rationally debate solutions climate change. America doesnt need conservative political party that lies about hamburgers.
4-27-21 South America: Forecast remaining consistent next weeks...discussing growing precipitation concerns. AGwx OATT corn soybeans safrinha Brazil Argentina Update: email access commodity reports!

It's even funny, sickening! life that lost defending world, America bacon hope otherwise inevitable invasion take over Nazi Germany. people gave their lives these idiots take selfies.

True, going stir more craziness, right need calm. almost months since Capitol riot things just keep escalating. America shot.
There immigrant will ever more undermine America than Rupert Murdoch.
They were insane this just anthony mackie chris evans wearing captain america shirts.
shifted dependence China, couldve sworn bill clinton. Wasnt trump stopping China from stealing intellectual property while they were taxing hell products theirs coming America almost free?

5 important projects protecting biodiversity in Latin America.
When you're black America accused you're GUILTY regardless guilty verdict multiple lawsuits being thrown your favor.
Europes lead offshore wind dramatic creates difficulties when squaring Bidens green energy agenda with "Made America" jobs agenda. want wind turbines them France Orsted, Equinor Iberdrola build wind farm.

Harris Afraid visiting Border because COVID? .Biden/Harris "allowing/inviting" illegals into distributing them throughout America? does this make sense? Obviously they know Border dangerous controversial? this cowardly act?

Rose McGowan goes News that Democrats cult are, "against changing world better," right after Dems unilaterally pass legislation child poverty HALF working most climate-oriented policy America ever had. Rose.

As many as he had to to destroy America.
know that people installed solar years longer paying power bill? Don't wait longer call Brighten America today have yours installed: (520) 222-6630.
Here's Paycom's Chad Richison (technically) America's highest paid CEO.
If youre looking to get out into nature, youll have to get in line this year may be the most in-demand yet for America's national parks.
Cool thing alert! Excited hosting 2021 bradybuzz Awards this Thursday, April celebrating heroes helping America face violence epidemic head on.m, spirit Sarah Brady. Tune at.

law-abiding healthy America adult should required permission carry gun.
Fascinating debate right now. hand Biden redesigning America, economic era. other structural change that see: minimum wage, radical change, quickly dropped. happens level myth feeling.

Natural selection work, brought America RNC.
Tucker Carlson clear record that shows allegiance isnt with U.S. during WWIII-level hybrid war, helped Kremlin using platform support Putin over America. This latest operation endanger public safety intentionally harm America.

large supermoon dazzles night skies across Latin America.
Russia more reliable than Woke America's Sleepy Joe.
Alberta States Provinces North America terms cases million. wonder Alberta consistently rated worst terms Covid response. futility achievement unlocked.

Convention States Save Republic Blue State Conservative God Bless America Convention States definitely needed.
Channing Tatum stars George Washington first look AMERICA: MOTION PICTURE. Andy Samberg, Simon Pegg, Jason Mantzoukas, Munn, Bobby Moynihan, Judy Greer Will Forte will also star. film releases Netflix June 30.

"Joe Biden exploited PTSD, subsequent ennui, expand power government change relates citizens," writes.
Pfft I'll believe when standing should zero! killed half million Americans brought America knees through GOP's wilful ignorance, criminality, incompetence treachery!

This best paid sick leave program North America. This paid sick leave program.

What You Really Think

She's the first lady who said who gives a "F" about Christmas. You like Trump have the spirit of anti-Christ!

So classy.

Without Googling, name one substantive policy she stood for.

Wanting her to join you and the pool boy?

Best First Lady kidneys of them all.


I really don't care. Do you?

One of the best first ladies who was also a porn star.

You mean this wholesome creature?

My favorite immigrant..

Classy if you're into lesbian porn and profanity.

Class ?? Hmm...

A very happy and blessed birthday to the best First Lady.

May GOD bless you a d your family. America is so thankful for you allV.

When did she lift up America ? You say classy most people say ropey old slapped who married for money and a visa.

Happy Birthday to our First Lady.

Happy bd.

I'm truly baffled as to why you continue to align yourself with the Trumps. You are suppose to be a man of God. Your words matter to millions of people yet you let God down in favor of Trump. You may not pay here on earth but your soul will face judgement and God is the judge.

She is also very smart and fluent in several languages. She is very impressive and a great role model!

I thought you repented.


Class? You know they are nothing but grifters, the only explanation is that you identify with their grift and want some of that $ for yourself! L O L ! ! !

Class act?she is isnt a Lady and never will be. Maybe she will go back to pole dancing.

You mean former hoe porn star the 3rd lady damn sure never was a first lady.

Happy Happy Birthday Blessings Today and Always!!! :).

Please pray for me am loosing my faith, am into a miserable life.

TRUMP 2024!

Not sure of your definition of "class." Maybe the following: "the system of ordering a society in which people are divided into sets based on perceived social or economic status.".

Happy birthday Melania. A great First Lady.

When Trump goes to prison , l want to see what youre going to post, your tweets are proof that youre not a sincere Christian and theyre all there for posterity.

Gov. Reeves said he wanted to promote unity. Then he declared Confederate Memorial Day. That's like Frankie wishing happy birthday to a porn model...

Happy birthday.

Shirley Eugest ROFL!

First time we ever had that kind of act in the White House lol. In most states it's illegal.


"Class act"? Thanks, I really needed a good laugh!

Happy Birthday First Lady!!

Will she celebrate with her Tiffany friend or her husband?? I hope the former. Trumps candle is like soft wax near a fire pit!

Jesus Christ Franklin!! What kind of dirt does the Trump family have on you? Class act? WTF?? What kind of First Lady wears this on a trip to visit a migrant child detention center in Texas? Not a classy one I can tell you that!

Happy birthday!

Class act. because she is subservient to her husband and tolerates his boastfulness, bulling, cheating and lying. Thats not class thats suppression. You have a sin full mind. I do wish her well and hope she can free herself of her own transgressions.


Shes the textbook definition of a gold digging whore and we had no idea what she stood for. She really didnt care, do u?

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