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America Big.

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This happens in class="u-nolinkc" href="">Australia class="u-nolinkc" href="">a lot, we have class="u-nolinkc" href="">a big fucking country, almost the size of the USA, but with only 30 million people, shit is spread out. Tourists and back class="u-nolinkc" href="">packers thinking they will just drive through the middle of class="u-nolinkc" href="">Australia to see the outback dont understand class="u-nolinkc" href="">how far they have to travel and class="u-nolinkc" href="">how dangerous it is without some serious preparation and consideration into food and water if you break down out there.

We work with folks in the UK on the reg and they sometimes cannot comprehend the size of our country. Im in TX. They see something going on in New Mexico and wonder if class="u-nolinkc" href="">I can pop over to check it out because the New Mexico techs are busy. Umm no? class="u-nolinkc" href="">I can speed for 6 hours and still not be out of my state in basically any direction.

class="u-nolinkc" href="">I live in Western New York and have family in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area. Ive done that drive countless times. class="u-nolinkc" href="">Florida is class="u-nolinkc" href="">a LONNNNG state. You spend an eternity on I-95 only to find youre *still* not even out of class="u-nolinkc" href="">Florida yet. The U.S. is fucking huge. class="u-nolinkc" href="">North to south, east to west. Doesnt matter.

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I once met a really nice British couple in a Vegas hotel elevator. I asked if it was their first time in Vegas and they said yes. I asked how their flight was. They told me that they flew into SFO (San Francisco International Airport) then did the ~10 hour drive through California and the Nevada desert to get to Vegas. The wife said "We thought it was only going to be a few hours, not all day!".

God that sucks imagine wanting to live in America and you pick Florida someone get them to Pennsylvania quick.

Had an Irish exchange student at my school in PA, bummmed we couldnt drive down to Miami to party one night, had to get a map to point out PA is about as far from Miami as Ireland is to Iraq. He was also confused I didnt just bump into celebrities all the time.

>That's 18 hours one way WITHOUT stops for food and restroom breaks. And without traffic.

Reminds me of the time my college roommates and I took a trip from NJ to Florida to watch a rocket launch. Left Monday evening and came back on Wednesday just in time for class. It was funny explaining to my professors that my red ears, neck, and face weren't from the unshakeable chill of New Jersey weather, but *sunburn* from Florida. 10/10, would drive again.

This is funny, because pre-COVID, it was a meme on /newzealand the number of Americans who would come on the subreddit talking about how they're gonna be here for 3 days and is that enough time to arrive in Auckland, drive to Hobbiton, drive to Queenstown and then back to Auckland to fly out.

Disney College? What the *fuck!?*.

It's 10 hours from Auckland to Wellington, and that's just North Island. NZ ain't that small.

> To be fair she also expected to see snow in Florida. All you need is to get Ernest to save Christmas and it will snow in Florida.

I had some classmates from India and Nigeria who thought they could drive to California for the weekend. From Ontario, Canada...

When I moved to California from Switzerland, I wasn't accustomed to the size at all, I assumed LA and SF were just a long drive away from each other (so, something like 1-2h, because that's what a "long drive" was in Europe) and not a solid 8h drive. I think what really broke my brain was when my wife, in my first week as an immigrant, asked me if I wanted to go get dinner at a place she likes "one town over". I agreed, expecting something like a 15 minute drive, not an hour! "I thought you said it's one town over?" - "it is!!" That was some pretty big culture shock. Also my mom used to call me for every single wildfire or other tragedy happening on the west coast, because for her no matter if there was a shooting in San Diego or a wildfire in North Sacramento, it was always "right where ]Rat] lives"! The distances are just so different here in comparison to where I'm from. A 1h drive back in Switzerland would mean I drove to a whole other country. Here it's barely enough to enter another county.

I live in Florida and my roommate's coworker was going to NYC and thought she could take the subway to see Niagara Falls.

Texas is bigger than every country in Europe (excluding Russia).

We used to do NYC to Pasco County in 18 hours with food and rest breaks.

Driving from the north tip of NZ to the southern tip is a similar distance, but much slower due to roads and terrain (and a ferry). And Australia is right next door with plenty of long drives and hour plus daily commutes. She seems more just a special case that a typical kiwi.

> To be fair she also expected to see snow in Florida. She did zero research before moving to another country for a few months. meh, being adventurous is part of youth.

Yea a lot of non-Americans don't really understand how big the U.S. is. Europeans like to give us a ton of shit because so many Americans don't leave the country, but our country is about the same size as their continent. That said, I grew up in Rhode Island (smallest state in the U.S., ~20 x 40 miles) and we considered distances in the same manner as the UK. Anything more than 15m away was a day trip and required planning.

I love people like this.

Wait til they get a load of Canada. Ive had relatives visit me, asking casually if I could take them to see the Rockies. Thats like 3,000 km from here. We can drive there in 4 days if we leave now. They just dont get it. And as per what the OP said, yes, Brits absolutely squirm at the idea of spending more than 30 minutes in a car. They cannot comprehend when I tell them that in Canada, you can drive 4 hours in any direction and still be in your own backyard, geographically speaking. Meanwhile, drive 4 hours in the UK and youve driven through 8 different accents, 5 dialects, and god knows how many regional cultural variations.

Even as an actual US resident I forget how big Florida actually is. When I'm coming from the West on I-10 and I finally get to that juncture to head South towards Disney World, I always feel like it'll be relatively quick. Then Google Maps updates and says I have to drive for another 5 hours haha. But I've made that trip so many times, I shouldn't be surprised anymore.

It takes about 20 hours of driving to get to where I live in Ontario to where Manitoba starts 31 hours to Calgary if you go through the states. I went on an trip to Ireland and drove from Dublin to cork and a friend thought that was a crazy road trip when its the same as driving to Toronto.

You know you fucked up when even Americans think you have done insufficient research on another country before visiting it.

Similar story from a friend who's stationed at an army base in Florida. They had a friend who was taking a trip from overseas to Orlando and wanted to meet up. It blew their mind that even though they lived in Florida and even though orlando is roughly in the middle of Florida it was still almost a 6 hour drive from the base.

To be fair, a flight from the bottom to the top of our country is only about 2 hours..

My sister did the Disney college program in Orlando(.

My folks came from England to visit me in NY before the pandemic. They were here for 10 days. It took a lot of persuading and geography lessons to talk my dad out of doing a day trip to Hawai'i.

I made that drive once. I shallnt do it ever again.

ICP I take it? Yea. I used to work at Disney. And had a ton of them who had no idea how far apart things are here.

I feel like I've read this exact comment before.

Domestic flights between major airports can be pretty cheap though. You certainly wont *drive* up to NY from FL for a day trip, but its only a 2-3 hour flight (plus all the other BS) from MCO to JFK/LGA/EWR and a single traveler, or even two, might be cheaper to fly than to drive. Especially if you can travel light.

As a west coaster, having to explain to east coasters the distance between SoCal Disney and San Fran is not a day trip. Its almost the same distance as driving all of new england.

New York State and the UK are roughly the same size. I know that New Zealand isn't in the UK, or anywhere near it, but that's just a fun fact that I know. EDIT: The UK is actually larger than NYS! England and NY are about equal, but when you factor in Scotland, N. Ireland, and Wales the UK beats NYS by about 40,000 square miles.

Went to school in Rochester ny. So many international students think nyc is right there. Especially Chinese students who are used to high speed rail where it should be only 3 hours. Nope, our rail system sucks and driving takes 8 hours.

Having met Americans who thought they could take a day trip to Alaska driving from Washington State... Most people don't seem to understand distance. I know people who would commute 45 minutes to own a bigger home, but find a 45 minute drive to a museum or concert, too far. People are odd.

Californian here, we have family from Rhode Island that visits occasionally. Last time they kept saying "we're going to San Francisco for the day, see you at dinner!" We kept correcting them that we'd see them *tomorrow* because it is a good 9 hour drive without traffic (unheard of) and they were leaving at noon. Longest they normally drive is no more than an hour. That being said, we locals travel 3-4 hours one way to have dinner with relatives and don't blink an eye about driving home so we can work the next day.

> To be fair she also expected to see snow in Florida. Well, there is Disney Worlds Main Street during Christmas.

When I was working at a resort in the Canadian Rockies a guy asked me for directions to Niagara Falls.

To be fair on the snow, if she hadn't been outside of New Zealand before, she might not have realized how generic most areas are in terms of climate compared to NZ. They have a lot of biomes packed into a few islands.

Did she ever say how New Zealand was or what its like to live there? I feel dumb but I really dont know a lot about that country :(.

While waiting for my ride outside of JFK in NYC a British guy very politely asked me where he could catch the bus to Toronto. Confused, I asked if he meant the Greyhound Bus station. No, he was looking for a local bus. His mind was blown when I told him it was an 8 hour drive.

My mother in law lives in the same city 15 min down the road and still only see her 2-3x a year.

If you knew people from the UK you wouldnt want to see them either.

Hey I'm an American and I have family I only want a few times a year.

Asocial*. Antisocial means you dont care that you are a colossal dick to everyone.

TIL I'm from the UK.

He did travel halfway across the country tho.

Meanwhile, I was staying with a friend in London and we went to visit mutual friends in London and it took us over an hour and a half to get there, and we ended up staying the night on the couch because it was too late to head home..

I grew up in Guildford. You can easily cycle to Brighton and back in a day if you wanted to. They stayed the night probably because they wanted to go out and drink/take drugs and not have to drive home (trains don't go all though the night).

>Theyre an hour apart. So just a drive to the gas station in the midwest.

Wanting to stay longer with your friends. And be able to drink until stupid oclock without worrying about train times or staying sober for the drive home. Dont see the issue with that.

We do Brighton as a day trip quite often (live in Guildford). It's definitely not something that needs a hotel but we also sometimes stay for the weekend too.

]Shades of Monty Python.]().

I live only an hour away from Chicago but if I'd be staying multiple nights I might consider a motel too.

This just makes me feel that like, as an American who doesn't mind driving, I could start some kind of hot-shot delivery service within Great Britain. From the south to the north is like, 14 hours. I've driven that much and only gone a single state over. I've also done that in a single go.

I do that once a year, were one state away lol.

That is a lot of parental visits for being 4 hrs away.

Every other weekend? Yeah thats excessive.

Ya fk that.

Mum! It's January 2nd! It's the 3rd time this week!

Ugh. I feel ya. How do you think I feel, I have to see your mom on the other side of the bed every morning before I skulk out .

Hello Ray.

I told my roommates I needed more space!


>45 minutes is.. a normal ass commute to work lol Only in a boring dystopia. An extra 1.5 hours unpaid time for work? That's insane.

If it was charged as long distance then its most definitely a billing issue.


Could do this in Michigan as well, bottom to top.

BC? Cause that sounds like my island.

If I drove 9 hours in a near straight line I could still be in my state. (US).

This sounds breathtaking.


Lol yea think this person just didnt want to see their dad. when i lived at home id see my dad every other week and he lived two hours away. my secondary school alone took me at least an hour and two buses.

Same. My mum either drops me off at my nans or straight to the train station which takes 40 mins sometimes then I gotta get a 15 min train for a 10 min walk to college. Good college tho.

The way you left the c off of college made me read it like some weird nonexistent accent.

The closest burger joint is 45 minutes away. Doing a burger run was normal as a teen. Today I drove in to run one errand. Many people drive that every week just to grocery shop. Driving up to an hour or more for a simple task is commonplace* *I'm in rural Canada.

My closest target is an hour away, I live in a backwater town.

I routinely drive an hour and a half one way to avoid sales tax.

I drove 1.5 hours to get the gray joycon Nintendo Switch because everyplace near me only had the red and blue ones. It was just a couple towns over.

I drove 1:15 to an Ikea once that said online they had a desk I wanted. They didn't so I just got a burger and went home.

Thats a lot of driving.

Because that *is* crazy. Why would you spend ~~40~~ 24 hours plus stops sat in traffic when you have Japanese trains available?

I thought the bullet trains were popular in Japan?

It might also be because using the highway is expensive in Japan. Tokyo to Nagasaki 25k yen one way ($220). Around the same price for the bullet train, which is faster and you can also drink on board.

Its nothing to consider going to Portland for the day from Seattle. Its like a 3 hour drive one way, and I never thought about how far that actually is lmao. My commute to work used to be 45 mins one way, and i didnt realize how much I hated it until I got a job 7 minutes from my house.

I mean... We drive 14 hours to see my cousins every year So 7 hours ain't that bad. Not causal, but not the easiest thing to sit through.

I live in Texas, 6 hours in any direction and I'm either in an oil field or the desert. I know people who do near weekly trips between Dallas and Austin which is about a 3 hour drive.

US here, my father taught us more than six hours ain't a weekend trip. Now I've done weekend trips around 6-8 hours but those are rare events (major sporting events, major hunting trips, once a few decade trips). But I routinely drive 4 hours for a weeks vacation every year, and the trip just seems to get shorter each year. But the 4 hours to my in laws seems to get longer, and we do that more often. But I have buddies that will drive from NY to Tennessee, then Arkansas, then Texas and then Oklahoma in a 7 day trip and I'm not about thet car lifestyle. Oh, and they come immediately back. Edit: my commute to work is about 23 minutes door to door, and we're looking at houses outside the city I work in. I told my wife I'd like to keep it under a half hour.

Seriously, I'm planning to take a 14 hour Amtrak to avoid an 8 hour drive next year.

If you go to UF or FSU and your parents live in South Florida (extremely common scenario down here), you may end up quite regularly making a 5-7 hour drive. I used to do 5 hours each way to see my parents at least every 4-6 weeks.

My Nanna once had relatives from England over and they wanted to go on a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. They were in Sydney. I think they ended up going to the Blue Mountains instead.

Yes the old Can I walk from Brisbane to Sydney? types. Sure - it only takes 10hrs to drive there, walking should be fine.

]Yeah, Australia is *massive*.]().

I live in victoria, the 12 apostles are stupid. there are only like 8 of them and they are literally just rocks in the ocean. ive seen em like 5 times and i dont get the appeal, theyre not even that pretty.

Does their travel agent not explain all this? And do they not figure it out from Google maps?

I lived in Australia for a decade, and my last year I contemplated circumnavigating the country for my last few months. Then i did the math. Alone, just driving and not spending the day doing much, leaving me about 5-7 hours wherever I was that day. would probably take me 4 weeks, driving about 500km a day. If I actually wanted to stop at specific stops, or spend more than the day in one spot, it would take a whole lot longer. Then I think I worked the fuel out to costing me like 5k AUD alone. Not to mention accommodation, food, etc. Would have cost a small fortune.

I visited Australia back in 2019. I was there for 3 weeks. I visited Sydney, Cairns, and Melbourne. I really wanted to see Uluru, but I couldnt make it fit into my schedule. I cant imagine thinking you could do all that in a week. I flew between the cities. I had a really good time when I was in Cairns. I would like to visit again sometime.

When my sister and BIL bought their first house, they bought it in a new development that was 45 miles away from his job. The reasoning was because the company was about to open a new office about 10 minutes away, and they got an incredible deal on the house, so he figured he could handle three months of that commute. The new office never opened. And the salt on that wound was that to get to the nearest freeway that would take him downtown, he had take a 10 mile stretch of road that was only two lanes that had no intersections or any way to safely turn around. And that stretch of road became a parking lot every morning and evening because a bunch of other geniuses bought *that* far out even though they all worked in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Without traffic, that drive would be ~45 minutes. For him it was almost 2 hours.

And no one even works 9-5 anymore.

Lol I came here to say this. Guess Im not the only one whos heard this bit of truth.

Sitting on a park bench, that's older than my country.

An hour train ride would be much less tiring than a 45 minute drive. Especially since, in the US at least, that is typically the only option.

I had a friend like that. Drove to Texas once from california. I was driving and was going to pull into a rest spot at like 2-3am. He got pissed at me. He took over and i fell asleep, i woke up as sun was rising and we were deicing into our destination on a wide highway. He said, good, i am glad you are up. Ive been hallucinating for a 1/2 hour.

That cannot be safe or healthy.

My parents used to drive the same distance with us every year, at least once, sometimes twice. They just took turns when the other got too sleepy!

That would be a fuckload of trains.

We have them, just not for public transportation.

Maybe he just sucks. Thats a very long time to not even meet up for holidays.

I mean, my father lives half an hour away and I haven't spoken to him in ~7 years, give or take. But then again he's a garbage person who doesn't deserve his children, so.

Only once? I've driven further just to get 5 Guys.

>35 minutes >a few cities over Lol where I live in Italy roads are so shit that it can take 35 minutes to drive across my town Though some roads aren't so bad so leaving my province can also take 35 minutes.

I drive 30-45 minutes to get my preferred food like every single day lol.

Well yeah, thats the lead in to what they actually want from the date. Edit: just realized thats round trip 7 hours which is only 3.5 hrs, and people totally did that in northern Idaho to get to Spokane for a decent restaurant date.

"Laughs in Texas" Costco is 30 minutes away. Work is an hour away. I considered making a 10 hr drive to drop the kids at summer camp, then coming back the same day.

When I worked in Yellowstone I would regularly drive 2 hours to the nearest Taco Bell.

We dont have much of a choice.

Coincidentally, you can drive from southernmost cali to northernmost and it'll still feel like 36 hours.

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