'American Freedom': Soviet Propaganda Poster, 1960s.

Sunday 23rd of May 2021

'American Freedom': Soviet Propaganda Poster, 1960s.

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Propaganda posters are a lost artform. They were really, really good and the best ones actually knew how to find a real pain point and press it home. In the case of this one, white people saying how ridiculous the poster is only makes it more potent. It addressed a real issue, forced conversation and any form of dismissal was reinforcing the message for the intended audience. All from a single still image.

Yes, makes me wonder if this is really from the 1960s. A reverse image search on google gives no other results. A reverse image search on tineye gives 2 results from 2017 on tumblr that I am not able to see when I click them. A search for 1960 soviet propaganda posters on duckduckgo refers to a shop that has that particular image not at display at all. Subjective opinion, the art style and quality is very different from 1960s soviet propaganda posters and the layout/idea seems to be very modern. Also I think that soviets didnt really care for fair conditions for black people. Not then, not now. It is a clever idea and it looks really nice, but it fits more our era than the 1960s in the USSR.

The message is well done as well considering it's true.

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Also, it's true.

R/adporn ?

Say what you want about the Soviets, but they had great posters.

Tons of Soviet posters are absolutely dope.

And factually, it's also a very true poster.

And for some more context, a lot of leaders and proponents of the Civil Rights movement ]were assassinated](). Medgar Evers (1963), John F. Kennedy (1963), Malcolm X (1965), Martin Luther King (1968), Robert F Kennedy (1968), Fred Hampton (1969). Maybe not all murders are *directly* linked to involvement in Civil Rights, but the effect was still the same.

Oh, haha, hard to believe the U.S.A. was such a racist place. TIL.

And why things like statues are such a hot topic, as they were erected as recently as the 80s. Quite different from the kinds of statues people want to topple in European nations in some misguided show of sympathy (if not downright cargo culting). Just wish we could have these things posted without the constant rehash of the cold war.

The Soviet Union had also been portraying itself as a multicultural union of equality, when in reality it had Uyghured most of the cultures from the territory it conquered in the 17th century.

I mean why should the n-word be offensive in Russian language? "Nieghr" is the word for black people in Russian. Additionally historically slaves in Russia were just as white as masters so the n-word there is not connected with racism in any way.

Niger literally means black in Latin. It is true that the meaning has become derogatory in the English language, but it's not the same in other languages.

> not very offensive in modern Russia not offensive at all in Russia, but calling someone black is an insult.

The derogatory form in Russian is to use the word black "chyornii" to refer to someone. They typically use it for people of north caucasian origin.

"nieghr" is not an n-word.


To be fair: "Nieghr" has definitely a negative connotation in Russian, but for completely different cultural reasons then in the USA.

Who is that person in the crack supposed to be?

Well, they werent wrong. But not any better..

> "200 million FBI files to spy on dissidents" >from KGB Palpatine Voice: Ironic.


Now that's fucking rich, coming from Reds.

What surprises me the most is how some things never get old. African and Asian communities fighting for the equal rights, protests around the world to establish piece in the middle east, activists fighting for improving the ecological situation, poor situation with female rights and not equal salaries in many different countries, popularity of the nationalism, racism or even Nazism, and that list is really long.

Like most propaganda it contains an element of truth.

> I mean, they weren't wrong... How did that old '90s joke go? *"Everything the Communist Party said about capitalism was true, too bad everything they said about communism wasn't!"*.

They still arent wrong: black men have around a one quarter probability to be put in prisons in the US.

Well since slavery didnt exist in the 60s they literally are wrong lol.

Just insanely hypocritical.

Well, yeah, but that's like the pot calling the kettle black. Black people in the USSR were also discriminated against, even if most of them were just students from friendly countries.

They probably had prisoners at thier gulags paint this. Well maybe the lucky ones that avoided the great purge got to go to the gulag.

I don't think black people wore shackles by 1960. America had its problems, but as always, Soviets just exaggerate to the point of lying and only do this for the purpose of enslaving yet more people.

You can't mention Russia or China on reddit without people immediately pulling out a comprehensive list of all their human rights violations since the dark ages. I sure wonder why America or the rest of Europe don't get the same treatment (not that it would be any less annoying).

Just hard to take it as a meaningful call when the Soviet Union in most ways was even worse than the US on matters of human rights of their own citizens. The primary use of this is to get people to forget how bad the Soviet Union was not to highlight the condition of blacks in America.

The poster itself is a example of whataboutism.

People are fairly rightfully pointing out the hypocrisy of it. It's not just that Soviets did it. It's the fact that a really racist country points fingers. It's akin to Nazi Germany making posters about Turkey denying Armenian genocide. While the content might be right, the context is ridiculous and a pure propaganda.

First reasonable comment that I see ITT. Thank you.

The irony is that the USSR pushed whataboutism so hard it gained the alternate name and you are lynching negroes. No doubt this is absolutely a fair critique and moving image, but its also likely that the people who commissioned it were elites who more about haranguing elites in the US than about helping people in either country.

They still know how to do it well. Russian memes are more like cheap comic books though now compared to this poster, which is more like modern fine art. It is just simple and powerful. The perfect balance of image and message delivery in my opinion.

Isnt this a bad thing..?

They had all the reason to lie and deceive about their communism, but America gave them many nasty truths on a silver platter.

The space themed soviet art is incredible.

At least you got Karabakh thanks to Papa Brejnev.

That's exactly the point.

Graphic Design as a discipline has its origins in early 20th century Russia and Germany. They innovated graphic communication due to largely illiterate populations and the need to communicate political and other issues clearly, and made great advancements each developing similar but distinct styles of very powerful graphic images, to then go ahead and absolutely abuse that power and drive their people into state-sanctioned ideologies. E: For more reading look up Russian Constructivism and the Bauhaus.

>what they did to us You mean building hospitals and schools and stopping you from genociding the Armenians? Yeah sure.

The worst regimes always have the best style.

Hate is a powerful word. What did "they" do to you that "you" didn't also do to "them"? Do they not have as much reason to hate you as you them? How have their collective actions affected you personally?

I kinda wish at least the art form would come back on posters today, less so the extreme finger pointing and self-engrandising.

Ah yes the term Americans invented to dismiss any criticism against the United States.

Propaganda is not synonymous with lies. In fact the most effective propaganda is based on truth. The aim of propaganda is to change a target groups behaviour.

Good propaganda **is** true. It's the spin that makes it propaganda. Propaganda that is lies doesn't work except when the control over the population is too strong and the truth can be hidden.

Propaganda got a bad meaning during the last 80 years. It used to be a neutral word for creating support for political ideas. Any kind of political communication with the goal of persuading someone is propaganda. Any protest is propaganda. Any political poster. &x200B; We just use it today to demean our opponents view.

A broken clock is right twice a day.

It's just insanely hypocritical.

People should really stop with this narrative. This article along with whataboutism are tools of American propaganda whose goal is to allow Americans to lecture others without having any credibility. If Americans can non-stop talk about all the bad things Russia/SSSR or China have done, why wouldn't Russians and Chinese have the same right? Such narrative is the reason why Americans don't do anything about their own problems but are constantly complaining about other nations. It's hypocritical and devastating that Americans spend more time talking about Tiananmen Square (that happened in the 80s) than Guantanamo torture camp that they operate to this day (and that's just one of many examples).

Remember, kids, when America criticize Russia it is ok, but whenever Russia criticize America it is whataboutism. Very simple!

Yeah but African Americans have been going to Russia since the 1930s. Many of their descendants still currently live in Russia. One guy doesn't count for the many who went there, never returned and seemed to have formed legacies long enough for there to be descendants today.

Yeah the 1.5 million Polish people sent to Gulags would be really happy to hear the Soviet Union really cares about African Americans.

And to All of eastern europe in 40s.

And to its own nation. Im from Ukraine and the only word i can describe soviet times - slavery and occupation.

Damn look at this whataboutism.

That place is amazing . what a bunch of strange humans.

Check the comment history of people here. r/GenZedong users are already pushing their Chinese propaganda bullshit.

Imagine the shitstorm that would cause though. To use a Communist and Cold War era poster made by the ideological enemy... Though the mental gymnastics and breakdowns that would follow would be fun to watch, I do fear for the lives of the people that'd use the poster.

You are not a racist if you kill people of all races.

There is even a Russian joke that says half of the population is in jail and the other half works in jails. Although sorry for being that guy, but it was not only for arbitrary reasons that this system existed. You could be sent to the Gulag while being innocent, and many did, but the reason why this system existed was to prevent things like brain drain and not enough competent people staying to modernize the country (Stalin famously said "I thought democracy was the power of the people, but Roosevelt showed me that it was the power of the American people") and to get to pace with other European nations very quickly. It was horrible, especially in our democrat eyes, but it did the job : the USSR went from being behind every European nation by 50-100 years in 1931 to having just as good of a military as Germany in WW2, and then surpassed European nations in some ways. In my opinion, the real problem was that the USSR was built by Stalin, for someone like Stalin. Stalin had immense authority, and used bureaucracy and corruption to his avantage. This was a hindrance for other soviet leaders, and ultimately was a big problem and a big part of why the USSR wasn't able to make anything work in the end of the 80s.

Today the united states has the highest rate of incarceration, even surpassing China if you include the million Muslim Chinese in concentration camps. International communities have recognized that American prisons regularly use torture on inmates and have sub-standard facilities which violate inmates basic human rights. The soviet union has collapsed. The incarceration rate for black men in America has quadrupled since 1960.

Difference is to be made between going after people for what they did/ are supposed to have done and going after people for being born a certain way.

And liberty.

A broken clock is right twice a day. Our shame was presented to us by our own enemies.

In soviet union, the goal of the government basically was for a single (Russian) ethnicityace to exist. There are many languages that died out because of the Russification policies, some of which survived german occupation and their programs for hundreds of years (Livonians). For example only 3 out of 9 existing finno ugri languages still have more than 1500 speakers. Jewish community practically does not exist anymore.

Malcolm X was literally murdered.

Your point is BS. Just because someone has their own problems doesn't mean your own problems are any less true.

Your comment is a wonderful example of.

These days it's more like "look at how gays are taking over" lmao, pathetic.

You can say the same about the USA. They point out every single remotely bad thing that Russia(or China) does while committing atrocities themselves. The only propaganda that affected you is the one that made you think that only Americans have the right to lecture others.

The incarceration rate for black men in America has quadrupled since 1960, it's gotten worse not better.

Funny how the USA still technically uses slave labour camps, it's call prison labour.

Slavery is legal it's in the constitution.

The USSR i believe.

>Plakat Svoboda v Amierikie / nieghru znakoma. / Vot ona / Khizhina / Diadi Toma tvorchieskogho obiedinieniia Boievoi karandash / Khud. V. Travin; stikhi S. Smirnovskogho; ried. I. Astapov. - L.: Khudozhnik RSFSR, 1966. According to ]this auction site.]() ]Here's another piece by the same artist on the same site.]().

Two things can be bad at once.

To be fair, that was the 1930s.

Propaganda can be true as long as it portrays you good, or your enemy bad.

Yes, because it's exaggerated and insanely hypocritical.

Yes, because it was used to deflect from gulagging of dissidents against communism in a dishonest manner. You could criticize souther states treatment of minorities; even in Southern states. Violence against dissidents was vigilante, illegal, and eventually stamped out in large part by the federal government.

Yes. You should probably look up the definition of propaganda before commenting on it.


Europeans are just obsessed with us it seems.

Ussr wasnt really racist. Youre fucked if youre against the state, and it doesnt matter where you come from. True equality.

The best propaganda is based in truth or half truths.

Theres a theory that black civil rights only get advanced when a foreign power has parity or leverage against the us. The USSR propaganda spurred the fbi to target and ruthlessly suppress the KKK, and may have spurred the government to acquiesce to black civil rights in the 1960s. The threat of British intervention in our civil war caused Lincoln to make the Emancipation Proclamation, which as much as anything else was propaganda aimed at the British public. With the British publics sympathies firmly on the Unions side, it hamstrung the British governments attempts to intervene on behalf of the Confederacy in the 1860s. I dont think its a coincidence that the rise of BLM mirrors the rise of China. Possibly, chinas rise to rival America economically could be the best thing to happen in decades to Black Americans. We shall see.

Yeah, they used to limit the freedom of anyone who disagreed with the state, they didnt even had free elections, they had one party system and they also targeted some ethnic minorities, they were definitely hypocrites.

Lmao you sure showed them.

Propaganda can be true.

The propaganda part is the implication that A) The soviets cared about "freedom" B) That the soviet union was not discriminatory and racist.

Love the whataboutism guess we can forget the whole US slave thing then.

I think so, >Propaganda: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view. That's one of the definitions (every dictionary will have a slight variation) it seems to include the truth if it's used to promote a political cause or a point of view and in this case it could also be seen as biased I guess.

Yup, I saw a documentary of racist skinhead gangs who hunted down and beat to a pulp anyone who remotely looked to be "from the Caucasus", Clockwork Orange ultra-violence style. nulb.

I know this because I watch Hollywood movies.

Have you visited the soviet union?

Hypocritical; yes. Accurate; also yes.

Cause USSR was in Europe?

Yankee fuck off.

Will African-Russian do?

I don't think americans are eligible for the position of the president of russia.

Why Russian should elect African-AMERICAN???

African-AMERICAN? In Russia? XD You are all so America-centric.

The best they can muster is tanned Putin.

Since when does Russia ELECT people?

Dude, black people from other parts of the world are not called African-American. That term relates to people of *African* heritage who are now *American*. Because they were brought to America to be sold. Russia for all its faults did not ship black people from across the world to be slaves (they just sent their own citizens to the gulag as slaves, regardless of their skin colour).

Yeah sure.. there are like 3 Africans in Russia in total anyway, I bet they'll become the future president.

I got yelled at by some clowns yesterday for saying that representation matters in the context of the LGBT community in Poland. Let's see how you do. Also, I'd start with "call me when they stop poisoning political dissidents on foreign soil.".

Upvoting doesn't mean you agree with the Soviet Union. You can upvote because you find the poster interesting from a historical perspective.

Someone found a bunch of cool posters and they're being reposted.

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