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Friday 11th of September 2020

The Andy Reid Face Shield Needs a Defogging Device.

Andy Reid's Gatorade bath was the ultimate wake-up call that he'd won the Super Bowl. : Times Yours: Andy Reid & the 2019 Chiefs - narrated by ericstonestreet - TONIGHT 9pm ET on nflnetwork.
Andy Reids facemask.
Andy Reids eyeballs trying to see through his mask.
Andy Reid punting for 24 net yards of field position ...
Just ordered my Andy Reid face/hat shield. You should to.
This is the "oversized Hawaiian shirt" equivalent of a mask. Love Andy Reid.
Andy Reids FACE SHIELD has me weak ( NFL).
By the end of the night, Andy Reid's face shield is going to look like.
Dont think he would be who he is without Andy Reid.
Andy Reid's foggy face shield is incredible.
Andy Reid hot and heavy Calling plays tonight.
Andy Reids mask is breathy as hell looks like the windows on the car when Jack and Rose fuck in titanic.
Andy Reids face shield is everything!
Andy Reid's hat has a built-in face shield. Iconic.
If you enjoy the smell of horseradish, you're gonna love the inside of Andy Reid's face shield.
Andy Reids face shield is the going to be the highlight of this game.
Andy Reid with the full visor over his face for tonight's game.
Andy Reid's PPE looks like a modified buffet sneeze guard.
Andy Reid look like he forgot to take off his face bib after one of those championship cheeseburgers.
Andy Reid is going with a face shield v a mask for Texans coach.
Can I get an Andy Reid fog check update please?
How Andy Reid is seeing this game with that mask on.
For a hot second I forget we are in a Covid world and then boom Andy Reid in a face shield.
Andy Reid has maybe 5 more minutes of game time till his mask is completely fogged up and hes drawing plays up on it.
Andy Reid is going to need a windshield wiper for that face shield STAT.
The latest in fall fashion: shield hats, as modeled here by Andy Reid.
Andy reid wasked ?
All Im saying is, youve never seen Dangerous Don Carlton and Andy Reid in the same room .
Andy Reids wiper fluid is a quart low.
Andy Reid right now.
That Andy Reid mask is downright ridiculous. That's something a butcher would wear. Let's be honest here. Are we serious with this?
All I want now are memes of Andy Reid with his face shield, and cheeseburgers.
Wearing a face shield should be much different for Andy Reid. He's been staring at sneeze guards on buffets his entire life.
Andy Reids offensive scheme literally has at least one option open every play.
What exactly is Andy Reid accomplishing by wearing JUST a face shield?
Someone get Andy Reid's face shield this feature.
Andy Reids mask has been the best part of Covid-19.
Andy Reid knows the power and respects the plastic buffet sneeze guard.
Andy Reid needs this button for his shield.
What we see vs. What Andy Reid sees ***nulb.
How is Andy Reid gonna fit a cheesesteak under that thing.
What Andy Reid sees on the field.
Smh. Nerds crying. 4th and 18 in the Texans half and Andy Reid punts it away.
Andy Reid - do something about that face shield.
Andy Reid aint gonna be able to see a damn thing by the 2nd half.
When I see Andy Reids face mask.
Andy Reid face visor is very football guy of him.
Also going to be a long night for the fog on Andy Reids faceshield.
Andy Reid is too far and lazy to wear a mask so he has to wear a face shield. Probably also needs his face shield to eat because they told him with a mask on, it's a lot harder to sneak food.
Andy Reids mask is exactly what Id expect from him lmao.
Patty aint doing shit Andy Reid give Clyde the rock.
Thats okay Andy Reid taking no chances 100 respect that.
Andy Reids mask is enough to ban the.
People really making fun of Andy Reid for trying to survive a pandemic.
Andy Reid rocking the face visor is very football guy of him.
Andy Reid is gonna need to break out the DX face shield soon.
Andy Reid borrowed that mask from a Swedish scientist named Beaker.
Andy Reid wearing a face shield on his hat might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen.
Youre dying of thirst. No water for weeks. Andy Reids fogged up mask or TonyBrunoShow sweaty socks from Orlando last week?
So whos job is it to work as Andy Reids personal windshield wiper? That fall under the duties of the get back coach?
Andy Reid on the sidelines.
Someone get Andy Reid a squeegee.
Andy Reid needs some Rain-X anti fog.

What You Really Think

Very observant of you, Darrel.

Always had him pinned as a mouth breather.

Thats me every time I put on my glasses when wearing a mask.

Maybe blurry so nobody can read his lips?

Find a sponsor!

Or jerry jones son to wipe it off.

Just wear a mask fat ass. Shields are way less effective.

Imagine when it gets colder, wont be able to see.

Hes a heavy breather, Darren. Quit.

Hockey Visor Defogger Fluid.

What the hell is that supposed to do? Why even wear anything? ***nulb.

Whats the marketing value for the condensation on his shield.

No mask shaming.

Dish soap with a dry paper towel, buff til clear.

They want social equality and then play the tomahawk chop? Am I missing something?


Just take it off.

Looks like he just finished a.

Does the face shield get you hard Karen?

Darren furiously pulling down his mask to sip a juice box, 6 feet away from his tv in his basement.

My God who cares what you think.

Or... hear me out... just dont wear it. They all just linked arms and are about to spend 3hrs smashing into each other. This is so dumb.

O/U 12.5 Darren tweets by the time the last whistle blows?

Watching at home where its safe?

Nah he is just juuling.

Tunsil won't be giving him any tips tonight.

Was right and youre wrong.

Maybe a windshield wiper?

What brand is it Rovell come on now we need the facts.

Thats the corona virus he has Derrick.

Great picture!! 4K!!

As does your camera.