Sunday 2nd of April 2023


Social Media Says

Angel Reese just Caitlin Clark with "you can't me".
Angel Reese class.
Angel reese with took that personally energy.
This cold Angel Reese.
Congrats Angel Reese Tigers... National Champions.
Angel Reese is definitely somebody you love if she's on your team and loathe if she's not.
SIX of Angel Reese's boards are offensive Rebounding machine.
Fuck Angel Reese. Double double machine because she has to rebound every fucking layup she misses.
Angel Reese classless bitch.
Angel Reese class were coach would absolutely have something about
Angel Reese generational talent lmaoooo.
And Angel Reese.
Down double standard with Angel Reeses emotions received compared Caitlin Clark Hailey Lith. Comment below think they different treatment.
Imagine winning national championship instead celebrating with your teammates, follow around Caitlin Clark, opposing player, mock them. Embarrassing actions from Angel Reese.
Everyone Angel Reese Caitlin Clark should amazing refs knowing they make about themselves
hope Angel Reese runneth over with deals.
dont narrative WITH THAT. from Baltimore where hoop outside talk trash. What yall now? 2023 NCAA National Champ, Angel Reese!
dont wanna nothing about angel reese doing what clark. iowa been TALK TALK REESE, ring now!!
Angel Reese continuously taunting Caitlin that game probably indicator character side wasnt NPOY awards.
Angel Reese taunts Caitlin Clark.
Angel Reese poor winner today. There need directly taunt opposing player after youve national championship.
Barrett 50. cal to angel Reese.
ADDRESS THEM CHAMPIONS. Angel Reese Flau'jae Johnson cover SLAM 243.
Angel Reese really that Caitlin Clark.
Angel Reese fucking awesome MarchMadnessWBB).
Angel Reese Caitlin Clark with John Cena celebration.
Angel Reese mocks Caitlin Clark.
talking bout Angel Reese weirdo behavior. sports.
Angel Reese winner.
Angel Reese with garbage human being energy.
HORRIBLE sportsmanship Angel Reese game robbed from Iowa poor unfair calls refs. technical call ball throw this?! Youre trashy hell.
Angel Reese with 34 Double Double nasty work.
Angel Reese like school summertime class.
Angel Reese taunting Clark when should thanking eliminating South Carolina.
Angel Reese, class flashing ring finger Clark. Clark classy, reacting, just like Iowa, class act.
BAYOU BARBIE LSUs Angel Reese FlauJae Johnson cover SLAM 243.
National Champion. Angel Reese.
Wow, Angel Reese shows class. Flashing ring finger Caitlin Clark face. Looks like still some growing Mulkey says knows coach these types. Guess does. cant teach class.

Angel Reese sore winner. Flashing ring hand front Clark. Totally poor sportsmanship players. That trophy cannot give honor when treat losers beneath you. does reporters recognize this behavior.

You simply cannot stop Angel Reese .
Angel Reese some else.
Talk that shit Angel Reese they cant see that ring but you sure in the hell can.
Angel Reese pickup early fouls? only wanna what wanna see? FOH -TPJ.

What You Really Think

She a good player but that is so dumb. The girl from Iowa did nothing but ball the entire tourney. Yes she got the natty but what a loser.

You go Caitlin! Grace and dignity is the best way to clap back at nastiness!

Everyone showing up each other nowadays. Not much class in sports anymore. The garbage NCAA commercials on how sports builds character. what a joke.

This game could have easily gone the other way!

She acts like Pat Bev LMAO.

Sports is so scripted these days! Couldnt tell refs wanted to dictate the outcome with the litany of never ending fouls.


Angel let's her blackness shines by showing her lack of humility and bad sportsmanship.

So Caitlin got a tech for but this is cool? Hmmm okay.

You are a real sportsman. NOT.

You should take this down. Such disrespect!!

Imagine talking shit after THAT game. Weak.


Ghetto gesture!

Classless and pathetic.

Caitlyn clark needs to hold up her player of the year trophy to Angel Reese..

Hey, she came in with that energy only right to go out with that same energy.. She just holding her accountable ***.

She will pawn that ring to survive.

Shows what a shitty person she is... no sportmanship.


Can we just demonstrate to everyone how to win with class?

In her face Clark what now no words !!! LSU KICK YOUR ASS !!!

Shouldnt she be pretending to blow a whistle?

How shameful. This girl is gonna end up in a bad place later on in life. This is sad to see.

Haters gonna hate.

Corny ***.

Boy thats classy. LSU should be proud of that behavior.

Even women make dick moves. Celebrate your ass off with your teammates but respect your freaking opponent.


She look like avatar.

Talk yo shht AR!

No one knows who this is lol, Clark stan.

To be honest this is perfect for engagement lol more of this and more will watch !

She dished it now she gotta take it. And she handled it well and probably will use it as fuel for next season. Quit be so soft. Them young ladies are mentally tough.

Yall complaining I didnt see yall getting on Clark when she did it to Louisville. Reece go always make u feel it.

Give her some nice horse hair and look at the immediate confidence boost.

Didnt talk that talk during the game though lol. Lame behaviour.

Trash move. Thanks for showing it.

Gross sportsmanship . Let your game talk.

Totally low class --.

Angel Reese is classless and somehow the liberals will celebrate this.

Its ok when Clark was doin it doe Foh with that white American shit.

No class.

No class. Like her and LSU, but that was bad.

I cant be the only one that was hoping one of Clarks teammates would have come and flattened her out she totally made her team 100000% unlikeable.

Why is this an all caps tweet espn? Why celebrate classless behavior?

Imagine getting carried by your team and then trying to taunt the player that just broke a bunch of tournament records... Weak.

Just makes Reese small.

Clark did that all season. So this is fair.

Shes not impressive. One word-Karma.

And yet u wl never b btr.

Not cool.

That girl is classless as it gets! Hope they humble her in wnba.

What a punk she is. Bad Sportsmanship.

But when Clark did it nvm we already know.

No way yall salty she won she can talk.

Zero class. She won, but is the biggest loser.

She did the fif gesture at da end.

So unnecessary- not classy.



T her up! Taunting and a cheap shot! Clark is a champion!

How are you gonna taunt a player who you had half as many points as.