Monday 3rd of April 2023

Let me Get This Straight. It's Gutsy For a White Woman, Caitlin Clark, to Taunt During a Game. But it's Classless For a Black Woman, Angel Reese, to Give Her a Taste of Her Own Medicine. Do I Have That Right?

Social Media Says

cute when Caitlin Clark Yall didnt have issues with all. dont outraged talking about class sportsmanship when Angel Reese does same thing. Former player.

Angel Reese Caitlin Clark already putting SHOW Reese: PTS, REB, AST Clark: PTS, AST, Only first quarter...
best player floor tonight neither Americans, Caitlin Clark Angel Reese, LSUs Alexis Morris scored points second half help lead victory. Alexis finished with points assists!

discussion around conduct Caitlin Clark Angel Reese valid necessary. Professionalism used tool racism that whats play here. same behavior acceptable when exhibited Caitlin unacceptable when exhibited Angel. Why?

Hold !!!! cute when Caitlin Clark Yall didnt have issues with all. dont outraged talking about class sportsmanship when Angel Reese does same thing. Were doing double standards here.

People bitching about Angel Reese need understand what goes around comes around. Caitlin Clark shittalking taunting beforehand Reese merely responded kind. can't back your talking, don't it.

Congrats Angel Reese please dont fall this. Caitlin Clark baller, Angel everyone understands this. Players talk trash. part game. Caitlin this Louisville star Hailey Lith. Because they play hard, compete talk.

Angel Reese talks trash. Caitlin Clark talks trash. Hailey Lith talks trash. Women talk trash sports, just like yet, some treat women differently when they Stop with this criticism about "class." players compete show intensity.

Caitlin Clark reacting Angel Reese there probably play day. Caitlin made some pretty incredible plays throughout this run, that right there probably most special. That says about about Reese, too.

praised Caitlin Clark competitive, fiery, passionate doing cant celebration criticizing Angel Reese same already know!!
This classless. Angel Reese only shes still young, taunting Caitlin Clark like this shows pure lack class. Win with class, lose with class, play with class. Clarks proud that daughter ignored taunting. They raised right.

Braggadocio doesn't look good anyone Clark does point blowout, love. Reese does championship, hate. FoxNews calls out! this Upside-down? WTF?!
People talking about Angel Reese Caitlin Clark doing cant thing like.
Media LAUGHED Caitlin Clark disrespectfully, unnecessarily, waving South Carolina guards offense. Watch they Angel Reese giving back Clark. Wait
okay when caitlin clark when angel reese does?
What Angel Reese Caitlin Clark have common? They both deserve congratulations, just like LSU! know what else? Shopping TEMU right will earn some sweet cash rewards.
"Honestly, have idea. just trying handshake line." "We're different people have different ways show emotions." Iowa's Caitlin Clark Lisa Bluder respond "taunting" LSU's Angel Reese.

Caitlin clark angel reese such good hoopers man. racism exists sports fans collective three walnuts.
Caitlin Clark said didn't Angel Reese taunting her, focused going handshake line being grateful being that moment.
Caitlin Clark talks trash didn't care that Angel Reese dished back her. This isn't Thing. don't need pretend it's Thing. It's fine!
Racism sports way, common. Caitlin Clark Angel Reese best basketball players. They both taunted each other whole game, it's sports. some people only problem with black player doing taunting.

Caitlin Clark does 'YOU CANT y'all loved when Angel Reese does call poor sportsmanship. Iowa fans: just accept lost fair square. Caitlin deserved tech, Mulkey nothing wrong. officiating fine.

Caitlin Clark talked shit every team tourney nobody cared soon Angel Reese everybody something say.
Thats title. MADE POWER dammit. created Angel Reese Caitlin Clark. University Maryland most important program womens college basketball. have touched many other programs *getting hauled away Time Market security*.

Great Game !!!!! Caitlin Clark truth, hoopin !!!! Especially Angel Reese, Alexis Morris, Jasmine Carson LaDazhia Williams. They balled whole unit.
assuming theyll still talking about great Caitlin Clark start talking about Angel Reese wrong reasons. Shes talking after winning incredibly poorly officiated game LSUs favor.

What You Really Think


No, it's classless either way, but Angel followed Clark around and taunted her more than once and for longer, so incrementally worse. How about we forget this shit and just enjoy what great athletes these women are?

This is like comparing a drip under your kitchen sink to Hurricane Katrina. Sorry, no sale.

And there's only 1 player of the year.

No you dont pussy.

I was wondering what the deal was. Thanks.


Sorry why is that specific gesture of any relevnce in either cases? is it like some coded insult?


Van Lith was taunting Caitlin all game long. Caitlin shot the "can't see me" for a couple seconds. Angel chased her around the court totally unprovoked. Big difference!

Basketball sucks, move on, nothing to see here...

Not trying to split hairs but Clark did it for roughly 2 seconds and not in the face of her opponent. Reese literally followed Clark around for 15 plus seconds. Massive difference.

Clark did this to her bench after a timeout, Teese did this directly at an opponent, then followed her around after the game doing the same thing. If you cant see the difference, thats on you.

You don't get it do you.

Van Lith talked trash the entire game. Caitlin finally responded. And they are friendsand were roommates for the Olympics. Ya get the difference, right? Refs shoved Angel Reese & LSU to a national title. Her following Caitlin around for the last 1:30 was a terrible look.

Racial bias for sure!

Yeah cos Black women still get labeled uppity if they behave anything like the shitty WW who go up against them.

I wish she didnt. Go high and let Caitlin stay low. But I do find it hypocritical that the people attacking her had no problem when Caitlin did it.

Let them play basketball don't worry, just enjoy the game!

Do you even know the context of this before you shoot off your mouth? CC and Hailey Van Lith were U19 teammates. They talked trash to each other the entire game as former teammates and this was a gesture toward Van Lith. I doubt any offense was taken. It wasnt a taunt.

Nah, it's effed up whoever is doing it. Play the damn game.

Clarks gesture was brief, indirect, and occurred in a prior game. Reeses gestures were demonstrative, prolonged, and in her opponents face. No class! Reese did nothing to help LSUs poor reputation.

Its not sportsmanlike for either but Caitlyn didnt follow anyone around the court for 11 seconds. Both players are better than this behavior.

One did it to a teammate, the other did it to a member of the other team. Are those the same thing, from a sportsmanship perspective? I don't think so.

No. It was classless for both. Womens sports already have to fight to be seen and taken seriously. Casual fans were drawn in to the hype and witnessed awful behaviors, horrible officiating and a coach all the rules.

Thats how America does everything we do, we dont even care anymore were used to it.

There is a difference in a heat of the moment gesture or comment and following someone around. I really didn't like either however there is a difference if you watch the entire video of each.

If you give it, then take it. Dont matter who you are. Maybe next time Clark will remember what it feels like.

Yeah, that's sounds about white.

It's classless to make this racial from 3pt. land. These are athletes at the top of their game. Who play f'n hard and get emotional. On the court, rink, field, pitch, it's against the other team. Not to say it doesn't happen on court, but race usually enters from the stands.

Titt for tatt - If you think it's okay for one to do it & the other to not do it back theeeen you might be biased or just you know that ugly word that stooooopid people use when their true colors shine through ...

No you dont have that right. Theres a difference when someone is stalking another player all over the court taunting. Im happy to clear that up for you!

Terrific false equivalency Larry.

For some of these same ppl to claim that they don't see color they damn sure saw that.

No. Clark did that to her teammate. Reese chased Clark down the court after the game was over.

I dont think you have it right. Caitlin Clark made a gesture for one second to her teammates. Angel Reese did it repeatedly to Caitlyn.

Here comes the guy who hasnt watched more these womens tournament games all year to explain it to us.

Different situations. Show the whole clip of Angel Reese stalking Clark around the court. The girl tainted her own victory.

Yup, you got it right Sad but true she left it all on the court and they Won.

Yes you have it right. CC wasnt stalking players down and taunting them right in their face..that cant be said for the classless move of whatever the hell her name is.

No, its not gutsy. Chest thumping is part of sports. Getting your team and fans motivated is fine. Both players have done it. Seeking out a player after youve won to taunt in their face for 39 seconds is extra and classless. Especially outscored. Not everything is about race.

Says who?

Can guarantee you didnt watch the game and have never played competitive sports. Nobody on the court cared about this. Why do you? You race baiters are disgusting.

Same old double standard bs.

Its weird, the weakest people in the United States are white people by their own claims of victim hood. All minorities in the nation, have less power than white people but a segment of white people believe and act weak to have an excuse to use the power they have. Their deceit.

Ok, I dont know what that hand movement is supposed to mean. Please explain. Thank you.

No, youre stretching the truth in order to create your own narrative. Caitlin Clark wasnt taunting, she was saying that she took a hand to the face. Tell us you didnt watch the series, without telling us.

I would say they are both wrong. But one took it to an extreme, which made it seem worse. They're young... no need to crucify them. Live and learn.

Does your azzhole hurt in the morning?

No. You dont. But you know that. Clark did nothing to LSU. Reese, classless, followed her after winning. She did it from foul line also.

Just like it's cool for Democrats to be racist and have KKK leaders in Washington for over fiftyyears that's awesome for the Democrats and now I see why they want to keep us in the ghettos!!

Reese classless. Don't care what color she is.


LSU played a hell of a game. As a former Iowa girls bb player, LSU Jasmine Carson was on fire! Iowa played some awesome games to get here and should be proud. As for trash talking, its part of the game, leave them alone, its not your game.

Just stop already. Clark never chases someone down and repeatedly does it. Try again.

Pretty much. The problem is most of these people didnt want any of the tournament or they only watched the finals. Clark was chirping the whole tournament.

We know why.white entitlement.Iowa mens team was sanctioned for racismThink they need to look into womens team too.

Classless for both.

& hallie are friends and they have said it before game all therectrssh talking is with love Big difference GOOD THING Reese plays for KimMulkey who has ZERO MORALS.

Bottom line: if you back it up and win, its OK. If not, you look like a punk.

How about it is CLASSLESS for both to do. Shameful for both Universities.

Well some called it classless some called it gutsy. Just like today some called it classless some call it gutsy. Just depends on who you're a fan of. Guess what.. everyone does it. You must be new to sports.

Theyre telling her to stop only white peoples can do that.

I thought it was stupid and childish on both their parts. It would have been really cool if they had used semaphore flags instead. Then Id be really impressed.

That's whyte.


No, I think you need a vision test! Angel Reese kept it up and up and also called her a how! Are you supporting that behavior? If so, please dont ever become a parent!

Thanks for this as I was unaware.

RIGHT. So sad to see this great game to be politicized by dogwhistles.

Its not that she did it, its the amount of time she did it. It went on and on and on.

That about sums it up.

Where has anyone called Clark's taunting "gutsy"?

Not gutsy for either its poor sportsmanship by both.

Yup! They mad. they can be mad.

Welcome to merica.

If you can dish you better take it.

Who dafuck is bringing race into this ?? Jesus stop.

Pretty sure taunting is part of the game. Ask Larry Bird.

Show me Caitlyn Clark chasing girls around the court doing it and Ill agree with youbut you cant.


It is not racist. It is nuance.

You must not follow women's basketball and just checked in. If you did you'd know that Clark has had technical fouls for doing a lot less.

No one should showboat. Its easy to get caught up in the game but I have more respect for someone that gets in there, gives it their all, and shows class all at the same time.

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