Saturday 30th of May 2020


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THREAD 1/MN US Atty, FBI are investigating federal civil rights violation of GeorgeFloyd. Some ask why no arrest yet. The answer - the statute is bad. It requires such overwhelming evidence as to make it almost impossible to prove, despite compelling video evidence.

Rosenstein is going to spill it all It was his fantasy memo that called me an alleged Israeli agent, Flynn/Page/Manafort and one more person alleged Russian agents that got Mueller his witch-hunt going after Comey started his leaking. He has a lot to answer for.

If violence is never the answer than why do the police and government use it so much?
Today, someone asked me, "What happened to peaceful protest?" The answer is: It didn't work.
People be like "violence is not the answer" then support the military.
Girls never answer my DM's .. maybe a cute courageous girl will message me first.
Obama how many died from you selling guns to drug cartels and they butchered families men women and children . Until you mr obama answer that shut the f up.
Serious answer: I don't have kids, but the ones I interact with are blind so there's that.
Is the answer players association? Haha.
Highest charting albums by Korean Artists on UK official Album Chart 1. Map of the Soul: 7 (1) 1. Map of the Soul: Persona (1) 2. D-2 (7) 3. Love Yourself: Tear (8) 4. Love Yourself: Answer (14) 5. Love Yourself: Her (14).

Please join me in prayer tonight for peace in our city of Atlanta. The only answer to racism and injustice is the gospel of Christ that teaches us to "love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:31). We need the fire of revival not the fire of.

2. The answer was NO because the Oversight Board was not ready to hear cases because DUE TO COVID-19 they DON'T HAVE LAPTOPS YET Here's the text of the response from Facebook Comms.
The number of nationalities that will make the final table of SCOOP-121-M is __? Answer with [Stars ID] FridayGiveaway by 23:59 ET, Sat. 10 x $11 tickets to be won. Please play responsibly.
Stan won't answer my calls anymore :(((.
No need to check. The answer is yes. A big, fat Yes.
Anyway. What are folks going to do to try to find some sort of joy this weekend? Sincerely asking because this last month has been absolute hell for me and I need ideas. White people don't need to answer this.

SO! How many pairs of sunglasses does Taron Egerton wear in the film? The answer: 53. FIFTY THREE. Thanks for joining us in this RocketmanWatchParty, we hope you all enjoyed our fun facts from the movie and that this leads you to a deep wikipedia rabbit hole. Night!

Airing someone is an answer as well.
Yall miss rich yoona jokes? the answer is YES.
"Cyber stuff" does he mean the interference of Russia in our presidential election? "Box us in" does he mean the US response to Russia's interference? DevinNunes as one of your constituents please help me understand. DevinCow I think you are more reliable to answer. Thoughts?

Arizona parents! Do you know what children are being taught in school regarding Sex Education & who is behind it? The answer may surprise you! Join us for a FREE WEBINAR! Please copy/click the link below to join the webinar: Webinar ID: 827 4366 2926.

What does 40 genders have to do with racism? Answer the question or feel free to shut the fuck up.
How would I know you're Syrian? You never did answer my question.
Does being rich guarantee happiness? In other words, can money buy you happiness? Please retweet and if you can't find your answer, spam my comments.
Who do you think will be President Number 46? Please explain your answer. After voting pls RT.
How many WHITE HISPANIC people from the valley are going to tweet that "violence isn't the answer"? my entire life being surrounded by you saying the n word just proves that you will NEVER get it and you will NEVER be angry enough to empathize with your black peers.

Free shipping to the person that gives me the best impressive answer.
And anyone in USA, AMERICA, who really wants to know what to do, here is the answer, MAKE THE SWITCH. Stay in your current communuty. Construct your businesses (fine boutiques, world class hospitals, vintage consignments shops, (1/5).

Are you a Black creator working on a book? My expertise is in YA, adult fiction, and non-fiction across categories (memoirs, essay collections, cookbooks). My DMs are open. All weekend. Let me answer publishing, pitching, agenting, etc. questions for you.

I can do underlying causes. It's remembering all the THINGS since 2016 so when I say, "You guys have no idea," and they say "Tell us!" I can actually cohere an answer.
I heard an NPR reporter ask an activist what police abolition would look like, and did not give time for a response. I have one answer: more teachers, more schools.
In tears, THIS is the answer to all you race baiting, corrupt, douche-bags that keep trying to divide us. LOVE TO LOUISVILLE!
Dear NYPDShea, Now seems like a good time for you to answer this question on camera: WHY HAVE YOU NOT ARRESTED AMY COOPER FOR MAKING A FALSE POLICE REPORT AGAINST AN INNOCENT MAN?
Equality u say hahahaha. Where is George_Floyd now ha? I think he could've given you the right answer. America has been always manipulating the world. Stealing what's not for it. Looting other countries' wealth and treasures. Not to mention the fucking failure of justice system.

Also raised pollution levels, along with solving nothing the same way that former riots never did, but whatever makes you think that you're sending a message that will never be responded to. From 1992, until now, and this is STILL the answer? Talk about lax.

Shit, she's not even trying. How could you come to an interview in these times and not be prepared to answer obvious questions you'll get. And they want us to pretend she's in the same league as Kamala Devi Harris? GTFOH.

So you want to play the game of failing to send my Tweets huh Twitter? JACK NEEDS TO ANSWER FOR ALLOWING PORN OF CHILDREN ON TWITTER.
[BILLBOARD SOCIAL 50??] ?Question: What is KANGDANIEL's best era? & why? RT and Reply your answer and tag konnect_danielk ???? ? 150 Replies ? 300 Retweets.
I am the new work friend for the New York Times, and here is my first column, where I answer the wrong question about the safety of employing a housekeeper.
Just answer the question.
I police officer acted irresponsibly and decided to also take on the role of judge and jury. He was wrong. He does deserve to stand trial and answer for his actions. A life was taken, and it can never be brought back. ples in many lives were created that can never be stopped.

Is there really a way to get a genuine answer for this sir? A blessed morning po.
Today I heard the rioters saying they were coming to the suburbs next . Do you think that soccer moms are going to say come to my homes and bring this type of violence. The answer is no way. They will vote for a candidate that will bring law and order and protect their families.

I got a serious question yall. I dont know the answer to it(or do I) Since it has been proven that BarackObama & JoeBiden committed treason should their secret service detail be removed?
??BTS_twt on UK Official Album Chart: 1. Map Of The Soul: 7 1. Map Of The Soul: Persona 7. SUGA 'D-2' (NEW)? 8. Love Yourself: TEAR 14. Love Yourself: HER 14. Love Yourself: Answer 62. WINGS 78. FACE YOURSELF.

You mean Flynn lied to save his son when coerced under a false prosecution, and your answer is to prosecute him for it?
Musical fans! In Les Mis, who do you root for? If your answer is: all the people fighting beyond the barricade, maybe rethink your criticisms of how people behave in protests against obviously corrupt & unfair systems.

US lawmakers be like violence is never the answer except in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Afghanistan, Palistine, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Congo, Angola, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile, Columbia, El Salvador, Panama, Brazil Vietnam, Laos, Haiti.

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