Saturday 1st of August 2020

Anthony Taylor's Last Three Domestic Cup Finals as a Referee: 2015-16 Community Shield: Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea 2016-17 FA Cup Final: Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea 2019-20 FACupFinal Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea.

MOTM: Anthony Taylor.
2017: Anthony Taylor sends off Victor Moses for Chelsea against Arsenal in an FA Cup Final after picking up two yellow cards 2020: Anthony Taylor sends off Mateo Kovacic for Chelsea against Arsenal in an FA Cup Final after picking up two yellow cards History repeats itself.

Anthony Taylor's last three domestic cup finals as a referee: 2015-16 Community Shield: Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea 2016-17 FA Cup Final: Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea 2019-20 FACupFinal Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea.
Anthony Taylor is ass.
Anthony Taylor is a total disgrace.
NO VAR check from Anthony Taylor for this incident. The FA have a LOT of questions to answer.
Forgot about this, good performance from Anthony Taylor today.
Goldbridge abandons watching the FA Cup Final due to Anthony Taylor.
I was going to complain about Anthony Taylor's performance today but then I remembered Chelsea committed 18 fouls against mufc & received 0 yellow cards. What goes around, comes around.
Anthony Taylor effect.
Why are we still letting Anthony Taylor referee our games its a disgrace.
When you go into the office on Monday. Make sure you congratulate Anthony Taylor on his performance and make sure he gets his bonus.
One of the most disgraceful refereeing performances Ive ever seen from Anthony Taylor today. - Kovacic red card is an embarrassingly bad decision - Mount yellow was awful - Given Chelsea just 2 free kicks, while giving 13 to Arsenal Shocking.

A message to the FA and Anthony Taylor.
You won Anthony Taylor. I hope it makes you happy. Dear lord what a sad little life you ruined the Final so you could have the trophy, I hope you use the prize money on learning some grace and decorum because you have all grace of a reversing dump truck without any tyres on.

The FA: Stop Anthony Taylor from officiating a Chelsea match. - Sign the Petition!
Anthony Taylor, explain yourself.
All Chelsea fans want is a fair, unbiased referee. We didn't get it against United, we didn't get it against Arsenal either. Fuck the FA, fuck Anthony Taylor and fuck VAR. Had enough of it all.
Worst referee performance Ive seen in time. Half of the Partey budget has gone into Anthony Taylors pocket.
Anthony Taylor coming into Arsenals changing room after the game.
This FA Cup was won by Anthony Taylor. .
Was poch wearing an Anthony Taylor Mask or something .. some fans mannnnnn... Coys.
Does Anthony Taylor get a medal too?
MATCHDAY MAN OF THE MATCH: Anthony Taylor A great individual performance for the winning team!
How is Anthony Taylor still a fking referee?
Played better where? Poor decisions, Anthony Taylor, A Disgrace to the FA Cup.
POST MATCH Anthony Taylor wrong decisions Vs. Chelsea. A Thread.
'Who will lift the cup, Aubameyang or Anthony Taylor?' Referee sparks outrage on social media after sending off Matteo Kovacic.
How Chelsea fans deal with loss. - blame Kepa or Rudiger - blame Ref, Anthony Taylor & linesmen - "VAR is Shit".. - "English football is corrupt" - "transfer ban".. - "Lampard's first season". Ya'll tears are so delicious.. Banter club..

Arsenal deserved the win today but the var ref and Anthony Taylor deserve to be fined . First final I have watched where I lost interest even though we were only one goal behind.
Anthony Taylor was born in Manchester lool.
Anthony Taylor vs Chelsea (MOTM) Aug 2, 2020.
My brother, who is a strong Arsenal fan, just said that Anthony Taylor has been absolutely horrendous today. Sums it up really. Shocking performance.
Anthony Taylor walking into the arsenal changing rooms to lift the trophy with them.
What if i told you the player in blue was sent off for this? One of the most disgraceful refereeing performances Ive ever seen from Anthony Taylor today. WHAT A JOKE.
Like and retweet if this makes you smile FACupFinal Anthony Taylor Chelsea Arsenal London is Red Always 14 Giroud Auba Arteta Martinez Arsenal Ceballos Gunners Pulisic Zouma Lampard.
Chelsea Fans right now... Let this Referee, Anthony Taylor suffer for 600 years...
Credit to Arteta for getting it right vs. Lampard, Aubameyang terrorizing our defense, but man the officiating disaster-class from Anthony Taylor stings. Kovacic sent off, Emi ball handling outside the box, lopsided fouls... football can be unbelievably cruel at times.

Xhaka steps on Kovacic... Red card for Kovacic. Anthony Taylor can get in the bin.
Well, congrats Anthony Taylor. Anyway, Im not going to let whatever that was deflect from the fact that weve had a good season. Top four secured, which means we can now go to another level as a club. World class signings already secured. Bring on next season.

In Mayor_ofph and DaminaboEric Voice : Lord, let Anthony Taylor suffer for 600 years in his life .
Anthony Taylor on the line for you ...
When rival, neutral fans (United) are refusing the watch due to the refereeing, you know something is deeply wrong. Anthony Taylor should be ashamed.
Just the three incorrect yellow cards, one incorrect red card, missed foul in the build-up to Arsenal's second goal and handball by the keeper outside of the box. Anthony Taylor has always done Chelsea dirty, but he really excelled today.

Anthony Taylor beats ChelseaFC 2-1 at Wembley to win the.
The FA ought to probe Anthony Taylor for this horrendous performance today. So many wrong calls WTF.
Dunno what we have done to offend Anthony Taylor ***nulb.
No wonder Arsenal cant pay the Partey fee. Theyve paid half of it to Anthony Taylor for a chance to play in the Europa League.
Arsenal not even letting Anthony Taylor touch the trophy. Sad.
Anthony Taylor, what a man you are. Hope you have the best night of your life tonight.
Anthony Taylor has been voted MOTM by Emirates.
Nothing about Arsenal's best player Anthony Taylor typical biased reporting from Cross.The sending off was a joke.
Congratulations to Anthony Taylor. match-winning performance.
Mikel Arteta has a great future. Arsenal deserved to win, but Anthony Taylor made is 10x easier for them.
Found the strength to somehow finish the season review. Left out space to include the trophy celebrations but Anthony Taylor had other ideas Posting on Monday 1pm uk time.
Seeing Chelsea tears on the timeline now reminds me of that iniesta '09 goal Lmaooo.. Anthony Taylor should be kept in protective custody tonight.

What You Really Think

Rubbish stat.

Only good referees officiate finals.

He was bribed by asernal.

This man should be ban by FA and FIFA he spoils the flavor of football.

Wailers, love to see it.

Worst referee performance since 2017 final which he also was the ref.

Our very own Mike Dean.


Man really hates Chelsea.

Fans, stop tweeting to just satisfy your rage. Tag fa and let's hope they investigate.

I don't see football been played with your heart anymore for the money they get,Getting taking off the pitch like your going for an operation in a bed is not how I played, Play with your heart and the love of the game and don't get players booked either,Too much money there.

Taylor might just be our guy.

Kojoa ulale.

Same shit different day then.

We've got our won Howard Webb.

All I see are Chelsea LLL's.

Arsenal kalo mau juara wasitnya harus dia.

Thank you Anthony Taylor. You should have sent off Azpi as well, he fouled Auba.

He is the worst referree, he will no way qualify even for children's matches in la Liga and other leagues.