Thursday 26th of January 2023

Darren Bent Thinks Antony Looks Good on YouTube But Needs to do More on The Pitch.

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Goalkeepers Alisson Ederson have more league assists than Antony this season (0). Should United looking more from their 100m man?
dear friend Anil Antonys resignation from Congress dejavu Nothing changed Congress since forced speaking against dynasty. Congress emergency, intolerant mindset pretends torchbearer free speech! Pehle Congress Jodo.

Congress stalwart Antonys active congress member forced resign after refuse delete tweet. Same Congress gives sermons free speech others.
Antony been United's best players this half criticism everywhere.
Antonys been good, you lot are being way too harsh in him lol.
just glad Antony didnt score, boils piss some reason.
Antony Martinelli.
WANTS SUCCESS! markgoldbridge likes what Erik about being better team with Antony, needs improve, bringing balance team etc. mufc confident that turn good?

Sancho this right side needed Antony okay today that spot Sanchos back soon.
Seeing United fans complain about Antony takes back this deadline show with _owurakuampofo OfficialSitso. warnings have always been there.
Antony need work finishing.
Survey: Thoughts Antonys game tonight?
What from Marcus Rashford niceness goals games since WorldCup. Nottingham Forest Manchester United CarabaoCup ...Wout Weghorst finally scores Casemiro Antony Caicedo.
really overpaid Antony hate player best... But Martinez 100m player Bargain.
Decent game. done. Love Pellistri played Cameo. Deserves more minutes specially with Antony playing.
Might unpopular, Antony player will grow into this team. He's getting into good positions, always trying make things happen. Tactically, he's already vital team plays.

Fally Antony.
Might proved wrong really don't hype around Antony Gordon.
think (me), forget that Antony only club after missing most season. now.
Thoughts Antony tonight?
say, should make final, should keep Antony, rashford Fernandes quiet, limit them, have good chance nothing special!! HWTL DNS.
Much better performance from Antony today. Rotated into inside right channel more taking good positions. Involved best move game slicing through Forest. There more come from former Ajax man. Just needs time. Jogo Bonito.

Pellistri played better than Antony tonight.
Five things learnt from Forest Utd: Thats 8/10 wins since World Cup - Marcus Rashford just different Facundo Pellistri very bright again Antony needs work right foot foot into Carabao Final .

substance' Antony branded 'YouTube footballer' after performance against Arsenal.
Manchester United will winning quadruplet this season (EPL, League Cup, UEFA cup). club beat this team with combo Rashford, Casemiro, Garnacho Eriksen. - CarabaoCup NOTMUN Pellistri Gakpo Minister Petroleum TinubuInOgun Antony Buhari Greenwood Lagos.

Antony good signing united. Makes runs into box. runs predictable.
Antony pretty good tonight. Unlucky score best game while. Hopefully onwards upwards now.
Pellestri doing more than Antony does short time. More direct, ball running, unpredictable. Antony must game will Pellestri than right side.
Antony useless tbf. Can't cross, can't pass, can't finish. Just left foot Inshallah. need Sancho back.
Criticizing Antony easy some these pundits. year he's young with skills needs things together. This game better him. felt there. Still needs attack more pitch space.

Currently trending Ghana Twitter: Dembele Rashford Antony Johnson Weghorst CarabaoCup MUFC Nottingham Forest Minority Dortmund Lazio Niger Follow Ghana news summaries insights.
Need Antony locked room weeks watching Best Arjen Robben YouTube.
Secretary State, Antony Blinken announces visa restrictions some Nigerian politicians. Obidients, continue apply what?????
Pellistri that nearly cost goal through back pass? This hatred Antony must stop! Weghoust scored rebound from Antony shot.
Antony pissed because score HIMSELF (despite Weghorst scoring)
Antony Good CarabaoCup Display Today?
mufc their first domestic final since 2018. Fine side hadn't lost home since September. Martinez, Casemiro Antony good.
curse Antony born.
Dont take your eyes Weghorst. Brilliant from Antony too.
scared find what right footed shot from Antony looks like.
Renan Lodi sitting down whilst marking Antony because knew he'd nothing.
Martinez absolutely incredible. MOTM. Thought Malacia Lindelof were also good thought Antony much improved, definitely more direct, obvious there very talented player there.

think should take easy with Antony. Lets just young some slack. will come clean. Lets just remain calm. English football isn't same Dutch league.. Patience!!
Antony become most hated footballers league already? Absolutely bizarre.
Spot ETH. ESP. Congratulations Wout, Antony Licha, Linderloff, Elanga. Malacia throw care safer forward there m-2-m markings.
midfield don't think Scott proven good enough(recent games) Fred shows shift atleast Pellestri Antony needed.
Antony those players that doesn't score goal game justify price tag, fits system paid much him. years time, we'll glad him. just needs time patience.

Casemiro more goal threat than Antony only
Antony playing centrally causing havoc.
Antony thoughts.
Statement U.S. Secretary State Antony Blinken: behalf people Government United States, extend best wishes Australians occasion Australia January 26." Full statement here.

lots football differently dont teams loses balance time takes Antony.
Antony assisted weghorst wym.
Better start Pellistri over Antony.
Antony dancer. He's still boy.
Genuinely don't know watch Antony footballer. Carries ball really well, very tidy passing, link combination play good. course areas improvement growth potential extraordinary. Quality player.

pick Antony
Ericsson, Antony Bruno would rather lose ball than pass box. starting believe it's intentional.
"God save sinner are, saint pretend be." V... Met. Antony Bloom.
watched different match thisafter goal both antony casemiro looked line man.
Darren Bent thinks Antony looks good YouTube needs more pitch.
Antony looking much better, regaining confidence.
just seen Chelsea call Antony flop season. scored first games unlike your sent first game Chelsea. Humble yourselves brothers.
Rashford Maguire (not that bad tho) Casemiro Antony.
Antony goals just doesn't perform well.
Forest MUFC thoughts. Superb result. totally convincing performance clinical when needed Rashford world class, Weghorst instinctive, Bruno never giving will really pleased. Rashford/Eriksen/Antony subbed. United delivered. done well.

What You Really Think

Very poor player, I hate to say I Don't like him one bit,maybe he should try playing in a different position.

In the end there was no product.

Darren Bent also said Graham Porter would do a better job at MUFC than Ten Hag. That shows you the seriousness and intelligence in Bents comments.

Wonder what Darren Bent was doing at 21? Ah thats right. He was playing for Ipswich in the Championship. Just checking.

You Wasn't the brightest on the pitch Bent.

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