Wednesday 24th of June 2020

IOS 14 Widgets Look Great. Clearly inspired by Windows Phone And Android, But With The Usual Apple Touch.

Apple's iOS 14 has a new home screen with widgets, a redesigned Siri view, and more.
Were they Apple phones?
ALMOST SOLDDD OUT!!!! Gen 2 Apple Airpods for $119!!!!! -open box return with warranty!
Apple just stopped trying after iOS12. Just look at how fun and risky the old wallpapers were.
Need that apple n kiwi from starbucks.
Hello Apple, Congrats on iOS 14. Took you 6 years to implement my designs, but hey: Better late than never. I'd love to tackle the many other UX/UI challenges in your products. It's never too late to say hi and reach me; take a page from Microsoft with my Windows 8/10 project.

Lmao why when I was buying my phone I had a whole iPad and Apple Watch in my cart lmao.
Day 2 - 46 new developer session videos released today!
Dear apple, i just want my imessage bubbles to be pink. make it happen.
I know there's a lot of "Apple copied Android Widgets" comments running around but Apple widgets actually date back to dashboard on Mac. Here's a clip of Steve Jobs demoing them off back in 2005. 3 Years before the first Android ?

Do you even know how difficult it's to implement apple's fluid animations And that's what makes ios so smooth ( it's animations) So in your opinion animations shouldn't even be there right?
Apple juice.
In Apple iOS14 you will be able to set Outlook and MicrosoftEdge as the default iOS/iPadOS mail and web apps, respectively! Huge win for enterprises! ?
Thank you, Julie! Don't forget- everyone who rates the podcast on Apple Podcasts is entered into a BM giveaway!
This is all I care about today.
Like Apple, this nation of immigrants has always found strength in our diversity, and hope in the enduring promise of the American Dream. There is no new prosperity without both. Deeply disappointed by this proclamation.

- Section Snapshots: Encapsulate the data for a single section in a UICollectionView. - Lists: Looks like UITableView, but it's not. Build on top of compositional layout. - The new cell registration API. No need to call register cell. __breeno ?

"Take the streets against the evil law on July 1" a banner atop Lion Rock read on Tuesday, in reference to the looming national security legislation. Photo: Apple Daily screenshot.
Cali was the mission but now a nigga leavin.
Previous Next Apple 32GB iPad Mini with WiFi - White Item SPM14130906219Model MD532LL/A Price: $149.00 $300.00 You save: $151.00 32GB Apple.
BLM out now on exclusivey on apple-music">Apple Music. ? will be on other platforms later this week. .. prod by.
Mood for life.
Episode 1: Ghost of a Chance is available now! Anchor: Apple: Spotify: Stitcher.
If Apple Watch can detect hand washing now then it can probably detect other activities involving vigorous hand motions and I for one would like to know what Apple is doing with the data.
Wanna hear me talk about movies? Go follow ILMUS2Pod and then stream the podcast on Apple, Spotify, or Anchor.
? "Susan from the print told the apple tree Flowers for your frost off January News from another star We are the Planet Junior Ooh lalalala" From: ?
Thinking the same thing. High ceiling too.
What do YOU know about music.
Other bad apple? Enough bad apples in different places, any dishes made with apples will be contaminated ?
Still bang.
Evanescence's debut album Fallen has re-entered the Top 10 on US iTunes at 7! Listen.
Google and apple both offered you help mr death but you said naw my tory pal has got one over ready kerching.....
Loona are nominated for the soribada popularity award!! download the choeaedol app and for for loona! ios: android: lets get the girls another award? tutorials on how to sign up, vote and collect hearts to vote are down below?

Much better in Google Translate. By the way, why Apple Spain is blocking the availability of Catalan language in Apple Products?
If you love AfroJazz, you'll love the Afwoyo Album by Milege.
Wait apple is worth more than amazon?
The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University app is now live! The app provides two different walking tours that bring guests through 35 stops throughout the stunning arboretum. Apple: Google Play.
Beomgyu said theres a moa who asked him to do apple hair when theyll have smash universe radio during one of their video call fansign event, so he kept his promise?
I'm only using my iPad to watch series. It's really distracting me. I guess you can say the apple is keeping the doctor away?
My top amazing fans mytopfans StaySafe Do you see yourself?
Sometimes the world is so noisy the only way to drown it out is by blasting a song really really loud. Ahhh ? we got too much too much going on.
Joe biden eating an entire raw onion like an apple.
For the 99%. We want competence in government. And sanity!
Wait, Apple is just now coming out with widgets? I had widgets on my Note 3 like seven years ago. HA. But go on Apple fanpeople about how great your phones are.
65 law professors castigate AG Barr for failing to follow the law & do his duty.

What You Really Think

For 14 years Apple Had a Widget Dashboard in its OS, more inspired by that...

Facts!! Apple just a bunch of $$$.

Inspired? Shouldn't this say copied from?

Android already have it ??

Oh Apple....

Took apple a decade to add widgets thats so pathetic smh had widgets since galaxy s3.

Where my jailbreakers at???

Too slow. Android >>> Apple.

Is the Apple touch that you have to pay extra for them? ??

"Apple touch" = rounded corners.

Higher than average levels of ignorance and/or reductiveness from the Android fanboys. Shocking! lol.

Is that the Apple Touch of claiming they've invented it?

Salute to the creative team.

When is iOS 14 suppose to be out.

Rounded edges = 'the usual Apple touch'.

They look like the Windows Vista/7/IOS widgets that no one ever used. Guess Apple users get to finally find out the joy of turning off "features" that no one has used for years. Apple will probably secretly remove them later on in another Batterygate type incident.

.... In Ch my.

Nigga this a whole android ??

I bet my dad can beat up your dad.

Android had widgets since the s3 series, apple took them until 2020 smh.

Who gives a fuck its a phone? why are y'all arguing over cellphones.


Finally! i may switch back to Apple if this happens. nothing better than a customized home screen.