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Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Its The Appleevent Day! Press The Like Button For a Surprise.

Good morning! T-minus 6 hours!
The animation that plays when you like any tweet (like this one) with the AppleEvent hashtag... pretty smart partnership. Drives more engagement for Twitter. Builds more hype and more people liking tweets about Apple. Clean AF.

Apple Delays The Launch Of iPhone12 As The Software To Slow Down The Existing iPhones Not Ready Yet.
Wait why is this so cute? hit the like button.
IPhone 10s and below after the new iPad and iPhone 12 & iOS 14 release.
Like, unlike, like then retweet.
Apple One India plans and pricing are here.
The like button is cool, but did you see what happens with the button when you click it?
Heart is so cuteee.
Hit the like and button to see the new apple hues.
Tap the like button its so cool.
Press the like button and look at it, its so cool!
Twitter like effect is the best part of AppleEvent 2020.
Everyone talking about how theres a cool animation when you press like button on AppleEvent But do you know that pressing retweet button turn it to green.
Like or Retweet & see the Buttons turning into a Magic .
New iPad Air upgrades.
Tap the [?]nulb icon to see the new like animation JuntosSomos, AppleEvent & BlackJoy Its AMAZING !!!
So to recap the AppleEvent: Multiple OS updates iPad Air (in pastel colours) 8th generation iPad Apple One subscription model Apple Fitness Apple Watch SE Apple Watch Series 6 Oh and a cool emoji and like button effect.

Now i can buy iPhone 12.
What do you think of the new iPad Air?
They didnt launch iPhone 12 in todays AppleEvent because it would have been embarrassing for them to know that UditRajForCongressPresident trending above.
I am in a constant state of pain.
If you're using AppleEvent in your tweets, i'm gonna like them just because this is so cuteV.
Me after clicking like button.
NulbApple introduces Apple Watch Series 6 at AppleEvent Blood Oxygen Monitoring New gold, blue, and red case finishes CLnulbS6 Chip Improved always on display New improved watch faces New Family Setup nulbBraided Solo Loop Band and Leather Link Starts at $399.

Its so prettyyyyy bye. They should make it like this!
Was a bust. They used to be so hype and game-changing.
. Oya tap the like button.
Soo satisfyingt to watch >nulbJust like or retweet.
We are hoping the AppleEvent surprise includes some freaking marg emojis!! Like how is there NOT a margarita emoji??
New and refreshed Apple iPad -10.2" Retina Display -A12 Bionic Chip -iPad OS 14 -Apple Pencil Support Starts $329.
Alright this one's cute.
Click the [?]nulb ... ..
Tweeting this so it never goes away.
Buying an iPad is one of the best purchases Ive ever made. This is some art Ive created on procreate on the iPad Pro.
Me otw to apple store to buy the newest iphone 12 after selling my kidney.
Like this tweet with Valimai tag and see the animation magic in Like button. BoneyKapoor launched this special feature today at.
You guys realize the executive team at Apple who create ground technology are decked in casual wear? Gym clothes included? While here in Jamaica they want students to wear uniform online and managers to wear suits inna hot sun? Majoring in the minor.

Oh my god wtf this so cool??? Like this to see it!!
That's it, I'm going to wait for the new iPad Air 4 bruh!!!!!! Imagine using it with Apple Pencil 2 damn My mom already approved sobut damn I'm still going to wait for Oct to come ugh then I'm from the Philippines so??!?!!!

The best part of AppleEvent is the ads that follow! The cinematography is just something else.
Say Hi to the Apple Watch SE! Large display, same as the Series 6. The Watch is even more accessible and economical now.
I'm telling you! Apple is smart! The animation is cool AppleEvent See what happens when you like this !
Apple Event Announcements Watch Series 6 - $399 Watch SE - $279 iPad (8th Gen) - $329 iPad Air (4th Gen) - $599 Fitness $9.99/Month $79.99/Year One - Starting at $14.99/Month.
New Apple One subscription plans.
Its so pretty.
Who needs fitness when you can run from your responsibilities instead.
You thought the AppleEvent like animation was cool, check out the retweet one!
Am i only one who don't know the logic behind like,unlike then like again and.
Gfriend's apple.
Wooow.. Magic.
Like and unlike and retweet see what happens.
Check out Apple Watch Series 3 & Apple Watch Series 1 Stainless Steel 42mm eBay AppleEvent Apple AppleWatch watchseries6.
No Apple Watch launch is complete without new, amazing Watch faces. They look great, and premium. Even more inclusive now. New Solo Loop band released too.
. But did you fix this.
Full recap up from the AppleEvent today! Also this was my reaction to finding out while shooting the video that I could order my Apple Watch today and get it Friday! *SHOOK*.
Specifications Blood Oxygen Monitor 20% Faster compared to older gen 2.5x brighter (with AOD) Always-on altimeter New watch faces Sleep tracking Solo loop band option.
Who else thought this was the iPhone 12.
Whom do you support today ? IstandwithRaviKishan JayaBachchan AppleEvent ___ ___ _ _ Retweet LIKE.
Hit the like button for a cute surprise.
See what happens when you like this tweet. Try it.
Tap the like button to see this magic.
Wait this is so cute.
Apple Watch Series 6: $399 Apple Watch SE: $279 Apple Watch Series 3: $199 Can preorder both of the new watches today, with availability on Friday.
Apperently if you like this tweet AppleEvent the like button changes.
Me after finding out how cute it is AppleEvent Like,unlike,like,unlike repeated my everywhere.
Amazing Edit by BBKiAsliFan3 AsimRiaz Once Said...
Now to download all the podcasts that will tell me what to think about the AppleEvent :oD.

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