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Sunday 10th of January 2021

Not Something I Thought I'd Say, But Stop Whatever You Are Doing And Watch Arnold Swarzenegger's Astonishing & Deeply Personal Statement.

Not something I thought I'd say, but stop whatever you are doing and watch Arnold Swarzenegger's astonishing & deeply personal statement.
WOW... IM SPEECHLESS. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a very moving an patriotic speech. Something tedcruz & HawleyMO could learn from. Well done.
Arnold is right. Europe's dark past shows the terrible dangers of far - right populists and their lies. We came together in Europe and said never again, I hope the US can do the same under.
Thank you Arnold -- this is the most powerful and uniquely personal statement I've heard from ANYONE on where we are right now as a country.
I very seldom have agreed with Arnold Swarzenegger but his words speak the truth!
Words do not do this justice, so just watch it. Thank you.
Im not a huge Arnold fan, I admit. But this is a moving speech, that I would encourage you to watch and share.
Wednesday was the day of Broken Glass right here in the United States. The Broken Glass was in the windows of the United States Capitol. They shattered the ideas we took for granted. Says Arnold Schwarzenegger (1/4) Arnold.

While I greatly respect Arnold for sharing his personal story & I agree with his overall message, the horrible riot on Jan 6 was incomparable to Kristallnacht. That 2 day pogrom destroyed 7000 businesses & 267 synagogues, murdered 91 Jews & deported 30K to concentration camps.

This brings tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you, Arnold, for sharing your painful story and pointing us in the right direction, a shared peaceful United tomorrow.Vnulb.
Trump will be remembered as worst president in history- American actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
This should be aired across every channel & social media platform.
Arnold Schwarzenegger slams Donald Trump and complicit GOP members over the U.S. Capitol riot.
Thank you Arnold. That was beautiful and inspiring.
Damn, Arnold Schwarzenegger . Way to make me cry this morning. You also made me think, so thank you for that.
Re: arnold vid, it's hard to give the capitol shit the same kind of heft as kristallnacht since one of the only deaths was a guy tazing himself in the balls to death.
Heres me retweeting Arnold Schwarzenegger...
Deadass bout to host a Terminator watch party; fuck yeah Arnold.
]E1WE] le discours d'Arnold Schwarzenegger dont vient de parler.
Sad that it takes a naturalized citizen to say what all of us born here should know and believe. Thank you Arnold, you area true American.
In heartfelt speech invoking childhood in Austria, Schwarzenegger weighs in - saying Trump will soon be as irrelevant as an old tweet -but calls for holding his GOP enablers accountable (Also Conan the Barbarian sword reference, because, Arnold).

Progress Report: Adna Arnold, January 4-10.
What we need right now from our elected representatives is a public servants heart. Unexpected Covid blessing 1,647 - being moved and inspired by a pretty extraordinary speech from Arnold Schwartzennager.

Arnold helps the guys hunt down the Sexual Predator on Epstein Island! Yup this should monetise just.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Compares Capitol Riot to the Rise of Nazis.
Superb speech, thank you. If only there were some current Republicans in Congress who shared these same sentiments. Arnold is right - those who colluded with Trump will live in shame forever and rightly so. In the end, in the battle of the USA versus Trump, the USA won.

Thank you, ARNOLD!!! That was what EVERYONE needed to hear!!!
Fuck Arnold.
US Capitol riots: Arnold Schwarzenegger compares pro-Trump rioters to Nazis who attacked Jews during Night of Broken Glass.
A great message from Arnold himself that every needs to hear.
God bless you Arnold.
Of course you all are going to retweet Arnold Schwarzeneggers Kristallnacht video a million times more than any statement from Black activists who have been screaming about the danger of this administrations white supremacy level from the get go. Of course.

Arnold sharing his personal memories of the legacy of Nazi Germany on his family is pretty powerful stuff.
Thank you, Arnold. Unlike some who were born in this land, you are a true patriot.
There's a reason a Republican won two elections in blue California. You're looking at it.
The best response I have heard. Thank you Arnold.
Arnold has been constantly advocating for this country, free (non-gerrymandered) elections, contributing to voting station improvements in a Covid era, and now speaking from the heart about his life experience and how it relates to today.

This should be shown in every school. A super speech. Long but every word counts. Thank you Arnold.
Yeah Arnold!!!
We need statesmen statesman ('steIts mn) n., pl. -men. 1. an experienced politician who holds a high office in government, esp. at the national level. 2. a highly respected and influential political leader who exhibits great ability and devotion to public service.

Arnold Schwarzenegger invokes Nazi Germany in video denouncing Capitol Hill riot.
Cali really voted Arnold Schwarzenegger in office.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has compared the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters to Kristallnacht - the infamous attack against Jewish people by troops and civilians alike in Nazi Germany in 1938. Get more on this story here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who grew up in post-WWII Austria, compares the pro-Trump riots to Kristallnacht.
In a viral video, Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about growing up in Austria w/his father who was a Nazi. About how his father and his neighbors fathers believed Hitlers Big Lie. There are Nazis in America who believe Trumps big lie. It led to the Capitol riot. Whats next?

Thanks for this, Arnold. I havent always agreed with you, but here is a case where we are in 100% agreement!
I don't judge Mr. Arnold politically, but I find his speech and his personal statement very touching, powerful and unique. It takes courage to explain even painful past events. .
Its a wonderful message. The GOP needs to watch. Trumplicans wont care because there are too many words and the proud boys will now say Schwarzenegger is being a weak cuck.
I'm not an Arnold fan, but I am a fan of what he says here. If you need some hope, take a listen.

What You Really Think



Well done, thank you!

Where was these noble words when rioters were trying to burn down our Federal court house and police stations in Seattle and Portland. ?

Worth listening to.

Inspiring. Thank you.

Wow! Thank you, former Governor Swarznegger. You made me cry with that statement because it's one of pride and hope. Thank you for the inspiring words. Now, let's get to work!

This is what patriotism looks and sounds like.


A class act /.

Has HawleyMO and SenTedCruz seen this?



It would appear that Arnold clearly recognizes that President Elect Biden is not a socialist. Maybe this could quiet some of the echos.

Beautiful words.

Bravo Arnold, you are a great man for speaking up for the so said american's.

Seriously. This needs to be shown to every Republican. It's excellent.

Wow. I am impressed ..thank you Arnold and like you just said.. May God bless the United States of America.

Agreed! Mandatory viewing.

I often wonder where we would be if Democrats had this attitude when Trump was fairly elected. Now they want to espouse that if our president succeeds, our nation succeeds? Hypocrisy. Nice speech though.

Take 7:39 out of your day and watch this. Arnie nails it.

Little cheesy with the music and the sword bit but nice message.

A more presidential speech in 7 minutes than we saw in the past 4 years. I hope ppl will listen.

His historical perspective brings added weight to this statement.

So audiobooks??? Very moving. [?]nulb.

Astounding !

Riddle of steel. To bad Arnold was not burn in USA. He should of run for president.

.inKenGray Thanks for sharing this video from .Schwarzenegger, posted by .NTarnopolsky Hope many Americans watch this .JoeBiden a Servant Leader & needs the support of all us .AmazingChevVolt .Txt_Mining .

Its powerful.

I like Arnold.

Hes been on the right side for years now.

Yeah, Conan (The Barbarian) was actually very civilized.

Moving. Im with him.

I think you would have had if you could have run for a president you would have been a great president you are making more sense than these Republicans any day in any year thank you for standing up for our democracy.

Well said arnold.

Propaganda in its most pure form. If you cant see that you need to realize YOU are the problem.

Good try Arnold, you are right that we need servant leaders and people to go beyond their party. I feel your heart is in the right place but we DEFINITELY WON'T BE SERVED by the left when they sensor free speech and are all about their selfish, socialist desires!

I thank you as one American among many. We can all hope the best will step forward in the name of the young officer who gave his life to those who aided us all by defending our Capital. To destroy and obstruct the vote is to silence the law abiding Citizens of this country.

Listen to this America.

Agree completely.


Sad it takes an immigrant to show those of us who were born here what we have and what we have so much to lose.

Thank you for telling the truth and I love it thank you Arnold Schwarzenegger you are so true and so right thank you for telling the truth I am sad over the years what happened with war so isn't God.

That is a real Republican. Take note of what true leader should look like GOP senatemajldr .


Please listen to this.

The Sexual harassment lawsuits follow you as much as your passport to Epstein island. But like I mentioned, even a grace Jones said you pushed her into her trailer, citing you could make it happen for her So as the fellow Austrian of a dictator.. be wise.

Ahhhh sheeeeeet Hes gonna run 2024.

Thank you Governor for the powerful message.


Arnold's back when we need him!

I may not always agree with Arnold's politics. But his statements here were profound.


This is the Captain America speech we all needed right now.

Thank you for the reminder we are better.

It really is good. Way beyond what I thought it might be. He doesn't mince words.

He said he would stand by our democracy forever, referencing President Biden if you listen carefully.

Amazingly heartfelt and much needed message.

Arnold always has a voice of reason, thank you , this is beautiful and so worth sharing!

Well said Arnold thank you.

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