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Saturday 12th of September 2020

NSnulb Counting The Minutes to be Back Tomorrow on The Field And Fight For a New Season With The Gunners! We Will be Giving All we Got From The First Minute! Let's Go! ]?]nulb.

Team news for our first PremierLeague game of the season... biel_m04 makes his first start RobHolding95 and KieranTierney1 both in defence There's also a debut for.
I can tell you firsthand, our President reveres the men and women of our armed forces. Restoring the arsenal of democracy, rebuilding our military, supporting our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guard, modernizing our forces, creating the Space Force...

Barcelona are working to get Memphis Depay - personal terms agreed but no official bid to OL yet. Barca also started contacts to sign Aubameyang weeks ago, but Koeman wants Depay and Auba decided to extend his contract with Arsenal ]agreed until 2023 and official soon].

Close! WillianBorges88 hits the post with a low free-kick! NSnulb 0-1 (28).
Goal - LACAZETTE Assist - WILLIAN Fulham 0-1 Arsenal (8 mins).
Chelsea's Gem, Arsenal's Talisman.
Lets go guys !
Loving the new look Arsenal! Definitely will be a force this season. Willian fits in like a glove too.
Arsenal [?]nulb[?]nulb[?]nulb[?]nulb.
So after the Arsenal match gets over or after the rest of today's matches get over?
Watch EPL matches every weekend Live on K24Tv. 2020/2021 Today Fulham vs Arsenal.
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Even Arsenal's kit knows that London is blue.
Fulham v Arsenal... reminds me of the this brilliant Aaron Ramsey goal a couple of years back. (Sound up).
Watch now: Fulham vs Arsenal, live HD on.
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Hes a very good player, thats the reality. And a good professional which means hell improve Arsenal, even at 32. We had to move on and thats fine. Their obsession is honestly a bit pathetic.
The next Messi.
1 short of a certain someone has for Arsenal in 2years.
If Arsenal loses today,I will resign as the Governor of Kirinyaga County.
Eddie Nketiah and Dani Ceballos squaring up during the warm up, Arsenal fans be prepared... its going to be a long season.
Love the law of the universe which states that every time someone praises Arsenals defensive solidity, they must immediately come extremely close to conceding a goal.
36 year old Willian with 37 goals in 7 years and a passion for samba cooking has benched PS72 million Pepe & Arsenal fans try to compare him to Pulisic.
What a peach by willianborges88 very exciting to watch this new Arsenal side.
Willian is playing better with arsenal than when he was at Chelsea.
Team News : Fulham vs Arsenal Who do you own from this match ? What do you expect from them ? FPL GW1 FULARS <Admin H17>.
Lol Yall remember Arsenals Highbury Stadium? It was no different to Seisa Ramabodu.
Gabriel Magalhaes is currently the defender with the highest aerial duels won, and most interceptions in the premier league and in the only team this season that hasnt conceded a goal. Take that, Arsenal Haters.

SCOUT: Just 31,165 FPL managers captained Alexandre Lacazette (PS8.5m) Owned by 3.3% the Arsenal forward has scored 10 goals in each of the last three seasons.
Arsenal might just remontada this season.
I know the referee of this Fulham-Arsenal game Kavanagh from Dumb and dumber.
What is this camera angle? So ancient. Looks like a match from 80s.
. K24Tv has the Rights to air EPL Games. Are you watching Arsenal Vs Fulham?
Using just a GIF - how are you feeling about the return of PremierLeague football in 10 minutes from now?
LacazatteCLnulbputs it at the back of the net to put Arsenal in the lead. Enjoy the best Live In-play odds herenulb.
First player to score in the 2020/2021 EPL season, Lacazette. He needs to keep that up. Been a while an Arsenal player scored that isnt Aubameyang.
Arsenal come through today oh.. No be play.
Look at Hector's position when Arsenal has the ball.
Chelsea fans watching Willian create the Premier League's first goal of the season for Arsenal.
Some real clever wordplay there.
Reporter : why did you sign for Arsenal? Willian : Well, it was easy decision for me. Petr and David said it was a great place to retire. No matter how old or how bad you play, they will start you ahead of their record signing. Thats when i knew, Arsenal is my new home.

Willian leaves Chelsea to join Arsenal and now playing like prime Ronaldinho.
Calm down DaniCeballos46 and EddieNketiah9 passionate family! . we have to keep cool! Arsenal FULARS NSnulb.
So close for Willian!! Almost the perfect start to his Arsenal career! Watch the match live nulb.
Lacazette makes it 1 nil to Arsenal Fulham Arsenal FulArs please & Follow.
Lets go Arsenal.
Eddie Nketiah and Dani Ceballos just had a heated exchange in the warm up, a few pushes and words exchanged. Arsenal coach had to intervene.
I am also watching Arsenal play Fulham on K24Tv ,someone confirm to me if the results will be same as on Supersport..
Scrolling through the timeline to see rivals fans bantering the Arsenal lineup shows how gargantuan we really are. Stay obsessed.
Leaves behind blue jersey to debut with Arsenal again wearing a blue jersey! Oh premierleague you're such an irony.
Im seriously trying to comprehend why Arteta feels Willian is better than Pepe! Just baffling ***nulb***nulb.
Lacazette dives the ground every 2 mins, and while in mid-flight decides which part of his body to hold in his cheating fake pain. what a spazzer. same old Arsenal cheating again.
: What a pass by Gabriel - such vision, and fantastic feet by Bellerin (shame he passed it to the ref).
Arsenal playing those disguised passes into the left channel is a thing of beauty.
FOOTBALL is back. I support Arsenal. Banter goes round. Exchange bants without insults else you go collect. Finally if your team (Chelsea especially) should loose I will tag you.
It is Arsenal and Fulham tbf.
The football Arsenal are playing is absolutely stupendous.
Watching a newly promoted defence adapt to Premier League football is an annual blood sport. Fulham are trying now, against Arsenal. It's never easy.
Ah, so this Arsenal Willian is the same one that was at Chelsea? ah well!
GOAL Fulham 0-1 Arsenal (8 mins) The first goal of the PL season! Alexandre Lacazette reacts the quickest to a goalmouth scramble to give the Gunners an early lead.
I'm sure Arsenal will impress you.
Do you think Arsenal is in blue for Willian?
Passion for Arsenal... if it was Chelsea it would be dressing room unrest.
We are live on K24Tv. Check it the whole action as Arsenal lead with their first goal.
UPDATE: Fulham 0: Arsenal 1. We are 10 minutes into the game.
Enjoy it while it lasts Arsenal. Vnulb.
Yall though Willian will leave Chelsea to Arsenal just to be benched by Pepe? Lmao.
Half-Time: Fulham 0 Arsenal 1.
Yes, I think one of the favourites for the top six (maybe Spurs rather than Arsenal) may well finish behind at least one of Wolves, Leicester or Everton.
Arsenal needs a midfield so so bad.
Leave arsenal fan tv out of this.
Fulham vs Arsenal LIVE HD (ENGLISH COMMENTARY) FULARS Livestream Watch all matches here: (Follow FTTV10 and turn notifications on for all matches).
Oh - followed BTW - not in any other way than the fact you follow Arsenal. Not that I do, I just like seeing other football fans suffer similar indignities that I do, as a Brighton fan .
Arsenal is winning the League!
Arsenal will finish 8th this season.
Wait who supports Arsenal here ?
Come on boys !
Sake of Bet and FPL you dey support Arsenal.
ICYMI: 8' Alexandre Lacazette scored the first goal of the 2020/2021 English Premier League season to put Arsenal 1-0 up!

What You Really Think

"fight with the Gunners".

Whenever i see counting i just assume it is coutinho.

I trust you on doing that.

We LOVE YOU DANI. PLEASE STAY WITH US FOR MANY YEARS. YOU LOOK GOOD IN OUR JERSEY Arsenal You Are Our 1 Of The Leagues Best Midfielders. Bright Future. COYG Gunners For Life. 2020/2021 EPL Top 4 Here We Come. We gonna move mountains this season Trust.

I can't stop laughing on this one, ( zimber comedy) on another funny one, please subscribe this channel we're begging you, and share this when it get to you, just to help our work grow God bless you.

Sign a long term contract.

Very well sir!

Would appreciate it if you guys Join my FPL[?] [?]Retweets appreciated to get the word out[?].

This is a player who can become a legend! the passion he shows for the fans and this club is amazing!

Gabriel looking so serious.

Va monos.

Let's see.

Coyg we are here to support the team from home..

Let's go you gunners .

All the believe is on the squad going out there at graven cottages.


Regards to everyone of you. Let's get the season going with a win.

Let's do it.



Mucha suerte guey.

Gabriel is a giant.


You are a keeper (as in stay in North London). Love your energy!

Go win go arsenal.

Danny welcome back come teach this folks how to play the beautiful game.

Una fit play ov2.5 so??

We love you Dani.

Yes bro >nulb.

COYG... Maximum 3 points in our first game.

Thats all we want.

Looking forward to seeing you once again tomrorow, Dani [?]nulb.

We can do it Dani.

Go on Dani coyg [?]nulb.

We know you will!

Ohhhhhhhh daniiiii cebaaaaallllos!!!

Come on boy.


Please you guys should do everything you can to win this match. That's our first game of the season V.


Make it permanent.

We all are Gunners. We all are Family.

That is what we want to hear from the players. Thank you.

Best of lucks.

Yes dani best of luck Vnulb play hard .

How many minutes left now boss?

Wish you to score and give assist to auba. We are winners by Goad willing.

He basically just told everyone he's starting.

Gabriel and Danny Starting tomorrow.

Goodluck to you all lads.

3 points VnulbVnulbVnulb.

We winning.

Hey Dani please STAY FOREVER.

Can't wait. Come on you Gunners.

Wish you guys good luck bring back the 3 points.

Is that tall Lord Jesus!!

Yeah Dani, time for you to score another goal for us tomorrow.

So you're saying we should take you on FPL?

Show the doubters why we wanted you back, im gassed for tomorrow.

Win Win all the way.

I can already see you doing this tomorrow.

Cant wait...CYOG Danni pls add some extra body mass...

How can you not live Dani?!!! NS.

COMMON DANI!! We got this.

Good luck to you Gunner!

Dani love this club.


Let's go Dani.

Gabriels size.


Don't disappoint us. Give all what you have to bag the 3 points.

OMG I love you VnulbVnulbVnulb cant wait for you to be a shithouse Tomo yet again.

Lets sign Dani for 5 years, I am tired of the loans.

Grrrrr tes cuisses mon salop.

Dani [?]nulb.


Waiting for those 360deg turns my Spaniard.

Venga Dani!

Gabby is so tallNSNSNS.

Lets go Dani .

Take a shave man.

Welcome back Dani!!