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Sunday 7th of February 2021

Today We're Thinking of ManUtd And All Those Affected by The Munich Air Disaster. Sixty-three Years. Never Forgotten.

Two changes from Tuesday MatyRyan makes his Arsenal debut biel_m04 partners.
Today we're thinking of ManUtd and all those affected by the Munich air disaster. Sixty-three years. Never forgotten.
10 years since the late Cheick Tiote secured an incredible 4-4 draw for Newcastle against Arsenal The first and only team to come back from 4-0 down in the Premier League. ( NUFC).
Arsenal fans think the pl is out to get them.
Willian lost possession five times in his 16 minutes on pitch for Arsenal vs. Villa, as many times as Thomas Partey did in his 74 minutes on the field.
Up the Villa.
Ill happily lose to Arsenal 10times if that means Ill remain 2nd not 10th.
Ive never bought into the Arsenal ref conspiracy shit. I am now a major shareholder in it.
I take it your dog isnt an Arsenal fan Loving life!
Arsenal is the great 10.
The 3 substitutions he would have made; Auba for pepe Martin odegaard for Rowe or Parte(Injury) Ceballos for cedric.
John Terrys reaction to Villa scoring vs Chelsea and Villa scoring vs Arsenal has me crying man.
Atletico Madrid 5th in La Liga Thomas Partey leaves Atletico Madrid now 1st, 10 points clear. Arsenal 4th in the Premier League Thomas Partey Joins Arsenal now 10th, potentially 13th soon.
Of course but willian was not his thats clear from everything i know from my sources, he wont get his own lads in on proper deals to the summer.
Im not even going to argue with you.
Remember when Arsenal beat West Brom, Brighton, Newcastle and signed Odegaard and Arsenal fans thought they will win the Premier League, the Europa League, the World Cup, the Australian Open and the Italian Grand Prix.

I totally agree. However, the refs find it easier to officiate rubbish against some teams and Arsenal is one of them.
World class keeper,cheers arsenal.
Looks like its gonna be a trial and error season for Arsenal.
Im convinced the Premier League has an agenda against Arsenal.
Arsenal are so shit it's unbelievable, bring back Arsene.
Person say even if na 5-aside willian play for Arsenal e go still flop.
John Terry when Aston Villa scored against Chelsea vs John Terry when Aston Villa scored against Arsenal. You can take him out of Chelsea but you can't take Chelsea out of him.
Over 1.5 goals 2 1-0 95 1-0 ***nulb Weldone Arsenal.
If theres any club I love its Arsenal. They keep to their promises, never letting their fans down. Never winning a game, so they dont confuse their fans emotions. What a club Loyalty is everything.
Foul against Arsenal given.
Saka is 19 years old. He's playing like he's the most experienced payer for Arsenal. They're so lucky to have him.
Ollie Watkins' second-minute goal proved the winner as Aston Villa's 1-0 victory condemned Arsenal to a second league defeat in five days. Match report and free highlights! nulb.
No no no.. Arsenal will end rice.
Willians last 21 appearances for Arsenal: 0 Goals 0 Assists 0 vibes, 0 Idea balls, 0 Senior man display...no one go pick this guy even for 5-a-side.
Man went from having Oyarzabal at the end of his passes to this shit. Arsenal was a downgrade, not from Real Madrid but from Real Sociedad too.
Remember when Arsenal beat the likes of Chelsea, West Brom, Brighton, Newcastle and signed Odegaard and Arsenal fans thought they will qualify for UCL, win world cup, big brother & X factor.
They lost it 10 years ago arsenal have to accept they are now a mid table team now.
Arsenal are DONE.
Arsenal prolonged deep depression.
Ask the Arsenal board.
Banter against Arsenal Football club is always top tier.
Willians last 21 appearances for Arsenal: 0 Goals 0 Assists Someone at Arsenal needs to walk up to Mikel Arteta and show him these stats.
This guy is good.
Bro gave the ball away and caused us this weekend! Needless to say why is willian always in the squad!
Dont cry bby :)).
Arsenal fans hate Willian becos he has a European trophy and they don't.
Martinez to the Arsenal Bench at Full Time.
Arsenal are still dealing his signings . Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.
Several Arsenal players have been sent off for this same tackle in years past including Arteta. But all I see in the comments is distance from goal LOL. Okay.
Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham having their own wee battle for Londons worst side with West Ham obviously being the best.
Seems the refs are ganging up against arsenal.
Aston Villa have completed a league double over Arsenal for the first time in 28 years, holding resolute despite prolonged pressure from the Gunners in search of an equaliser. BIG three points, lads! .

Ollie Watkins' vs. Arsenal today: E Most passes in opp.half (28) E Most duels contested (19) E Most aerial duels contested (13) E Most aerial duels won (6) E Most shots (4) E Most shots on target (3) He's got three goals in two games against the Gunners this season.

Arsenal fans mocked us for losing the Lampard-Arteta debate when Frank lost his job when all it shows is that were a serious club and they arent Debate FC.
Look at John Terrys reaction, he still hates Arsenal.
Emiliano Martinez has played against Arsenal twice this season: Two wins. Two clean sheets. Two places ahead of them in the PL.
I really hope arsenal have cleared this seasons Pepe fee Because ..THIS IS BUSINESS.
Martinez really upgraded from Arsenal to Aston Villa. -nulb.
Imagine Arsenal buying Timo Werner and starting him with Willian and Lacazette up front. Just imagine.
No, youre right, I just dont get it... Tweeting this about Bellerin right after a game where absolutely no one on that pitch in an Arsenal-shirt played well just makes zero sense. Lose a game, everyone played poor, but hey, lets just single out Bellerin .

Arteta the tactical master class with a 39% win rate the saviour of arsenal football club.
Onulb Arsenal - Aston Villa Onulb Aston Villa - Arsenal A league double over the Gunners for the first time since the / season!
If its about arsenal then you have no shame To dey banter Arsenal no dey sweet again.
Arteta: "We completely dominated the game. We dominated every department and we should have won the game.".
Arsenal should better prep for another lengthy streak of poor form. We warned you not to deny United 3pts.
Arsenal fans after losing against Wolves and Aston Villa...
Willian will collect salary this week. Complete His conscience will not disturb him. He only joined arsenal to win the champions League in 3 years.
Arsenal should have paid Coufi5 to keep jack in his pocket.
Bruh shouldve just gone with villa lmao fucking arsenal so trash.
10 losses in 23 League games. Not good enough.
Arsenal gast score back thank God match never end.
You guys know how to ruin a person's weekend arsenal.
I envy Arsenal fans right now... win or lose they dont get dragged anymore.
Arsenal wamecheza more games than all epl teams na wako number 10. Shiet.
Frank Lampard will be a great manager for Arsenal tho.
EPL referees will continue to make big mistakes against Arsenal until the club stops accepting it. For example, the club has still to complain publicly abt Luiz' red card not being revoked...
English please.
Arsenal 10 losses in 23 League games dear dear.
Whats he going Arsenal for?!?!?
And Arsenal not so good up top.
Should see this twit. What a biggest loser club in the premierleague history.
Arsenal football club. The club that: Gifts goals. Hated by officials Plays willian Ruins your weekend In that order.
Are Arsenal shit.
Why do yall tag us when Arsenal loses?
No way Arsenal have more losses than wins in the league this season.
United haven't beaten Arsenal for the past 3 seasons now, Arsenal played them twice this season and didn't concede against them.
If you troll Arsenal youre a terrorist!!!
Mat Ryan conceded just 74 seconds into his first Premier League start for Arsenal. He is the fourth goalkeeper in the competition's history to concede within the opening two minutes of their full Premier League debut for a club.

Willian is in Arsenal to win Champions League that's why he is not performing in PL. Wait till Arsenal qualifies for UCL and I will see the best of him.
Arsenal sold Martinez for peanuts, just for him to keep two clean sheets against them whilst Villa did the double over them!... these times, Lenos out here getting sent off for playing volleyball! ***nulb.

I think weve expelled way more energy than Willian has ever done in an Arsenal shirt in this talk lol. Ill say I have friends who are Chelsea fans and they dont recognize this Willian, hes never been this poor. Its an anomaly, how bad he is IMO.

He wasnt a Chelsea reject. He was good at Chelsea for a long time its just he doesnt care about arsenal. Chelsea agent more like.

What You Really Think

Y'all should have thought more about winning today's game to be honest.


Pure classy..

Arteta out.

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