Friday 30th of April 2021

We Reached The Final in Against Villarreal. It's Time to Believe And do it Again, Arsenal! NS.

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We reached the final in against Villarreal. It's time to believe and do it again, Arsenal! NS.
Spotify co-founder Daniel says 'secured funds' takeover Arsenal will present 'very compelling offer' owners Stan Kroenke Josh Kroenke club.
Spotify founder Daniel appeared confirm wants Arsenal, club supported since childhood.
justfootyz fiago7 Looks good, pre-war thing wrong. that English league best league Arsenal wasnt best team either. nice thread.
There were SEVENTY FOUR goals, SEVENTY FOUR goals games. That's close goals game!!! Arsenal themselves scored goals. That's only SEVEN goals behind City 17/18 NINE more than prime Salah/Firmino/Mane. possible 57.

Thank Bayuu BayoOlanlege awesome jerseys remain committed club Arsenal nation.
Good ebening Arsenal fans.
problem with Arsenal fact that fans more serious than players.
it's painful.
this lost ticket please, Manchester United played their first corner 10:02 this lost ticket? Pogba MUNROM partey arteta chukwueze davido ceballos gtbank arsenal auba Bruno fernandes martinelli saka barca.

sure they also admit referees make mistakes theres conspiracy reward punish anyone, yeah? Hopefully they remember that when they mistake. Then wont that UEFA Dornish gods hate daddy Wenger arsenal.

Arsenal just embarrassing England, everyone except them won. There must always that child every family.
only United final, tonight, theyve Europa League. Neither Arsenal Villarreal offer anything stop juggernaut that United... Andy Goldstein makes bold claim about MUFC Gunnar Solskjaer...

Something that will papered over Leno's save Moreno's chance. doesn't make that draw completely done dusted. Instead, Saka gets penalty Arsenal have chance. Keep same energy credit criticism.

Good luck with food? Thanks.
Good ebening alla arsenal-fans.
Arteta: ]Pepe's goal] gives belief that right things play level, beat them. Even with men, think were better team. bigger chance with Auba make tie".

tell both teams have Arsenal managers charge.
Every English club Europe performed well went unbeaten semi final this week then have Arsenal.
first game? Friday Night. Opening season. they beat Leicester 4-3. proper Premier League classic. Arsenal 17/18 needs studied. most Jekyll Hyde season time. Games should have been PPV.

Coming from useless arsenal fan. move.
Let's all laugh at husnaa123 and Arsenal.
Villarreal Arsenal love this game.
Huge thank you to everyone who bought the beer mats today... Completely overwhelmed.
line caused game. Arsenal stood chance winning away. He's bloody rookie.
Teams left Europa League: Roma Seria Arsenal 10th Villarreal Liga. excuses
Are you still alive my dear?
Very relaxed tonight, trust Arsenal crowd, ain't long this shit
Martinelli best young player some players have ever seen cant worst arsenal team ever? Arteta fuck off.
Arsenal tactics: "let's give ball Saka pray that he'll show magic". 19-year-old taking responsibility literally carrying team.
Villarreal 2-1 Arsenal: Nicolas Pepe penalty hands Gunners Europa League semi-final hope.
homegrown factor just hate Chambers Holding play Arsenal.
Manchester United fans watching Arsenal Barcelona dragged tonight.
Mikel Arteta confirms Dani Ceballos ignored half-time instruction Arsenal defeat.
Arsenal arent next years least...
expect every Arsenal defending Saka looking penalty stay silent when Kane position.
Chelsea drew Manchester City Manchester United Then have useless club with useless owner useless manager called Arsenal.
first time this season, Arsenal were staring down barrel Europa League. Somehow, they still this Villarreal tie. Live piece.
What scoreline Arsenal past games. Arsenal seems have upper hand against recently.
Enough is Enough.
This should come handy. your fellow arsenal fans.
Arteta'a selection cost us the this match he need be relieved off his duties at the end of this season.
You go let your pikin support arsenal?
Imagine supporting Arsenal this hardship.
with your mate! Jota could good shout back Arsenal think theyll clean sheet, didnt look great europa tonight tho.
Pepe falls over again for no reason... Seems to be his best trait.
Supporting Arsenal ground Herh.
Imagine saying Arsenal didnt deserve Super League when only Florentino Perez could compensate giving Ceballos.
Honestly disgusting dive Saka which wont COVERAGE because name isnt Harry Kane. Arsenal fans gone VERY quiet about this...
that number zero? Does your ridiculous chart show injuries important they their teams? know...most these days fringe players whereas arsenal been players! FACT! Take your agenda elsewhere! this a.

We won't. There is no chance.
Lol, recently come across your prediction analysis Manchester arsenal outtaf league. Well them proved wrong... your champions league prediction gonna wrong, cause Chelsea handle Madrid next leg...

won, Barca lost, Arsenal lost, what day.
Yessir goodluck.
RESULTS breathe! Trigueros Albiol give Villarreal first-leg advantage, Pepe pulls back Arsenal stunning second half Manchester United turn semi-final around style Which players impressed you?

UnGunKnownMen from Manchester caused havoc . . . MUNROM Villarreal Arsenal Cavani Roma GGMU MUFC Pogba Ceballos Barca Smalling Football Trending EuropaLeague Greenwood Bruno Fernandes Emery Xhaka Koeman Barcelona Granada Rashford Sola Adeduntan Auba.

Ceballos card clearly managers fault trust Arsenal fans find scapegoat that suits their agenda.
Make you.. rather play Villarreal final than Arsenal.
only thing arsenal been building over years Turning small capital
2019: Emery brings Ceballos Arsenal. 2021: Ceballos gets sent against Emery's side European semifinal.
Even Satan better chance redemption than Arsenal. what this club?
Emery (Arsenal penalty) penalty. serious mistake (the ref) that hurts lot.
Wahala for who dey support Arsenal.
Check your Arsenal friends. It's TOUGH!
Half time: Roma Villarreal Arsenal Work done...
Every time Arsenal situation, Arteta turns towards Martinelli. doesn't disappoint.
United Arsenal Europa League final will bigger than Chelsea City Champions League final.
Same Arsenal beat Chelsea their last competitive games against each other, trophy.
Arsenal dey.
Rihanna sure wasn't kidding when sang found love "hopeless" place. when visited Arsenal!
this declining Arsenal. Sham team since.
you're still crying from other Wembley?
Manchester United won, Bruno scored twice assisted twice, Cavani scored brace, Arsenal lost, Manchester United fans say.
Being Arsenal live.
know also came from abysmal Premier League team, Luka Modric. Ceballos shown quality replicate form first year Arsenal then take chance Otherwise lose another midfield like Kovacic.

Arteta should held accountable some these players have down different managers consistent basis there time arsenal.
Look lets real Arsenal were never going easy ***.
Arsenal mud.
Manchester United Arsenal wouldve found relegated from Super League founding members promise you.
Arsenal were down with men. That's brilliant result Mikel Arteta's men.
Arsenal fans drop heart follow each other.
dont just support arsenal cause from Holloway, also support them cause love leave things last minute, make things hard myself self sabotage

What You Really Think


They can't do shit.

There must be some of those shirts stashed in some storage room at the Emirates.

Sorry for you they let u down.

How far you still believe say una go win ????

Slightly different team Ralph but I still love you x.

Lol. Arsenal is in a shithole state.

This current team doesn't have the hunger, courage, commitment and believe to win like that of yours.


Why am I seeing this rn.

Not with m8arteta as head coach.

Dream on.

Not with Arteta in the dugout...

I dont think so.

The line up is ridiculous..we dnt stand a chance if he continues ds way.


Sadly that team had a completely different mentality to this one. Could do with you out there tonight mate!!

Do what again, But not with this players, God forbid Arsenal.

I was there!

Yes when we had excellent players.

Arsenal of now is nowhere even close to what that team was.

I laugh in Villarreal 2 goals in first half.

I wish! This is not the same team Lauren! I miss you all so much! This is not the Arsenal I once knew...completely unrecognisable.

Arteta should vacate that position tonight.

I bought the Jersey, and I didn't know how it was stolen. Just discovered it wasn't in my luggage, and I didn't have it no more. It's funny.

Not this time.

No with Fraudteta.

Different back then , better players , players who played for the badge ,, desperately unlucky not win it.

Different animals in that squad Lauren.. All hungry and would die for the badge.

But we had you playing then.

But at what cost.

We are winning Arsenal.

But you lost the final right.

What can a human being do to bring back that Arsenal we all eagerly waited for to watch play.

It was the stuff inside the shirts that was differnt gravy thats the worry.

That was in the 2006 champions league. These dollop heads are playing Europa.

Yes come onV.

Well said legend.

Great picture but for the middle.

History tends to repeat itself.

Juan Roman Riquelme.

Certainly did Ralph!

I see 2 legends and 1 RAT.

All the best.Villareal are a tough team though.

Tooo much love COYG.

I remember like it was yesterday!

I will have to dig this shirt out as we need all the luck we can get.

That Jens Lehman save, what a night it was!


Thanks for the reminder Lauren12arsenal Ill be wearing mine tonight then for luck.

Man like Lauren.

We miss you The Invincibles.

Lauren your a legend and will always be loved at the club but come on! even you must admit Arteta is an amateur manager going up against the master Emery when it comes to the Europa league. I fear for my team as long as Arteta is in charge real talk.

Best kit of all time, Legend.

Let's Do More.

My favourite shirt to date.

With a much better and experience squad Wish them luck any way.

Unfortunately we dont have this shirt no more.

That match against Villarreal was something else. We were defending for 90 mins. Marcos Senna and Riquelme ran the show in midfield.

Love you forever Lauren V What a player you was man V.

Please all u guys win today.

You played an integral part as always.

Yes, sure we can do it again. Up Gunners.

Let's do it again.

And u lost after that.

Bring back the shirt. Best they ever had imho.



Is the hope that kills.

We don't have a RB Lauren please get your boots on & we'll win it with you.

Could really use a right back like you in this team! Absolute legend.

One wonders if this current group have a fraction of your desire to win?

Hopefully yes...I wish it were your squad again too bad we Will never have your types again. Bisani! Your Arsenal represented nothing but real football.

Proud of you.

Come on you redcurrants!

Sweet Memories.

Legend V.

Come on.

Yes legend!

I love this shirt.

But if you look at the quality you guys had is way above. Just the 3 of you in that picture are better than the entire squad..

We reached the final because we started Ebue instead of you.

This time they don't have juan roman requilme.

C'mon Gunners, We gat this.

Victoria Concordia Crescit!

2 legends and a fanboy who later snaked the club that made him.

That night! Wow.

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