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Saturday 21st of November 2020

As a Veteran, This Makes me Angry.

Similar to this house I drive past on my way to and from work. They have about four Trump flags on different flagpoles, a thin blue line flag, and two treason flags (Confederate flags; one on the fence, one on the side of the barn). They have an American flag, but it's on a smaller, thinner, lower pole than most of the others.

My neighbors straight up replaced their American flag with a blue lives matter flag.
Since year 1 its been Trump above country. They're just too chicken shit to say it.

What You Really Think

Falg code would also like to speak with that blue lives matter flag as well.

Out by me theres a guy flying a ~~Norwegian~~ Finnish flag up top, trump flag below it and an American flag on another pole below both. I think they also had a no socialism sign with a hammer and sickle crossed out, but that might have been the other house with the maddog mattis and thin blue line bullshit everywhere. Edit: mixed my flags up.

A lot of Wisconsin really sucks like this. Glad it flipped blue again.

I call the *thin blue line* flag the *fear for my life* flag. It celebrates cops' ability to violate constitutional rights.

The same group who tends to fly the confederate flag...

I don't mean to be facetious, but I think some of us would take the "Thin Blue Line" a little more seriously if it actually resembled our police, let's just say thin wouldn't be the first word that comes to mind...

Theres so much of this in rural Michigan and Ohio. Blue lives matter flag with the American flag with a trump flag. Sometimes the confederate flag but thats a little less common. Blue Lives Matter flag has seemed to gain popularity though.

I'm British and dont know anything about the flag but im sure the actual flag is supposed to be on top.

This and flying an American (and often trump flags) in the bed of your pickup at freeway speeds until it is a tattered red white and blue rag.

As a veteran, worshipping an inanimate object confuses me. People treat the flag better than they treat other human beings. Its a piece of cloth.

This &x200B; same with kneeling during a game. &x200B; it was never about the flag. &x200B; it was never about voter fraud. &x200B; they just want their king *edit* thanks for the award kind stranger!!! It's my first gold!

At least the homeowners were being honest. They've always considered Trump to be above the country.

I see the same shit all the time where I live, except it's a confederate flag over an American flag.

Why respect a flag? Note that this is different than respecting some ideals that it might represent (in your personal interpretation).

The Trump campaign sold a flag that's literally the American flag with a terrible drawing of Trump giving a thumbs up superimposed over it. Disrespectful and ugly.

I keep saying their flag has too many stars on it. The country they want existed before 1959 when Alaska and Hawaii joined the union. They need a flag with 48 or fewer stars to accurately represent their true goal (Arizona was 48th joining in 1912). To clarify my point, Im referring to a simpler time when folks who werent white straight Christian males knew their place. The voting habits of those particular states are immaterial. They yearn for better times when they could hang a black person with impunity, force non heterosexuals to live secret lives, and keep their women in the kitchen.

I am not that patriotic really but I am disgusted with it being flown over the flag. It is so disgusting.

>Any citizen who knows anything about respecting the flag hates this. Woke up this morning, scrolled through reddit, saw at least a dozen more important things than this to worry about. Just one example: Circuit Courts have been Reassigned Effective November 20, 2020, ordered pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42 MI - Brett M. Kavanaugh WI - Amy Coney Barrett PA - Samuel A. Alito GA - Clarence Thomas.

Saw some Trumper marching around populated place with a US flag in tatters. Like a good 1/3 of it gone. Told him he needed to retire that flag and get one in good repair. He wanted to argue how much trouble the country was in. I wouldnt debate him but asked how marching around with a tattered flag was helping. No answer m, of course.

But Colin Kaepernick!!!!!1.

As a Canadian this infuriates and worries me.

As another American, I don't really care about the flag at all, but still fuck that guy.

As an American, who gives a shit it's a piece of cloth? Fuck Trump and all that but I will never understand caring about a flag.

From another American: It's. A. Flag. Imagine all the energy put into this jingoistic bullshit, and put it towards something that will actually help people.

As an European, can you explain why? I'm confused.

As a Briton, the obsession with the flag perplexes and amuses me.

As an irregular American this also makes me angry.

As a regular Non-American citizen, this also makes me angry.

As a regular american I really couldn't give a shit.


They are nationalists. They think its a greater patriotism, but a real patriot sees both our strengths *and* our flaws.

The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does; the first attitude creates a feeling of responsibility, but the second a feeling of blind arrogance that leads to war. - Sydney Harris.

They're a cult.

They are traitors, who put one man above the Nation.

They couldnt make it clearer what their priorities are if they strung it up on a flagpole.

They. Have. Never. Read. The. Flag. Code.

Patriots show compassion for their fellow countrymen, false patriots show only false pride to make up for their failings. These people who are happy to subvert democracy, to see their fellow citizens infected, to tell their opponents they are not true Americans. Fuck them.

The symbolism is perfect, actually.

At least they're honest about their priorities.

Cults keep to themselves. This is a political faction trying to seize power in a democratic country.

Yep. And they will unironically tell you that Biden is staging a socialist take over of the country. Its not the healthcare that causes dictatorships, its shit like this.

All in the name of things we dont understand, but frighten us.

I *do* have to wonder if people just aren't thinking about the ordering at all and it's more or less a mistake. (in other words, never attribute to malice that which could be explained by stupidity).

Yes, but these are also the same people who bitch about athletes kneel at the anthem, while also not following actual rules set forth for flying flags.

Can't agree more.

I think the real problem is the hypocrisy of the cult that is really the point here; these same people who disrespect the flag this way will dump a pile of vitriolic hate on some athlete kneeling during their precious magic song.

When you're taught from birth that the flag is a symbol and not an object, it changes things. I don't see a cloth rectangle; I see a reminder of all the death and bloodshed that war produced. So to me, flying a traitor's flag above the US flag is akin to pissing on the graves of veterans. Is there any literal violation? No. The vet is dead and won't be inconvenienced by the piss. Pissing on their grave is therefore purely symbolic. But it symbolizes something reprehensible, just like flying the flag of a traitor above the US flag. (If it matters at all, I am not a conservative.).

Americans have a very disgusting and perculiar fetish for this particular arrangement of red white and blue.

Lol this whole post reminds me of the perspective of a friend of my dad's who came from overseas and said "Why is there a flag everywhere? Do Americans forget where they come from if they don't have one? I've never seen anything like this in my country" so I enjoyed reading your post thinking about that, specially when you talked about the sporting events. I mean, The World Series? Yeah ok, if it even includes a Canadian team and that's not even guaranteed, America is NOT the world.

It pissed me off in my home town when Mcdonalds flew their corporate flag over the state flag, and even they put the national flag on top. Or those new flags with Trump defacing them. They claim to respect the flag more than anyone, but they really just dont like other people being able to use it.

Makes sense given that they put party over country... Literally.

Best way to depict this term in office.

As an American, Im sick of hearing about Trump.

As Americans, so are about 80 million of us.

As an American, I'm sick of hearing about Trump.

As a human, I'm sick of hearing about Trump.

As an American in the South, I am sick of hearing about Trump.

Hardcore indoctrination since birth.

I really dont get it. Im supposed to be outraged by this? By what? Its 2 different pieces of cloth and people are outraged by the placement of them.

The Flag Code isn't a law and only applies to government institutions. Any other use of the flag by citizens is protected by free speech.

Thats the whole point of OP.

Yeah that was the point of this post.

Honest question: What is the presumed orientation of "to the right".

As an Englishman I really don't understand the fuss. I hate Trump and that flag shouldn't be anywhere, but it's just a flag who gives a fuck. Care more about them being utter morons, don't get upset about a piece of material. There's more important things to represent national spirit.

Correct: the flag flown above it isn't the issue; it's that *any* flag is above it.

I mean America had serious problems long before Trump.

Regardless of anyone's political beliefs, the first amendment allows me to treat the flag any way I want. That said, I treat it with respect, just like I treat my fellow human beings. If you want to burn it, I really don't care, because that's your right.

I don't gaf how you want the American flag treated, I care how you want American people treated.

Burning a flag is a valid form of protest. I say this as a veteran, since people like to use us in their strawman arguments.

If one is burning or stepping on it as an act of protest they don't care about respecting the flag code. This dude pretends to care about the flag while disrespecting what it stands for.

Burning a flag is proper flag procedure for retiring a flag. Of course it should be done with care and reverence but it is supposed to be burnt. One of the biggest things you see lately though is people wearing the US flag which is actually the code though and shows people have no respect for it.

Fuck that. Americans freak out about our flag being burned or stepped on yet criticize Muslims in Sweden getting mad at viral videos of the Quran being burned, a literal religious textbook.

The national flag is always supposed to be the highest but they put their Trump flag on top which is disrespectful.

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