Friday 26th of June 2020

ASIO Has Conducted a Raid on The Sydney Home of a NSW Labor MP, investigating What is Believed to be Allegations of Attempts of Foreign interference into The Australian Political System.

Story with massive political implications- NSW MP's Sydney home raided as ASIO probes China links.
LABOR MP'S HOME RAIDED AS ASIO PROBES CHINA LINKS ASIO is conducting a sweeping investigation into allegations Chinese government agents have infiltrated the office of a NSW Labor politician to influence Australian politics.

Federal agents have raided the Sydney home of a NSW Labor MP amid allegations Chinese government agents infiltrated his office to influence Australian politics. EXCLUSIVE by Nick McKenzie and Joel Tozer.

Counter-espionage agency ASIO is conducting a sweeping investigation into allegations Chinese government agents have infiltrated the office of NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane to influence Australian politics. The Labor Party is the face of treason in this country.

Who would have thought that ASIO and the AFP would raid a Labor MP's office just 8 days before the Eden-Monaro by-election? Just a coincidence? Or are our security officers tainted with the Liberal Party brush?

This government use of police against opponents is frightening.ASIO and AFP against a Labor put into objective terms, Liberal MP Gladys Liu had allegations made against her.Either both get raided or neither get raided.The inconsistency is wrong.

ASIO and AFP conducting raids again on Labor people when there is an election in progress. The boss, Dutton, can always be relied on.
- ASIO mistakenly raids John Howard & Alexander Downer offices & discover they interfered with East Timor. Christian Porter's Secret trial cancelled.
This MP always came to info sessions we ran at NSW parliament to brief them on LNP TAFE cuts. This ASIO raid smells like Murdoch Racist Propaganda because of.
Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane's home raided by the AFP amid claims Chinese agents have infiltrated his office - after he praised Beijing's decisive handling of coronavirus. ASIO & AFP aren't just investigating him, but no doubt the NSW parliament as well.

BIG news: ASIO/AFP move against pro-CCP Labor MP Moselmane. First test of Foreign Interference law. NSW MP's Sydney home raided as ASIO probes China links.
The Rockdale home of a Labor MP has been raided by ASIO officer, following explosive allegations his office may have been infiltrated by the Chinese communist party.
First our land, now our WATER: How China is the biggest buyer of Australia's most precious resource. Australia's land & water sold to China by ScottMorrisonMP & GladysB & AusFedPolice and ASIO raid office of Labor MP over China connections.

Hilarious!!!! LNP preselected Gladys Liu against ASIO warning! They also took $1m donation from her mates against ASIO warning. How about the government set up a Federal ICAC?
There was a time when you'd take a joint ASIO and AFP raid seriously. Odd that the media got there so fast. In completely utterly unrelated news, Eden-Monaro.
"The Attorney-General Christian Porter has authorised efforts by ASIO to gather evidence " smh theage Spot the problem .
Dear AusFedPolice Quick re-cap: China offers a Lib man $1 M to stand for parl. He tells ASIO and, although in good health in his 30's, is found dead. GladysLiuMP takes over, offers $1 M to Lib's, cannot explain where it came from, and is elected. Nothing to see?

Not only ASIO raids, not one of Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane's colleagues will publicly defend him when he is under attack, simply for his "views about China" (per NSW Police Minister David Elliott) and his criticisms of.

Of the day: ASIO raids Labor for information relating to alleged ChinaSpies; conveniently deflecting attention from Court's decision to hear evidence in WitnessK trial (Liberal Howard AusGov Spying on TimorGov) in secret.

Explosive. Moselmane's properties raided and searched in a foreign interference probe. His staffer John Zhang has united front links and Moselmane's statements on China have raised eyebrows for years.
Shaoquett Moselmane's home raided because He's criticised Aus. Media as SINOPHOBIC Praised Chinas Covid19 response Has Chinese staff Criticised Aus. New Counter Foreign Interference Laws So this gets You RAIDED by AFP and ASIO now in AUSTRALIA!!!

Is she somehow linked to today's raids by asio and AFP?
Section 25A of the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Act exempts State and Federal MPs from the scheme. In Oct 19 I urged the Senate Privileges Committee to remedy this with a legislative scheme specifically for politicians. This was rejected.

ASIO giving journalists an "exclusive" drop about a raid on an MPs house. Not at all political and extremely ok ..
Gladys Liu only had to say she quit her role with a CCP affiliated group and that ended the matter, she still sits in Parliament, yet an ALP member can be accused, have ASIO & AFP raid done with media in tow & with no chance of clarification on guilt or innocence-- 1 of 2.

Officers from the AFP and ASIO have raided the home and office of NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane in Sydney this morning.
ASIO / AFP strangely silent on .. Andrew Robb Julie Bishop Gladys Liu.
Maybe he needs to be the target of the next ASIO raid.
??? a Labor MP was raided by ASIO and ch9 and Gladys Liu is trending. God I love twitter. And Purple. Looking at you.
The ausfedpolice & ASIO no longer even pretend to be apolitical. They are the lapdogs & agents of the LNP. They will do anything to ensure the LNP remain in power. How surprising that they raid a NSW State ALP member only a few days from a by-election.

Another election timed raid by the political arm of the LNP / AFP! Shaoquett Moselmane's home raided by ASIO over alleged links to Chinese Communist Party.
What about GladysLiuMP from the Liberal party? She's a secretive international influence arm of the Chinese Government, committed proven election fraud, proven CCP recruiter, received illegal donations? She is a CCP agent in parliament!

NSW Labor Leader JodiMcKayMP has requested for Shaoquett Moselmane's Labor Party membership to be suspended following ASIO raids on his Rockdale home this morning.
NSW EdenMonaro by-election will be held on 4 July. As with federal election, Morrison will do whatever it takes to win. Nothing is too low, or off limit! And a complicit cabal of media oligarchs are keen to assist! Hence timing of ALP branch stacking story & ASIO raid.

Ok What about: ASIO/AFP desperately hunt for proof to support Morrison's evidence free claim of Chinese attack. The best they could come up with under pressure is an obscure state ALP backbencher. Not so long ago ASIO stated alt right groups Aus biggest threat.

How did the media know to attend an ASIO/AFP raid?
This is extraordinary - Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane's house is being raided as ASIO probes his China links.

What You Really Think

Labor has taking the path of selling out Australia to the Chinese government.

Australian Labor Party might as well be the Australian communist party.

Cameras at the ready of course.

Well what do ya know .Labor at it again.

Okay what have we here? Concerted & contrived distraction? Level of trust in MSM, its dubious propaganda role for NLP & the impending EdenMonaro buy-election converge to garner suspicion (not a misspelling btw).