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Thursday 30th of July 2020

MLB Has Suspended Dodgers Reliever Joe Kelly For Eight Games Stemming From Tuesday Nights Actions Against The Astros That Led to The Benches Clearing. Kelly Will Appeal The Decision.

The Dodgers and Astros cleared the benches after Joe Kelly struck out and exchanged words with Carlos Correa.
And what do the astros players deserve Jon? Just snitch and walk free and still seem confused as to why everyone is mad?
Astros fans in my mentions saying Joe Kelly ran to the dugout to get away from Carlos Correa. He struck him out. The inning was over. I know you just started watching baseball in 2017, but that's how baseball works.

Joe kelly really got suspended for 8 games all because the astros were being little pussies and he made a funny face at them. LORDT TAKE THE WHEEEEEELLLL.
Joe Kelly got a bigger punishment for throwing a bad off-speed pitch than the Astros did for cheating their way to a World Series title. And thats all Ill say about that...
At a professional level, have to be honest. Not going to knock players policing the game. Play stupid games win stupid prizes, astros!
Cristian Javier 7 strikeouts and counting. No wonder pitching coach Brent Strom was so excited about Javier.
Manfreds entire handling of the Astros cheating will make him go down as the worst commissioner in sports ever.
Already protecting the astros thats soft lol.
Joe Kelly got suspended for 8 more games for being mad at the Astros for stealing a World Series than any Astro got suspended for stealing a World Series.
Glad to see the MLB is finally cracking down on those cheating Astros players by *squints* Suspending Joe Kelly for 8 games.
*Astros cheat to win the WS* MLB: cheating is bad, mkay. Hope you learned your lesson *Kelly throws at Astros* MLB.
Rob Manfred is a true low-life worm for suspending Joe Kelly and not one player among the 2017 Astros.
It's still quite amazing MLB didn't suspend any Astros players. The NFL suspended one of the best players in NFL history for a quarter of the season because a football was 1 PSI too low.
Took me a minute to realize you werent in fact suggesting that Joe Kelly throwing behind several Astros last night was somehow a pro-1st Amendment statement.
Can we stop minimizing the fact that the Astros players weren't punished at all. MLB could have taken action, they didn't so they left it in the players hands.
Dave Roberts and Joe Kelly have been suspended. The Astros cheated and won the World Series and got nothing. The MLB is a fucking joke.
- Throwing near people's heads is very bad - As I predicted at HardballTalk a few months ago, someone indeed got more of a suspension for taking out their anger at the Astros than any of the Houston players did for cheating on their way to a World Series win.

Astros players for 17 WS = Immunity Joe Kelley doesnt hit anyone = suspended 8 games. Justice?!?
Lets go strooooos! astros -Town.
The entire Astros team was suspended a total of zero (0) games for cheating the game and stealing a World Series. Joe Kelly made a funny face at them and gets 8 games (equivalent to 22 in a full season) Manfred has to go.

MLB Suspends American Hero Joe Kelly 8 Games For Intentionally Throwing At The Houston Astros Last Night.
A reminder that no Astros players were suspended for their part in the 2017 sign-stealing scandal that robbed the Dodgers of the World Series.
The biggest punishment the Astros have faced is MLB completely disregarding evidence of other teams cheating, being the poster boy for cheating (that many others teams do) does more damage than any firing or suspensions.

Me reading joe kelly got suspended for 8 games meanwhile the houston astros cheated to win a World Series with zero punishment to any players.
Joe Kelly (Mookie too) was on the 18 Red Sox that got caught cheating btw. Stealing signs with technology or during the game is not cheating, it is the norm. Statistically the Astros were no better off with the scheme. Better road record than home record that year.

Dont think for a second we cant pay attention to the heavy-handedness of the Dodgers/Astros punishment while also monitoring MLBs investigation into a much more serious incident that included PLAYERS DECIDING GROUP TEXT IT WOULD BE OK TO PLAY THROUGH A COVID-19 OUTBREAK.

How I feel about Astros, anti-maskers, Gohmerts, hydroxychloroquine for COVID, people who complain about violence in StL for some reason but dont inquire into/help solve root causes, schools opening unsafely...

I was angry when MLB protected the Astros and handed them a soft fucking punishment for cheating their way to a World Series win in 2017. I am more angry now that MLB is protecting these cheats by dishing out ridiculous suspensions, in order to prevent others plunking them.

If you had "Joe Kelly" as "First Player Disciplined In The Fallout From The 2017 Astros Scandal," come collect your winnings.
And The Astros got no suspension for cheating, haha okay?
Meanwhile Logan Morrison claims many other teams (including the Dodgers) are using cameras to steal signals like the Astros and theres no investigation AT ALL. Yes, something must be afoot.
MLB has suspended Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly for eight games stemming from Tuesday nights actions against the Astros that led to the benches clearing. Kelly will appeal the decision.
This guys a LEGEND... imagine him getting suspended more games than any of the Cheating Astros did.
Joe Kelly for throwing at the Astros and making a face: 8 games Astros players for cheating during the 2017 season: 0 games.
I dont watch baseball but how does joe kelly get suspended longer then any astros player.
I dont think Ive ever seen an athlete ingratiate himself more to the world than Joe Kelly did in about 10 mins worth of work tonight. Hes legit a hero to every baseball fan who doesnt root for the Astros.

MLB suspended Joe Kelly before any of the Astros players.
Hey Manfred! MLB You allow the Astros to play with a simple apology after admitting they cheated their way to the 2017 World Series Championship! Yet you suspend Kelly for 8 games in a 60 game season for something you cant prove. What about Guriel mocking Darvish?

Come on Ken , be better. Harsh?? Push your Anti-Astros bias aside for a moment. This was intentional by Joe Kelly and everyone knows it. He also tried to trip up Brantley at first base on top of his other antics. MLB made the right decision.

Astros came over to our side and they didnt get suspended. According to the new pandemic rules, they shouldve been.
Of course the Astros get to go an entire season without hearing the boos they deserve...
Joe Kelly got suspended 13% of the season for *allegedly* throwing at (and missing) 2 Astros players who cheated and were suspended 0 games. Rob Manfred is officially the worst commissioner in sports.
Manfred when the Astros cheated: Rob Manfred when Joe Kelly tried to get some vengeance.
Fuck off How about suspend the entire astros team for cheating in the World Series!!!
Oh for sure. Totally different situation. Will be weird to see this play out. I bet most are able to stay in the league outside the Astros.
Yes. Yes I do. And the most notable of them, Mr. Bonds has an asterisk by his name as should the Astros. And btw, claiming others cheated is no excuse for cheating yourself.
Joe Kelly suspended 8 games? In a 60 game season? For not hitting anyone? Come on MLB. Thats the most laughable thing you couldve done. Maybe if you had actually punished the Astros players who adamantly denied cheating, none of this would be happening.

I believe the Astros should be suspended this whole season.
Imagine getting suspended for 8 games in a 60 game season and not even hitting one Astros player! Astros Players Cheat: No Suspension Taunt Astros For Cheating: 8 Game Suspension. (Equivalent to 22 games in a normal season).

Joe Kelly: suspended 8 games when he didnt hit anyone Dave Roberts: suspended 1 game for literally doing nothing Entire Astros team for cheating to win the World Series: suspended 0 games.
Joe Kelly should have asked for immunity to admit that he threw at all the Astros on purpose.
Orel, you and Joe are the best. The only thing missing is Don Drysdale. Big D would have said last night of course thenpitch got away. If I was throwing, the Astros would know exactly where it lands.
Cough 2017 WS game clinching win in your house.
Joe Kelly to Carlos Correa: MOVE B*TCH GET OUT THE WAY!
You want to see some real speed?
Rob Manfred is a fucking joke. Suspending Joe Kelly for 8 games on a short season while the CHEATING bitch ass Astros get a slap on the wrist? foh.
Should give the HR balls hit in minute maid to the fan who's cutout gets hit with the ball .
Nah youre right. My broken brain is just having a hard time separating Kelly doing something bad from the Astros nonsense.
Lots of players (from all over MLB) are expressing their thoughts about the Astros and the lack of suspensions for the 2017 stuff. If the Astros thought the season being delayed would make things die down a bit, they were sorely mistaken.

8 games is insane. So he would be fined 22 in a 162 game season? The Astros players werent suspended a combined 8 games. Manfred is a fraud.
So, if Astros players are thrown at this year, take the hit, then take your base. Don't come at the guy who threw it like you didn't deserve this. And, MLB, expect this. They cheated the game and won a WS.

They are the biggest cheaters in MLB history they should be kicked out of the league. So shut the fuck up its past your bed time small kid joe.
Good morning to Carlos Correa and Astros Fans ONLY!!!
MLB can suck it. I'm not even pirating streams. I'm done with baseball until Manfred is gone and they get back to pure baseball. WHO SUSPENDS JOE KELLY FOR 8 GAMES WHILE LETTING THE ASTROS CHEAT CONSEQUENCE FREE? Screw all of 'em.

Substitute MLB with NFL and Patriots with Astros.
But when are the Astros gonna get suspended? Joe Kelly hit with eight-game suspension over intentional throwing in fiery Astros-Dodgers game.
Astros sure are looking at a lot of pitches vs Dodgers first two games.
My question to Manfred, how did you expect the players to react when you refused to suspend any of the Astros who cheated a ring right off Kellys finger?
Fuck Rob Manfred and defending the fucking bitch Astros.
It sucks when my model give me Astros as ev Dogs , hate cheering for them...
I just want to do running commentary with espn people tonight. Huge numbers posted - you dont say? Like COVID in TX? Number of cheaters on the Astros bench? Number of times youre trying to normalize the most awkward game of baseball this season?

Manfred: throwing at Astros is worse than racism.

What You Really Think

Absolute BS. Baseball again continues to get it wrong.

Disgusting! The *Asterisks* deserved to be suspended. But we dont see that happening now do we?

That's bullshit, MLB need some drip like this in the game.


That's weak!!!

What a fucking joke! Those cheating idiots should be suspended a full season.


MLB tweaking.

Thats literally more than the cheaters got.

This man is a national hero! MLB you should be ashamed of yourselves.

If only Kelly would have cheated,then he wouldnt have been suspended ***nulb.

How many games did the Astros get suspended for cheating an entire season?

Why has the Astros not been stripped of their WS title? This will continue all season because YOU failed to act accordingly.


Dude didnt do anything.

Free Joe Kelly!

Season will be over in 8 games so who cares.

Ok but Houston cheated and none of there players got suspended Im lost.


What a fucking joke.

Its like the MLB is trying, specifically, to make you not watch. What a joke.

I say that's too many games.