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Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

Attorney General William Barr Gave The Order On Monday To Forcibly Clear Out Protesters Ahead Of President Trump's Photo-op Near The White House, A Justice Department Official Says.

Buried in this very good Schwartzesque profile of Barr is the revelation that Barr is regularly briefing Trump on the findings of the ongoing Durham probe. WTF - I thought it was a criminal investigation?

Attorney General William Barr gave the order on Monday to forcibly clear out protesters ahead of President Trump's photo-op near the White House, a Justice Department official says.
The House should immediately initiate proceedings in re The Impeachment of Attorney General William Barr. This is simply the most recent egregious violation of his oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

NEW: Attorney General William Barr personally told law enforcement officials to clear Lafayette Park, and extend the security perimeter, shortly before President Trump walked across the park to St. John's Episcopal Church, Monday, according to Washington Post and ABC News.

No, let's not hold up the notorious war criminal George HW Bush who, along with his Attorney General *William Barr*, invoked the Insurrection Act in 1992 in the aftermath of the uprisings sparked by the acquittal of four white police officers who mercilessly beat Rodney King.

George H.W. Bush was the last president to invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act that Trump is now threatening to invoke. He used it to put down the riots in LA. His attorney general? William Barr.
U.S. Attorney General William Barr personally ordered federal law enforcement to clear a park near the White House of peaceful protesters on Monday in time for President Trump to walk to a church for a photo op, a Justice Department official said.

JUST IN: US Attorney General William Barr gave the order on Monday to forcibly clear out protesters ahead of President Trump's photo-op near the White House, a Justice Department official says.
In the NYT piece on Barr yesterday, he brags about getting into fist fights w/ students protesting Vietnam and a segregated gym at Columbia University in 1968, where he was also a student. Clearly, Barr has always had disdain for such protestors.

Barr involved in decision to remove protesters around White House.
???NEW COLUMN ALERT!!!??? Attorney General William Barr Appoints Third US Attorney To Investigate SpyGate.
JUST IN: Attorney General William Barr gave the order on Monday to forcibly clear out protesters ahead of President Trump's photo-op near the White House, a Justice Department official says.
Attorney General William P. Barr's Statement on Protests in Washington, D.C.
Don't be fooled by the Harry Potter glasses.

What You Really Think

Could Barr be Trump's illegitimate child? Even though Trump would have been only three when he planted the devil's seed, with him all is possible.

Yes sir anything you want sir. Can I kiss your ass sir.

Barr did it, undoubtedly "inspired" by Trump. Both men are.... let's say substantial enough, to walk their sorry ASSets outside, to go up the street. IF YOU'RE TOO COWARD TO WALK TO YOUR OWN PHOTO-OP, YOURE TOO COWARD TO BE PRESIDENT OR AG! You'll have failed ALL Americans!

It was Trump, stop covering for the ahole.

Good news !!!!!!

CNN should be charged with inciting violence.

Barr must go.

Question: How are people getting the looted goods back to their neighborhoods? Subway, Bus, Uber or personal car. The stolen goods will make a lot of fences fat and happy this week! Hard to believe that this kind of criminal behavior can happen in this day and age!


Should be jailed. Dangerous man with power.

He should be arrested on January 20th at 12:02pm.


Step back for a moment: The park is for EVERONE'S use. A small girl and her mother has as much right to the park as does anyone else. Why do we allow this size a gathering w/o a proper permit. Little boy has been unable to ride his bike in the park for many days now. Law 1st.

CNN you spent the last hour interviewing the Rev at the Episcopal Church who thinks Christ's teaching was only on compassion. But Jesus personally flogged people in the temple who abused the opportunity. She has nothing to say to those who burnt the Church basement???

What a complete POS. But then again, why am I not surprised with this administration.

No shit. Fred Flintstone is Trumps goon.

Alternate headline: Barr falls on sword, takes the rap for botched police action for photo op.

Here we go. Get ready for massive arrests/and possibly people getting killed. Stay safe out there!

This administration and everyone that represents Trump is a fucking joke. They've made America a joke. They all need to go. Want to make America Great again? Vote them all out.

A fat punk, did he serve in the military? Bet not!

I love CNNBRK... The best part are the responses below from clueless, bleeding heart liberals who are too lazy to search for truth and just rather listen to CNN twisted and detrimental reality. LOL....

Did he also force Trump to march down the cleared street? Did he also force Trump to stand there with the Bible scowling for pictures? Is he controlling Trumps Twitter??

When peaceful protest and violent confrontation meets the same violent reaction, I wonder what one should act, if just to even the playing field or "make it fair" at the very least, who the F does these politif'ers think they are? And you call yourself an attorney general? Gosh!

That was all for show. All because Trump didn't like the bad press about him hidin in bunker. Didn't want Biden to outshine him. All about the spotlight. Cares about that over anythin else.

This is injustice. Illegal. And you should be pissed.

Trump has to remove Barr from his zipper before he pees. What a joke this Barr is. He has no shame in peopke knowing that he is orangeman's bit%h. Shame shame shame.