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Tuesday 15th of September 2020

You Lot Are Drawing me Out.

And he has turned down two bids to stay. NSnulb.
Finally... AubaSigns NSnulb.
You lot are drawing me out.
My captain.
Caught Aubameyang leaving the Emirates! Arsenal for life! AubaSigns TroopzAFC Aubama Bloodclart Yang!!!!
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has confirmed he has signed a new contract with Arsenal.
The elite gunman signs a new contract. Best signing of the season for Arsenal.
This has been fun.
Aubemayang has signed a new contract and has vowed to become an Arsenal legend. Yall are in trouble.
About FUCKING time!!! V.
Signed Sealed Delivered.
If you're an Arsenal fan that always FOLLOWS BACK other Gooners! Follow all who and gain! Aubameyang7 actually signed the thing! [?] Vnulb.
Hand Painted Denim Jacket of SIMPSONs Cartoon. Please help so I can get a buyer. Thank you Vnulb Rashford.
Since making his Arsenal debut, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has scored more goals across all competitions than any other Premier League player: 111 games 72 goals 2 trophies 1 Golden Boot And now, finally, 1 ting signed. nulb.

Actually signed the thing! Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesGrinning face with smiling eyesThumbs up[?] Trophy Red heartGoal net.
Signing Of The Season. Bar None.
FINALLY GUNNERS Club captain Aubameyang7 has signed a new long term contract until 2023!
Reaction to Aubameyang's Arsenal contract extension PL Focus.
Dyanhdyaltdyajdyaldyacdyabdyaltdyabsdyal dyacdyasdyaddyaltdyanjdyam dyabdyalgdyaldyaltdyanj daebdaeng India's 1st Social Media.
I hear Sanjo has also signed..
Have you heard that the best striker in England if not the world has just signed a new deal? I know yall rival teams aint happy with that but deal with it cos Arsenal is going back to the top and we cant do that without having a striker to whoop yalls asses.

This is fucking massive news!! Still cant actually believe it !!
The feels on this video.
Aubameyang's 3yr deal makes him Arsenal's highest-paid player Inter & Barca wanted him; Arteta's intervention crucial Manager had doubts, was convinced by his world-class ability Reported by David_Ornstein & gunnerblog five days ago.

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Guys new video dropped get watching let me know what you think! Comment below people!
The captain tomorrow Vnulb.
Our captain Our striker Our AubamaBloodClatYang He signed the TINGG.
Going to try this for a third time Hoping Aubameyang7 likesetweets or even follows Already has some of my designs on display (Thanks to stuafc71 ).
Signing their own player and thinking everyone else is bothered.
Last born trying trying to photobomb their elder siblings pictures AubaSigns iphone12 Depay Pjanic.
Live on Insta's happening...
New Aubameyang7 Lock Screen Finally its announced! Absolutely vital to this team going forward s are much appreciated Drop me a follow if you like my designs guys.
Robin Van Persie would've been a legend in Arsenal but he left. Alexis Sanchez would've been a legend in Arsenal but he left Aubameyang had two good offers from clubs way better than Arsenal atm but he stayed. A TRUE LEGEND.

Coolest captain in England.
This mans a detective!
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Laca in da building ..
Captain Auba signs Aubameyang7 . May your Arsenal days be filled with more successes and trophies . My skipper.
He's Signed Da Ting .
Since making his Arsenal debut, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has scored more goals across all competitions than any other Premier League player: ~ games : 111 ~ goals : 72 ~ trophies : 2 ~ Golden Boot : 1 And now, finally signed an extension at Arsenal. nulb.

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I want EVERYONE replying to this tweet. s appreciates... HEY GOONERFAMILY HOW DO WE FEEL ABOUT Aubameyang7 SIGNING DA TING?!??!?
Today was a good day!
We now confidently announce that our Club captain Aubameyang7 has signed a new long term contract until 2023!
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Wenger's last gift... You love to see it Happy Gooner.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang signs new three-year contract.
Is it enough or do we need 1 more?
Aubameyang Signs for Arsenal Time to become a Premier League Legend Aubameyang7 [?]nulb.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has signed a new 3-year-contract at Arsenal! It's official.
"I want to become an Arsenal Legend" .
Happy Aubameyang7 Day everyone!

What You Really Think

Best news ever COYG.

This shows how big a traitor Van Persie and Sanchez were.. Aubameyang has shown he is loyal and loves his club.

Follow back..Nick.


Our Striker. Our Captain. Our Legend.

Follow my account. FREE tips.

Seriously. These theatrics ffs ***nulb.

Its confirmed hes on . Signed sealed and delivered.

Go to insta as well.

Live stream has muzak playing now.

Cheaky club we got V.

Whysmandoingthis Auba has signed dat ting!

Auba wan go sign.

How fucking cringey can a contract signing be ffs. Like utd taking years to sign Bruno/Jadon so their fans have a lift and forget about the rest of the shit show.

Auba's decision making key players that will make you understand why he is so strategic in making decision. Watch here. Waaow!

This here is the loudest an announcement can get.

Just an Aouar glass. nulb***nulb.

I love the shithorsery though.

They liked it.

Arsenal really milking this announcement.

We are on the case Arsenal Aubameyang7 AubaSigns ***nulb.


COYG! Worst kept secret in football. But the King remains with us Aubameyang babyyyy CLnulbnow I will be a typical Arsenal fan and continue the greed - Announce Partey and Auoar Since Kroenke is greedy, so are we.

By the time they announce thay we wont be interested.

This Admin is a Grade A Troll.

Please announce Aouar or Partey.

Arsenal just announce it, feels like its been years.

That feeling when you make 60 people redundant so it takes 3 months to do an announcement tweet... Smh what's happened to my club.

Its after midnight here, why you keeping me up like this????

Arsenal liked?!?!?

Ready to Partey.

Arsenal liked the tweet.

Dude this is going to be to announce the backup keeper..