Monday 22nd of March 2021

Cutting JobKeeper at The End of This Week Will Cut Jobs. We Know, Because Communities, Small Businesses And Workers Have Been Warning The Morrison Government For Months.

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Here's PM Scott Morrison telling the Parliament last week the Opposition would be able to put questions to Mr Gaetjens in Senate Estimates ... "which is the appropriate place". Now we find out the investigation has been paused for 2 weeks.

WATCH: KKeneally on whether Christian Porter should remain in his position as Attorney-General.
I dont usually support opposition motions to condemn the PM but the answers provided to date by the PM are unsatisfactory and not befitting the office or serious allegations being made.
If claims of 'cover up' into Brittany Higgins rape at Parliament House is true, can we trust institutions like the PMO, AFP and NSW Police? - Four Corners.
Reports that Parliament House has a prayer room where MPs & staffers regularly go to have sex. Meanwhile a whistleblower provides photographic evidence of coalition staffers pleasuring themselves on the desks of female MPs. More tonight on.

Parliament House is a workplace and the people who work there deserve to be safe and respected. Tonight's revelations about how some men having been behaving are a new low.
Just remember folks when Frydenberg and Birmingham get served up as the next leaders of a more female friendly, less rapey Liberal party, they sat back through this whole time and did nothing but contribute to the lies and cover up.

Am I the only one who struggles to understand how the Prime Minister could NOT have sought a briefing about an alleged rape in one of his own Ministers' offices?? Watch this video and let me know if you also feel like we're living in a parallel universe right now .

I was in Apartheid South Africa representing Australia from 1976-79. I was 31/34, it was a heart experience and country to live in. I am now 75 and I find I now have the same emotions for the same reasons; greed, superiority, racism and entitelment.

In a taxpayer-funded workplace, where school children visit daily, were told Coalition MPs & staffers regularly bring prostitutes & rent boys to the House, perform sex acts over females desks, share explicit images WTF Its wrong - thats all!

It's interesting to me how no investigation was required before sacking the "desk masturbator". Yet Porter is able to continue in his VERY FUCKING SENIOR ROLE with barely a blip.
The Prime Minister knew that Phil Gaetjens stopped the Brittany Higgins Inquiry on March 9. 9 days later he told the House of Reps that it was being conducted at arms length from government. This stinks.

& these Liberal Party staffers took photos & video of themselves in Parliament House - clearly thinking they are above scrutiny & accountability.
TV: "A Coalition staffer accused of performing sex act in female MP's office at Parliament House has been fired..." Me: "...into the Sun? Please and thank you.".
I'm still agog that Morrison's "met with bullets" line about protestors wasn't an off-the-cuff gaffe but a line in a speech where multiple people, from the writer to the PM, all went "yep, that's the exact message to send at this moment, nailed it.".

Im wondering if poor Jenny has a big night ahead of clarifying things.
Senator SenatorWong in estimates pushing for answers about AG Christian Porter's legal action against the ABC and journalist.
When male staff film themselves masturbating over a woman's desk and share the images, this is not aberrant behaviour, it is normal to them, it's their culture. Evidently, it's the culture in Scott Morrison's workplace. What will he say now? I didn't root the rent boy?

Every single government employee who leaves suddenly now is possibly one of them.
Correct! Behind the scenes many multinationals in the US & EU (including Murdoch interests) will profit from the OECD going easy on them. More rhetoric less action under Cormann. Sweet.
Littleproud reckons taking measures with respect to climate change is self loathing. Puerile little man. Might I assure him that the loathing is all for him and his LNP/IPA government.
haikeaone1 blakandblack CapesJoy Ausshot3Dave Samillsweneedt1 NarelleMacPher1 KirstEclectic RikkiSherrie1 marie19705 twtrrr virgotweet DeliciousSophie libliars BarbHug45240937 VK3TBN JennyPineapple2 RBJRON WorldIwoe ramornie plainte BejuPerth xskinn MigalooAllies lynlinking Tiddapage age_no_barrier geoffrey_payne 3wombats MFWitches RockLenna LaLegale OccupyMyGov michaelpurvis64 mairzy3039 lynettejoyme ThePix_isYugen On_Da_Ball3 JulianHillMP opa1420 Yep.. Felt sick & anxious - lasted for days.. NEVER trusted Morrison.. Not enough time for Australia to get to know him BEFORE the election & he capitalised on this Unless you CARED about refugees & Human Rights.. It appears the MAJORITY of auspol DIDN'T Then you KNEW..

The PM models disrespect.
Its not entirely clear who is the more repugnant, Morrison with his lies, or Frydenberg with his shouting misrepresentation of financial data.
And now Former NRL player Jarryd Hayne has been found guilty of raping a woman on the night of the 2018 NRL grand final.
Now Morrison tells Parliament his COS Phil Gaetjens has an ongoing investigation into HiggensRape when its actually been halted for 3 weeks. He misleads parl.
6 million eligible today & can get the jab says Jane Norman. Misleading, really. Eligible, yes - can get the jab anytime soon? Too many examples saying not so.
I know someone who works as a food server in Parliament House. The way people treat her is grotesque. Stories she tells are shocking. Politics in Australia is just an elitist cesspool of nepotism and cronyism that shits on people born less advantaged.

Well. Seems the LNP is just a cesspit for priviliged debauched sex maniacs. Who'd of thought.
Labor has done a bloody good job today Well done AlboMP & AustralianLabor A special shout-out to all the Labor Senators in estimates, well done Great questions in Question Time, all Labor MPs were brilliant, unrelenting, the truth is coming out Thank you all.

How dysfunctional is the Prime Ministers Office that the Prime Minister asked his former Chief of Staff to conduct an inquiry into whether his current staff lied to him ?
Wage theft and UNPAID Super are despicable. Also the trick of including Super in wages. I worked for a company that didnt pay our Super and then the Government GEERS scheme eventually paid it out. Why should the public purse pay for this?

Recapping Ten News: Coalition staffers hiring "rent boys" for coalition MPs at Parliament House. Routine sex on tables, MP's desks, sharing videos of sex acts, genitals, etc. A dedicated "sex room." Basically the culture of that place is beyond fucked.

Were at the point, Australia, where its almost surprising that they didnt promote him.
By the end of it all, Morrison had trashed his own credibility By.
Parliament House security guard Nikola Anderson describes finding Brittany Higgins on night of alleged rape in minister's office.
But the culture that made him think it was hilarious and appropriate remains.
What a truly debauched mob these modern-day Libs are. Their moral compass isn't just off kilterit's broken.
This picture is one of the ministers involved in the current scandal in parliament. How hard is it going to be to find out who he is?
Join us in Episode 32 of Politics Done Differently as we chat to nitagreenqld about her political career and the great state of Queensland!
Jesus, Scott Morrison, put the entire country out of its misery and call a fucking election.
Govt waved through the motion for a veterans' RC tonight but refuses to actually establish one. This gives veterans and their loved ones false hope. Not good enough PM, you must set up the RC ASAP.
Sex Workers - unlike an abundance of Politicians & parliament house staff apparently - have a pretty solid notion of consent. It's our job.
To deport an Australian-born disabled child in such a vulnerable state, to a country which cannot provide him with the quality and care he requires highlights the immoral and mismanaged priorities of this Government. 2/3.

EXCLUSIVE: Parliament House Sex Scandal 10 News First YouTube We are being led by a Morally Bankrupt bunch of rich privileged pricks.The Governor General needs to step in and sack the government tomorrow.

Ok a tweet update Throw a dart at this picture and you will hit An alleged rapist An alleged rapist protector Someone bringing rent boys into Parliament House.
How do you change a sexist culture if you use the word prostitute in a story about the need for change, instead of sex worker? PVO has no idea.
"looking tricky, unable to be straight with the public (or answer some pretty simple questions)" Morrison has ALWAYS looked like that. Remember "on water matters".
1) Masturbating... on a female MPs desk. 2) Videoing it. 3) Sending it round to the other Liberal staffers. This isnt a sex act. Its a DISGUSTING dominance ritual of pure woman-hating and ALL Australians deserve to be spared from any contact with this.

Haven't been on Twitter all day and I log on and see this. Fuck this depraved government.
The Australian Prime Minister is covering-up an alleged rape. And every Lib & Nat is enabling him. Even the women. Let that sink in.
Youd pretty much need the full 30 minutes tonight...
School wars aren't over Alan Tudge. Media has just given up on chronic underfunding of state schools while govt showers money on privates. Trevor Cobbold reports.
We need to force them out and flush LNPCorruptionParty. Scotty should hold this enema hose!
Gaetjens saying he has the welfare of Higgins front of mind with all this. Get. The. Fuck. Out. Can we storm the Winter Palace yet?
Dont we already know who PVOs inside source is? Funny how it also knocks Porter out of the headlines for a moment. Let our rage be cumulative.
So much for the BONKBAN! Boys Club in the LiberalAus taken literally with MALE PROSTITUTES IN PARLIAMENT HOUSE!!
I remember when misleading the house would mean an MP's immediate resignation. Morrison does it on a near weekly basis. This is the most corrupt government in Australian history since the Rum Corp.
Nicole Flint has blamed Labor.
The Girls Takeover Parliament is a terrific initiative. To have past participants drop from 9 out of 10 to just 1 out of 10 wanting to pursue a political career is a tragedy. The Bow Wave effect of Liberal culture reaches far throughout the country.

OMG.. how did that image get to the news? I'm sure there is plenty more sick, twisted, perverted, spine quenching, repulsive behaviour that really happens behind closed doors at parliament.
Counting down the minutes until the female MP whose desk THE BOYS MASTURBATED UPON gets blamed for leaving the door open.
Runs with a sex scandal in parliament house. How long has the media, known about this? They just wheel shit out when it suits. I knew about the prayer room when Ashbygate was trending. It's their mile-high club. It proves the coverup culture.

Don't mind me, just counting down the seconds until someone blames the female MP for leaving her office unlocked, vacant, etc.
Watching the Channel 10 story on staff masturbating on female MP's desks etc... I'm wondering why they don't put wireless camera's in there? They must know this sort of thing goes on. This is gross misconduct and is be a sackable offence.

Tanya Plibersek impressive as always on afternoonbriefing calling for a RC into veteran suicide and nailing Morrison's appalling cover up behaviour in qt today insulting every woman in the country.
I hate them more than most James & I cant laugh at this. Really, I cannot. We must not normalise this.
It seems somebody at parliament house watched "Risky Business", too many times. Future enterprises got a government grant and a designated room. Proud to be Australian? Led by criminals.
Senator SenKatyG just dropped the "C" word ..
How could the PMO sack a staffer so quickly when it was just aired and only a couple of blurred pictures. vanOnselenP can you explain?
The volume that this speaks is deafening.
The burning question is how will Angus Taylor come up with a way to make money from all of this wasted water laying around. It must be doing his head in.
What a shitshow QT is. Spin, marketing, bluff, bullshit, mutual arselicking on the government side, no-one answers questions put by the Opposition. Totally unbearable.

What You Really Think

Need proper UBI in Australia and the world . Reaganomics Is dead- the virus killed it - return of real macroecomics.

A big pool of job seekers DESPERATE FOR WORK is not good for Australia's future. Scotty, do something for Australia's future.

A quick note on the issue of 'budget repair' before even more people loose their minds on the issue. MYEFO was already factoring in 'repair'. Budget deficits: 2020-21 $198 billion dollars 2021-22 $108 billion 2022-23 $84 billion 2023-24 $66 billion dollars.

What scam will they try to cover the screw up?

But airline workers still get 1000 pf not-jobkeeper. Workers in the tourist industry get nothing.

The only reason jobs are getting cut is 1. businesses are trying to extort more jobscrewer money 2. the business isnt run well (eg owner sucking up hiring funds) 3. has crap product/services or 4. millions will have no discretionary income so no shopping for basics n beyond.

How much of this went to the protection of rank & file ordinary workers and not into the pockets of billionaires like GerryHarvey??? Very little, so does it really matter?

And yet they're giving more money to Alan Joyce and Qantas for .umm apparently to keep the planes ready...for you travel...

Jim, until BOTH sides, ALL sides of Government understand this TRUTH then nothing will change & Wealth Inequality will continue on its trajectory..

Do we print more money and steal the wealth from everyone? I guess if that money goes towards mortgages it can help ...A sneaky bail out we could say the banks are doomed. Protect your wealth it is yours for now .

We cannot keep paying jobkeeper - $s never grew on trees, and it's not the govt's fault covid hit. Unless all those who believe there's a bottomless pit of money somewhere are willing to hand over all THEIR money to someone not working, it's time to get real. Responsible.

Keep up the pressure Jim. This lot have to go FFS.

Frydenberg and morrison. Have no idea of economic policy. They are ideologically driven ar5eholes They dont see poverty from their ivory tower.

They don't care.

Why was the car dealerships bankrolled, millionaires boost who did nothing during Covid whilst others who could have been doing maintenance etc left to wither. A furniture retailer made heaps, did nothing, still >3 months for Chinese couches to arrive.

Go Jim!

If the Morrison Govt was going to "drop people off a cliff", as one of your interviewees said, they might as well have done it at the start of the pandemic, not shatterred people now when it's almost over.

Remember Jim, JobKeeper only ends for those of us who aren't employed by Qantas- they keep pocketing hundreds of dollars a week in JobKeeper until June 30.

Thats because the government is the criminals. They only help their rich mates. -.

If businesses dont need jobkeeper they dont apply if they do they apply needing to show 30% loss of pre covid turnover the cost to government will decrease as the economy gets back to normal without pulling the plug in one go ... its not that hard.

Whats going to happen to all SMEs in all city centres where business is dead?

The Morrison Recession.

We have to turn off the tap at some point. Eventually you will literally run out of other people's money. Wealth has to be created before it can be redistributed.

I hope insiders revisit the unemployment figures in four weeks time. Im guessing the result will not be as glowing as reported this morning. Is one hour of employment now counting as a full time job?