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Monday 31st of August 2020

I See They Chose Trumps Playbook Again Today. Its More Subtle - But Make no Mistake - its Exactly The Same.

Liberals doing their best to kill compulsory super. It has delivered a $2.7 Trillion savings pool, helped us stare down the GFC, revolutionised capital formation , and in world terms is a leading-edge Not-For-Profit model that is slam-dunked retail funds.

Frydenbergs recession blame shifting to Victoria is a another smokescreen to camouflage his failure to implement medium term stimulus to drag the economy out of deep recession.
Its duplicitous of the LiberalAus to portray alarm over Industry SuperFunds passing money to Unions whilst they refuse to close a loophole permitting 1119 rich list large proprietary companies to not lodge financial reports to ASIC.

I see they chose Trumps playbook again today. Its more subtle - but make no mistake - its exactly the same.
CaseyBriggs Ms Murphy is not the problem. Insiders on the weekend was quite good, but there's a problem with the bias of the host & producer, and many of the panelists, the main current problem being the anti-Andrews narrative designed by the IPA. There's a structural problem.

Federal government responsibility heidi springst AUSPOL The deadly crisis in Aged Care continues to damage Scott Morrison, with new information indicating his government was warned four months ago about the potential impact of COVID-19 on the sector.

Dear Australian Media Dan Andrews just announced he'll release Victoria's 'Roadmap' next Sunday~ it's too soon yet but it's on its way. And just like that the pressure is off Dan, almost as quickly as it was put on him Now, will you focus on Morrison's failures?

The worst day for COVID deaths in Australia 41 deaths Where's ScottMorrisonMP? Where's richardmcolbeck? Where's the aged care plan? And yet media is demanding a 'roadmap' from Dan Andrews! FMD! Is it really too much to ask for the PM to put in an appearance?

Nick Coatsworth: hard to see Melbourne's lockdown ending in a fortnight ( AmyRemeikis mpbowers).
What is JoshFrydenberg distracting from in his morning tv bashing of DanielAndrewsMP something is up.
WILL PEOPLE TIRE OF SLOGANS Re: COVID in Aged Care facilities ScottyFromMarketing When it rains, everyone gets wet. AlboMP ..He new the rain was coming, he never thought to give anyone an umbrella Thx hutchesonglenn 4 posting Snottys transcript earlier.

Henty Machinery Field Days and Wagga Show seek grants to overcome 2020 COVID-19 cancellations ($).
Andrews on the 41 deaths. 33 occurred prior to yesterday and 8 occurred in the last 24 hours. At least 37 of those are linked to aged care facilities and outbreaks.
Josh Frydenberg is always finger-pointing and blame-shifting to try and distract from the Morrison Governments failures in aged care which are costing lives and his failures in the economy which are costing jobs.

Question. How many other former politicians have had as much integrity & courage as JohnRHewson has had in being critical of their former party?
DAN HAS NO PLAN. We know DanielAndrewsMP lied today when he said he had a plan 22 times today - just rubbish talk. He has no Back to Life plan that would give businesses certainty and no plan to give the community hope. Dan has no plan.

Exactly. Barrie - please start a podcast or live streamed show. We need your voice more than ever. Look at the legislation being proposed & passed - it's not getting much broadcast media scrutiny. Things are grim.

Has a roadmap out of Stage 4 lockdown.. but he wont reveal what it is until Sunday.
We need to remind ScottMorrisonMP and PeterDutton_MP every single day that their cruel, unnecessary imprisonment of these two Aussie girls is in direct contravention of Article 37 (a-d) of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Into a conservative nation ]rupertmurdoch] wants to put it on the realDonaldTrump road.' I presume you are aware JAWestacott, of what adamkraymond writes of in relation to WhiteHouse's LetThemEatCake, ahem LearnToLiveWithIt.

"This has to be the biggest public policy failure by a State government in living memory" - Treasurer JoshFrydenberg's strongest language yet on the health and economic situation in Victoria.
Josh Frydenberg is the worst treasurer in 120 years. If he says go left. I'm going right. With confidence.
Quarantining and aged care are federal responsibilities.
PM Morrison can't find the money to ensure dignity & safety for aged care residents but allowed notorious spendthrifts in his "Parliamentary Services" to splurge $8.4M on new kitchens for politicians in Parliament House auspol thetrough vigilant.

This is the exact plan. Govt is very predictable - I just wish media wouldnt follow along. Do your job! Please! All we ask.
Funny the Herald Sun could only find female tin foil hatters to name & shame they completely forgot about Bolt & Jones who Murdoch pays to sprout , the crazy lava light chef, king of blackface Sam Newman or the bobble head politician Tim Smith.

It was interesting Insiders managed to squeeze in a clip of Josh Frydenberg criticising Dan Andrews fresh out of Sky News at 8.15 am. Scripted intro, clip all queued & ready to roll, if you dont watch it on Sky News you can watch it on the ABC .

That is a good explanation of the LiberalAus and JoshFrydenberg reaction. The expensive private nursing home death toll must give families a pause for a rethink. auspol.
Frydenberg wants to know when Victoria will be back to normal...& the answer is simple, when COVID-19 is contained. Any sooner, the numbers will skyrocket again & we will be back to square one. Frydenberg knows this, but playing rancid politics.

Any shred of respect one might have once held (lingered?) re Frydenberg must be gone after his performances criticising the Vic Govt. In the past 24hrs and today. Incompetence and irrelevance. Get someone in who can do the job.

Who the f*ck is joshfrydenberg to "demand" anything of a state premier?? They don't report to him. Seriously...
Andrews says next Sunday, September 6 "we will announce the roadmap to ease the restrictions we have all been living under".
This is NSW before and after 5.5 million hectares was burnt last fire season. Its critical we see how significant the loss really was so we understand how significant our response needs to be if were to have any real hope of preserving koalas.

Governments gaslighting their nations Governments masquerading as opposition Media in lockstep, delivering their messages.
I am sick to death of politicians - and Josh is a repeat offender - of looking at everything from his perceived view of political advantage for LNP. Not as if 7 years of being in Government have been a raging success for lots of my fellow Australians.

Daniel Andrews to unveil roadmap to "COVID-normal" this Sunday. Key principles will be physical distancing, wearing face coverings, requiring hygienic workplaces, acting fast on sick workers, creating workforce bubbles, avoiding enclosed spaces where possible.

Masks and Aussie flag stuff (including ubiquitous flag pin - anyone remember Hewson and flags on the desks in parliament) also all Made in China auspol Morrison Albo excites no one is indistinguishable from LNP to the disinterested voter who decides seats.

Can we bend the emissions curve down and put the country on an irreversible path to zero emissions?... That depends on govt economic recovery plans.
I think there's more to JoshFrydenberg's angry media rants this morning The 'always ambitious' Treasurer's OTT performance, ScottMorrisonMP's popularity in freefall & the media upping the ante on Dan Andrews I smell a Libspill coming Joshie wants to be PM.

White hot anger in todays Murdoch flagship the Wingnut daily following revelations that Morrisons support has taken a hit in favour of the State premiers. Despite all that media support and propaganda it would appear that the people know better.

The only one I see under pressure is Frydenberg. never seen a minister look so scared.
MORRISON IS TRYING TO SCORE POINTS AGAINST DAN ANDREWS IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC: Virginia Trioli, Malcolm Farr & now John Faine, have confirmed Morrison is setting the press against Dan Andrews. Morrison is using Murdoch & Costello journalists as attack dogs!

Full stops are annoying and aggressive to generation snowflake[?]nulb... I am beginning to understand why illiteracy rates among kids is on the rise.
Spoke to Frydenburg's office and said his attacks on Andrews were counter productive. I said he needed to show leadership and boost morale not undermine it. I said people were writing Morrison off, there was no reason for Frydenburg to go down the same path.

Meanwhile in liberalaus HQ: "Hmm. O'Brien is useless. He can't cut through. Morrison is on the nose in Victoria. I know, let's send in Frydenberg" Nek minnit: "F*ck... what have you done Josh???!!".
Sam Newman inciting disregard for Covid_19 restrictions makes him no better than an arsonist.. Lock him up...
Joshy has lost it...
They are sacking their academics but uni bosses keep pushing their own pay rises, even amid a sexual misconduct investigation - whitewashed by other uni bosses.
Imagine blaming a state govt for community transmission of a virus which the federal govt themselves let into the country in the first place.
The LNP Taking Medical Advice: Literally just hours after DCHO Nick Coatsworth told his presser that Vic infection numbers need to come down to NSW and Qld levels before restrictions can be lifted, Frydenberg rails against Vic border closures and demands they are opened.

As someone whose dad is dead and cries about it every Fathers Day, I recommend that every Victorian who loves their father thank the Labor government of DanielAndrewsMP for making this supreme effort to keep all your dads ALIVE.

And these Whingers are affecting Our Mental Health. Australians need Leaders not the Clusterfuck that is Our Federal Gov't.
Everyone understands the cost of lockdowns JoshFrydenberg And Victorians consistently put health first. Your latest pressure on DanAndrews sounds utterly pathetic. Not to mention another attempt at distraction from your Aged Care bungling & Vic branch stacking.

Morning OZ . The Treasurer on ABC now . Disgraceful misdirection and plain lies . Joshy not at all fit for purpose . Dragging Dan Andrews down seems to be his mission . Why ? Because Andrews reminds everyone what a dud leader Morrison really is.

.JoshFrydenberg has gone full Victorian rightwing nutter. Staggering behaviour, endangering the public health of Victorians.
Why is EVERY news program saying EXACTLY the same thing? 'demands grow for Dan Andrews to provide a roadmap out' That's a Liberal talking point NOT news! Where are the 'demands for Scott Morrison to provide a roadmap out'? An aged care plan? A jobs plan? CC plan?

Greg Hunt rejected this and instead quoted deaths as a percentage of all aged are residents. Of course he did.
Wow, Morrison's polls must be bad. LNP have really up the ante on DanielAndrewsMP...Morrison can't stand someone doing a better job than him. No wonder he was sacked from Tourism jobs. Port of Darwin & revelations of their own BRI deal with China must be hurting.

Stop pointing fingers and do something about it.
Has anyone noticed that it's only ever crappy journalists who complain about Twitter? Competent objective professional journalists rarely get skewered, so don't complain. They really hate how auspol holds them to account for the rubbish they write.

They are solely doing this to get even richer. They dont care about their employees. They dont care about costing Victorians a fortune. Just making themselves richer! *They can sue me, if they like!
Dear BenFordham, We're in the middle of the pandemic! Vic Premier DanielAndrewsMP is being guided by the expert medical advice! btw ... what is the Morrison Govt's plan?
"Pink batts" deaths were workplace accidents not caused by deliberate or systemic neglect, undermining, gutting or attack of sector by COALition Govt.
THREAD Such simplistic propaganda misinformation from JoshFrydenberg ScottMorrisonMP etc.? Seemingly unable to learn from direct observable experience of highly infectious covid19? Does herdimmunity let oldies die ideology lurk beneath anyway?

If Simone can't define what a "woman" is, she should resign. If anyone can be a "woman", according to the Minister for Women's Interests, then Simone has just defined herself as the Minister for Anyones' Interests. Therefore, her ministry serves no purpose.

A few good women - starring SenKatyG SenatorSiewert SenatorWong - davpope on the investigation into the agedcarecrisis in the Australian senate.
Too right EVY G! JoshFrydenberg is in a right proper foul mood today! ScottMorrisonMP is MIA as usual And ALL the breakfast news shows are talking about Dan instead of Liberal Branch stacking & MichaelSukkarMP & kevinandrewsmp Distraction Politics: 101.

This tantrum by JoshFrydenberg on BreakfastNews is unedifying, selfish, hysterical and wholly unhelpful. Straight from the Morrison playbook too - release an attack dog and then drown us in sloganistic platitudes personally.

In Sammy's case , surely an exception can be made . Society can only be enhanced.
Failed to see the over reach in Federally funded AgedCareCrisis in Victoria JoshFrydenberg wonder why that is? Because your cost cutting shit show or a Government has been slashing funding for years.
Don't think I've ever seen such a well-coordinated attack by media & federal politicians on a State Premier as what I'm seeing now Exactly like media's KillBill strategy, it's a shameful, relentless attack on a good, hard-working,popular politician.

September 6th Roadmap Hang in there Victorians you're doing great! Another week data required because Science No problems.
Our audience numbers have never been higher. People have turned to the media for vital information during the COVID crisis.
Two months until qldvotes2020, and a reminder: this is first state or federal election (2nd in Aus after ACT in 1995) where both major party leaders are women. Guaranteed* a woman premier for next 4-year term; Qld has had a woman premier for 10 of last 13 years.

What's most surprising about the VIC Lockdown is how little the LNP morons & their media surrogates learned from Lockdown 1. Recall, how they undermined public health messaging & pressured Andrews to re-open too early. They gave us Lockdown 2. Now they're doing it again.

Im just listening to ABC news. I heard Josh Frydenberg say theres not enough compassion and too much cruelty in our treatment of Borders. No mention of refugees.
He wants to let the virus rip.. Wtf! Stunning shit.

What You Really Think

So this weeks plan has clearly been outlined then. Full on attack on Vic so there's obviously an absolute shitstorm of bad news surrounding the Fed LNP coming out shortly. Memo from ScottyfromMarketing - "All hands on deck and deflect like crazy!!" Pathetic and so obvious.

Josh is a failure fullstop.

Bit stressed!!!???

Josh doesn't look that comfortable spinning lies and BS but he's giving it a good shot.

When someone is THAT TENSE they're either chronically constipated or dishonest Is it choice 1 or is it choice 2?

That right eyebrow is a worry joshie is going to blow a gasket!

Thinking the backlash from Victoria will be against you JoshFrydenberg and your destructive incompetent lazy LNP. You have done nothing to assist in your own state except try and tear down a first class leader.doing best to keep people safe.

Stands out like the proverbials.

For the official Twitter Record its all from Murdoch's playbook & so is everything on FOX in the USA & SKY in Australia. All his businesses operate under the same model. The differences or perceived discrepancies are to promote Synergy & overall profits. Its always the same MO.

Alas it's accurate though.

He's got his eyebrow cocked, it's a performance.

This from an appalling treasurer.

I wanna see Josh's definitive plan for the future. 7 years and we are still waiting.

Gotta poison people. If their rich overlords can just get rid of all the 99%. Life will be so much better for them. Issue is where does the money come from without people.

What a fraud this guy is. Another cog in the wheel.

What about the biggest failure of policy in aged care, privatisation of public institutions total lack of recognitian of Statement of the Heart First Nations history along with level of government corruption in living memory ..including branch stacking .

Yep. Morrison is Son of Donnie (SOD) & Frydenberg is Nephew of Donnie (NOD). The SOD & NOD s**t show.

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