Tuesday 27th of April 2021

The PMs Office Responds to Stories on His Attendance Last Week at a Christian Churches Conference on The Gold Coast.

Social Media Says

Fossil fuel subsidies have cost state, territory federal budgets roughly $10.3 billion over past financial year, $19,686 minute. Calls phase fossil fuel subsidies.
Barossa wine growers have taken from Chinas trade sanctions. farmers accusing Beijing using trade weapon campaign political economic coercion. Poking Dragon, tonight on.

office responds stories attendance last week Christian Churches conference Gold Coast.
This what really pisses off, that faith justification much wrongdoing. government destroys lives that's okay because actions have backing version deity. Jesus wept.

Morrison trying turn this country into theocracy. image. dangerous. Australia secular nation made numerous religions just his.
No. History had proven that it will not.
emergency meeting underway which could placed flights from India, country continually tops 300,000 COVID-19 cases each day.
contrast, Morrisons speech heavy bluster, light policy. commitments were brought table, further cementing Australias inadequate Paris target 26-28 cent reduction greenhouse emissions 2030.".

built fances well OzraeliAvi your response that is, springst AUSPOL AWKWARD SILENCE.
It's OK, Australia. I'm here. Now show Me where the bad man from marketing laid hands on you.
Gambling lobby gave $500,000 Liberals ahead Tasmanian election help defeat Tasmanian Labor stymie plans remove poker machines from states pubs clubs.
Blessed goers, they shall inherit
Home Affairs wastes hotel quarantine places with arbitrary exemptions anyone wanting depart Australia (and return). GregHuntMP, karenandrewsmp, steph_dalzell. "V7" created April 2021.
This gathering fundamentalist terrorists psychopaths nothing with ScottyFromGilead duties secular nation. needs removed immediately unfit lead this country.

important Senate Committee hearing today proposed good produced Uyghur forcedlabour. another Australia must send clear message Beijing that modern slavery utterly unacceptable.

God's work that lock Christian family Christmas Island prison ScottMorrisonMP
cyclist with your car, break their collarbone drive before police arrive, probably shouldn't advising potential war.
highly doubt Peter_Fitz problem with muslims believing islam's Iblis which they Shall expect BandanaBozo start publicly mocking hero Waleed belief Devil? Wouldn't that make segment, theprojecttv?

first week Tasmanian election campaign themercurycomau already doing their best make re-elect Liberals. Don't Rupert Murdoch tell vote for!
explains won't sack "his brother" Stuart Robert They themselves step-down, totally unacceptable Prime Minister. he's done this probably many times- this just first time we've hold copy.

Morrison reveals desire theocracy effectively calls people social media evil MSM's take people mocking religion. Is there even enough?
'prosperity gospel' nutshell. Scott Morrison believes 'God' does favour poor, including their children. that they deserve suffer. Financial blessing physical well-being always will God; poverty illness God's curses.

really, really can't stress this enough feel comfortable with path Morrison trying take this country down. loopy religious fundamentalist believes devil, rapture thinks speaks him. Australia: this normal.

Well said! we need war powers reform.
Here part Scott Morrisons speech given Australian Christian Churches Conference, last week, part where talks about each human being important individuals true what about BiloelaFamily imprisoned Christmas Island.

Anything that is going to create that extra burden and trauma for disabled people, which is further barriers and exclusion ]from accessing the NDIS] is obviously of grave concern to us - Brendan Cullinan.

his/her infinite wisdom chose Muppet fired from tourism jobs countries decimated primary vessel... seems legit.
entire community united opposition this reform. Weve consultation about this ]but have seen this type thing before back when 270,000 disabled people were kicked using capacity assessments.

Scott Morrison emphatically literally believes every word book written multiple authors, over many centuries refuses accept words thousands scientists regarding existential threat anthropogenic climate change.

don't suppose should surprised, am. The actually appears believe whole Devil thing? Auspol says social media being used evil one, gives rare insight into Pentecostal faith.

people China enemy. Morrison regime enemy.
'They spent over billion dollars upgrading Christmas Island facility because boat spotted' Mark McGowan taking prisoners.
instead solving genuine problems responsibility address, Prime Minister making fake Twitter demons defeat imaginary battles stealth prayer-touching? Seriously, Scotty. your actual job.

Australia Post board director Tony Nutt pulled today's Senate inquiry hearing into luxury watches saga because illness. Other board members still scheduled appear, Nutt will give evidence next Monday.

Morrison needs removed from office IMMEDIATELY. must sectioned institutionalised thorough assessment. Their daughters sent Christmas Island cared REAL family.

He's Messiah, he's very naughty boy!
closed make Border Farce no_filter_Yamba: This quarantine network formerly administered Commonwealth Government know ScoMo doesnt hold hose mate.

Were unpacking shifting dynamics Australian public opinion government politics last free webinar SocialCohesionReport digital event series. Register here.
Dear ScottMorrisonMP where come from, someone laying hands someone else without permission called assault. out.
More cartoons, gifs and videos at- Subscribers welcome.
Kevin Rudd infected foot helping people move their belongings flood waters, didnt swan around evacuation centres laying hands people.
Update. Prime Minister Clott Morrison told Christian conference that practices laying-on hands. Unfortunately, Ministers Tudge, Porter Barnaby Joyce also practice this.
If they can prove vaccination, & PCR negative, yes. And aussies who are vaccinated should he allowed out and back as well.
Victorians might find this Mark McGowan presser triggering after daily media attacks during 2020. Hopefully isn't watching this reporter making snide remarks, interrupting asking irrelevant questions. He'll never want return!

Malcolm, here's test, show brave mocking equally absurd beliefs some other Abrahamic religions. Thought not. just join pile Christians know'll turn other cheek.

Described OAICgov 'train smash' within Australian review regime, writes shannjenkins7.
Have lost male followers when queried female attractiveness should commented upon when they just doing their job.
Dear PeterDutton_MP People slag you with all manner of labels because of your perceived cruelty, lies & human rights abuses, but you choose THIS hill to die on? Very enlightening.
Dear PeterDutton_MP What about words Larissa Waters Shane Bazzi that strikes such nerve with you? You're doing more damage your reputation than member twitterati.
Hmmm. 4corners interview Chinese Australian their views Australia-China relations this show?
Bible isn't trail mix. can't just pick choose pieces like like other bits don't exist just because don't like them... Hypocritical bullshit.
remember before bushfires Morrison August 2019 with Faith Leaders religion freedom bill. During that time chose meet with former Fire Chiefs were warning dangers coming fire season.

Alan Tudge resurfaces after milkshake consent saga. Drops speech notes into media ahead education event.
Change is coming. Whether we seek it or not. Your move, Australia.
This goes beyond "Church State" issue. spiritual abuse. have word.
asked Georgie what would have done differently what Andrews done. HERE'S RESPONSE.
Strangelove, here come. Home Affairs Secretary Pezzullo claims "drums war" beating Australia must prepared send "our warriors fight". role government reduce war, encourage This government going mad.

It's 5am 1149 days to the minute that AusBorderForce QldPolice and SercoGroup guards raided the Biloela home of Priya, Nades, Kopi and Tharni forcibly removing them to detention where they've languished since. Time to bring them.

know, cancel human being cancel community, because community just human beings that loves intended connect another.
Australian Christian Churches, formerly known Assemblies Pentecostal wealth cult which Morrison ingrained leadership team nine which only female.
just assume missiles based Australia ? Would behind sabre rattling purely random domestic politics gone nuts
Not pulling any punches on pandemic travellers. thank fuck for mcgowan.
Mcgowan flushing hand-wringers lip-biters from both left right. quite achievement.
Albanese objects idea political side response evangelicl speech SecularAust Auspol SloMo interprets random eagle image, messg from God, AlboMP reminds critical separation Church State.

MURDOCH MYSTERY SOLVED: Rupert Murdoch's youngest son, James Murdoch, says walked away from family media empire because legitimized disinformation obscured truth facts.
William Crowther statue Hobarts Franklin Square quite makeover! Aboriginal artist Allan Mansell transformed controversial monument piece called Truth Telling.
Has him resigning before then at $1.05.
I'm sure the AFP are looking into this.
believe this drums rhetoric when Morrison, Dutton, Hunt Pezzullo frontline, wearing military fatigues dodging bullets. Until then, kids with toys, talking about their fantasies.

racist but...
Occupational Therapy Australia just described IndependentAssessments trial "unethical, unscientific harm" disabled people.
beat drums gets progressively louder with lack accountability politicians, lack skill diplomats need either direct attention people away from corruption abrogation their responsibilities.

IMusing "The issue Morrison using high public elected office religious purposes.".
Morrison priest Prime Minister, can't both. supposed Prime Minister people, just pentecostalists.
friends polio lived 'iron lungs' before vaccine available. Vaccines changed lives.
Morrison called lead Aust (would like Divine Right Kings w/that), does that mean that Albo working against opposition? That maybe Albo working devil? This model dominionist Christianity dangerous undemocratic nonsense.

dont know disappointed myself hating Scott Morrison angry with taking down that road.
Scott Morrison told Pentecostal conference last week that social media identity politics "corroding" young people "stealing their courage", asking churchgoers "raise spiritual weapons" courageous".

just heard that Dutton intends break legal ground instituting first class action where class will people doing suing people being sued. case will cited Dutton Every Sewer Twitter Ever Called Spud.

Morrison's religious beliefs deep fertile salt lake desert. Morrison uses everyone everything around money power. Like users hates scrutiny accountability.

heart goes Australians with Indian descent right now. India great friend nation being crushed COVID need close borders today.
Alan Tudge like.

What You Really Think

Who produced that pack of lies ? Have you no shame ?

I'd have paid good money to see him give that speech at a mosque.

That smells...

It was not Christian Churches Conference Michael...it was the Australian Christian Churches Conference - a Pentecostal outfit formerly known as the Assemblies of God..which infers, by its name, that other churches are not *Christian* No other faith was represented.

... but couldn't be arsed to address a group that came to him. auspol ScottyTheCoward March4Justice Also, I notice he didn't deliver his usual word salad.

Why does he have to explain himself? Leftists are so rabid these days, so filled with hatred & anti-religious bigotry. He's a Christian. He's a wonderful PM. You LIVE IN A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY. Build a bridge & get over it.

OK, can we have copies of the speeches he made at them too?

They're having a lend of us. Can you imagine Smirko turning up to a mosque in the taxpayer jet and then waffling about how he was chosen by Allah? He wouldn't. Be interesting to see if he's flown in the jet to speak before other religious groups.

Did he tell those other religions he was actively working doing "gods work" in violation of the constitution. And did their religious leaders lay hands on him.

More Morrison lies! He gloated during the speech that when people thought he was hugging cyclone victims that he was actually praying and laying his 'healing' hands on people. His excuse does not wash.

But did he preach and day he's gods chosen?

Becoming a Dictator and his mob his govt , now Australia thats scary .. bruce_haigh LesStonehouse Peter_Fox59 MColvinMcKenzie .

The PM is not a practising member of the Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu, etc faiths and as such does not claim to speak for them or make public policy based on their beliefs.

Bet he doesn't preach at those othere "events" well... then again.

Typical lies and rubbish from the PMO - and as though most of us would at all believe it.