Thursday 23rd of September 2021

Possibly Felt 2 Min Ago in State of Victoria Australia. Felt it? See.

Social Media Says

Melbourne Australia RISES against vaccine mandates, streets overrun protestors. Police appeared have RETREATED.
This what minutes watching Australia (Sky News) looked like just before election. Australians don't vote election would they this unless... They international propaganda network Sowing division, lies hate wherever they want.

Watching Australia videos right now.
400,000,000 firearms only reason America isn't Australia yet.
Australia">Australia longer free country. It's tyranny puppet state China.
Things point Australia. state government Victoria mandated construction workers vaccinated this week have shut down construction sites!!!
police ones tread there genius.. wit: Australia right now, every fucking tyrannical regime ever. kindly fuck calling idiot.
]INFO] Troye Sivan Instagram story update meeting ROSE Gala Troye starstruck talked about Australia. really excited. BLACKPINK
Watching Australia fall made really question anyone ever against second amendment. some crazy but, true nature powerful governments that wish take away rights from person. They doing REAL TIME.

Dear friends, With ScoMo escaping serious problems Australia this week running away meet Uncle Rupert Murdoch, means thing election will held very soon, likely late November. must this corrupt lot...

Newly declassified documents reveal that Australia helped overthrow Chiles democratically elected socialist government install brutal Augusto Pinochet regime. Chilean exiles Australia demanding apology.

Opinion Make mistake. This crisis, spat, writes Sylvie Kauffmann, editorial director Monde, diplomatic fallout submarine deal between U.S., Britain Australia, guest essay.

footage final minutes protest Shrine Remembrance Sept 2021, Melbourne, Australia.
Welcome Australia. This absolutely horrific. This what happens when authoritarianism goes mission creep.
Cristiano Ronaldo offers support footballer Danny Hodgson plays National Premier Leagues Western Australia, Intensive care fighting life. side everyone should appreciate.

People Australia living under martial clear police state where military been activated arrest people peacefully demonstrating.
Boris Johnson, speaking outside Capitol, says time French prenez grip donnez-moi break after spat over U.K. submarine deal with U.S. Australia.
there this Australia? Tonight woke during night. It's 2.40am have this sinking feeling despair.
210923 Troye Sivan story update with ROSE! Troye meet Rose from blackpink met? convo Troye: starstruck talked about Australia, really excited. ROSE Chu.

government Poland, democratic republic, joined increasingly despotic regimes Canada, Australia, Zealand, Communist China, where persecution dissenting voices, particularly Christian pastors, increasingly rise.

Just remember, folks: tomorrow Fauci enablers could away with going Full Australia against anti-vaxx mandate protestors here America, they would, without losing minute sleep over it.

Corina Australia people don't want forced into having vaccine! Also that don't vaccine won't eligible kinds benefits certain types jobs. Going movie will need pass like your State Ridiculous!!!

attention whats happening Australia. Patriots down under revolting. Dont distracted story!
What does Queen have about what happening Australia right now? know doesn't involve herself Politics there catastrophe unfolding here??
Huge crowds promised every Australia.
Pray Australia.
seems like police Australia also using undercover-provocateurs escalate protests they justify crackdowns with rubber bullets afterwards.
people screaming about Iran enriching uranium suddenly silent Australia receiving nuclear submarines which highly enriched uranium 90%. Irans application civilian use, Australias military. double standard couldnt clearer.

When will invade Australia remove this dictatorship?
Australia getting darker day.
client been seriously years, made urgent interventions (inc overnight) behalf, hasnt been medically assessed person being deported. Right now. WTF.

pissed them squeezing their deal with Australia! friends?
Australia giving demonstration Founders were wise create Second Amendment.
Jacaranda Tree Tunnel, Sydney, Australia.
Removing additional billion Israel incredible success towards goals ending blank check impunity that Israel, apartheid state, enjoyed long.

...its those Countries that hold democracy highest historically that being targetted. Particularly Canada, USA, Australia They also linked another way, perhaps explains why?

Australia lost.
Look out, Australia! My theage cartoon.
happen Australia, happen here. people control SAME, y'all. It's about power.
There only them every continue comply. compliance will never this nightmare for.
Aaaaaa aaaaaa dolly doll she/her from australia edtwt aaaaaa aaaaaa click moots.
That's heft amount plus weekly wage on-top that than definitely getting paid enough... Also people these still able other support also have access affordable housing.. People Australia very looked after.

*need AR-15s? Australia.
Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that Australia's nuclear-powered submarines would allowed territorial waters under long standing nuclear-free policy.
Another trying stir pot.just because Biden didnt Canadainstead Australia CONservative media outraged! Most normal Canadians could care less! partisanship media become embarrassing !

Victoria police have opened fire Shrine.
Shaken stirred... Australians react rare Melbourne earthquake.
What happening Australia evil people resisting righteous brave.
Australia Must whole corners Earth Must Because the.
Frances anger AUKUS brings possibility that Paris accommodate Russia more order send sharp messages Australia, writes.
Feel like pure shit just wanna play lost judgment live australia purgatory.
there work other parts Australia they need tradies should supply accommodation moving costs give some these tradies opportunities elsewhere where possible.
Delingpole: Rubber Bullets Public Health Australia Goes Full Fascist
'keep people safe' we're making Australia very dangerous place.
Melbourne Australia Police continue keep protesters safe SHOOTING THEM!
those didn't listen when told ALREADY middle war, governments against their people, then take look Australia.
Well fancy that ***. same Police officers attacking Tradesmen Australia protesting against Mandatory Vaccination, have been told they must take same vaccination face suspension without pay. getting very interesting.

When deny real income feed their families they will take matters into their hands. Stand-off happening now! Construction workers Australia denied jobs unless they jabbed.

least favourite thing about myself that only ever been there once dont have australia.
What you, ScottMorrisonMP about police shooting unarmed peaceful protesters simply want their freedoms back? pieces silver worth sell your citizens; those allowed privilege being Prime Minister Australia?

chance mention this your show tonight? When Australia become scary dictatorship opens fire citizens.
AUSTRALIA Police start shooting unarmed civilians Shrine Remembrance. Remember this day!! 1/2.
News Australia revealed plans trial vaccine passports with select countries part process reopening international travel.
Great catch with ScottMorrisonMP Washington Australia natural allies will continue work together defend values improve prosperity people.
didnt Australia. pointing very different protests their very different responses.
President Biden spoke first time Wednesday with French President Emmanuel Macron after major diplomatic crisis exploded between longtime allies over deal equip Australia with nuclear-powered submarines.

Vaticans Secretary State commented Wednesday security pact between Australia, United Kingdom, United States deploy nuclear-powered submarines Indo-Pacific region.

What happening Australia should have every human being this planet's blood boiling.
wont believe this! Special Forces T-Shirt Graphic Graphic Shirt Australia Online selling $32.00.
Australia control.

What You Really Think

A 5.9 earthquake shook Melbourne Australia today. In the last 50 years only 2 5.5 earthquakes have occurred near Melbourne: a distant 6.2 at the ocean in 1983 One that occurred closer to Melbourne on land in 1973 at a magnitude of 5.5. Draw from it what you want.

God love France and he is mad.

Hw come... i thought theres no earthquake line in australia.

I was asleep and completely missed it. Woke up to many messages asking if I was ok.

The temperature in Sydney suddenly dropped from last night. I felt very cold this morning, then soon or later the earthquake happened that we also felt. Not sure if there is a potential connection between the sudden change of weather or atmosphere (or lonosphere) and earthquake?

Felt in Carrum Downs.

Felt it from Bankstown.

Here on the 34th floor of a high rise building in the Melbourne CBD. Anyone know if the buildings here built to withstand such earthquakes? Felt it quite a bit.

9:17 in Springvale Victoria.

Didn't feel shit! Y'all Lying! Quit lying.

Definitely felt it in Glen Waverley. We were woken at 1:15am 6 nights ago with doors shaking. It must have been a little warning shake before the big one.

Yep! Definitely felt!

I ve experienced a 6.5 one before and this one was pretty close to that.

Yes felt it in Wodonga. Its the first time Ive ever experienced an earthquake. I thought my house was about to collapse at first and I was deadset about to run outside with my cats in my nightie.

It was decent.

Bendigo. House jiggled for maybe 20 seconds?

6.0 with epicentre near Mansfield in Victoria. I am SW and130km away from it (and 30km north of Melbourne) and was shaken from side to side in bed.

Right, I was in my dream when it all started, and I thought it was a dream after all.

We really felt it on Monbulk.

And here in Wagga Wagga... ABC Riverina shook and the Breakfast presenter was shaken AND stirred...

Oh yeah I felt it.

Felt that earthquake, scary!!

I woke up then I proceeded to sleep through it like a girl boss.

That's enough shock for one day lol Here's the USGS report.

Quite substantial here in Central Victoria everything shaking and quite long.

Karma for all the rioting.

Yes in Mill Park.

Felt it in Roxburgh Park was a shaker!

Yep - in Canberra..

Sure did! Was a very weird tremble bit scary!

Yeah it was felt. Full on.

Yes, there was, not much here in the CBD. A light 20 sec shake.

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